SoccaBet – Sport Betting Bonus & Promotions in 2022 [Review]

One of the first things we learned about sports betting is that new customer bonuses are one of the calling cards of betting sites. Unsurprisingly, this applies in particular to new bookies that need to establish themselves on the market as quickly as possible.

But also most of the established competitors try to catch the eye with their welcome bonuses. And they often use gigantic teasers to do so. Then, of course, you always must pay attention to the small print, but that is another chapter.

You must do without a bonus for new customers

However, when we looked at the SoccaBet website for the first time, we were quite taken aback. Because: There was no such teaser with an eye-catching bonus for new customers. So, we looked around the desktop version for the reference to promotions. And we found it right away in the header navigation. So far so good, but then our suspicions were confirmed: SoccaBet represents one of the few betting sites in Ghana that does not offer any new customer bonuses.

This seemed so strange to us that we wanted to take a closer look at the topic. And we read that the bookie, which came onto the market in 2015, did indeed offer a new customer bonus. SoccaBet is probably so well received by its target group that it probably has no need for a welcome bonus. And that already speaks for this betting site. In addition, the whole thing does not exclude any promotions. Quite the opposite, and we will get to that in a moment.

With the Socca Bonus, which is also suitable for newcomers, you can even double your winnings

If you click on the menu item Promotions, you will first see the Socca Bonus. Explained in a few words, this is a bonus for accumulator bets. And it is not only suitable for experienced sports betting enthusiasts, but also for newcomers. The reason for this is that you can already profit from two combined events in the betting slip and with the generous rule that odds can start at 1.30. You get 3% at the beginning, but that is something. If you convert three, four and five predictions at SoccaBet, you will receive an additional 5%, 7% and 8%.

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With six to ten correct results, you get an additional 10%. With eleven correct predictions you get 15% more and with sixteen correct events your winnings increase by a quarter. From twenty-one hits you get 150%, and then you get the double from SoccaBet with at least twenty-six correct predictions.

With the Socca Chance you will be less irritated with accumulator bets

If you look at the menu on the desktop version, you can see that there are two other promotions. Socca Chance constitutes the first of these. However, this promotion initially should not be an issue for newcomers. Because: You only profit from it if you place an accumulator bet with at least ten events.

Just as with the Socca Bonus, the bookmaker comes to your aid, and you can even benefit from it with bets from 1.30. To be more precise, the betting site will credit you with the tiple of your stake if you lose the bet due to one incorrect event. However, the combination does not apply if a match has been postponed or announced.

SoccaBet’s loyalty programme for the virtual games

And then there is a third promotion. SoccaBet does not refer to this in its application, however, but only on the desktop version. This is a loyalty programme for the virtual games.

Here, the user collects money in a piggy bank and the amount depends on the percentage of the amounts wagered. The loyalty programme has four levels. In the basic level, the amount of five GHc must be claimed twice. Subsequently, you must collect twenty GHc three times in the silver level. In the gold level, there are one hundred GHc, which must be claimed five times, and in the platinum level you can collect three hundred GHc once.

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