Betway – Payment Options in 2022 [Betting Deposit Review]

Betway offers betting in all African nations where the institutions allow it. Thus, we appreciate all the more the fact that in most of them, the bookie adapts the payment methods to the users’ habits. Or, to be more precise, betting lovers at Betway in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia benefit from this.

Here, South African bettors have by far the widest range of options at their disposal. However, the betting site also stands out in Ghana and Nigeria thanks to its above-average number of options. Below you will find the different countries and the corresponding payment methods. By the way, Betway also excels in explaining all steps for deposits and withdrawals in detail. Most transactions are instantaneous and for EFT you will have to wait a few days.

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Betway – Payment Options in Ghana

Mobile money is by far the most popular payment method in Ghana. Therefore, many betting sites obviously made short work and allow electronic transactions exclusively in this form. To be precise, you should ideally be a customer of Airtel Tigo, MTN and Vodafone.

And of course, Betway offers its users in Ghana primarily these payment methods as well as their competitor G-Money. Additionally, at Betway you can use MoMo Multi Fund and universal USSD codes.  On top of that, you can also deposit with VISA and Mastercard credit cards. The minimum deposit amount is always 1 GHS. And generally, Betway does not charge any processing fees.

Using Airtel Tigo, MTN and Vodafone you can deposit via mobile as well as via the website, of course after the login. The same basically applies with MoMo Multifund, but in this case, with Vodafone and MTN you must first get a voucher. Therefore, you need first to login, just as you do with the classic mobile money process.

Once you have deposited via VISA and Mastercard, you can make any withdrawals via EFT. However, you will need at least 50 GHS for this. On the other hand, if you use mobile money, you will only need 2 GHS.

Betway – Payment Options in Kenya

Just like in Ghana, a comparatively large number of people in Kenya use mobile money. Not surprisingly, this also applies to deposits and withdrawals at betting sites. Here you can use Airtel as well as M-Pesa from Safaricom.

Strictly speaking, both options are available for the USSD procedure with classic mobile phones. Moreover, at Betway, you can use M-Pesa from Kenya for online deposits via the website as well. Basically, the minimum amount for deposits via mobile money is 10 Ksh. In addition, you can use for this purpose and via the website the credit cards from VISA as well as Mastercard. In this case, you only need to deposit 2 Ksh.

If you have deposited via VISA and Mastercard, you can request withdrawals via EFT. For this, the minimum amount must be 50 Ksh. By contrast, for transactions via mobile money, you can withdraw a minimum of 5 Ksh. The bookie doesn’t charge any processing fees in Kenya, either.

Betway – Payment Options in Nigeria

Here, Quickteller represents one of the most efficient and, as a result, most widely used payment methods. Therefore, Betway offers betting lovers in Nigeria all possible methods of payment through the online platform. Thus, you can make your deposits through the service provider’s website, with the help of an agent, through the app, via ATM transfer, and in cooperation with GT Bank Branch.

There are also two options for mobile money, O-Pay and Paga. You can use both the agent and the app. Furthermore, you can access all features of two payment gateways, Flutterwave and Paystack. Additionally, direct bank transactions as well as VISA and Mastercard credit cards are available. The minimum amount is 100 ₦, although you will have to pay an equally high fee for transactions with Quickteller.

You can withdraw funds using the mobile money options O-Pay and Paga, as well as EFT. However, you need to keep in mind that for mobile money transactions you only must transfer 2 ₦ and for EFT the minimum amount required is 100 ₦.

Betway – Payment Options in South Africa

Vouchers are very popular here, and therefore you can deposit at Betway from South Africa with five of them. More specifically, we are talking about the 1ForYou voucher, the OTT voucher, the Kazang voucher, the EasyLoad voucher and the Blue voucher. Additionally, with SiD and Ozow you have two cardless options at your disposal. Moreover, you can make deposits via mobile money (MTN, USSD), via smartphone wallet (Zapper) and in Shoprite partner stores.

Additionally, you can use VISA and Mastercard credit cards, Betway Pay Instant EFTs, and traditional EFTs. With the latter payment method, you must consider the higher minimum amount of 50 R in addition to the longer processing time of up to three business days. On the other hand, with vouchers, the minimum amounts range from 2 R to 10 R. If you want to use mobile money, you need between 1 R and 5 R. Furthermore, you must put 20 R on the table in the Shoprite partner stores. And with all other payment methods, the minimum amount is 10 R.

In addition, Betway users from South Africa can make withdrawals using six methods. However, only with the 1ForYou voucher, these taKsh place immediately. In addition, you will need by far the lowest minimum amount of 5 R. The other side of the coin is that you can withdraw comparatively little with up to 2,500 R. You can also choose between classic ETFs (50 R), Instant Money, Send-iMali (both with a minimum of 200 R), Absa Cash Send and FNB Wallets (both with a minimum of 300 R).

Betway – Payment Options in Tanzania

Here, just like in Ghana and Kenya, mobile money is by far the most popular payment method. Therefore, at Betway bettors from Tanzania can use M-Pesa, AirtelMoney and Tigopesa. Here, you can also utilize the latter two options directly for deposits at after the login and in the “My Account” section. Besides, you can contact the nearest Selcom Huduma provider.

You can use all payment methods for withdrawals as well. For deposits with AirtelMoney and Tigopesa, you need at least 1,000 TSh. Only with M-Pesa 100 TSh are sufficient. However, for withdrawals you always must transfer a minimum of 1,000 TSh.

Betway – Payment Options in Uganda

Betting enthusiasts who want to make deposits and withdrawals at Betway in Uganda must rely on mobile money. More specifically, you need to be a customer of Airtel and MTN. With the latter method, you can also make deposits via the website. In this case, the minimum amount that you must transfer is 500 Ush. Both payment methods are also available for withdrawals, where you need 2,800 Ush.

Betway – Payment Options in Zambia

Here, too, most people rely on mobile money. More specifically, you can deposit at after your sign up or login with MTN under “My Account”. Besides that, you can use Airtel and recently Zamtel. Thereby, the minimum amount lies always between 1 K and 2 K. However, with the Kazang vouchers you need 5 K. Only MTN and Airtel are available for withdrawals. The whole thing works on the website and with a possible win of at least 2 ZK.

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