Manchester City vs. Liverpool FC – betting prediction, odds for the English Premier League match (10.04.2022, 21:00 cet)

Manchester City and Liverpool FC meet in the top English Premier League match on Sunday night. The kick-off at the Emirates Stadium is at 17:30. We have taken a close look at the team news, statistics, best betting predictions and odds for you.

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What speaks in favour of Manchester City?

  • Have not lost to Liverpool since 2019
  • Strong home team

What’s in Liverpool’s favour?

  • Unbeaten in 2022
  • Have not conceded a goal away from home since the end of January

Our betting prediction:

  • Bets: Liverpool +0.5
  • Bookmaker: Betway
  • Odds: 1.85

You can almost call this match the final for the championship in the English Premier League. At the moment Manchester City is still in the first place, but Liverpool is very close with only one point behind.

Team News Manchester City

Manchester played in the Champions League last Tuesday and defeated Atletico Madrid 1-0. In the league, City was ahead of Liverpool for a long time with a big lead but surprisingly dropped some points in the last weeks, for example against Tottenham Hotspurs (2:3), which allowed Liverpool to cut the gap to one point. With a win, City can close the gap on Liverpool again to a reassuring four points. City still has to do without defender Ruben Dias, but his substitutes are all world-class defenders.

Team news Liverpool FC

Liverpool also played in the Champions League and had to travel back and forth to Portugal to play Benfica Lisboa. The Reds won the game 3-1. Liverpool has fought their way back to the top with an impressive winning streak. The last 6 league games were won, the last 5 of them even without conceding a goal. Nobody has scored against Alisson Becker in the last 5 away games in the EPL either. Juergen Klopp is able to call on his entire squad as all his top players were available.

H2H & Statistics

  • Guardiola vs Klopp, this match has been played 22 times with different teams. Both coaches have won nine times each. In the EPL, Klopp is ahead with one more win (6:5). Only once has there been a game without goals.
  • Liverpool has not won against Manchester City since November 2019.
  • ManCity is the second-best home team – Liverpool is the second-best away team.
  • Both teams need an average of 7 shots on goal to score.
  • Both teams score 40% of their goals in the last 30 minutes of the game.
  • ManCity concede the most goals immediately after the break: 33% are scored between the 46th and 60th minutes of the game.
  • Referee Anthony Taylor shows an average of 3.85 cards per game

Our betting prediction for Manchester City vs. Liverpool FC

Both teams have equal teams with world-class players. The best strikers meet the best defenders. No one will want to risk anything here, individual performances or mistakes can decide the game. The biggest value is Liverpool +0.5 – which means that Juergen Klopp’s team will not lose. This bet is available at all big bookies for a price between 1.80 and 1.85, for example at Betway.

Max Stargard

By Max Stargard

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