African Lotto: Kiron Introduces Exciting Brand-New Channel

African Lotto or Lottery is a type of gaming held in Africa that consists of picking numbers at random. In addition, these Lotteries are usually carried out for the purpose of giving gamers in Africa the chance to win a prize. Lotteries are commonly held in many countries in the African region.

Kiron Interactive has recently launched a lottery TV draw channel named UK Numbers. UK Numbers is a lottery TV draw channel designed specifically for the African market. So, it can be referred to as an African Lotto Channel, in other words. 

About Kiron

Kiron Interactive is an international technology and software firm headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa

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The company was founded and officially launched in 2001. They specialise in the creation and distribution of industry-leading virtual sports and number games. 

Kiron has operations on a global scale. The company is well-known for its dedication to continuous innovation and great performance in the gaming industry. It is no coincidence that numerous gaming operators all over the world rely on them to supply state-of-the-art products.

Furthermore, Kiron equally provides some of the broadest and most competitive selection of virtual, and number games. This holds true as Kiron has worked in the Virtual Games sector for more than 20 years. 

Kiron’s products have been successfully evaluated and certified by the GLI. The company utilises the most recent developments in computer-generated imagery (CGI) and motion capture technology to produce games that feature life-like graphics and gameplay that are compelling.  

Kiron’s African Lotto Channel: About UK Numbers

UK Numbers is the brand new, customized 24/7 African Lotto channel introduced by Kiron. This is proof of the company’s dedication to delivering a curated combination of market-leading numbers products across Africa.

UK Numbers is a world-class fixed odds African Lotto draw channel that comprises a combination of formats with two different products. The product is anticipated to have a significant influence on the African Lotto market. 

The live draw for the 49s’ games will air twice daily on the new channel. A group of fan-favorite and energetic hosts will host the draw. 49’s games allow players to win large with small bets by selecting six balls from a pool of 49. The draw has been popular around the world for over 25 years. 

The 39’s product will accompany the 49’s draw. The product will feature a draw every three minutes. This is carefully created to maximize gamers’ wagering opportunities.

Impact Of Kiron’s ‘UK Numbers’ On African Lotto

Kiron’s African Lotto channel is highly expected to further attract large opportunities for both operators and players. In the African Lotto industry, as in other worldwide markets, there has been an increase in the popularity of low-stakes gaming that has a large turnover.

UK Numbers and its two draws (49’s and 39’s) are well positioned to develop a name for themselves across the various markets on the African Lotto market. This is a result of Kiron’s well-established reputation, acquired experience, and network of partners among African operators and players. 

In this regard, UK Numbers is in an excellent position to capitalise on this growing demand of the African Lotto market. This is being done by providing a format that interacts with player preferences and actively responds to the requirements of players. 

Kiron’s African Lotto Channel: What The Executives Had To Say

Speaking at the launch of the new African Lotto channel, Kiron Co-CEO Steven Spartinos made positive remarks. He said, “The launch of our new channel brings exciting news for lottery enthusiasts in Africa. It provides them with the perfect opportunity to win substantial prizes with minimal investments, catering to their preferences.”

“With the 49’s draw taking place twice daily and the introduction of the brand new 39’s product occurring every three minutes, players now have an even wider range of options and greater chances of success across various market demographics.”

“We have witnessed the tremendous impact that the right 24/7 numbers products can have in other markets, and we are confident that our new channel will replicate that success.”

By Sofoluwe Mayowa

Mayowa was born and bred in Nigeria. As a kid, he has naturally always been in love with sports, especially football being his most loved sport. Having gained admission into a higher institution, he moved in to play for the school team but was turned down several times. He managed to get into the school team in his final year and was able to win two trophies, a personal award of excellence whilst taking home the “Best defender of the year award.” Shortly after leaving school, he moved to an independent grassroots club where he worked his way up until he could play at a semi-professional level. He had to stop playing the round leather game and focus on other things due to a lack of sponsorship and funds to get into a proper football academy. Mayowa first got involved in the world of sports betting in 2009 when Nairabet began its operations in Nigeria as the first Sportsbook in the country. He gathered a lot of practical knowledge about betting through this opportunity. Since then, he has always loved to pass his knowledge through writing and hopes to help many others in the world of sports betting along the line.