Australia vs Peru – betting prediction, odds for the World Cup play-off match (13.06.2022, 20:00)

On Monday, the national teams of Australia and Peru will meet in Doha, Qatar. The kick-off is at 8 pm at the Al-Rayan Stadium. We have the best betting tips, odds and team information for you.

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What speaks for Australia?

  • Already acclimatised
  • With upwind after victory over UAE

What’s in it for Peru?

  • Playing good opponents on a regular basis
  • The whole continent is behind them

Our betting predictions:

  • Betting: Australia +0.5
  • Bookmaker: Bet365
  • Odds: 2.04

It will finally be decided who will be the penultimate participant in the World Cup, Australia or Peru. The decision between Costa Rica and New Zealand will be made a day later. The winner of the match will move into Group D, where the group opponents will be France, Denmark and Tunisia.

Team News Australia

The Australian team claimed a 2-1 victory over the United Arab Emirates last Tuesday. However, the performance of the Australians was anything but convincing and the United Arab Emirates made it really difficult for the Australians. In the end, the team from Down Under won through goals from Irvine ( FC St. Pauli) and Hrustic (Eintracht Frankfurt).

Against the Arabs, who repeatedly managed to prevent Australia from building up the game, the Aussies were rarely able to gain an advantage. As a result, the Australian team could only create a few scoring chances. The winning goal came shortly before the end with a long shot after a rebound.

Team news Peru

It is the most important match of the year for Peru. At the time of the match – it’s 1 pm in Peru – no one will be out on the streets of Peru. Life will come to a standstill for a few hours. In many schools, classes will be cancelled so that all the children and teachers can watch the game together on big screens. The same applies to all other work.

Peru had to fight hard to secure a place in the playoffs. For a long time, it looked as if Argentine Ricardo Gareca’s team would not make it – but then Peru started a winning streak of their own, while their rivals from Colombia and Chile had suddenly completely forgotten how to score goals.

Except for the injured Advincula, Peru has all its players on board. Hopes rest, however, on a player currently playing for Benevento in Seria B: Gianluca Lapadula grew up in Italy and decided late on to play for his mother’s home country. He is someone who can decide games with his eye for a goal.

Another big advantage of the Peruvians is their homogeneity. They are well attuned to each other, know each other and the coach’s wait-and-see style of play very well. At the 2018 World Cup, they beat Australia 2-0 in the preliminary round.

Our betting prediction on Australia vs. Peru

The entire South American continent is cheering for Peru – while in Asia there is little enthusiasm for the “invader” from Australia advancing.

The Peruvians can be glad that their opponents are Australia and not the United Arab Emirates – they are still clear favourites with the bookmakers, but it will be a different story on the pitch. They can let the Aussies have the ball and concentrate on what they do best: wait, let the opposition come and then swarm out to attack. Australia has already shown against the Emirates that they have problems controlling the game and creating chances. And that will be much more difficult against an opponent who is of a much higher level.

Still, the bookmakers overestimate the Peruvian team. The game will be much more even than expected. Both teams are at a comparable level of performance. Australia is much closer to a possible draw than Peru to a win after 90 minutes. Therefore, our bet is Australia +0.5 (or double chance). This bet is available with odds of over 2.00 at most providers, for example at Bet365.

What happens in extra time or in the penalty shootout has nothing to do with this bet.

Max Stargard

By Max Stargard

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