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About Us

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Betting Tips Africa was founded in 2021 to revolutionise the sports betting landscape in Africa by providing in-depth, high-quality and up-to-date information.

With 20 years of experience in sports and entertainment from our founder and more than 7 years of experience from our core team members, we bring deep industry knowledge and a genuine passion for sports to our offering. 

Our team is made up of experts who come directly from the local communities we serve. This local connection allows us to offer customised content that is specifically tailored to the needs and interests of our users descending from various countries in Africa. 

The central aim of Betting Tips Africa is to be a reliable compass in the rapidly evolving world of African sports betting. We provide the latest news and in-depth analyses to help our users make informed decisions. Our commitment to unconditional quality and the constant updating of our information guarantee that our users always have access to the most relevant and reliable data. 

These features set us apart from other betting information portals and emphasise our commitment to excellence. Here at Betting Tips Africa, we are committed to providing the best possible resources for both amateur and experienced bettors. Join our community and use our expertise and commitment to improve your betting experience and be successful.

What We Do

We offer a number of important services to YOU, our readers. Our main focus is to provide comprehensive reviews on every bookmaker operating in Africa, but in our quest to give you the best chance to make mouthwatering profits on your bets, we do not stop there. Below, we list out our services:

Bookmaker Reviews:  This is our primary service to all punters in Africa. We test every sports betting platform operating in the continent for all the relevant information you need to know before using them. 

Betting Tips And Predictions: We offer YOU tips and predictions to help win more money/make a profit. In this regard, we pull every statistical and non-statistical information to ensure your bet is given every chance to succeed. 

Football News: We have a special section dedicated to bringing you the latest happenings in the footballing world. Our news reports are from verified and Tier-1 sources, further showing how much we value reliability. 

Instructional Guides: Here, we prepare “How To” guides that HELP YOU carry out activities easily. So, if you are looking for guides on “how to register on a bookmaker platform” or “how to download an app,” we have got you COVERED. 

How We Do It

You may get any information from anywhere, however, there is a great need for you to get the correct one. We understand the importance of serving you the best, which is why our editorial team leaves no stone unturned in their research and analysis. In a world where “Fake News And Information” is widespread, we PRIDE ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure you get the best from us. 

In our bookmaker reviews, our editors/testers ensure they visit the site, sign up and check out all information we need. Sometimes, they may need to visit government agency websites to confirm authenticity, as they do not just take a bookmaker's word for it. After this, we mostly need to make a deposit into our account to see if there is any other information that was not presented initially. Then our quality assurance team ensures they verify everything we have collated before it is made available to YOU.

In our news reports and betting predictions, we ensure to gather facts and cross-check them through our quality assurance team, before making them available to you. Our processes are long and quite exhausting, but our super-dedicated team and the support we receive from YOU drive us on. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first port of call when it comes to anything related to sports betting in Africa. We want to achieve this goal by improving the TRUST you have in us to the maximum level. To gain your maximum trust, we have to ensure that our news reports are confirmed by Tier-1 sources and also improve your winning rates via successful predictions. This is why we do not leave any stone unturned when making any information available to you. 

We also make sure to inform you about the necessity of RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING. While betting is exciting and can be life-changing, there is a high risk of addiction which can lead to destruction. We want to protect you from all the dangers of compulsive gambling and make sure you are betting in FULL CONTROL and a CLEAR mind. 

The Market We Serve

In a world where almost every nook and cranny is seeing a boom in the sports betting industry, there is a critical need to focus on certain regions and markets in order to keep our quality at a high degree. At Betting Tips Africa, we primarily focus our services on English-speaking countries in Africa where sports betting is legal. In addition, we do not encourage underage gambling, so we only focus on bettors who have attained the legal age required to participate in sports betting by the local laws in their respective regions. 

Our Team

At Betting Tips Africa, we are a team of experts, with the required knowledge in our unique fields. “There is strength in diversity,” and our team is a perfect illustration of this statement. With different ideas, experiences and qualifications, we aim to be your FIRST port of call when you want to bet or learn more about betting. As a show of TRUST, you also have information on our roles at BTA, whilst having access to our public pages. Through this, we believe that you would have every information YOU need to know that you can TRUST us.

Chinedu Nwogu


Chinedu Nwogu is a sports betting analyst with over ten years of experience. His role at Betting Tips Africa focuses on:

  • Sportsbooks Analysis and Testing
  • Fact-checking Information
  • Digital Quality Assurance 

Sofoluwe Mayowa


Sofoluwe Mayowa is an experienced Football Youth Team Coach, Football Analyst, and Sports Writer with over eight years of experience. His role at Betting Tips Africa focuses on:

  • Football Analysis
  • Betting Tips and Predictions
  • Sportsbook Analysis and Testing

Our Stand On Responsible Gambling

We can all agree that sports betting is quite interesting and can be life-changing. In many cases, sports betting has turned numerous individuals into millionaires. However, sports betting has a dangerous downside, because it can be extremely addictive. This situation is known as addictive or compulsive gambling. 

Any individual with a gambling addiction problem tends to bet recklessly with any available funds, regardless of whether it is meant for rent, business or any other important things. In short, addicts bet continuously even if it harms them directly or indirectly. 

Addictive gambling can be quite destructive as the gambler would be risking huge losses. At Betting Tips Africa, we are a beacon in the responsible gambling campaign. We lay emphasis on betting responsibly and are available to provide individual help with a betting addiction.  

Please if you notice you are getting addicted to betting or have anyone showing signs of addiction, do seek help quickly. There are a number of private and Government-backed responsible gambling bodies available to help you with the best solution possible. 

How You Can Find Us

Well, how can you TRUST us if you cannot find us or get in touch with us? We value your feedback, opinions or suggestions, as we need them to serve you better. So, if you have any concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

You can also reach us through our social media handles or the contact us page on this website.