SportyBet – Sports Betting Offer in 2023 [Review]

At SportyBet we spotted betting options on 16 real sports. Here, we note that we wrote our review during the Winter Olympics 2022 and thus during an event of worldwide interest. Therefore, too, we can’t shake off the impression that the operators internalized the motto “quality instead of quantity”.

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Now, the disciplines at the Winter Games are not necessarily among the most popular in Africa, but some people are certainly interested in the event. While other betting sites have their subcategories for this, at SportyBet you can / could bet exclusively on ice hockey. And this even though Carlos Mäder, a ski racer, represented Ghana at the Olympics 2022. 

Scarcely niche disciplines, but a relatively lots of eSports

Moreover, this approach is no coincidence because in terms of niche sports, betting lovers only find what they are looking for in badminton and futsal. In this respect, there is clearly room for improvement. The other side of the coin is that the offer includes all sports popular in Africa. Thus, there should not only be something suitable for all SportyBet.

Furthermore, lovers of eSports and virtual betting certainly enjoy the offer. In the navigation below the main teaser, you find Counter Strike and Dota 2 immediately after football, basketball, and tennis. Additionally, the following dropdown menu leads you to League of Legends, eFootball, eBasketball and elce Hockey. Moreover, SportyBet links to bets on virtual football matches in England, Spain, Italy, and Germany in two separate tabs.

Concerning football, SportyBet convinces in terms of breadth and depth

Real football constitutes unsurprisingly the core of the betting offer. The operators separated the competitions of the top nations into professional and amateur football, but rarely such an extensive range did catch our eye. Even San Marino had no less than seven games available. The other side of the coin is that you must be patient when it comes to the African competitions.

However, if you prefer European top football anyway, the bookie represents a suitable address for you for various reasons. Concerning this, it has just one drawback. You find the Champions League and the other European Cup tournaments in the subcategory “Top Leagues”, too.

As soon as you have found what you are looking for, you realize that, as with the other top European competitions, the number of betting markets is impressive. Around 24 hours before kick-off, you have access to around 250 of them. Before that, 160 options are available. Although the other international calibres offer more variety, the range remains respectable. Regarding the African competitions, things work completely differently. Here, the selection of betting markets is much thinner, with, for example, 25 on the day before.

A payout ratio of 98% for the European top leagues

Furthermore, as a lover of the European top leagues, you can enjoy the above-average odds key of 98%. This does not only apply to the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, in which SportyBet’s partner Real Madrid is fighting for the title. Because: You profit from it just as much with regard to the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1. For the Champions League, for example, the payout percentage stands at 96.2%. Thus, it is somewhat lower, but still absolutely satisfactory.

Impressive odds for basketball, tennis and ice hockey, too

In addition, basketball seems legitimately to be a second drawing card at Sportsnet. Because: The number of countries and betting markets does not reach those in connection with football, but for the NBA you will find up to 200 options per game. For European Cup matches, you can wager on 150 different events and for the most important European leagues, we saw more than 100 of them. On top of that, the odds are only just below those for the Champions League, at 96.1%.

In connection with tennis, you will find quite a few matches, but comparatively few betting markets. The payout ratio, which reaches the 95.2% mark for the ATP and WTA Tour, is impressive. The same applies to the odds on the NHL, which are 94.7%. However, ice hockey generally enjoys a lower ranking than with other providers, as it is already in the dropdown menu.

You can make cashouts and book bets

Furthermore, the cashout features at SportyBet are a pro. This allows you to secure winnings in advance or minimize losses on your betting slip. At this bookie, one can also make partial cashouts. Furthermore, there is the possibility to automate this function.

Additionally, SportyBet provides you in the apps with the option of booking bets. Strictly speaking, you will receive the booking code for each event in the same way on the desktop version. Then, in the mobile version, you have the option of entering the code under “Load Code”.

You can place live bets on many types of sport

All of this also works for live betting at SportyBet. In this respect, too, you are largely in good hands with the betting site. Although the selection of sports remains generally limited, you can bet on all disciplines during a match or race. So, the choice is comparatively large. There may be more options for football, tennis, basketball, and table tennis, but that’s OK.

As far as the odds are concerned, they are inherently lower for live betting. And that is no different with SportyBet, but the bookie does well with more well-known competitions. For example, we noticed 94.8% and 93.3% on the Australian Football A-League and WTA Tennis respectively. On the other hand, for less well-known leagues and tournaments, you must be content with payout odds between 90% and 91%.

You can choose between the Multi View and the Single View function

Additionally, on the desktop version of SportyBet for live betting, you can decide between the Multi View and the Single View function. With the second option, you can see the graphic display, the results, and all betting markets. With the Multi View, you must do without this, but you can keep an eye on several competitions at once.

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