World Sports Betting (WSB) – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

Ease of use of the web and mobile interface is an important factor when deciding on the best possible bookmaker. After all, regardless of the betting program, bonuses and additional features this is what matters if you spend several hours a week betting on your favourite kind of sports. The intuitivity, the navigation and the look-and-feel are key factors whether you feel comfortable with the bookie of your choice as they are (in most cases) the first and the ongoing touching points you are having with him.

  • World Sports Betting Mobile App

In our opinion, World Sports Betting does a lot right in this regard.

WSB’s mobile apps for Android and iOS

One of the best things on the mobi site and the app is the free mode which gives you the possibility to use the page datafree. This means that there are no costs for you using the WSB offer until you want to bet and therefore need to send the information regarding the placement. In our opinion the mobile optimized website gives a good and quick overview about all sports, matches and promotions so that there is no need to have the app installed which is more or less the same as the mobi site but obviously needs disk space on your smartphone.

If you still want to go for the app, no problem, move on – but please be aware that it’s currently available for Android users only. And the app can’t be found in the Google play store. You need to download the apk file from (drop down menu, information, download datafree app) and install it.

Advantage of the app is of course that you are always only one tap away from discovering the offer of World Sports Betting and that it’s easier and safer to save your credentials for a quick login in the app. Also the advantage in terms of quicker loading times lies on the hand.

The Usability and speed of WSB’s mobile apps

At a first glance the mobile versions aren’t as colourful as the desktop site and giving a clearer overview about all sections and products.

On the top there is the rotating teaser element to inform you about relevant news and show you the best promotions. You are basically able to use all features that are available on the desktop site with a good overview on the first page to select the most important topics such as in-play, soccer or featured events. When scrolling down a bit the gaming products are available as well.

At the end there is the client zone where you are able to find fixtures, results, statistics, live scores, soccer news and the blog. To sum it up: there isn’t one thing from the desktop version that we would have missed on the mobile ones.

You don’t want to scroll around endlessly? Fair enough. There is still the possibility to use the drop down menu to navigate to your favourite section. From our point of view the mobi version as well as the app is a great adaption of the desktop page and usable in a very intuitive way. While the design will not win any prizes the speed, user friendliness and offer itself is great and way more important.

The WSB sportsbetting offer and customer support on mobile

When it comes to live betting there is one thing we didn’t like that much. The in-play start page shows all available live sports categories but a view on all matches of all kind of sports isn’t directly possible as every section is collapsed so you need to click on several categories first to have the full picture regarding the ongoing matchups. The positive thing about that setting is that you don’t have to scroll around to find what you are looking for.

Other major topics that need to be and are as good as in the desktop version are things like customer service and payments. The live chat is accessible with only one click so that it’s very easy to step in contact with WSB in case of questions or problems. The deposits and withdrawal procedure is working smooth and we couldn’t detect any kind of problem while testing.

A dedicated lite version is not available but from our point of view anyway not necessary at all as the desktop, mobi and app versions are fast and as said the two last-named options do have the free mode possibility which is indeed a big customer service value.