Betika – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

User-friendliness undoubtedly forms a key factor in choosing the best possible bookie. After all, sports betting is an interesting pastime, but for most of us it is definitely not indispensable. And hardly anyone invests an extraordinary amount of time when betting can be a tedious endeavour.

As in the case of Betika, the odds may be good, and the promotions may be to your liking… But if you get upset all the time or must put up with waiting times, you will lose interest in no time. In this respect, Betika’s desktop version and mobile apps certainly offer you a good deal. Because: The bookie scores with its speed even at peak times. Furthermore, only details need improvements in terms of user-friendliness. But all in all, both experienced punters and betting beginners find their way around well.

Betika’s downloadable mobile apps

Betika ranks among the few bookies in Africa that offer an additional mobile app for iOS devices. While Android app downloadable APK files have become commonplace, those for iOS remain a rarity. Of course, just like Betika, you can also make use of modern mobile web apps, but iOS apps are the icing on the cake.

  • Betika mobile app

Strictly speaking, betting enthusiasts from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria with can use this option so far. You can find the link to the App Store as well as the download option of the APK file in the top navigation under the self-explanatory item “App”.

At, the portfolio in terms of appearances looks wholly different for the time being. Because: For the Betika users from Tanzania, they not only have their own domain, but also a different structure. By this, we mean a simpler design and differences in the layout, not just Swahili as the first language. Thus, a banner on the right and a link in the footer of Betikas lead you to the mobile Android app download.

What Betika’s more advanced mobile apps offer you

Betika also offers a mobile lite version. In principle, all users from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania can access this. However, potential customers in the first three countries must find the link themselves. Unlike other bookies, we did not find a corresponding link in the other websites. One way to do this is to use search engines. This works even faster if you save the links, and And you can do this even though you are just like the other bookies.

And this, although you can choose between the light and dark theme in Betika’s mobile apps, just as you can in the desktop version. Furthermore, you can download those for Android and iOS devices from the web app. The only notable difference between the desktop version and the more advanced mobile versions is the size of the screen. Because: betting lovers from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria can access one and the same features.

How the old Betika lite mobile apps/versions work

The same largely applies to the old Betika mobile site or lite version. However, you must make compromises and do without the Virtuals and the Super League section. Moreover, the live streams are omitted. Furthermore, the handling of the site is a bit more difficult. After all, the practical breadcrumbs come into play only up to the competition. Afterwards, you must scroll through all sports, leagues, and tournaments in the “Sports” tab.

With Betika’s mobile apps for Tanzania, this works a bit easier. The reason is that they are similar to the mobile lite versions, but there is a drop-down menu for the sports. The other side of the coin is that you will find all events in a single tab there in the live betting tab. In the more advanced appearances for Ghanaian, Kenyan and Nigerian users, you can pick the discipline.

But how to register at Betika?

At all betting sites, only registered users can place bets. And of course, on this bookie, things run no differently. Regardless of your country and the type of version you prefer, the first thing you need to do at Betika is the registration process. And for this, in turn, you need a mobile phone number. For users with little or no experience in this area, this makes the whole process extremely complicated.

  • Betika registration

Once you have overcome this hurdle, you can register with Betika from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania via the website. To accomplish this, first click on the “Register” button at the top right. Then you must enter your mobile phone number and the desired password twice in the corresponding form. Immediately afterwards, you will receive a verification code via SMS, which you can use to complete the procedure. After this procedure, Betika allows you the first login.

In Kenya, also offers the option of using the SMS or USSD procedure. Using the first option, you must send a message to 29090 with the text “REGISTER”. You will receive an immediate reply. If you choose the USSD method, dial *644# and follow the steps below.