Betting Payment in Africa – Top Offers 2022 [Betting Deposit Review]

Learn everything about betting payment in Africa: How does online sports betting payment work? No payment, no bet. No pay-out, no profit. When choosing the Best Betting Apps in Africa, payment methods play a big role. Every bettor wants the bang for the buck as quickly and easily as possible.

In our Betting Sites Review, we also had a look at the different possibilities and give you tips on what is important when it comes to the best betting payment options.

Betting Payments

If you want to earn money, you have to spend money. As logical as this seems, some betting sites make online betting payment very difficult for no reason.

It may happen that a nice bookie loses customers before they even place their first bet. The Best Betting Offer is useless when bettors can only take advantage of it if they put in a lot of effort

After all, it is not that hard to make a decent and simple betting payment possible for the bettor. We want:

  • A preferably big selection of online payment methods
  • Short processing time
  • Sensible minimum and maximum charges
  • No fees

Before we take a closer look at the reviews of the betting options of the various betting sites, we will introduce you to the bookies in your country to check the availibility directly from the list of bookmakers there:

Betting Payments – Which Payment Methods are there?

The biggest obstacle when it comes to online betting payments is probably payment methods. There are so many possibilities nowadays that almost every bettor has their own special preference. A good bookie should definitely offer all the most popular betting payment methods in the different African countries:

  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards like Visa and Mastercard (predominantly in South Africa)
  • Payment Gateways like Flutterwave, Paygate or Paystack
  • E-Wallets like PayPal
  • Mobile Payment and Pay by Phone (Mobile Money Services)
  • Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Etherium

Even the conventional direct withdrawal is still popular among many bettors. We, however, do not recommend this method since it takes several days until the money arrives at the bookie. And no one wants to wait that long to place a bet.

Speaking of waiting: There are still betting sites, which simply can’t offer a passable processing time. Luckily, there are not many of this kind. On most betting sites, you can start betting right after paying.

Review of Top Betting Sites Payment Options

By the way: For the Review of the Payment Options of a special betting site please choose the respective betting site directly from the main menu Betting Sites Africa.

Betting Payment: Minimum and Maximum Money Payment

The right amount of minimum and maximum payment varies from betting site to betting site. While many hobby bettors pay 5 euros for a bet just for fun, others prefer to bet higher amounts with the goal to reap the most profit. A high margin is a safe way for the bookie to get customers from every corner.

Most bookies pass on payment fees. We, of course, only welcome this decision.

Pay-Out from your betting account

When it comes to the pay-out of won bets, it comes down to the same criteria, which we look at with the pay-in. There should also be a broad range of payment methods available for the pay-out. However, it is not unusual that the bettor has to use the same payment method for pay-in and pay-out.

The difference between minimum and maximum amount for pay-out are relatively big among the different betting sites. While some bookies start paying out at relatively low amounts, others only pay out after a certain amount of money has been built up. What’s even more important are the higher amounts. If you win a big bet, you want the money on your account as soon as possible.

In our review of Africa’s best betting sites we found that most betting sites luckily did not put fees on pay-outs.

Especially with pay-outs, the processing time should be as short as possible. However, every betting site needs a certain amount of time, for example, to adhere to license and KYC guidelines and to prevent money laundering.

Bonus offers: How to get cheap or free bets from betting sites in Africa?

Many African betting sites regularly have bonus offers, with which there is only very little to no payment at all needed. Many of these free bets are only for new customers, however, many betting sites also have bonus offers for existing customers.

These bonus offers can involve a free bet over low pay-in amounts to double the betted money and a cash back guarantee. As good as these bonus offers sound at first, it is also important to read the fine print.

These offers are always bound to certain conditions. These can be minimum rates, an offer limited to a certain sport or certain pay-in conditions.

Other Betting Site Categories

Are Betting Sites that accept low deposits safe and trustworthy?

The possible deposit amounts do not say anything about the trustworthiness of a Betting Site.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.
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