Napoli vs. Fiorentina – betting prediction, odds for the Serie A match (10.04.2022, 15:00 CET)

On Sunday at 15:00 the match Napoli vs Fiorentina will take place. Thus, the second in Serie A will receive the eighth. The two teams collected 66 and 50 points respectively so far.

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What speaks for Napoli?

  • Won four of its last five league games so far
  • Prevailed in their three most recent league encounters against the Tuscans

What speaks for Fiorentina?

  • Had two clean sheets within four Series A appearances

Our betting prediction:

  • Prediction: Napoli
  • Bookmaker: 1xBet
  • Odds: 1.79

Expert analysis Napoli

From the end of February, Napoli dropped points only in a 0-1 home defeat to leaders Milan. Immediately before and afterwards, they managed two 2-1 at Lazio and at Hellas Verona. Then, they won 2-1 at home against Udinese and 3-1 away against Atalanta. Thus, Luciano Spalletti’s team on Sunday beat the seventh.

Expert analysis Fiorentina

For Fiorentina, February ended with a 1-2 defeat at Sassuolo. Afterwards, two 1-1 at home to Hellas Verona as well as at Inter Milan with a 1-0 home win against Bologna in between followed. Thereafter, Vincenzo Italiano’s team celebrated a 1-0 home win over Empoli in a provincial derby on Sunday.

Head-to-head comparison Napoli – Fiorentina

Napoli won their most recent league home clash against Fiorentina 6-0. Afterwards, they notched two away victories in Serie A (2-0, 2-1). In the Coppa Italia, they lost 5-2 at home after extra time in mid-January. Nevertheless, the southern Italians equalized in the 90th minute.

Our betting prediction and the best odds

Napoli’s 3-1 away win against Atalanta underlined the fact that the Azzurri will continue to play a significant role in the title fight. And that is partly because Inter Milan in terms of performance are a shadow of their former selves. And the other opponents of Fiorentina are certainly inferior to them.

Napoli vs. Fiorentina – betting prediction: Napoli, odds 1.79 at bookmaker 1xBet

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