BetKing – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

User-friendliness assumes crucial importance in the selection procedure for the appropriate betting site. Because: The wagering programme can, as in the case of BetKing, look particularly attractive in terms of depth and ideally lead you to good profits, but only for a minority betting is considered a duty. For everyone otherwise, they won’t really keep at it for long if they can’t cope with the various appearances.

Certainly, the operators of BetKing know this. At least the user-friendliness and to a large extent the speed give this impression. Unlike some of the competitors, we experienced this during top matches as well. At, and, we must/can only notice one shortcoming in terms of usability.

Namely, BetKing in Ghana and Kenya doesn’t provide an old mobile site or lite version. And this although this kind of websites would actually be commonplace in the aforementioned countries. However, given that the bookie expanded relatively recently, it may be that something changes in this context. Meanwhile, below, we dedicate ourselves to the mlite version for BetKing users in Nigeria.

BetKing’s old mobile/lite version

The mlite version, as BetKing names the old mobile/lite version in the menu of the responsive site, thus and until further notice remains available only to betting enthusiasts from Nigeria. The design differs primarily in the size of the symbols and the font size. With graphics, in this respect, we would write about the resolution. On the other hand, the wagering offer is largely the same, but you nevertheless must do without various tools. To be more precise, you must, for example, forgo the references to the promotions, the how-to tutorials, the news and the “Become An Agent” area. On the other hand, BetKing provides the booking feature, for example.

Furthermore, at you can easily access the prematch and live bets as well as today’s matches, the virtuals, the help area and the live chat. Not surprisingly, BetKing also has the register/sign up and login functions. Additionally, navigating through the betting offer turns out to be relatively tedious. Because: You only get back to the previous subsection step by step with the help of the self-explanatory arrows. This is because we couldn’t find a search function or button for the other sports, countries, and competitions either in the header or in the footer.

BetKing’s mobile web app/responsive site

  • BetKing mobile app

Some of you may already notice that there are BetKing APK files on the internet. But stay away from them because we couldn’t discover any references to them on, and To be precise, there is, for example, a button in the top navigation of the desktop version with the self-explanatory text “mobile”. However, this brings you directly to the responsive site.

As already mentioned, the structure corresponds to a large extent to that of the mlite version for betting enthusiasts in Nigeria. However, the users of, and obviously benefit from the missing features mentioned above. And this applies to all BetKing customers who use the app from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Another advantage in comparison to the old mobile/lite version lies in the usability. Because: You don’t have to resort to arrows, but you can bypass numerous steps with the help of the footer. Moreover, you can benefit from the search function. There, besides the prematch betting programme menu, you can find the tab with the live bets, the bet slip, BetKing’s booking or “Book a Bet” function and the Join button. The latter feature also appears on the top right-hand side of the screen.

In addition to the “Book A Bet” function, on BetKing’s advanced mobile web app, you can avail of the “Quick Bets” tool. However, you need to pick the necessary codes from the desktop version. We think this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but with a smartphone or tablet, you can store everything either in PDF files or in the notes. And maybe sooner or later there will be an upgrade and/or we will be able to discover the Smartbet tool in the same area sometime.

But how at BetKing to register/sign up and login?

So far so good, but just as with any other bookie, at BetKing you first need to register. This is possible at, and plus at their mobile versions. As already mentioned, you can mainly find the join button at the top right. This will take you to the form where you must enter your name, email address, mobile phone number and password. Then press the self-explanatory button and confirm as well as send your data. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation message and a confirmation e-mail in your e-mail box. There you must follow the link and then BetKing will enable you to login for the first time.

Additionally, in Kenya, you can do it via SMS. In this case, you must send a message with the text “JOIN” to the number 29070. Thereupon, your account will be created automatically, and you will also receive the password via SMS. Subsequently, you can log in to with these access data.