Daily updated news about sports and betting

In this section, we offer you a variety of sports betting and sports news. Specifically, we look at news from betting providers and examine, among other things, sports betting bonus and promotions from betting providers. These are a dime a dozen and it is all the more important to get an overview on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, we keep you up to date on the current events in and around the sports grounds of this world as well as on the most important transfers and drafts.

Another section is dedicated to the news of major sporting events such as the Football World Cup.

News sections:

News about bookmakers

There are already dozens of bookmakers on the market, which is of course a good thing: The bigger the choice, the more betting lovers will find an option that suits them. Therefore, we also recommend that you check section betting sites on an ongoing basis.

In addition, it is always worthwhile to open more than just one betting account over time. After all, the bookies offer different odds for one and the same event, which you can compare to get the maximum for yourself.

Since the latter are a dime a dozen, we’ll pick out the best ones for you. We also take a look at the small print so that you know all the conditions. Of course, there are many offers that are valid for several months or even years. However, some special promotions are only valid for a few days or weeks (such as odds boosts/enhanced odds), so keep your eyes and ears open and be extra nimble.

But you should also be aware of other news in the sports betting market. On the one hand, more and more betting providers are entering the market, and on the other hand, some of them are saying goodbye. In addition, relaunches of existing betting sites take place, more payment options follow, legal framework parameters change, etc..

News about sports events

However, the best betting site with the most attractive all-round programme is of little help if you don’t keep up to date with sports events. And we don’t just mean statistics. For it can happen that a coach no longer reaches the team. Or that a successful coach moves to a bigger club or team. This can, of course, have an effect on the betting.

You might also want to check out our football predictions in this regard.

And this is of course especially the case during open transfer windows. Here it happens often enough that the speculation in most cases is exciting and sometimes absurd. In addition, there are not infrequent denials on the part of the people involved. In the end, the transfers often enough do not go through after all. Our aim is to keep you informed about the latest coaching changes and transfers, as these often offer attractive betting opportunities. In this context, our section on betting markets and types of bets might also be of interest to you.

But suspensions, injuries and comebacks also have an impact on the performance and thus the chances of winning of different teams. Therefore, these should not be missing in our news section, as they have a significant influence on the betting success. It is therefore worthwhile to be constantly up-to-date here.

Naturally, our small editorial team concentrates on betting-related news, information and reports. Therefore, we recommend that you additionally obtain sports-relevant news from large sports portals as f.e. goal.com and subscribe to their newsletters or push notifications on your mobile phone. This way you will always be up to date!