Best betting sites in Kenya 2023

Throughout our in-depth assessment of the the betting sites in Kenya, we carefully examine the bookmakers in Kenya and what they offer. And not merely on a one-off basis. Quite the opposite: we constantly renew our test reports. In this way, we guarantee all our users stay up to date.

Thereby, our testers do not only consider the bonus offers, the mobile sports betting, the wagering offer and the payment methods. The legal angle is also crucial.

This is the legal situation of sports betting in Kenya

Gambling and thus sports betting have been permitted in Kenya since 1966. A study in 2017 indicated that the country has the largest gambling market, behind Nigeria and South Africa. Moreover, we know that most of the people places sports wagers at least one a week. This led to international groups such as Betway, 1xBet and Unibet applying for a licence. And the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) gave it. Additionally, two million punters make use of the mobile betting services. SportPesa undoubtedly leads the market. There, more than 80% of the bettors place their wagers. Paripesa is also worth checking out.

So, Kenya has one of the biggest sports betting markets in Africa. And this is logically due to the boundless enthusiasm for sports throughout the country. Rugby is the most popular sport, with the Safari Sevens Tournament taking place every year. Furthermore, Kenya ranks as one of the most successful athletics nations in the world. Moreover, cricket is very widespread, and the country co-hosted the 2003 World Cup in Africa. Kenya also hosts two rallies, the KCB Safari Rally and, together with Tanzania, the East African Safari Classic Rally. Beyond that, football and basketball are widespread – just like in most other countries on the continent.

The following bookies are authorized in Kenya (as of 08.02.2023)

888 Bet
Genius Bet
Hollywood Bets
Janta Bets
Pitch90 Bet
Sahara Games
WSB (World Sports Betting)
Current sports betting approvals – as of 08.02.2023 (Source:

Kenyan bookies: How we evaluate them

Nevertheless, a licence from the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) does not represent the only marker of quality. It guarantees the seriousness of the betting site. But from the user’s standpoint, other aspects aren’t less relevant. Below, you get a glimpse into the things which are particularly important in the eyes of our experienced testers.

The offer of the bookmakers

A particularly broad spectrum of options represents one of the characteristics of the best bookmakers. In this context, we do not only mean the number of sports, social and political happenings. A considerable choice of events does not help you much if there are not enough sports competitions and wagering markets. Moreover, you should be able to place special bets. These are fundamental criteria for both prematch and live bets.

Which sports betting site offers the best odds in Kenya?

In respect to other types of gambling, sports wagering has the pro that we can simply compare the odds. Thus, we can observe that for the same event, each betting site offers widely diverging odds. And as this also influences the amount of the potential income, we check this factor carefully. Obviously, only the bookies with always competitive odds earn a favourable score.

You can judge the odds based on the profit margin. Here, from the viewpoint of the user, the rule of thumb is that the lower the edge, the better the odds. Concerning the prematch wagers, we classify the odds with a profit margin of 5% as good. However, with live bets, you must consider that the margin is considerably higher.

Kenyan sports betting on the internet: app & website

This is something we see every day. Nowadays, we all do as many things as possible through the internet. And that, obviously, functions as well for sports betting. For this reason, we consider the online presence as a key indicator of quality. To be more precise, you should pay attention to these points:

  • Both for experienced users and for novices, the website needs to be user-friendly and consequently intuitive.
  • And that implies in particular all the main contents must be clearly laid out and easy on the eye.
  • Especially in the case of live betting, you must be sure that it loads and processes promptly.
  • Furthermore, for placing live wagers, users must have access to live streams or something equivalent.
  • In any case, the most important requirement is transparency.

Another point is an ever-increasing number of people use their smartphones or tablets to browse. For this reason, the websites of the operators must be adapted to these needs. Logically, this also applies to betting sites, and in Kenya, two million players wager through this method. The best possible solutions are mobile sports betting apps that are no less useful than their desktop counterparts. In this context, bookies should provide ones for Android, Windows, and iOS. Furthermore, push notifications represent plus. Yet if an excellent mobile website offsets the missing app, we can overlook it.

Deposits & withdrawals at betting sites in Kenya

As we all know, debit and credit card transactions, mobile payments, electronic wallets and bank transfers represent the most popular methods of payment in Kenya. So ideally, the betting sites should offer these options. In the following, you can see the most important depositing and withdrawal methods:

  • VISA and Mastercard credit cards
  • Additionally, Mobile payments with M-Pesa and Airtel Money
  • Furthermore, the electronic wallets Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and preferably Pesapel, too

But the greatest variety of payment options is not much use when you must wait eternally. Independently of whether it concerns the crediting onto your betting account or the receipt of potential winnings. The overall evaluation also reflects a too long waiting time.

Sports betting in Kenya: What fees are there?

Furthermore, it is essential that the payments of the customers are not burdened with fees. Although bookies are subject to turn over taxation, this cannot penalize users. As already mentioned, transparency is our top priority. And here we are referring, for instance, to the waiving of indirect fees.

Kenyan bookmakers and their bonuses

Bonuses are one of the things that usually catch the eye first on betting sites. But what many people do not consider is that an attractive offer is not certainly a good one. This is precisely why this topic plays a considerable role in our bookie test. Hence, we do not only review the bonuses for new customers, but we equally focus on the ones for returning customers. In doing so, our primary aim is to clarify these points:

  • Is it easy or complicated to profit from a bonus?
  • Additionally, what are the terms and conditions at the corresponding bookie?
  • Furthermore, which turnover conditions apply, and what is the highest possible amount?
  • Within how long do you have the possibility to use the bonus?

We often find out the whole truth about many things exclusively through the small print. With wagering sites, it is no different. But in this case, we can help you. And you discover without any effort how much the promotions are worth it! To be more precise, we explain to you how you can benefit from a bonus and so you know at the end how it works with each bookie.

Kenyan bookmakers and their extras: the petty things in sports betting

Up to this point, we have gone into the basic requirements for all bookmakers. But there is an icing on the cake that all good betting sites should include, too. Whether and to what extent they make use of them is up to each user. However, apart from the bonus offers for existing customers, these opportunities should not be missing:

  • Although for certain bets, cash out options.
  • The easiest way to put together desired wagers is with a configurator.
  • In particular, loyal customers may benefit from a VIP program.

For this reason, we give extra points in our wagering site test to those that excel in this aspect as well.

The best Kenya bookmakers

In short, we offer you reliable betting site reviews. And you can be sure that we only include operators that have a licence in Kenya. Additionally, our experienced testers always aim to be as objective as possible. But they also share precious personal and subjective observations.

Additionally, you constantly find tips in form of fact-based previews as well as news from the betting industry. And what we want to tell you: Don’t be afraid to send us your experience reports. Because: This helps us to draw a particularly meaningful overall conclusion about the bookies and their features.

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