SportyBet – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

The usability represents another essential aspect in the choice of the best bookie or the best betting sites. After all, even the best betting offer and the most attractive new customer bonus are of little use if the operation is tedious. And right from the start: All versions of SportyBet convinced us even with VPN in terms of speed.

  • SportyBet mobile app

We also find that the desktop version is extremely easy to use. In this respect an in our opinion, it is only a matter of nuances. On the one hand, apart from the highlights, the international cup competitions could be found more easily. And for another, you must use the drop-down menu for many sports. Of course, this is surmountable, but it could also be simplified. But first, the bookie should revisit the mobile offer.

SportyBet has an app for Android and a mobile site for iOS

The owners obviously realize the importance of this because they refer several times to their application for Android. For example, on the page with the 150% bonus for new customers, we saw a teaser with the wording “Download the SportyBet App”. Furthermore, we saw a link to the same subpage in the main navigation. There, SportyBet users can find three procedures for the app download.

To be more precise, you can scan a QR code, download the file to your PC or notebook or save it from your mobile device, for example, via the indicated links. SportyBet does not require users to login, as the download of the app works in any case. Furthermore, the application suits all Android versions from 4.3. With iOS devices, SportyBet allows you to use the mobile web app.

The start page seems overloaded

So far so good, but you will have to be patient with it at first. Because: To say the least, the desktop version definitely has a clearer and more user-friendly design.

It begins with the homepage, which we found overloaded. Of course, it is great to find the most popular prematch bets and live bets below the main teaser. However, we felt caught off guard because of the layout. Not least because you must scroll the sports and betting markets sideways. This is probably easier with a tablet, but with a smartphone, it’s not the best thing in the world.

Live betting is much easier to use

The whole thing at SportyBet works similarly in the live betting tab. However, the developers used a smaller font size and icons so that it is easier to select the discipline. Below that, you can scroll sideways to the betting markets. Additionally, you can filter the sporting events for which there is a SportyTV broadcast. In practice, the offer in this respect is limited.

How to utilize the “Load Code” and place prematch bets

When you return to the homepage, the fifth point in the main navigation is the “Load Code” button. There you can enter a booking code after logging in to SportyBet. To obtain this code, select the desired bet in advance and click or touch “Book bet”.

SportyBet makes up for one shortcoming. If you click on the “AZ Menu” button in the footer, at first glance you get relatively easily to the desired games and competitions. Afterwards, however, you always must return to the homepage.

Therefore, you should immediately internalize that you should use the button in the main navigation, just as you do for live betting. First, you can scroll sideways through the individual sports and then through the betting markets. Of course, you can also use the search function, but you need to know in advance which competition you want to bet on.

SportyBet permits you to register quickly

Finally, we would like to state that SportyBet is probably the bookie with the fastest sign up process in most of the countries. In the first step, you must enter your phone number. Then the betting site will ask you for the desired password. Finally, SportyBet will send you an SMS and you complete the registration.

After that, you will not only be able to use the entire betting programme, but also most of the functions. Basically, at SportyBet you only must do without the live betting Multi View feature.

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