Unibet Betting Offer Review With Insights From Expert Punters

In this Unibet betting offer review 2023, our readers will be getting information on some of the exciting offers available on the platform. It is now established that Unibet is one of the most comprehensive bookmakers in Africa and the world at large. The revered bookmaker has a broad range of betting offers to cater for the betting needs of every bettor.

There are numerous betting offers available on Unibet, including a broad market for pre-match bets and live betting on sports like American football, Australian rules, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, and cycling.

Unibet’s portfolio for gamers also includes darts, eSports, football, formula one, Gaelic sports, golf, greyhounds, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, motorsports and netball.  

There are also Olympic games, Pasepallo, Politics, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby union, snooker, and surfing available. The platform also offers TV and novelty, table tennis, tennis, trotting, UFC/MMA, virtual sports, volleyball, water polo and winter sports. 

For American sports, Unibet provides extensive coverage, which includes the NBA, NFL, and MLB. They also have attractive tennis markets for gamers in the African region. The Bookie has comprehensive coverage of all major ATP and WTA matches and tournaments.

In certain leagues, like the NBA, for example, point spread betting is the way to go for bettors. While tennis fans like betting on spreads (games or sets), total games, and even set props in addition to the match-winner market.

Unibet offers a broader range of betting markets than most of its most prominent competitors. Their markets include; Match winner (1X2), total goals, both teams to score, and half time / full-time. Market portfolios available to gamers also include draw no bet (DNB), total goals, exact winning margins, both teams to score in both halves etc.   

Furthermore, the market includes double chance, handicap Betting, player specials, Asian lines, match events and many more. There are also more specialised bets, such as number of corners, bookings and goal scorer props.

At Unibet, gamers can also engage in several games that are different from the usual sports games. For example, Unibet has sections devoted to casino games and poker. The former is a great place to wager on casino games and lotteries, while the latter is a poker room where poker is the main focus. 

The Sportsbook also offers live dealer casino games in which the games will be dealt with by a real dealer instead of some computer software. Unibet also offers virtual gaming on some of the other sports mentioned above.  

Punters have a variety of betting options on the Unibet platform. Our deep review of these betting options is necessary to help them make informed decisions. However, since the majority of Betting Tips Africa users are football punters, we are going to focus on the Unibet football betting offers. 

Unibet Football Betting Offer

Each bookmaker in the world looks to draw gamers to their platform with enticing features. Unibet is no different, and one of the fantastic features of the Bookie is the depth of its betting offer. Unibet’s football betting offer offers a wide range of options to gamers. This increases gamers’ chances of winning as well as the freedom to try different things. 

Unibet patrons or punters can bet on outcomes in the traditional 90 minutes win, loss or draw (1 X 2). There are also goalscorer, correct score, goal time, Both Teams to Score (BTTS or GG/NG), markets available etc. Furthermore, gamers have the liberty to bet on Over and Under goals, Handicap/Total Goals, Draw no bet (DNB), Corners, Team Goals, Goal Time, Correct Score and many more.

Furthermore, the portfolios available to gamers also include exact winning margins, player specials, Asian lines, match events and many more. There are also more specialised bets, such as number of corners, bookings and goal scorer props available to gamers.   

The sports-covered and betting offers apply to Unibet patrons in the African region. Unibet is a world-known brand that certainly lives up to its reputation with their offers. Apart from the aforementioned sports and markets, gamers can engage in slot games like Casinomeister, 100,000 Pyramid, 88 Fortunes Slot, Arthur And The Round Table and more.

Roulette portfolio includes 100 to-1 Roulette, Double Bonus Spin Roulette, Blazing 7s Roulette and many more. In the poker room, Casino Hold’em, Casino Stud Poker, DJ Wild Stud Poker, Let It Ride Poker, Texas Hold’em Plus Poker and many more are available.

Unibet has an advantage over some of its fierce competitors with its deeper betting markets. At Unibet, bettors are not limited to just a few possibilities, so that they can take advantage of the diversity of odds and wager on the outcome they think is most likely.

Rating: 93/100.

Unibet  Top Football Betting Options Explained

Match Result

This is the most basic and traditional form of football betting. In match result betting, the bettor just wagers on the final result of a game. This usually takes the shape of a home victory, an away victory, or a full-time draw. 


The over/under market is also referred to as the total goals bet and is a popular type of wager at Unibet. It involves betting on whether or not the total number of goals in a game will be over or under a certain value established by the Bookie. Examples: “over/under” 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. 

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

Both teams to score involves a gamer staking on the possibility that there will be goals scored by both teams during the course of a game.

Correct Score

This is a term for wagers placed on the exact final score of a match or an event. Correct score wagers are not easy as they are volatile and highly difficult to predict. However, the payout is usually high as the odds are large. They are generally worth the effort.

Handicap Betting

Gamers use Handicap betting in matches where they feel there is a significant difference in the strength of the teams. This betting market enables gamers to give advantage to the weaker team through goals to equalise the chances of winning. Gamers can bet on a team with a -1 goal handicap to win by at least two goals. They can also bet on whether the team will win or lose.

First Goalscorer/Anytime Goalscorer

In this betting market, Bets are placed on a player to score the game’s opening goal or on the player to score at any time during the game.

Types Of Betting Options Offered By Unibet

There are four different wagering options available at Unibet. Bettors on the Unibet platform can choose between pre-match wagering, in-play wagering, and outright wagering (ante-post). These options are tailored to the individual requirements of each punter. Bookies designed this option to maximise the opportunity for gamers to win.

Pre-Match Betting

Staking your bet on a match or sporting event before the start is known as “pre-match betting.” The data at your disposal before the game starts allows you to consider aspects such as past results, current events, and other factors that could affect a team’s standings. 

These types of betting options are among the most popular among gamers. Unibet offers pre-match bets to their patrons with markets such as match totals, over/under, both teams to score, correct score and many more.

Live Betting

Unibet’s “Live Football Betting” feature, also known as in-play betting, enables gamblers to wager on a football match or event that has already started. A variety of wagers are available, including picking the winning team, going over/under and many more. Live betting is quite popular, and many gamers are experts at this. Unibet’s live betting section is quite fast due to the efficiency of the website and app. There is no lag reported in this section, and this boosts the chances of gamers winning more. 

Rating: 90/100.

Virtual Football Betting

Unibet provides its customers with a consistent stream of computerised matches to wager on. A match summary is supplied after each event concludes so that gamblers can quickly determine whether or not their bet was successful. 

Antepost (Outright Bets)

An ante-post wager is placed on the outcome of an event before it starts. Unibet also makes this betting option available to their football betting audience. A bettor who uses Antepost can place a wager on a team to win the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, FIFA World Cup, etc.

Gamers can check out some of our AntePost predictions in our Soccer Vista section. This page provides the best predictions, which helps our readers make more profits on their bets. 

Unibet Odds Margin 

The Odds Margin refers to the difference between the odds you are given by a bookmaker and the true likelihood of an event occurring. The situation is less favourable for the bettor if the betting margins are “high,” as the difference mentioned above will be more significant. Odds margins are a way for the bookmaker to make money, and they often result in a profit for them no matter the outcome of the event.

Every bookmaker has an odds margin, and in this section, we will take a look at the odds margin provided by Unibet in various leagues and competitions. Furthermore, we will make a comparison between Unibet’s margin and those provided by its strongest competitors. 

Odds level rating: 89/100.

UEFA Champions League

  • 1 X 2 {Home/Away (3-way)

In comparison with its fiercest competitors, Unibet offers pre-match home/away betting odds with a higher house margin range of (6.02% – 7.1%) while competitors like Betway offer around (4.73% – 6.75%) margin.

  • Over 1.5 

In this market, Unibet offers a range of (7.0% – 7.98%)  while other Sportsbooks like William Hill offer around (5.96% – 7.0%). This is a bit high in comparison with its world-class competitors, and the Bookie may need to adjust in the future.

  • Over 2.5

Here, Unibet still posts a slightly higher margin. The Bookie has a range of (7.53% – 8.61%) while the likes of William Hill posts around the (7.91% – 8.76%) margin. However, Betway has a margin range of (3.57% – 4.88%) in this market. Here, Unibet is slightly stronger than the likes of William Hill while being weaker when it comes to Bookies like Betway.

  • Double Chance

In this betting market, Unibet is really strong. The bookmaker’s biggest competitors in terms of margin range offer ranges between (7.1% – 8.3%). However, the Bookie has a range of (6.71% – 7.3%). 

  • (BTTS) Both Teams To Score

In Both teams’ score betting market, Unibet is also very strong when compared to competitors. Unibet has a margin range of (7.65% – 8.33%), while William Hill has a range of (8.11% – 9.43%). Furthermore, Bet365 has a range of (7.79% – 9.42%).

The above-mentioned margin range applies to the prestigious UEFA Champions League competition.

English Premier League

This Unibet review by Betting Tips Africa includes a discussion on the English Premier League, which is often regarded as the most competitive domestic football league on the planet.

  • 1 X 2 {Home/Away (3-way)

In this market, Unibet has a margin range of (6.87% – 7.65%). William Hill has a margin of (6.22% -7.38%), while Betway posts a margin range of (4.97% – 6.31%). We can see here that Unibet has a margin slightly higher than that of William Hill and worse in comparison to that of Betway. 

  • Double Chance

In the double chance market at Unibet, the margin range settles around (7.78% – 8.59%). The likes of William Hill posts within (9.37% – 12.22%). Moreover, other competitors with Betway offer a range of (8.50% and 12.69%). In this regard, Unibet is really holding its strength over its fierce competitors. Thumbs up to Unibet in this regard.

  • Both Teams To Score

The Bookmaker has a good margin range of (6.68% – 7.32%). For comparison, William Hill offers a range of (7.80% – 8.36%), while other Bookies offer between (6.86% – 8.16%) range. We can see that Unibet is really better than William Hill in this regard and almost on par or slightly better than other Bookies. 

  • Over 1.5

Here, Unibet offers a range of (5.58% and 6.22%). William Hill offers a range of (6.33% and 8.22%). However, other Bookies offer a range between (4.1% and 5.85%). Thus, Unibet’s margin is better than that of William Hill but not up to the standard of others.

  • Over 2.5

The over 2.5 betting market on this Sportsbook has a margin range of (5.05% – 5.97%). The Bookie’s closest counterparts offer a range between (4.57% – 6.68%), which is slightly better than Unibet’s. However, Unibet’s is better than William Hill’s, which posts a range of (7.91% – 9.21%). 

The above-mentioned margin range applies to the glamorous English Premier League competition at Unibet Sportsbook.

Serie A

  • 1 X 2 {Home/Away (3-way)

Unibet has a margin range of (5.95% – 6.74%) in the home/away betting market. Other Sportsbooks have a margin that starts from (3.5% – 5.2%) in this regard. 

  • Double Chance

In the double chance market, Unibet’s odds margin hovers around a range of (5.24% – 7.22%). Competitors have a margin range of (7.31% – 11.58%).

  • Both Teams To Score

In Unibet’s “both teams to score” market, the odds margin is around (7.26% – 8.93%), while competitors offer a margin of (7.21% – 9.07%).

The above-mentioned margin range applies to the Italian Serie A competition in Unibet Sportsbook. Unibet’s odds keys are displayed by default in decimal numbers. However, gamers can change it to suit their preferences.  Gamers have the option of choosing between fractional and American odds displays. 

Odds Key Of Unibet Betting Offers

The odds on a betting option or market are the mathematical probability of a certain outcome. The odds are always displayed as decimal numerals in Europe, which are the most popular. In the United Kingdom, the odds are usually shown as fractions, but in the United States, they are more commonly used with a plus or minus sign behind them.

Unibet has a function to let punters choose the odds format of their choice. The bookmaker classifies the odds keys as “DECIMAL,” “FRACTIONAL,” or “AMERICAN,” but gamers can use any of them. 

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Pros And Cons Of Unibet Betting Offer

Despite the wide range of betting offers, Unibet’s offers have pros and cons, as it is at every other Sportsbook. Thus, it is necessary for every punter to get familiar with these advantages and disadvantages. This would help the bettor to make more informed decisions. Here are some of the pros and cons below;


  • Breadth And Depth Of Betting Markets

Unibet offers punters a wide breadth and deep depth of betting markets across various sports. As a gamer wishing to make huge profits, this is good news as there will be several options to choose from, thus increasing your chances of winning. 

  • Great Odds

Odds are the lifeblood of Sportsbooks. It is one of the biggest attraction weapons Bookies use to attract customers. Unibet provides great odds for its customers, which means that they have the opportunity to get large payouts on their winning bets compared to other Bookies.

  • Live Betting

Live betting is as important as pre-match betting in modern sports betting. Live betting allows users to place bets on an event that has already started. Gamers can adjust their bets according to the unfolding action in live betting. This form of betting is a great way of making profits, and millions of gamers have it as their go-to choice.


  • Market And Options Restrictions

Unibet may limit gamers’ access to some events or markets, especially in the African market. As a result, gamers’ choices may be restricted.

  • Geographic Restrictions

Some features may be unavailable to gamers outside of specific regions. As a result, not all consumers can take advantage of everything Unibet has to offer.

Our Final Take On Unibet Betting Offer

Unibet is a top-tier bookmaker that lets punters wager on a broad variety of sports and other events. Bettors in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc., will find almost everything they need in terms of betting offers here.

Despite the few flip side, Betting Tips Africa strongly recommends users game with Unibet. This is due to the availability of a wide range of offers. However, before placing any wagers after you sign up with the platform, ensure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions of each betting offer.