Latest Unibet Betting Review 2023 With Best Tips for Punters

One of the most underrated but important aspects of turning a profit from sports betting is familiarising yourself with the intricacies of the bookmaker of one’s choice. As a result of this, our Sportsbook specialists here at Betting Tips Africa have compiled a Unibet betting review 2023 for the benefit of our website visitors.

There are various reasons why individuals involve themselves in sports betting. Some reasons include the adrenaline rush, the excitement or just for proving oneself right or wrong. However, it is clear that the biggest and number one goal of partaking in sports betting is profit.

According to an old and popular proverb, having knowledge gives one power. The proverb applies to sports betting, as gamers who possess more knowledge tend to win more. So, when it comes to providing the correct information to our audience, the experts at our company Betting Tips Africa do not leave any stone unturned in their research.  

In this Unibet Betting Review 2023, our experts will be examining some of the incredible features of the Bookie. These features are the ones that make the bookmaker one of the most advanced platforms for exciting sports betting in Africa and the world at large. 

As expected, our primary concern with this review is with the services that Unibet betting offers in Africa. Particularly in countries and areas which Betting Tips Africa serves. The Betting Tips Africa-focused areas include Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania

Sports Betting in Africa

It is pretty much old information, but it needs to be emphasised that Africa has a large following of online sports betting fans. The region is also home to fans of other online gaming activities like casino gaming and others. This is one of the reasons why we provide our followers with verifiable and complete information they need to know beforehand. 

Gamers can rest assured that they will learn a lot about Unibet from this review. This Unibet Betting Review will contain facts and information on categories like its registration process and the customer service support. Furthermore, this review will focus on the payment methods available at Unibet, as well as the bonus offers and betting offers. 

Also, our experts will take a look at some of the most popular questions gamers have on the Unibet platform. This will be rolled into a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on Unibet to make it easier to understand. We will then round up this review with a summary and conclusion of the platform, where we will air our thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of gaming with the reputable Bookie.

To sum it up, readers will learn everything they need to know about Unibet at the end of this review article. Their knowledge of the platform will also include why Unibet is one of the best gaming platforms they can sign up with. 

About Unibet

Unibet Sportsbook has served the African region for a long time. The platform is able to do this due to its license and permission to serve the needs of any Sports bettor in the world, regardless of their location. 

Unibet is a leading European online bookmaker despite being a major player in the African sports betting market. They have managed to keep their footing in both markets due to their constant improvement in many ways. They offer one of the best live streaming services, payout during games, enhanced odds, and more. Their continued creativity and ground-breaking additions never cease to amaze new and old gamers alike. 

Unibet was established in 1997 with a single ambition. The company had the ambition for founder Anders Ström to share his sporting expertise with other players whilst helping them to make more informed stakes. Today, the bookmaker is regarded as one of the most reputable and successful online sportsbook platforms available online.  

Anders Ström’s home in London’s Earls Court served as the company’s first office. After acquiring a license, he took over as CEO, and the company began accepting telephonic bets in 1998. The platform first launched its online website in 1999. This was an English- and Swedish-language internet betting website. They launched their live betting service in 2003 and introduced their mobile website in 2004. 

Unibet got a gambling license from Malta and rebranded as Unibet Group PLC. In 2004, Unibet went public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, releasing a number of 300,000 registered players from more than 100 countries. 

Ownership of Unibet

Henrik Tjärnström joined the Unibet board in 2008 and served as the company’s CFO. He was then promoted to the office of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in 2010. Having been in business since its inception, Unibet has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the gaming and gambling sector. This allows the bookmaker to provide services that are nearly unrivalled in the market.

Kindred Group has owned Unibet since another rebranding occurred in 2016. So, Unibet is, by default, an extension of the reputed company. Kindred Group is an online gambling operator which consists of multiple brands. Some brands in the Kindred Group include iGame, Stan James, Maria Casino, and 32Red.

By the time Unibet was rebranded in 2016 to become the Kindred Group, they had boasted a number of registered gamers numbering up to 1,000,000.

The Kindred Group, which owns Unibet as stated above, is headquartered in Malta. Unibet is listed under the “Gambling Facilities and Casinos” category and employs over 1,500 employees. They have offices in Malta, London, New York, and Gibraltar, among others. 

Unibet’s website is operated by Trannel International Ltd. Their registered office can be located at Level 6 – The Centre, Tigne Point – Sliema, TPO 0001 – Malta. 

Operational License

Unibet’s affiliation with the Kindred Group allows it to be licensed, through Platinum Gaming Limited, by the Government of Gibraltar. The company is under Licence numbers RGL 091 & RGL 092. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner acts as oversight over the activities of Unibet in their services of European gamers.

Also, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) issued Platinum Gaming Limited and, by extension, Unibet a Combined Continuation Remote Operating License (number 000-045322-R-324275-001) that allows them to lawfully provide online gambling services to clients in the United Kingdom.

These two licenses are top-class in the online gambling world. They task Unibet with making sure that all businesses are conducted in line with the rules laid down in their regulatory agreements.

These licenses ensure that:

  • Unibet frowns on underage gambling and protects those not old enough to gamble. They must have sufficient measures in place to prevent minors from accessing the site.
  • Unibet must have programmes that are designed to assist anyone with gambling-related problems. The platform must provide these troubled individuals with information and guidance on where to get help from.
  • Unibet must provide a service that is completely fair to all patrons of the site. 

Unibet is rapidly expanding as a household name in Africa. The Bookie is currently present in several other nations. It accepts customers from many countries in Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Ghana. 

The company did not obtain a license from any of Nigeria, Kenya, or Ghana. However, it was licensed in Gibraltar and the UK. Its license allows it to operate internationally. Therefore, it is legally recognised in Betting Tips Africa-focused areas. These areas include South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

The Bookie holds the required security levels and internationally recognised licenses to serve customers situated in any of the aforementioned regions.

Important Information

There are tons of crucial information about Unibet Sportsbook out there. Sometimes, this array of information may look confusing, which is why a concise arrangement is needed. Below is a bulleted list of the important information gamers need to know about the Unibet Sportsbook:

  • Year founded: 1997
  • Website:
  • Owners: The Kindred Group
  • Headquarters: Malta
  • Available in: Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda
  • Licensed: Yes
  • Local Licenses: No
  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS, and Android devices
  • Unibet Overall Rating: 92/100
  • Where to Play: Web, Mobile App
  • Services: Sportsbook And Casino
  • Welcome Bonus: Available  
  • Accumulator Bonus: Yes   
  • Accepted currency: Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, etc. 
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Yes. 
  • Live Chat: Yes (Not all regions)

Features Of The Unibet Betting Platform

Unibet is crammed to the gills with a ton of features that gamers find intriguing. New or longtime users can only find these features from the platform after they have successfully logged into the platform. 

Once this is done, they will be granted access to all of the functions and features that are available at the moment. Gamers can simply click the button that corresponds to the action they want to take. This single action is all that is required to carry out any task.

When selecting the short dashes that function as a menu button, you can view so many sections like the “Sports, racing, casino section, live casino, bingo, poker, promotions, apps, and so many more. 

The “Unibet community” is also visible in this section. This is a forum where gamers interact and share their experiences on the platform. The Unibet community is quite useful and problem-solving to users, and they are not charged a dime to use it.

Unibet’s purpose behind the addition of all of these features and different betting options are quite obvious. The purpose is to improve the general level of betting experience that their new and existing gamers currently have. 

In this section, we will be taking a detailed walkthrough of the unique features provided by Unibet. While all features may not be useful to you based on your betting preferences, one or two of them will have you hooked up with Unibet as they are all helpful and game-changing. 

Additional Features Of Unibet Include:


Cash-out is one of the most important features that top-notch bookmakers offer nowadays. The feature has become popular in the online betting sphere and is offered in a variety of markets. Cashout is the opportunity presented to gamers to settle their bets before the event(s) have ended.

With the availability of the cashout feature, the success of your bet is no longer tied to the final outcome of your selected events alone. Unibet incorporates the cashout feature to a fairly good standard, thus giving their patrons a great platform to make profits on their bet investment. 

All levels of gamblers (newbies or veterans) can guarantee themselves a profit with this feature, regardless of the final result of the last events they bet on. It is important to note that the amount offered by the cashout feature is decided by the odds size of the market at the time. However, they are in full control of their decisions about cashing out.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming in sports betting is a form of media streaming in which the game or event is simultaneously recorded and streamed via the internet in real-time or very close to real-time. The term “streaming” is also used to refer to this practice quite frequently.   

Live Streams are quite useful for gamers who prefer to be closer to the action rather than wait for updated scores. It is also a lifesaver for those who base their gambling skills on in-play betting, also known as live betting. Livestreams are a top strategy utilised by Sportsbooks to win customers over to their platform.

Unibet has a top-class live-streaming feature that is available on all mobile platforms. Gamers can access the live stream feature through the Unibet Sports app and mobile web browser. The livestream feature offers a new, intuitive design that makes betting better.

In-Play Betting

Simply put, in-play betting is commonly known as live betting. It is a feature that allows gamers to place their wagers on events after they have started. This is in contrast to pre-match bets which need to be placed before an event begins. 

Unibet has a cool depth and breadth of in-play betting options available. Unibet’s in-play betting options available to players span more than thirty different sports. Football, volleyball, golf, basketball, baseball, table tennis, and cricket are just some of the most popular in-play betting sports options offered by Unibet.

Settings Modification

A rigid interface is quite dull and takes away the excitement of gaming with your preferred Bookie. Such is not a problem with Unibet as they have a settings modification for some of the features of their platform. 

Unibet offers users the liberty to adjust the settings of their own accounts. These modifications can be done on features such as the method in which your odds are displayed, etc. This feature offers gamers the liberty to tailor their account to specific preferences and requirements. 

Bet Builder 

A bet builder is a piece of software that organises the various outcomes and occurrences that are possible in a betting scenario and selects the ones that are most likely to occur. Bets can be constructed using Unibet’s handy Bet Builder. This section can be located in the promotions section and is used for compiling accumulator bets without going through the complete procedure of betting. 

Unibet’s Bet Builder has numerous offers for users. These offers include, Half-time offers, Interval offers, and Offers for player cards. Furthermore, the offer portfolio includes, Offers for player stats, Game stats offers and Team statistics offers.

Previously, Unibet’s Bet Builder could only be used for one match at a time. However, that has been reviewed, and gamers now have the choice to include an unlimited number of games in their package. The number of markets that can be included in a single instance of Bet Builder is now limited to a maximum of 12.  

Casino And Live Casino

Unibet has a specialised online Casino and is one of your best bets if you’re a casino games enthusiast. The Bookie has provisions for gamers who want to play ordinary casino games or Live Dealer Casino Games.

Unibet features some of the best live dealer games, some of which are powered by top companies like NetEnt, IGT, and SG Digital. Unibet Casino has games for users to play, like Eagles Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Three Card Poker, New Jersey Roulette, Free Bet Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Craps, Lightning Auto Roulette, Baccarat, and Slingshot Roulette. 

Unibet’s live casino is one of the few sites offering multiple versions of the most popular Live Dealer blackjack games. Users need to log into the platform with a current account or create a new one to access Unibet’s Online live dealer games. 

As far as system requirements go, Live dealer games generally require a connection speed of at least 25 Mbps for the best experience. It should be noted that Unibet hosts some games that can adjust their video quality to match your device’s bandwidth. 

Having a real person as the dealer makes everything feel more genuine to gamers. Most gamblers don’t realise how much more exciting and realistic the game becomes when a dealer is present at the table.  

Poker Room

Unibet does, in fact, give its customers access to a poker room in addition to its online sportsbook. The poker room is where gamers can actively engage in pure poker gameplay, including the video version (video poker). The Sportsbook games and poker games can, however, be played on the same platform. Interested gamers just need one account to access both sets of games.

Pros and Cons of Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet was one of the earliest online gambling sites to launch. It launched back when both the internet and online sports betting were in their infancy. However, the company has since evolved to become a dominant player in the sector.

Despite being a major player and highly experienced company, no organisation is one hundred per cent advantageous without some minor downsides. The same can be said of the Unibet platform, just like every other online betting platform. Unibet has its own pros and cons. However, the former outweighs the latter by a huge distance. 

Some of the pros and cons of Unibet are glaring to see, while others require a degree of expertise in betting. Our team has gathered information to dig deep into the company’s pros and cons, which are presented below. This will allow gamers to make informed decisions whenever they decide to place a bet on the platform.

What We Like More About Unibet Sportsbook

The Huge Number Of Available Betting Markets And Offers

Unibet’s capabilities and respect as a betting platform come in part from the depth/breadth of the betting markets and the offers it has available. Unibet has delivered on the ever-increasing bets and markets that users want to game with. The bookmaker possesses a strong selection of open betting markets and competitive odds when stacked up against the competition. 

As a well-respected and admired Bookie around the online gambling world, it is expected for Unibet to maintain a high standard. However, the popularity of online sports betting has skyrocketed in recent years, and they’ve been able to stay up with the industry’s rapid expansion.  

Variety of Sports

Unibet has markets for sports like American football, Australian rules, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, and cycling.

The portfolio also includes darts, eSports, football, formula one, Gaelic sports, golf, greyhounds, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, motorsports and netball. There are also Olympic games, Pasepallo, Politics, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby union, snooker, and surfing available.

The Sportsbook also has TV and novelty, table tennis, tennis, trotting, UFC/MMA, virtual sports, volleyball, water polo and winter sports. 

Amongst the aforementioned sports and events available at Unibet, we all know that football is the most popular among gamers, especially in regions like Africa. Fans of football betting will find a lot to be excited about at Unibet because the platform covers football from over 40 different countries. Also, many of these countries have several leagues and divisions for bettors to pick from.  

Gamers also have the opportunity to stake on more than 125 open bets for specific high-profile leagues and events. These leagues include the prestigious English Premier League, which indicates that there is huge depth in betting markets available for the beautiful game.  

Unibet also caters to gamers who are fans of American sports. The Bookmaker does this with extensive coverage of the NBA, NFL, and MLB. In certain leagues, like the NBA, for example, point spread betting is the way to go for bettors. This is because a high double-digit point spread can make an otherwise one-sided battle much more entertaining.

Comprehensive Coverage

Unibet also has attractive tennis markets for gamers in the African region. The Bookie has a comprehensive coverage of all major ATP and WTA matches and tournaments. Many tennis fans like betting on spreads (games or sets), total games, and even set props in addition to the match-winner market. This can be pretty useful for gamers as they are an excellent profit-making avenue. 

Unibet offers a broader range of betting markets than most of its most prominent competitors. Their markets include; Match winner (1X2), total goals, both teams to score, and half-time / full-time. Their market portfolio also includes draw no bet, total goals, exact winning margins, both teams to score in both halves etc. 

Furthermore, the market includes double chance, handicap Betting, player specials, Asian lines, match events and many more. There are also more specialised bets, such as the number of corners, bookings and goal scorer props. 

Quality Depth Of Betting Odds And Markets 

One of the key reasons why some Sportsbooks hold the market by the scruff of the neck while others are merely passing by is because of the betting odds quality and markets. 

Unibet dominates a huge portion of the sports betting industry because of the vast number of markets it offers to customers, as mentioned previously. These markets include everything from the most popular football leagues to the most popular events in tennis, horse racing, basketball, and many other sports.

In addition, they pay attention to the smaller niche competitions and events that take place in Europe and elsewhere across the globe each year. The gigantic Bookie also provides good betting margins, which translates to the provision of excellent odds to their customers. 

Unibet has online betting odds on offer for more than 4,000 sporting events. The company works hard to make sure that the odds are competitive with the best betting odds offered by other operators. These odds cover everything from the most significant events in the world to local events and teams. This is one reason why punters who game with Unibet rarely leave the platform.

Excellent In-play Betting

In-play betting, also known as live betting, is one of the main modern attractions of any good online bookmaker. Live betting is the ability for gamers to wager in real-time as the action unfolds, or “live.” It takes place after the game or event has already started, which is quite different from pre-match bets.

Live betting allows users to maximise their betting experience and enjoyment. Online bookmakers are continually developing betting features in an effort to attract clients and compete for the title of “best live betting bookmaker.” While Unibet cannot be termed as the best Live-betting bookmaker because the title is subjective, it surely ranks as one of the best in this regard.

In the Live-betting section, gamers will be presented with a list of all available matches along with the odds associated with winning the match outright. This can only be done when you visit and log in to your account on the Unibet website. 

When gamers click on a match, other markets, along with helpful information and images, will be displayed for them to go through. This helps gamers massively when it comes to making the right betting decisions. Although football is the primary focus, other sports are not ignored in any way. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a crucial tool for gamers who prefer to follow the action as it unfolds. It is also a very handy tool for gamers who love to punt on games that have already begun (live betting). Bookmakers that can broadcast events in real-time (live stream) have a significant advantage when trying to attract new customers. Thankfully, Unibet has this function in its arsenal and is no slouch in this regard.

Any Unibet user with a funded account can utilise the live streaming function to watch their favourite sporting events unfold in real-time. Gamers can watch every single major league football game from Europe and other countries, including Brazil, the United States, and Australia, thanks to Unibet’s live stream. 

Unibet’s live stream service also ensures that gamers don’t have to use multiple betting sites to watch live streaming of their favourite event and participate in live betting.

Availability Of Mobile Apps

The fact that personalised apps for online gambling platforms need no introduction is a testament to the meteoric rise in online gambling. The growth in the online gambling sphere doesn’t need much introduction and has seen a rise in the number of people using smartphones to play when they are not on their personal computers. This called for a major response from betting platforms, and they replied with the development of mobile betting applications. 

With the rush to create functioning mobile gambling apps, the competition became more intense. Unibet took measures to guarantee that they do not fall behind the competition by developing a top-notch betting app. The Unibet app is for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that are powered by either the iOS or Android operating system. 

There are dedicated apps available for both operating systems. To use the app, the sole prerequisite is that a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection be accessible on your device at all times.  

Unibet’s app grants access to a variety of betting markets, including live coverage (live streaming) and in-play markets (live betting) of events. Gamers have the option to get notifications and can bet either before the match begins or while it is still in progress on the various betting markets offered by the bookmaker. 

Additionally, live scores of events can be accessed directly from the application. The app is incredibly user-friendly, lightning-fast, and maintains the same high level of quality as its website version counterpart. After completing the account registration process and making your initial deposit, you will be able to download the application. Read our Unibet Mobile App Review for more information.

Multiple Payment Methods 

In stark contrast to the payment methods of yesteryears, the transaction options that are offered by modern online betting sites to gamers have been demonstrated to be safe and dependable. The majority of reputable bookmakers utilise the best payment providers to ensure that their customer’s personal and financial information is safe. 

Unibet’s payment methods are secure, so gamers don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of their financial information being stolen by fraudsters and cybercriminals.

Top Class Security Procedure

It’s common knowledge that Unibet is one of the world’s most prominent and well-known online bookies. As a result, users should not worry about their personal or financial safety while gambling on the platform. There are a ton of bookmakers available, and the good ones all prioritise customer security and privacy.

Unibet’s state-of-the-art security infrastructure is constantly monitoring for and blocking potential threats. Unibet is compelled by law to treat their customers fairly and disclose relevant information to them because they are licensed by the Gibraltar and United Kingdom Gambling Commissions. 

This essentially means that Unibet must adhere to all laws and regulations set by the respective government authorities that issued its licenses. Data must be protected at all times in accordance with UK legislation, and they must never violate customers’ rights. 

TrustWave Security Collaboration

Unibet collaborates with TrustWave for the security of their platform. TrustWave is a premier security detection and response system for online platforms. Unibet also uses the standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption software to ensure that all data is encrypted and safe. After a user logs in, all communications with the Unibet site are encrypted using SSL technology. 

Unibet has its systems and applications audited by independent security specialists multiple times a year. This security measure is only utilised by the top sites in the business. In addition, Unibet’s Intrusion Detection System watches all network activity around the clock for any indication of hacking or other malicious activity from fraudsters and cybercriminals. They also possess a fraud department and cutting-edge tools in place to detect and prevent any fraudulent behaviour.

Finally, Unibet’s commitment to protecting users’ privacy led to partnerships with groups like GamCare. Unibet is dedicated to protecting customers’ information, and any user that suspects unauthorised activity on their account is advised to contact the Sportsbook quickly.

User-friendly interface

Unibet’s interface is top-notch and doesn’t require any period of adaptation depending on the gamer. It is well-arranged and conveys the right information in the right places. The website and the mobile app are incredibly user-friendly, with prominent odds and markets that are always easy to understand. 

Gamers can quickly zero in on the exact market they’re after by using the site’s handy “A to Z” sports index. This serves as a table of contents to help gamers navigate around easily. The colour scheme is aesthetically pleasing, with their white and green design offering a good contrast that displays all pertinent information quickly and easily for users to read. 

Their homepage also provides an excellent overview of all the day’s most important sports action, as well as any in-play events currently going on. The colour scheme is quite easy on the eyes, with a clean, white background and a refreshing pop of green throughout. All the essential details on the platform are laid out clearly and concisely. 

In addition to a comprehensive recap of the day’s top sporting events, their homepage also features comprehensive coverage of any games that are still underway. Unibet’s app is top-class and is far better than some of its biggest competitors in Africa. 

What We Like Less About Unibet Sportsbook

Weak Customer Support System

We all know that the presence of efficient customer service support is essential to the experience users gain from using a Sportsbook’s services. Although Unibet’s lack of round-the-clock customer service is a major drawback, the company consistently receives good marks for the quality of its service when it is available.

Unibet’s customer service can be reached via online ticket, phone, or email if gamers ever run into any issues. However, calling Unibet will put you in touch with a representative who can assist you with your problem in a matter of minutes. It is important to note that gamers may incur additional costs if they put a call through to Unibet from outside of the United Kingdom.

Unibet has a quick response time, and online tickets usually get resolved within two minutes. However, an email complaint or enquiry may hold you up for more than eight hours to receive a response.

Weak Cashout Option

Unibet’s cash out option is not always reliable and it has been a source of frustration for some patrons. Cashout is a feature that helps gamers make money from their stakes before the events come to a close. While Unibet has a good general cashout feature, it is not always reliable.

After our quick introduction to Unibet’s Sportsbook and some background information on the organization, we’ll get down to the key details of our Unibet Review 2023

Don’t forget to read the part where we detail the positive and negative aspects of Unibet. As said up top, this is a major consideration when deciding whether or not to use the Bookie. Our in-depth analysis of the African sports betting market is meant to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Unibet Betting Review 2023

In this review, we’re going to adopt a step-by-step approach and also compare some of the features of Unibet with other top bookies in Africa. Among the things to be reviewed are Unibet’s design and usability, Unibet margins and odds key, Unibet registration process, Unibet customer support service, Unibet security, etc.

Design And Usability Of Unibet Website

Unibet Sportsbook, one of the top online betting sites, stands out for its cutting-edge aesthetics and innovative design. The site is intuitive and simple to use on any device or computer browser. Patrons have left and are still leaving positive reviews on Unibet’s design, layout and ease of use.

Unibet’s top-class work on the design of their website begins on the homepage. The website is supported by some of the most well-known software developers in the world. Gamers do not have to wait very long at all to get to any other section of the website. Prospective customers can sign in to the site while newcomers can register on it by using the links that are located in the top right corner of the page.  

Unibet’s homepage features a navigation bar which can be used to go to the various betting pages. These pages feature links to the sports betting section, poker room and casino section of the platform. The navigation bar can be found at the top of each and every page, and it is a very useful component that should not be overlooked.

Unibet’s website colour scheme contains a blend of green, white and yellow. The colour palette is easily distinguishable and it is a point of pride for such a prestigious company. 

This is to be expected from a Bookie with such a huge reputation. The navigation experience is great and doesn’t require an adjustment period for a first-time user. Understandably, there are a lot of options, but the site’s page navigation makes it easy to use.


Unibet’s website has one of the most amazing logos in the gambling sector, and a plethora of links. These links are embedded in buttons, information slides, dropdown menus, and navigation links. The links are the primary controls that gamers will most certainly make use of on the website. 

Overall, the site’s appearance/design ensures that users will have a fantastic time gambling here. Gamers won’t have much trouble carrying out their preferred activities on the site regardless of whether it’s their first time or not. Unibet advertises most of their numerous bonuses and promotions via information slides at the top of the homepage.

Unibet’s details are available at the bottom of the homepage for the view of interested individuals. Licenses, security information, privacy notice, responsible gambling, and links to helpful resources for addressing some legal issues that may arise are all available.

Unibet also provides excellent versions of its site optimised for mobile use. This means that bettors can access the platform from their mobile device and have a fantastic time gambling. 

Unibet has put so much work into improving the quality of their gamer’s experience on the site. Unibet’s website is one of the best out there in terms of design, usability, and ease of use.

Unibet Registration Process 

Unibet’s sign-up process is pretty straightforward for prospective customers to deal with. The ease of registering with a bookmaker is very important as it could determine if gamers would opt for them or search for another. Those who have already made up their minds to game with Unibet are in luck, as the top bookmaker has them in mind with an easy registration process. 

Gamers can complete their registration in just a few short steps which can be completed in minutes. The registration process is valid for Unibet Sportsbook in all regions including Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, And Kenya.


  • Navigate to the official Unibet Sportsbook website via a simple Google search or by searching Click on the “Register” button, which is coloured yellow after the homepage loads completely. This button can be located at the right-hand corner of the homepage, just below the countries tab. It is usually near the “Login” button, which is coloured Green.
  • The system will at first load a short page where you will be asked to select your country and language. Some of the countries on display include; Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Estonia, Italy, Ireland, Greece and many more. Gamers in the African region should scroll to the topmost part of the countries list and select “international.” Then they should set their preferred language in the appropriate tab, which could be English or French. They will then have to click “Continue.”
Entering Bonus Promo Code
  • A bonus and promotions offer page will come up, and you will be required to choose which of them you want. The bonuses on display at the time of this writing include “100% UP TO €50 SPORTSBOOK WELCOME OFFER,” “100% UP TO €150 CASINO WELCOME OFFER,” and a slightly unclear poker bonus offer. After selecting your preferred option, click the “I WANT THIS OFFER” button to move on to the next page. Note that you can continue without selecting an offer by clicking “SKIP.” You can also insert your promo code in this section by clicking “GOT A PROMO CODE.”
  • The system will load the first part of the main registration form for you, and you will have to fill in your details correctly.
  • The first step is to enter your first name, last name and your correct email address. Then you will need to input your preferred password in the box located underneath. 
  • Your chosen password must be easy for you to remember whilst being difficult for cybercriminals to guess. The password must have a minimum of 8 characters with at least one special letter. The special letter could be a capital letter, a number or a punctuation mark. Unibet warns gamers not to include their name, date of birth or “Unibet” as their password or part of it.
  • You will also need to input your correct date of birth. The platform already includes an automated drop-down selector for dates, months and years. So you don’t need to type anything. Make sure you provide a correct date of birth to avoid any future problems, especially when it comes to withdrawals.
Confirming your gender and address
  • The next step is for you, as a gamer, to input your gender. There is the option to choose if you are a male or female. You can also choose the “I PREFER NOT TO SAY” option if you don’t want to disclose your gender. 
  • You can click the “CONTINUE” button when the procedures stated above are completed. The system will load the second part of your registration form for you. 
  • The first box will require you to type your address which the Sportsbook will use to document your location. Unibet states under this box that your answer needs to be your residential address.
  • You will need to enter other details like your city, zip code and country of residence. After this, you will have to enter your working mobile number and select your preferred currency to transact with the platform. There are options of Pounds, Euros and US Dollars available. There are also other currencies available.
  • You may also be required to select your preferred method of receiving bonuses and promotional information from Unibet. The options available include email, phone calls, SMS and social media. Select the easiest one for you, and Unibet will take care of the rest. 
  • Lastly, you will have to tick the dialogue box at the bottom of the form. This box confirms that you are over the age of eighteen and accept Unibet’s terms and conditions. 
  • You can then proceed to click the yellow “JOIN” button, and your registration process with Unibet will be finalised in a minute. This process is valid for gamers from all regions, including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, who are willing to play with Unibet.

Required Fields 

One established fact is that Unibet has a very easy registration process. However, gamers also need to do their part to ensure a smooth process. Gamers should ensure they enter the right information when required. This ranges from phone numbers, email addresses, and full names in the fields they are required. All gamers located in Betting Tips Africa-focused regions (Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, or Nigeria) should make sure they do this.

Gamers must fill in their preferred passwords. They are required to select a password that is both simple enough to remember and unique to them alone. The password also needs to be extremely challenging for hackers to crack. 

During the registration procedure, you may not be required to produce certain documents, such as an identity ID issued by the government. However, you may be asked to provide them when the need arises. This could happen when withdrawals are about to take place or if any suspicious activity occurs on your account.

Necessary Documents

Online sportsbooks and casinos are some of the most common places for cybercriminals to aim their attention. Many cybercriminals, including hackers, fraudsters, and scammers, take advantage of the widespread acceptance of online gambling platforms by employing a wide range of fraudulent schemes.  

Several criminal activities plague the gaming industry, including sportsbooks, just as they do other sectors of the economy in today’s digital world. Sportsbook apps have proven to be entertaining and profitable, but they also pose a security risk to users’ personal information. There have been a number of cases in recent years when gambling applications have unintentionally exposed users’ personal information. 

As an example, it was discovered in 2020 that a popular casino gaming app suffered a significant data leak. Full names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and genders of gamers were among the critical pieces of information exposed in the monumental data breach.


To avoid such calamitous events, Unibet conducts extensive background checks on prospective gamers before allowing them to join their platform. Zero documentation may be required during sign-up, as stated earlier. However, this may change in the future, especially when critical activities need to be carried out. 

Some of these activities may include funds withdrawal, change of payment methods, or suspicious activity.  In the event of any of this, Unibet may decide to seek more proof from gamers. 

The Bookie may request personal documents issued by the government in your region. These may include an international passport, notarised ID card, driver’s license, or birth certificate. Unibet’s registration process is straightforward.

Unibet Betting Market

There are numerous betting offers available on Unibet, including a broad market for pre-match bets and live betting on sports like American football, Australian rules, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, and cycling. 

In football, Unibet offers a broader range of betting markets than most of its most prominent competitors. Their markets include; Match winner (1X2), total goals, both teams to score, and half time / full-time. Market portfolios available to gamers also include draw no bet (DNB), total goals, exact winning margins, both teams to score in both halves etc.   

Furthermore, the market includes double chance, handicap Betting, player specials, Asian lines, match events and many more. There are also more specialised bets, such as number of corners, bookings and goal scorer props.

At Unibet, gamers can also engage in several games that are different from the usual sports games. For example, Unibet has sections devoted to casino games and poker. The former is a great place to wager on casino games and lotteries, while the latter is a poker room where poker is the main focus. 

The Sportsbook also offers live dealer casino games in which the games will be dealt with by a real dealer instead of some computer software. Unibet also offers virtual gaming on some of the other sports mentioned above.  

Punters have a variety of betting options on the Unibet platform. Our deep review of these betting options is necessary to help them make informed decisions. However, since the majority of Betting Tips Africa users are football punters, we are going to focus on the Unibet football betting offers. 

Unibet Football Betting Offer – Rating: 93/100

Each bookmaker in the world looks to draw gamers to their platform with enticing features. Unibet is no different, and one of the fantastic features of the Bookie is the depth of its betting offer. Unibet’s football betting offer offers a wide range of options to gamers. This increases gamers’ chances of winning as well as the freedom to try different things. 

Unibet patrons or punters can bet on outcomes in the traditional 90 minutes win, loss or draw (1 X 2). There are also goalscorer, correct score, goal time, Both Teams to Score (BTTS or GG/NG), markets available etc. Furthermore, gamers have the liberty to bet on Over and Under goals, Handicap/Total Goals, Draw no bet (DNB), Corners, Team Goals, Goal Time, Correct Score and many more.

Furthermore, the portfolios available to gamers also include exact winning margins, player specials, Asian lines, match events and many more. There are also more specialised bets, such as number of corners, bookings and goal scorer props available to gamers.   

Unibet has an advantage over some of its fierce competitors with its deeper betting markets. At Unibet, bettors are not limited to just a few possibilities, so that they can take advantage of the diversity of odds and wager on the outcome they think is most likely.

Rating: 93/100.

Unibet  Top Football Betting Options Explained

Match Result

This is the most basic and traditional form of football betting. In match result betting, the bettor just wagers on the final result of a game. This usually takes the shape of a home victory, an away victory, or a full-time draw. 


The over/under market is also referred to as the total goals bet and is a popular type of wager at Unibet. It involves betting on whether or not the total number of goals in a game will be over or under a certain value established by the Bookie. Examples: “over/under” 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. 

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

Both teams to score involves a gamer staking on the possibility that there will be goals scored by both teams during the course of a game.

Correct Score

This is a term for wagers placed on the exact final score of a match or an event. Correct score wagers are not easy as they are volatile and highly difficult to predict. However, the payout is usually high as the odds are large. They are generally worth the effort.

Handicap Betting

Gamers use Handicap betting in matches where they feel there is a significant difference in the strength of the teams. This betting market enables gamers to give advantage to the weaker team through goals to equalise the chances of winning. Gamers can bet on a team with a -1 goal handicap to win by at least two goals. They can also bet on whether the team will win or lose.

First Goalscorer/Anytime Goalscorer

In this betting market, Bets are placed on a player to score the game’s opening goal or on the player to score at any time during the game.

Types Of Betting Options Offered By Unibet

There are four different wagering options available at Unibet. Bettors on the Unibet platform can choose between pre-match wagering, in-play wagering, and outright wagering (ante-post). These options are tailored to the individual requirements of each punter. Bookies designed this option to maximise the opportunity for gamers to win.

Pre-Match Betting

Staking your bet on a match or sporting event before the start is known as “pre-match betting.” The data at your disposal before the game starts allows you to consider aspects such as past results, current events, and other factors that could affect a team’s standings. 

These types of betting options are among the most popular among gamers. Unibet offers pre-match bets to their patrons with markets such as match totals, over/under, both teams to score, correct score and many more.

Live Betting – Rating: 90/100

Unibet’s “Live Football Betting” feature, also known as in-play betting, enables gamblers to wager on a football match or event that has already started. A variety of wagers are available, including picking the winning team, going over/under and many more. Live betting is quite popular, and many gamers are experts at this. Unibet’s live betting section is quite fast due to the efficiency of the website and app. There is no lag reported in this section, and this boosts the chances of gamers winning more. 

Rating: 90/100.

Virtual Football Betting

Unibet provides its customers with a consistent stream of computerised matches to wager on. A match summary is supplied after each event concludes so that gamblers can quickly determine whether or not their bet was successful. 

Antepost (Outright Bets)

An ante-post wager is placed on the outcome of an event before it starts. Unibet also makes this betting option available to their football betting audience. A bettor who uses Antepost can place a wager on a team to win the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, FIFA World Cup, etc.

Gamers can check out some of our AntePost predictions in our Soccer Vista section. This page provides the best predictions, which helps our readers make more profits on their bets. 

Unibet Odds Margin 

The Odds Margin refers to the difference between the odds you are given by a bookmaker and the true likelihood of an event occurring. The situation is less favourable for the bettor if the betting margins are “high,” as the difference mentioned above will be more significant. Odds margins are a way for the bookmaker to make money, and they often result in a profit for them no matter the outcome of the event.

Every bookmaker has an odds margin, and in this section, we will take a look at the odds margin provided by Unibet in various leagues and competitions. Furthermore, we will make a comparison between Unibet’s margin and those provided by its strongest competitors. 

Odds level rating: 89/100.

Depositing Money To Unibet Betting Account

Every gamer can attest to the advantages of playing their favourite games on a platform that not only allows them to utilise a variety of currencies but also provides a number of various payment methods to choose from. Gamers who play at sportsbooks that don’t allow multiple payment methods grow dissatisfied over a period of time.

Luckily for Unibet patrons and prospective customers, the bookmaker accepts a wide variety of deposit methods. This places the bookmaker in a position of strength when compared to many reputable and internationally renowned competitors. 

Unibet incorporates up to 15 distinct payment methods, several of which are considered to be among the most trustworthy in the world. A major downside is that Unibet does not incorporate a regional payment method. However, the Bookie works with some of the world’s most reliable and available payment methods to make it easier for gamers in different regions to transact seamlessly. 

A registered Unibet patron has the liberty to choose from many different payment methods at any one time. It is up to them to determine which method provides them with the highest level of confidence in terms of security and convenience.

Deposit Methods

Unibet authorises payments from cards and electronic wallets. Debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Verve, including a variety of other financial institutions, are all readily accepted. It is imperative that gamers know that some cards may not be accepted based on their region. Gamers can easily make payments at Unibet by inputting their card data, and beginning the transaction. 

You can also quickly and securely make deposits from your bank account and prepaid cards such as Paysafecard and Ukash. Gamers can also use online money transfer services such as Moneybookers and NETELLER. 

Furthermore, E-Wallets like PayPal, Visa Electron, Skrill, Webmoney, Entropay, PaySafe, EcoPayz, and Trustly are all acceptable. Gamblers in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda can choose from the several convenient deposit methods mentioned above.   

Gamers can fund their Unibet Sportsbook accounts via any of their preferred methods. However, debit cards like Visa and Mastercard are the most convenient. Unibet does not charge its patrons any fees whatsoever for transactions, either deposits or withdrawals. 

Unibet does not charge its customers any fees whatsoever when it comes to making deposits, including withdrawals or any other monetary transaction on the website. Gamers with doubts can rest assured that the Bookie has their interests at heart. All fees charged during the course of the transaction are not from Unibet. The platform chosen by the gamer sets them. This is a big win for Unibet and other platforms that practice this. Gamers should easily navigate to the ‘My account’ tab and select ‘Deposit’ to see all the different methods on Unibet.

Withdrawing Money From Unibet Account 

Withdrawing funds from Sportsbooks is one of the most important activities of a gamer, if not the most important. Gamers avoid Bookies with a questionable withdrawal process like a plague. This is not far-fetched, it makes no sense for a gamer to go through the stress of betting and start facing difficulties when it is time to cash out their winnings.

Luckily for Unibet lovers, the revered Bookie has a very good withdrawal system. The Sportsbook accepts Credit and debit cards and Bank transfers for withdrawals. They also accept PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Revolut as methods of paying out winnings to gamers. Gamblers in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda can choose from any of their several convenient withdrawal methods. 

Once Unibet has verified that you are the rightful owner of your gaming wins, you are free to visit the withdrawal page and select the form of withdrawal that caters to your needs and is most effective for you. Then, you will be required to input the total amount of money that you wish to withdraw from your account. You will also have to input your account details before you can proceed with the confirmation of your withdrawal.

Unibet warns that you verify your account details multiple times to make sure that all of the information you have submitted is correct before approving any transaction. You may be required to take legal action to retrieve any funds sent to the wrong account number. To avoid this, ensure that the information you provide is correct and tallies with the ones you used to register initially. 

Not incorporating a regional payment method where local currency is accepted is not good for a Sportsbook of Unibet’s stature. While there are great payment options, we will be scoring Unibet 93/100.

Booking a Bet on Unibet Sportsbook 

There is intense competition in the online gambling industry. Bookmakers, casinos, and poker rooms do all they can to make sure that a bulk of gamers use their own platforms. To gain the upper hand, bookmakers have developed an increasing number of features to entice gamers. These features are designed to be of service to punters when they are participating in betting activities. 

These features may be easily visible on their websites or require intense research and investigation to reach. One of such feature that help bring customers to betting platforms is booking code. They are also referred to as a booking number, and occasionally referred to as a betting code. 

The booking code is a great feature that gives bettors the ability to place their wagers online at a number of different betting sites and obtain a code. This code is uniquely linked to the bet initially entered by the gamer. The bettor can then provide this code to the betting clerk at a betting shop in order to finish placing their stake. It also allows gamers to finish their bets at a later time, especially when they made a rushed stake at a busy time. 

Loading of Booking Codes

Another intriguing aspect of these booking codes is the liberty they afford gamers to share their intended or placed bets with friends. These can be done on a range of media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Gamers can also share these codes via text messaging and email. 

When gamers share their booking codes with their friends, the recipients will simply place their bets using the code. They can also choose to edit the initial bet by adding or removing certain games or events.   

Sadly, there is no such feature on Unibet’s platform, which is such a huge miss. We hope the bookmaker can consider including this feature shortly.

Placing a Bet on Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet prospective customers must first open an account and fund it to begin their betting experience on the platform. Gamers can place their bets via the mobile website or app. There are no Unibet retail shops in Africa, so customers are not at liberty to walk into any retail outlet and bet.

You can bet on football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and a whole lot more at Unibet, and you’ll find amazing betting chances that are on par with what the best bookies have to offer.

The minimum bet amount for stakes at Unibet is £1. However, the maximum stake amount depends on the odds available and the different sports. At the time this article was collated, £1 equates to 23.15 South African rand and 1032 naira in Nigeria. Also, the equivalent in Ghanaian cedis is 14.67 and around 183.30 Kenyan shillings. 

At Unibet, the fattest payout of money that can be won from a single wager is 20,000 pounds. This amount equates to 462,605 South African Rand and 20,638,020 Nigerian Naira. It also equates to 293,184 Ghanaian Cedis and 3,663,796 Kenyan Shillings. 

The maximum size of the wager that may be put is also determined by this maximum winning amount. In addition to this possibility, it is also possible for various individual players to be subjected to particular constraints.

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Special Features – Unibet Review 2023 


Unibet offers gamers the chance to cash out on their bets before the conclusion of events or games on the bet. You are allowed to trade in your wagers or sell off your betting slips for a variety of different games. Cashouts negate the success of bets resting on the full outcome of an event. This means that gamers can get their money when they feel a game or event is going against their stake.  Experienced gamblers use cashouts as a tool for making profits regardless of the final outcomes of events they bet on.

Important to note that the Sportsbook determines the amount offered from a cashout. They calculate the cash out value with the odds size of the market at the time. In other words, a cashout can also be referred to as a bet slip sale.

Traffic Reduction

Sportsbooks need to be conscious of the app they provide to gamers due to the intense competition for their patronage. Unibet’s mobile app is highly effective and very efficient. The app helps to reduce the quantity of traffic that gamers send to the Website servers while gaming. 

With the lack of suitable infrastructure in some parts of Africa, the cost of internet access can be rather high in those areas. This means that the gamer will incur a reduced expenditure via broadband internet connection costs. The app helps in this regard by reducing the total traffic that would have been used initially to surf the website.  


Unibet’s app design places a premium on customer satisfaction with a strong emphasis on ease of use for them. Unibet placed the most important shortcuts in such a way that new and veteran customers will find it simple and quick to use.

The design is uncomplicated and still has an attractive appearance with a top-notch colour combination. Unibet’s web design differentiates itself from what countless primary competitors have to offer. Compared to other world-famous sportsbooks that compete with Unibet, the platform’s app is on par with the very best of them in this regard.

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Unibet Security 

There is no doubt that there are currently a lot of bookies available in the world for gamers to choose from. These bookies need to keep their patrons safe when on their platform, and the vast majority of them place great importance on this. Due to gamers’ personal information and financial data being at risk, it is of the utmost significance that Bookies take action as soon as possible. 

Unibet is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful and well-known online bookmakers on a global scale. For a Bookie of their standing and regard, it is very rare to see players complaining of safety issues when using the website. 

Unibet employs a cutting-edge and state-of-the-art security system for their platform. The system continually scans and combats any threat it may encounter. Unibet obtained its licenses from the Gibraltar and United Kingdom Gambling Commissions. Thus, they are required by law to treat their customers fairly and reveal essential information to them. 

SSL Encryption

The bookmaker complies with rules and regulations imposed by the governmental bodies that issued its license.  Furthermore, the platform utilises an industry-standard 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This security net is used by some of the world’s most popular companies. 

While some ultra-protected organisations, like some government agencies, may opt for 256-bit encryption, Unibet’s 128-bit is more than sufficient for the service that is being offered. Unibet safeguards user data and information seriously, and your data is well-protected once they obtain them.

Also, the Bookie’s systems and applications are scrutinised by independent security specialists several times in a year. This shows how much Unibet values the security measure in place for their patrons.

In addition, Unibet utilises an Intrusion Detection System that watches all network activity around the clock for any indication of hacking or other malicious activity from fraudsters and cybercriminals. They also have a fraud department in place to deal with any fraudulent behaviour decisively. 

Unibet’s security actions are done to provide extra security against cybercriminals who may try to access gamers’ accounts for fraudulent activities. Unibet is quite safe as they have one of the best security firewalls out there. On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate Unibet 4.6 in this regard.

Unibet  Customer Support And Service 

Unibet Customer Support are the groups of individuals within the organisation who are on hand to assist bettors who are having difficulties using any of the services offered by Bookie.

These brief moments of interaction between the service agents and customers are essential to the continued operation and success of any organisation, including Unibet.

It is not a new thing to see bettors move away from a Sportsbook due to terrible customer support. Luckily, Unibet has a good review when it comes to their customer support service.

Unsurprisingly, Unibet has more than enough options available for connecting customers through to their service support agents. These options are via telephone, live chat and email messages.

Any of the aforementioned methods can be accessed at any time. However, players will find it more convenient to be able to speak with a customer service representative over the phone. If a customer opts to speak to Unibet via phone call, they must refrain from showing any abusive behaviour. If abusive language is used, the bookmaker reserves the right to terminate such a person’s account. 

Live Chat Support

Also, the ability to have a live conversation with an agent is quite useful. It brings a feeling of closeness between the gamer and his preferred bookie, which in this case is Unibet. Another great resource for Unibet patrons is the availability of a comprehensive FAQs section, which answers a wide range of common inquiries. 

The FAQ section includes information on sections like My Account, Registration, Bonuses & Promotions, Deposits & Withdrawals, Responsible Gaming, Sports Betting, Horse Racing, Virtual Sports, Casino, Bingo and Poker. In addition, players can always submit formal complaints via email messages or tickets if they feel it’s necessary. 

From what Betting Tips Africa has observed, Unibet’s customer service team responds quickly and effectively to client enquiries and complaints.

Unibet’s customer service also has its downsides. The only issue with their customer support setup is that they are not available 24/7, unlike some of their key competitors. However, everything boils down to making sure customers are able to resolve the issues for which they first sought aid, and Unibet is great at this.

On a scale of 5, we would rate Unibet’s customer support a 4.0 as they do have a wide variety of ways to contact them but are not available round the clock. 

Unibet Legal Status 

Unibet is legal in a lot of regions, but it is restricted in others. The Sportsbook is run by Trannel International Ltd. Their registered office can be located at Level 6 – The Centre, Tigne Point – Sliema, TPO 0001 – Malta. Furthermore, the company has licenses with the Gambling Commission of the UK and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. 

Unibet is licensed in Gibraltar through Platinum Gaming Limited due to its affiliation with the Kindred Group. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner regulates the activities of Unibet in their services of European gamers.

These acquired licenses ensure that Bookie is regulated and allowed to provide their services to many regions. Unibet is a bookmaker that the Kindred Group owns. Kindred Group is an online gambling operator consisting of several brands. This makes Unibet a sister company to the likes of iGame, Stan James, Maria Casino, and 32Red.

Unibet has a Combined Continuation Remote Operating License from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The license number is 000-045322-R-324275-001, and it lawfully allows them to provide online gambling services to gamers located in the United Kingdom.

The emergence of online sports betting has given rise to illegal betting sites. This makes it compulsory for gamers to understand the legal status of a bookmaker before considering any sign-up. An illegal Bookie is most likely to result in a loss of funds or even illegal data harvest as fraudulent organisations may run it. 

Gamers can verify the legal status of Unibet by visiting the official Website of the licensing organisation. They can also get details of Unibet licenses by checking the relevant information on their website.

Unibet Responsible Betting Campaign

The term “responsible betting/gaming” is used to describe gambling in such a way that its negative consequences on players and society are limited. Gambling is addictive, and a negative addiction could ruin a player’s life socially, financially and in many other ways. When gambling becomes addictive, it is known as compulsive gambling. 

There needs to be an emphasis on supporting safe and healthy gambling practices to avoid the spread of compulsive gambling. This can be done by educating people about the harms of gambling so that they can be avoided. 

Unibet cares very much about their patrons and does everything to ensure that any time spent on their platform stays fun. The bookmaker warns that gambling should never put gamers in a position where they can’t afford to pay their bills or socialise normally. 

Unibet has a dedicated section on its platform that is meant to assist individuals who are noticing an undying need to gamble or have a problem with compulsive gambling. This is one of their efforts to show genuine concern for the welfare of their patrons.

Therefore, any Unibet Sportsbook patron who is having difficulty controlling their need to gamble even when it is negatively affecting them can seek advice on how to deal with the issue and find a solution to it.

Furthermore, Unibet forbids underage gambling. Any individual below the legal age of eighteen is prohibited from gaming on the platform. The Sportsbook warns that any account found wanting in the age regard will be permanently frozen and disabled without hope for reopening. To avoid the underage gambling plague, Unibet may request some legal documents when gamers want to withdraw, or any suspicion arises. 

Final Take On Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet has established itself as a leading online bookmaker by providing a satisfactory service to gamers around the world. Their services and wide range of options are available to gamers of all skill levels. Unibet offers two major selling points, which are the wide variety of betting markets available and the availability of a separate platform for key games (Sportsbook, casino and poker room).

The Bookie offers their patrons an amazing cache of bonuses and special offers that scarcely need to be emphasised. Unibet is also one of the safest and most reliable online gambling platforms available anywhere in the world, with a world-class security system. 

Unibet is legally backed to accept bets from gamers from multiple regions, including Africa. Luckily, it is also within the bounds of the law in Betting Tips Africa’s focused regions like South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria. It is also available in regions like Namibia, Cape Verde, Rwanda and Sao Tome and Principe. 

As expected from a company of such size, Unibet is not an entirely flawless sportsbook. There is a wonderful cache of sports betting markets, mouthwatering odds and bonuses. However, the customer service support is not available round the clock, and the cashout feature is not reliable.

Our Experts at Betting Tips Africa strongly recommend Unibet as a bookie suitable for our readers’ use. The Bookie has a long history of being reliable and being one of the most security-conscious platforms. The bookmaker also has a great offer in terms of odds and bonuses, including a great number of promotions.

Unibet has effectively developed a presence in the world market, which extends to Africa. The renowned Bookie welcomes customers from the following nations:

  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

Frequently Asked Questions About Unibet Sportsbook

How Do I Login To Unibet Website?

Unibet has a “Log-in” button in green colour. The login button is located at the right corner of the homepage. Here, new and veteran users can access their accounts. Gamers will have to log in with the email address and Password they chose when they signed up on the platform.

Unibet Correct Score

Correct score markets are bets on the ultimate score of a game or other event. Correct scores are very difficult to predict; thus, they usually have a high payout. These bets are among the most popular types of wagers among gamers in Africa.

How Long Does Withdrawal Take On Unibet?

Several factors affect how long it takes gamers to withdraw money from their Unibet account. The withdrawal time can range from a few minutes to a few business days. Unibet may also require gamers to verify their account before processing a withdrawal.

Unibet Tips

There are numerous ways through which gamers can find tips on how to win at Unibet. One of such way is through the research of expert tips and predictions on the web. Luckily for gamers, Betting Tips Africa is one of the best in outlining betting tips. Our excellent forecasts have helped a lot of gamers maximise their returns on Unibet.  

How To Use Unibet?

Unibet players don’t have to be tech geniuses to use the platform. Everything on the platform is simplified and there is almost no time required to get used to it. Gaming at Unibet is very simple, as it only requires the provision of necessary details, account verification and funding.

How To Verify My Unibet Account?

Unibet will request a verification process after your registration on the platform is complete. The Bookie will ask if you would love to be verified via email or phone number. The Bookie would proceed to send you emails that contain links to verify or texts messages with codes to input in a verification box.

Unibet may also ask for your government-issued ID to verify your identity. The revered Sportsbook may request a current utility bill or other official paperwork, such as a passport or driver’s license. 

How To Place A Bet On Unibet

To place a bet on Unibet is quite simpler than you think. You just need to navigate to the official website via a browser or open the app. Login, fund your account with any option preferable to you and select the events you wish to stake on. Next is to enter your stake amount and hit the bet button to place your wager with Unibet.

How To Create A Unibet Account

A Unibet account is needed to game with the platform. Gamers can go through the registration process within a few minutes. Gamers should simply visit the official website via a browser to sign up. When the homepage loads, select the yellow “REGISTER” button that appears on the right corner of the homepage. In a few minutes after giving the necessary details, your account will be fully ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unibet Casino

Does Unibet Casino Offer A VIP Program?

Unibet Online Casino does not offer a VIP program at this time. However, casino game lovers can still take advantage of many fantastic promotional offers. 

Does Unibet Casino Payout In Africa?

Unibet Online Casino processes payouts to winning customers in Africa. The casino welcomes customers from the many locations, and these patrons get access to the casino’s gaming variety and all of the winnings they provide.

After confirming your identity and choosing your preferred withdrawal method, your winnings will be deposited in your Unibet account. Select your preferred payment option, input the sum of money you want to withdraw and complete the transaction.

Is Playing On Unibet Casino Safe?

Using Unibet Online Casino is safe because it operates with a license from the relevant authorities. Their top-notch security system assures the safety of your money and personal information. Unibet Casino protects user’s money and personal information with SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer).

Does Unibet Casino Require A GEO Comply Plugin To Play Games?

Yes, Unibet uses an automatically generated GEO Comply plugin to ensure your location before being allowed to place a real money wager. GeoComply is included in their mobile apps and may be downloaded and installed separately if you plan on playing from a desktop computer.

Does Unibet Have Any Free Casino Games?

Yes, “Game Of The Week Bonus“. All gamers who wager €50 on the “Game of the Week” promotional slots game will receive 20 free spins. This slot machine has five wheels, and there are 243 ways to win. The Fortune Coin bonus can lead to instant payouts, entry into the Jackpot Bonus, or Free Spins Bonuses. Up to three high-value symbols may be removed from the board during the Free Spins Bonus by using the Fortune Coin Boost option. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Unibet Poker Room 

Can Gamers Limit Unibet Poker Room Playing Sessions?

Yes, you may use Unibet’s “Session Limits” feature if you would like to keep tabs on your gambling time in Unibet’s poker room. By activating a Session Limit, you can limit the amount of time you spend actively playing poker on the platform.

Does Unibet Have Poker Room Spending Limits?

Yes. Gamers are at liberty to activate a spending limit on their poker gaming. You will not be able to stake on a poker game if you have already lost so much money during the previous sessions. You will only be able to make more bets once you have regained some of your losses or when the time on your limit elapses.