Odibets – Mobile App in 2023 [Mobile App Review]

In terms of the mobile apps, the operators do a lot right. Because: They decided to use the responsive and advanced apps for the desktop versions www.odibets.com in Kenya and www.odibets.com.gh, too. However, this has a drawback. Namely, they opted for a top navigation where you need to scroll sideways through the offer. Therefore, you first need to click and then use the arrow keys in the desktop version. But, on the other hand, the speed of all appearances is impeccable.

  • OdiBets mobile app

Odibets native / download-based mobile apps

Odibets is one of the many betting sites in Africa that exclusively offer you a mobile app for Android devices. Or rather, they offer you a downloadable APK file. If you own an iOS device, you can, of course, use the Odibets mobile web app. And perhaps an iOS app will follow sooner or later as the icing on the cake.

The links to the Android apps represent one of the differences between www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh. In the first version, the item “Download Odibets App” can also be found in the menu at the top right. Strictly speaking, Odibets Ghana only includes buttons for boxing, rugby, Aussie Rules, eSoccer and basketball betting as well as for the Super Leagues. What the options have in common, however, is that the references to Odibets the Android app download are also in the middle of the home page.

What Odibets offers with its advanced mobile apps

Among other things, the Android app stands out thanks to its lightness. To be precise, it weighs only 2.8 MB. And that makes it logically faster. Nevertheless, after the Odibets app download, you can benefit from some features that we would not yet take for granted. By this, we mean the share betslip function, the light as well as the dark modes and the instant notifications.

Since the desktop versions of Odibets are the same as the advanced web apps, the versions differ in the size of the screen. And if you have an adequate smartphone or tablet and a good internet connection at hand, you’ll be more fine than with the desktop version. Of course, the screen is smaller, but scrolling sideways works better with a touchscreen.

How Odibets mobile lite version works

If you are at home in Kenya, you may as well use the mobile lite version of Odibets. This looks very similar to the responsive and advanced versions. However, you can also access the entire offer with a drop-down menu. For example, you can collect the betting offer as an SMS booklet. The other side of the coin is that you must do without the live streams. However, in our opinion, this is perfectly legitimate. After all, this version is dedicated to those who need a faster and easier version.

But how to register on Odibets?

To utilize all this, you need to register with Odibets in Ghana as well as in Kenya. This applies to all betting sites. Only then you can proceed with the login at www.odibets.com as well as www.odibets.com.gh and start betting. The corresponding procedures can be used on all versions. However, there are differences between the procedures in Ghana and Kenya. Or better said, at Odibets Kenya, you can also register via SMS. To do so, you must send a message with the text “ODI” to 29680.

Moreover, at www.odibets.com in Kenya and www.odibets.com.gh you can make the registration on the websites and mobile apps. This works mostly in the same way. You can find the corresponding buttons at the top right. If you click on the yellow button “JOIN”, you must enter your mobile phone number, the desired password and, if necessary, for Odibets Kenya a referral code.

On the other hand, Ghanaian players must enter their full name, date of birth, type of ID and the corresponding number. Afterwards and regardless of the country, you will receive a six-digit PIN code via SMS, with which you can activate your Odibets account and make the first login.