SportyBet Bonus and Promotions 2023

SportyBet bonus and promotions play an influential role in attracting new users as well as rewarding old customers. It is excellent the platform understands that these incentives can help with user experiences and engagements on the platforms. 

These incentives are broken down into bonuses, gifts, and promotions. In this SportBet bonus review, we will look at the various incentives attached to SportyBet and how to use them. 

SportyBet Bonus 2023 – Rating: 90/100

SportyBet offers their players various types of bonuses to enhance their experience. Examples of these types of bonuses include:

SportyBet Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is designed for new users who sign up for an account on SportyBet. Once the new user opens an account, they receive 150% of their first deposit. For punters in Nigeria, the SportyBet Welcome Bonus could be up to ₦30,000 on the first deposit.

Punters in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania can also receive up to a 150% welcome bonus when they sign up on SportyBet. However, the welcome bonus for the Kenyan market is up to 300%. It is issued as a gift and capped at 1,500 KES. The welcome bonus and a first deposit gift are only available to users who deposit within the first six months of account opening.

How to Get a SportyBet Welcome Bonus

  • Create an account on the SportyBet platform. Sign up by providing your details and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • To claim your welcome bonus, you need to make your first deposit.
  • After making the deposit, the welcome bonus will be credited to your account.

How to Use SportyBet Welcome Bonus

  • Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the SportyBet welcome bonus to understand how it can be used.
  • You can now use your welcome bonus to place bets. 

Terms and Conditions for 300% Welcome Bonus

  • The 300% welcome bonus is available only to new users registering their account for the first time.
  • The bonus might have a limited time limit. Therefore, it is best to always check ‘My Account’ on the app and know when your bonus is expiring.
  • Placed bets require selections made with odds > 3.15.

SportyBet Multiple Bet Bonus

The SportyBet Multiple Bet Bonus is designed to reward users who place multiple bets on a single slip. Users can have additional winnings with their original winnings once they have successful bet winnings. 

How to get sportybet 1000% multiple bet bonus

SportyBet’s bet bonus applies on all returns sports and live betting with two or more selections with odds of 1.2 or higher. The bonus is not applicable if a bet has been flexed or fully cashed out. But if it has been partially cashed out, the bonus will be calculated based on the remaining active stake. 

Check the table below to see how the SportyBet multiple bet bonus is calculated and how you can get the 1000% bonus. 

SportyBet Multiple Bet Bonus Table

Bets Type

Bonus Rate

2 – Folds


3 – Folds


4 – Folds


5 – Folds


6 – Folds


7 – Folds


8 – Folds


9 – Folds


10 – Folds


11 – Folds


12 – Folds


13 – Folds


14 – Folds


15 – Folds


16 – Folds


17 – Folds


18 – Folds


19 – Folds


20 – Folds


21 – Folds


22 – Folds


23 – Folds


24 – Folds


25 – Folds


26 – Folds


27 – Folds


28 – Folds


29 – Folds


30 – Folds


31 – Folds


32 – Folds


33 – Folds


34 – Folds


35 – Folds


36 – Folds


37 – Folds


38 – Folds


39 – Folds


40 – Folds


41 – Folds


42 – Folds


43 – Folds


44 – Folds


45 – Folds


46 – Folds


47 – Folds


48 – Folds


49 – Folds


50 – Folds


SportyBet Multiple Bets Bonus Table

Terms and conditions for multiple bet bonus

  • To be eligible, you must use Android version 1.19.140/iOS 1.1.0 or higher or the website (either mobile or desktop).
  • It applies to sports and live betting with two or more selections and odds of 1.2 or higher.
  • The bonus rate is selected based on the number of selections with odds of 1.2 or higher.
  • The bonus will not apply if a stake has been fully cashed out.
  • The bonus will still apply if a selection is postponed or made void.
  • SportyBet retains the authority to modify, annul, recover, or decline any promotion according to its judgement.
  • In cases where the odds for specific matches are already exceptionally competitive, the granted bonus could be lower than the maximum bonus amount.

SportyBet referral bonus

You can register on SportyBet with your friend’s invitation. In this case, as the newly-registered customer, you get a “Cash Gift”, and your Referrer gets a “Discount Gift” subject to the Terms and Conditions stated by SportyBet.

How to get a sportybet referral bonus

  • Tell your friend your referral code.
  • Help them go through the registration process on the SportyBet website or mobile app. Let them fill in the “Referral Code” field with your code. (Please remind your friend to click “Apply.”)
  • Tell your friends to send an SMS with your Referral Code () to the number for your location.
  • After your friend confirms that the Settled Stakes are worth the amount per the terms and conditions, SportyBet will credit both participants’ accounts. Gifts can be viewed by going to “Gifts”.

How to use the SportyBet referral bonus

After getting your referral bonus, you can use it to place bets on SportyBet, just like regular funds. You can continue to refer friends and earn referral bonuses if you follow SportyBet’s referral program rules.

Terms and conditions for Sportybet referral bonus

  • To qualify for the SportyBet ‘Refer a Friend Gift’, a newly referred customer must place stakes with cumulative odds of 2.0 or higher.
  • If a bet is fully cashed out, the stake amount of that bet will not contribute to meeting the requirement in the first condition. However, if a bet is partially cashed out, the remaining stake amount will be included in calculating the total amount of settled wagers that satisfy the first condition.
  • To be eligible for a referral gift, the referred customer must be new to Sportybet with no existing account.
  • Once the newly-referred customer fulfils the Stake Conditions, both the newly-referred customer and the Referrer will receive a Free Bet Gift. The money will be in their respective account.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make
  • All gifts from this are only valid for seven days. 

Sportybet Promo Codes

Promo codes offer amazing rewards in the form of discounts and bonuses. The promotional codes enable players to enjoy additional rewards. These codes include free bets, No deposit bonus credits, deposit bonuses on matches, and Risk-free Bets.

Free bets do not require paying anything to claim or play a gamble. However, a downside to this is that it is generally small. 

The no-deposit bonuses are for bettors new to the betting platform. In this case, you will have your account credited with a smaller bonus, which you would get from the bonus type that was previous to this. But the best part is that you need not make any deposits to claim it.

In risk-free bets, you make a qualifying deposit and proceed to place your bet. If you lose the bet, there is no need to worry because what you lose will be returned to you. 

How to get Sportybet promo codes

The most reliable source for promotional code is SportyBet’s official website. Once on the website, navigate to the promotion section and view information on the available promo codes. You can subscribe to the email notifications and alerts from SportyBet to receive their promotional codes and special offers. 

You can also follow sportyBet on social media to be updated on information regarding their promo codes. Also, SportyBet may collaborate with other websites, influencers, or partners to distribute promo codes. Watch for such collaborations online, which may lead to valid promo codes. Remember, the availability of these codes can change over time. 

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How to use Sportybet promo code

  • If you already have a SportyBet account, log in using your username and password.
  • Navigate to the promo section of your account and input the code.
  • Now, click on the “Confirm” or “Activate” button for the system to verify its validity.
  • Now, you can enjoy the bonus after you have met every necessary condition.
  • Make sure to monitor the expiry dates.

Sportybet Gifts

SportyBet provides gifts that attract and retain customers. They provide additional value to the users while improving their betting experience. These gifts are in the form of;

  1.  Cash Gift: These can be used without any spending condition
  2. Discount Gift: These offer discounts when spending a given amount of a stake
  3. Free Bet Gift: These can be used without any spending conditions. The amount of Free Bet Gift used will be deducted from any potential winnings. For example, if you have 4.0 odds and use a 50 Free Bet Gift, your possible win is 150 instead of 200.

How to use Sportybet gifts

  • Always review the terms and conditions associated with your gift. It will provide you with the needed information on how to use it.
  • Some gifts may require activation. So, log in to your account, navigate to the gift section, and click on the particular gift you want to activate.
  • Once the gift is activated, you can use it following the terms and conditions.
  • Remember to monitor the expiry date.

Sportybet loyalty program

Pursuit of Happiness

SportyBet rewards its loyal users using the Pursuit of Happiness program. It involves betting any of your favourite casino games on promotion day. Now, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. The rewards here are in the form of free bets, which can be used without any spending conditions. 

Sporty Saviour

This gives you cashback and saves you from losing; you only need to place bets on Sporty Hero. In Sporty Savior, the higher the stakes, the higher the cashback. The rewards here are also in the form of free bets, which can be used without any spending conditions. 

Refer Friends Get Gifts

In this loyalty program, you share your referral code with a friend. After your friend has registered and settled stakes, SportyBet credits your account.

Sportybet super bonus

This bonus is selected based on the number of selections with odds of 1.2 or higher. It offers the highest bonus in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania – 135%. However, it only applies to sports with four or more selections and odds of 1.2 or higher.

Sportybet Odds boost

The odd boost offer is only applicable during weekends. Customers can claim this offer during the promotion period, and it can only be used on English Premier League (EPL) Live Singles during weekends. Note that it can only be applicable to live singles.

Sportybet Match of the Day bonus

SportyBet offers Best Odds and Live Odds Boost for the SportyBet’s Match of the day. They both provide exclusive CASH GIFTS for new customers on their first deposit.

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Our Final Take on SportyBet Bonus and Promotion

SportyBet is highly interested in attracting and retaining its customers. It does this through bonuses and promotions offered to their new and old users. A diverse range of promotions and bonuses cater to different preferences and betting styles. From welcome bonuses for new users to ongoing offers for loyal customers, there’s something for everyone.

Bonuses and promotional offers by SportyBet are exceptional and remain one of the best in Africa. If you want an exciting platform for your sports betting adventure, Betting Tips Africa recommends you check out SportyBet. However, it would help if you were wary of the risky nature of sports betting.

Always conduct independent research and play safe to minimise the risk of enormous losses. Since sports betting can be addictive, we strongly advise that you know when to slow down your pace or stop betting altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim the welcome bonus on SportyBet?

To claim a welcome bonus on SportyBet, sign up for an account on the platform and make a qualifying deposit.

How can I find the latest SportyBet promotions and bonus offers?

To find the latest SportyBet promotions and bonus offers, visit the official website and navigate to the Promotions and Bonuses section. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow their social media handles.

Is there a limit to the number of bonuses I can claim on SportyBet?

SportyBet often has terms and conditions specifying the number of times a user can claim a particular bonus. These limits can vary by promotion, so reviewing the specific terms is essential.

What should I do if I encounter issues claiming or using a SportyBet bonus?

If you get into issues claiming your SportyBet bonus, contact SportyBet’s customer support to provide assistance and answer your questions.