Nairabet – Sports Betting Offer in 2023 [Review]

During the week, we found around 30 sports on Nairabet. Therefore, we didn’t surprise to find discover niches, too. These include alpine skiing, ski jumping, cross-country, and biathlon. We even during the Olympic Games we looked unsuccessful for them at various competitors. Moreover, you can bet on squash, Gaelic football, plus Gaelic hurling. Of course, there is a limited selection, and occasionally we saw mainly outrights. Anyway, here we prefer to consider the glass half full.

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An expansive range of football bets

Not least because the vast majority of betting enthusiasts are primarily interested in football. And the offer for this sport, as at all other betting sites in Africa, constitutes the centrepiece at Here, the range does not exclusively extend to the most important leagues and tournaments in Europe.

Because: Even in the midweek, we found betting opportunities on dozens of countries. Here you can opt for numerous professional competitions and even for the third- as well as fourth-highest divisions from more than 150 betting choices. And even for football in San Marino, more than 140 wagering markets are available on the day before the match. Then, at the latest on the matchday, the betting programme expands to about 220 options per match.

Additionally, you can profit from excellent odds for football bets. Here, as for all other bookies, the odds key depends on the popularity of the league or the tournament. However, if you are primarily interested in the top European competitions, you can benefit on average from odds keys between 96.80% and 97.50%.

Simulated Reality Leagues, virtual games, Globalbet

However, football fans do not only have bets on real matches at their disposal. For example, you can wager on Simulated Reality Leagues (SRL) as well. To be more precise, the respective offer includes, for example, the South Korean K-League 1 SRL, the Bundesliga SRL as well as the Ligue 1 SRL. Here you can find over 40 options per match. Furthermore, you can access the virtuals via the top navigation of the desktop version, whereby you can choose from a basketball league in addition to the football league.

Additionally, you can access the “Globalbet” section. The related football portfolio includes an English league, a Spanish league, an Italian league, and a Champs league. There, Nairabet, also in the modern mobile editions, determines the match and the corresponding betting markets by random generator. Here, you can change the teams as often as you like. The other side of the coin is that the odds key is clearly lower. In the same area, you can wager just as well on car, greyhound, horse, and camel races.

The range for basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and golf

As you could already see, basketball represents legitimately the second most important sport at However, the offer in this regard doesn’t nearly reach that for football betting. Even for the NBA, you can’t find more than 130 markets per match. Here, the odds key amounts to 96.22%. For most other competitions, you can choose between 50 and 60 options per match.

Additionally, you can, in particular for tennis, ice hockey and golf, find a relatively large number of alternatives. In connection with ice hockey, as with basketball, the betting programme for the NHL definitely comprises more options. The respective payout percentage reaches the 95.40% mark. Thus, it is comparatively low by Nairabet’s standards, but you are still in better hands than with several competitors. In connection with WTA, the odds key amounts to 96.21%. For golf enthusiasts, there are largely long-term bets, but for this sport, the potential markets are generally limited.

Regarding cashouts, there are exceptions

Moreover, with this bookie, you can also benefit from the cashout feature. As with numerous competitors, this allows you to secure winnings early and at least minimize losses considerably. However, you can’t use this function for virtual bets, in the “Globalbet” area and when taking advantage of the Bet-Builder. For more information on the latter, please see our section Nairabet Bonus & Promotions.

For live betting, there are fewer options

While’s offer, especially in terms of breadth, stands out for pre-match betting, the offer for live betting is comparatively meagre. We prepared our review partly on a Tuesday, and partly on a Friday. On Tuesday afternoon, the range included football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, snooker, and table tennis. Then, on Friday mornings, we additionally found competitions in baseball, darts, and badminton.

Regardless of the discipline, the choice of betting options depends on the level and thus on the level of awareness. For football betting, this means that you have more than 60 betting markets per match on less popular first leagues such as those in Serbia and Romania. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find 20 alternatives for matches in other championships. Besides, the course of the match has a fundamental effect.

How the multiview feature works

If you use the desktop version of Nairabet, you can access the multiview function. This allows you to follow up to three competitions side by side. Furthermore, the bookie lists the most important markets below the graphic. To select the three matches and tournaments, you must click on the self-explanatory + icon. If you want to remove one or more of them, you can do so by clicking on the likewise self-explanatory X at the top right.

Above-average odds and the cashout feature

The lower odds keys basically represent a downside of the coin in live betting. However, at Nairabet you can find above-average odds. In this respect, you can bet best on ice hockey. And in this case, we found a payout percentage of 93.75%. Moreover, in the context of football betting, you can get away with comparatively good odds. After all, the odds key largely fluctuates between the 92.80% and the 93.50% mark.

On the other hand, if you want to wager on tennis matches, you must cope with an odds key of just under 92%. Regardless of the discipline, just like with prematch bets, you can benefit from the cashout feature.

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