2023 Betking Mobile App Review For iOS And Android

This app review page was prepared for punters who wish to know about the Betking mobile app. This writeup contains every information needed about the app. You can refer to the main profile review if you wish to know about the bookmaker.

About Betking App

With the expansion of the internet and its uses, it is not surprising that sports betting websites are favouring the use of personalised apps. Sadly, unlike many other Sportsbooks of its calibre, Betking only offer their services via a mobile website. Betking does not have a specialised app that can be downloaded on mobile devices. You can check our Betking App Review page for detailed information on the app. 

There is a dummy app online that masquerades as Betking. However, it is not a real app, it only redirects you to the mobile website. So, you don’t need to stress yourself looking for this app. Moreover, you can benefit from a daily 20 MB free amount when you log in. You can find the links to the additional versions in the Web Apps / responsive websites.

Betking Lite version

As mentioned above, Betking does not currently possess a personalised app for their platform. This, it is not expected for them to provide an app lite version. However, the Bookie thus provides this feature in their mobile website. There is a lite version available for users on the Betking website. This lite version helps reduce the broadband connection used to access and play on the platform. In a way, this version helps gamers to save money. 

The mlite version, as BetKing names the old mobile / lite version in the responsive site menu, thus is available for betting enthusiasts from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. The design differs primarily in the size of the symbols and the font size.

Furthermore, at mlite.betking.com you can easily access the prematch and live bets as well as today’s matches, the virtuals, the help area and the live chat. Not surprisingly, BetKing also has the register / sign up and login functions. Additionally, navigating through the betting offer turns out to be relatively tedious.

Betking Mobile App Alternatives

Mobile website

As previously mentioned, Betking does not currently have a mobile app for users. We hope in the future that, the developers will reintroduce the app into the market. However, in accessing Betking’s services, one alternative to the app is via the use of the mobile website. By using the mobile website, you can be certain of a near-flawless betting experience. You can access the Betking mobile website via any browser of your choice. You can decide to use Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and many more. 

Regardless of your location, the Betking website is available to you. You can access BetKing from your phone browser at home, at the office, in a bar, at the cinema or on a bus. To access the mobile website, you just need to type the website address into your browser instead of downloading an app. 

Betking Old Mobile

The Betking old mobile is a phased out version of the Betking new mobile website. Visiting this version of Betking’s website guarantees lesser data consumption, albeit with watered down functions and aesthetics. 

Betking Mobile Version Features

There are numerous features on the Betking mobile website. You can also take advantage of any one of them. Listed below are some Betking features;

Cash Out

The cashout feature helps Betking users to settle their bets when the events are not yet concluded. The cashout is an outstanding maneuver for skilled bettors as they can close out or hold off a profitable or risky wager respectively. 

Book A Bet

Book a bet is a feature that helps you lock in your preferred betting selections and odds until you are prepared to place your wager. You can also transfer the code to friends to stake on the same selections. The book a bet function helps make betting easier, and is a top feature from Betking. 

Coupon Edit

With the Coupon edit feature, you can make changes to your market and odds selections. This feature gives users the opportunity to include sudden intuitions to their bets without hitches. 


Betking users have the opportunity to reload open selections with the rebet feature. This feature also allows you to adjust or change your odds as you deem fit. 

Live Betting

Love betting enables users to bet on games or events that have already started. In the Betking live betting section, there are numerous options and markets for the use of punters. Live betting is an opportunity for gamers to make more money and the skilled ones certainly do. 

Advantages Of Betking’s Mobile Version 


Betking’s mobile website is exceptionally fast and efficient when under use. Punters who enjoy live betting, casino gaming or virtual gaming will be quite pleased with the speed Betking’s mobile website provides. During our test of the website, we noticed close to zero lags, which is expected from a platform of Betking’s standing. 

Cost Reduction

The Betking mobile website is quite simple and does not consume much internet connection before it loads fully. While Africa is developing rapidly in a technological sense, there are still regions where residents pay heavily for internet connection. By loading fast and consuming less data, Betking’s mobile website helps reduce the costs incurred by punters when gaming on the platform. 


Betking’s mobile website has been programmed to be compatible with most devices. Whether you are an Android, iOS or Windows user, you can be quite sure that the website will be perfect on your device. Also, the website has been personalised to work on all screen sizes. So, if your device has a large, small or medium-sized screen, do not be disturbed. Betking’s mobile website will work perfectly on your device.  

Responsible Gambling on Betking Mobile website

Although Betking does not provide a dedicated section like other Bookies for responsible gambling on the website, it does promote responsible gambling by showing the “play responsibly” logo on the homepage. It is important to gamble responsively as compulsive gambling is quite harmful and could ruin you.