PremierBet and BtoBet renew their partnership in Africa

PremierBet and BtoBet renew their partnership in Africa
PremierBet and BtoBet renew their partnership in Africa

PremierBet and BtoBet announced their partnership renewal in Africa. Previously, the pan-African bookmaker and the sports betting content and platform solutions service provider partnered in 2017 aiming to increase coverage and capacity. Now, the deal enables PremierBet to continue to benefit from a range of innovative technologies. This helps the betting site to remain one of the leaders in the pan-African betting market.

Including Ghana, it already operates in dozens of regulated markets throughout the continent. PremierBet and BtoBet have been working together for six years now. Thereby, from 2017 onwards, the partners managed to operate in 23 African countries. Thanks to the new agreement, the two parties will intensify their cooperation. As before, BtoBet will develop PremierBet’s betting services in each of its operating markets. Therefore, the bookmaker takes advantage of BtoBet’s innovative solutions.

This enables it to provide betting enthusiasts with a high-quality and attractive user experience. Dima Reiderman, the managing director of BtoBet, said that they are very proud to partner with PremierBet in Africa. He stated: “The extension of this partnership fills us with pride. Moreover, we are certain that BtoBet will continue to accompany PremierBet in the expansion of its activities and the consolidation of its leadership position in Africa”.

Those with PremierBet isn’t the only BtoBet’s partnership in Africa.

Furthermore, Reiderman used the opportunity to highlight BtoBet’s role as a technology partner. Here, he explained that the expansion of the cooperation with PremierBet underlines the importance of BtoBet in this role. Also, he presented his company as a reliable service provider for forward-looking and dynamic solutions for the betting industry. Additionally, a spokesperson for PremierBet spoke about the agreement. The bookmaker expresses its pleasure about the continuation of the joint course with BtoBet.

Furthermore, it attests that BtoBet constitutes a forward-thinking and important solution provider for the betting sector. Plus, PremierBet commented: “For us, this agreement represents a cornerstone of our long-term strategy, and we are excited about its expansion. Because: this ensures that we can deliver an excellent betting experience to our users in the future, too.”

Moreover, BtoBet declared its aim to intensify its activities in Africa. Therefore, the company signed agreements with local betting sites. Here, it obtained a licence in Canada from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario at the beginning of this year.

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