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In a region that gained independence in 1957, and is home to over 31 million people as of 2024, Ghana possesses one of the biggest sports betting industries in Africa. Ever wondered what sports betting is like in Ghana, or what laws protect the game? Follow this page as we make sure to bring YOU everything you need to know about sports betting in Ghana.
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Sports betting is one of the most prevalent gaming activities with a huge industry in Africa and the rest of the world. In Ghana, one of the biggest sports betting markets exists, which is why we have made this page to tell you all you need to know about sports betting in the region. 

As "YOU" already know, Betting Tips Africa is committed to providing "YOU" reliable tips and advice to confidently navigate your betting endeavours and make smart betting choices.

In lieu of the above, we make it a priority to delve deep into each bookmaker's offerings. Our team of experts consistently review and update our reports to ensure that "YOU" have access to the latest and most accurate information. Through our assessment of sports gambling in Ghana, we equip both beginners and experienced bettors with the knowledge to make significant earnings. 

Here, you will get everything you need to know about early gambling in Ghana, the gambling industry, historical facts and legality. Furthermore, we will touch on the things to expect from bookmakers in Ghana, like the app and website, payment options, bonus offers and many more. 

History/Facts Of Ghana

Ghana, located in West Africa, has a long and diverse history. The region, previously known as Gold Coast, was home to several ancient kingdoms and empires, including the Ashanti Empire, the Kingdom of Dagbon, and the Akan Confederacy. 

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in the region in the late 15th century, followed by the Dutch, British, and Danish. In the 19th century, the British gradually annexed the various territories in the region and consolidated them into the Gold Coast colony. 

Ghana eventually gained its independence from British colonial rule on March 6, 1957, becoming the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence. Kwame Nkrumah, a prominent leader in the independence movement, became the country's first prime minister and later its first president.

Ghana boasts a current population of over 31 million people, a rapid increase compared to 6.7 million people in 1960, following the trend of most African nations.

Early Ghanaian Gambling

As we know, Ghana was a British colony and was colonized from 1874 until her independence in 1957 which marked the genesis of independent lawmaking. To understand the landscape of sports betting in Ghana, let's begin by examining the early stages of gambling in the country. 

Gambling has been a part of Ghanaian culture for many years, as it is in many other regions. Traditional forms of gambling, such as Ayo and Wari, as well as informal betting on sports and other events were common in various communities across the country.

During this primitive period, despite the lack of formal regulations or licensed gambling establishments, gambling activities were widespread and played a significant role in the social and economic life of the Ghanaians. 

In 1992, the current constitution was drafted and signed into law, setting the legal age for gambling at 18 years and above. Since then, the gambling industry in Ghana has evolved significantly, and the country now has a regulated gambling industry with licensed casinos, sports betting shops, and other gambling establishments.

Ghanaian gambling history will not be complete if we don't mention Ghana's first casino ‘The La Palm Casino’ which was established in December 2003 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. 

In addition, the first Ghanaian lottery was founded in 1958 by the Department of National Lotteries and was given the responsibility of organising raffle tickets for Ghanaians to buy and have fun while winning prizes. Overall, the Gaming Commission of Ghana oversees and regulates the country's gambling industry and it was established in 2006.

The Ghanaian Gambling Laws

The gambling industry in Ghana is governed by the Gaming Act of 2006, which legalises gambling and provides a specific regulatory framework. This legislation covers all forms of gambling, including casinos, and sports betting, except lotteries.

Previously, in Ghana, the gaming industry was regulated by the Lotteries and Betting Act, 1960 (Act 31), the Football Pools Authority Act, 1961 (Act 78), the Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174), and the Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320) before the passing of the 2006 Gaming Act.

As stipulated by the Gaming Act, before anyone can participate in gambling activities in Ghana, the individual must be at least 18 years old. The Gaming Act also includes strict rules for responsible gambling, such as requirements for operators to provide information on compulsive gambling and offer support to individuals who may be at risk.

It's often said that where there's no law, there is no sin. Hence, the objective of gambling laws in Ghana is to effectively regulate the industry, ensuring that it operates fairly and responsibly. 

Those seeking to establish a gambling business in Ghana must comply with the regulations outlined in the Gaming Act and acquire the required licenses from the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

The Establishment And Duties Of The Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG)

The Gaming Commission of Ghana, established under the Gaming Act 2006 (Act 721), is an agency under the Ministry of the Interior. It has a common seal and operates with continuous progression. The Act legalizes all forms of Games of Chance in Ghana, except for Lottery. The main goal for its establishment is to regulate, supervise, and encourage fair and transparent gambling practices within the gaming industry, ensuring accountability. The duties of the Gaming Commission of Ghana include:

  • Draft policies for regulating Games of Chance in the country, including the licensing process for companies wishing to operate Casinos and other Games of Chance. 
  • Provide advice to the Government on matters related to betting activities within the country. 
  • Handle and investigate complaints from companies and the general public regarding issues related to Games of Chance. 
  • Oversee and enforce the implementation of laws and regulations about Casinos and other Games of Chance. 
  • Establish and enforce minimum bankroll requirements for license holders, and ensure their compliance with these regulations. 
  • Undertake any additional responsibilities and duties related to Games of Chance as directed by the Minister of Interior.

Other Ghanaian Gambling Regulatory Bodies

Except for the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), there are no other regulatory bodies in Ghana authorized to issue licenses to potential bookmakers. Therefore, it's important to make sure that the betting site you choose is licensed by the appropriate authority to ensure safety and legitimacy. Do note that the NLA (National Lottery Authority) is only in charge of lotteries, not sports betting.

Rise in Ghana Online Sports Betting And General Gambling Activities

It is believed that Ghanaians, being a former colony of the British, adopted the practice of betting from the Europeans. Ghanaians initially participated in lotteries, but the emergence of online gambling prompted the government to regulate the gambling industry. 

According to Statista, online sports betting in Ghana generated revenue of about $27.36m in 2023, with a projected market volume of $36.49m by 2027. The industry is set to experience a 7.46% annual CAGR. In April 2023, Ghana's parliament approved an amendment to the Income Tax Act, implementing a 20% gaming revenue tax and introducing a 10% tax on winnings from the gaming industry. 

This development is expected to provide a significant boost to the gambling industry and benefit entrepreneurs and punters in the region. The rise in online sports betting and general gambling activities in Ghana can be attributed to several factors. 

(i) One of the main factors is the increasing availability and accessibility of Internet services in the country. Advancements in technology and affordable data availability have made online betting accessible and affordable in the West African Market, with a particular impact in Ghana. The presence of internet services has made it easier for people to access online betting platforms and participate in gambling activities from the comfort of their own homes or via mobile devices.

(ii) The popularity of sports in Ghana, especially football, has contributed to the growth of online sports betting. Many Ghanaians are passionate about sports and have a keen interest in predicting and betting on the outcomes of their favourite games and matches.

(iii) Another factor that has fueled the rise in online sports betting and gambling activities in Ghana generally is the aggressive marketing and advertising by betting companies. This factor cannot be over-emphasized as it greatly contributes to the abrupt rise of gambling activities in Ghana. One of the strategies sports book companies often adopt is to offer enticing promotions and bonuses to attract new customers, leading to increased participation in online betting. 

(iv) The potential for significant financial gains through sports betting and gambling has also played a role in the increased participation in these activities. Many Ghanaians see online sports betting as a potential source of income and are drawn to the possibility of winning big payouts.

Even though there are worries about the potential for addiction and financial loss among individuals who engage in excessive gambling, the Ghanaian government has taken steps to regulate and monitor the gambling industry more closely.

Bookmakers In Ghana  

  • 1xBet 
  • Betwinner 
  • Melbet
  • Betika
  • Betboro
  • Mozzartbet
  • Betway Ghana
  • MyBet
  • 1957bet
  • Parimatch
  • Betfair
  • Betpawa
  • Free bets
  • Megapari
  • Bambet
  • Bet365
  • Betting
  • Betfilter 

Some Big Players In Ghana  

22Bet: Launched in 2017, has quickly emerged as a top choice for punters in Ghana's bookmaking industry. Despite being relatively new, its interactive features and user-friendly interface have made it a preferred option.  One of its standout features is its multi-lingual support that allows users from across the globe to access the platform in their native language.

1xBet: This site is one of the biggest in the world and offers access to a wide range of reputable leagues and competitions, including the NBA, Premier League, and Bundesliga. Additionally, punters can access both pre-match and live betting options. 

888Sport: As one of the leading sports betting sites in Ghana, 888Sport is highly favoured by punters. It is licensed and regulated by authorities in the UK and Malta. The site provides various bet options such as over/under, match winner, corners, and draw no bet. 

Betway: Betway needs little to no introduction as it is one of the leading bookmakers with an extensive portfolio of eSports, online betting, and casino gaming worldwide. The bookmaker offers a wide range of betting options including UEFA, Champions Leagues, English Premier Leagues, and NBA. The site is secure and offers live streaming, great odds, safe payment options, and cross-platform compatibility for bettors.

Sport betting has been a part of Ghanaian culture for many years even before the advent of colonisation. The nation did not have any kind of legal structure in place to regulate the online gambling industry until 2006.

In Ghana, sports betting is legitimate and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. The Commission was established in 2006 and it oversees all forms of gambling in the country, including sports betting, and grants licenses to operators who wish to offer betting services. 

One of the fundamental principles that guide participation in gambling activities in Ghana is the legal age limit. The legal age for participating in sports betting in the nation is 18 years old, and there are regulations in place to ensure responsible gambling practices. Similarly, operators are required to adhere to certain rules and guidelines to promote fairness and transparency in the industry.

Furthermore, the Taxation Handbook of the Ghanaian Revenue Authority notes that winnings in gambling are taxable at a rate of 10%.  The gaming Companies have to take out the tax from what they give to players. Then players don't have to pay more tax on the money they win.

The popularity of sports betting in Ghana is undeniable, and the government's efforts to regulate and ensure the safety of this form of entertainment have been well-received. With legal frameworks in place, bettors can enjoy their favourite sports while feeling secure in their wagers. This approach has helped to establish sports betting as a fun and responsible activity in the country.

Odds And Their Importance To Ghanaian Bettors

In Ghana, many people like to bet on sports, and odds play a crucial role in the betting process. Simply put, odds show how likely it is for a certain thing to happen in a sports game. Odds help punters figure out how much money they could win if they make a successful bet.

Types of odds

  1. Decimal odds: odds often get represented as decimal odds which show how much you could win from a bet. For example, 2.00 means you could win 2 times your bet. 
  2. Fractional odds: the fractional odds are mostly used in the United Kingdom. The odds are shown as a fraction, like 3/1. The first part is what you could win, and the second part is the bet. 
  3. American odds: this is common among Americans and it's also known as the money line. The odd is shown with a plus or minus sign, like +200 or -100. For instance, when it shows a plus, it means you could win that much on a $200 bet, and a minus means you need to bet that much to win $200.

Meanwhile, YOU need to understand the odds so you can make smart choices with your subsequent bets, and try to win as much money as possible. This leads us to the significance of odds for bettors in Ghana, which are elaborated below: 

  • Odds help people decide which team or player to bet on, based on how likely they are to win. 
  • Odds help sports bettors find the best deals and potentially make more money.  
  • Bettors can compare odds from different bookmakers to find the most favourable ones. This helps them make smart decisions and increase their chances of winning.

Altogether, odds are of great importance to Ghanaian sports bettors as they strongly determine potential payouts, reflect the likelihood of outcomes of events, and allow bettors to compare different bookmakers. Ghanaian bettors need to understand the nitty-gritty of the odds to have a successful betting experience.

Betting Sites With The Best Odds In Ghana

The quality of odds is indicated by the profit margin, which is a good indicator. As the profit margin decreases, the user's situation improves. Pre-match betting odds are considered reasonable if they provide a profit margin in the range of 5%. In most cases, the margin for error is much larger for live bets.

Bookies can only attain a high ranking on Betting Tips Africa if they consistently provide favourable odds. When placing a wager, the potential payout in the odds is seen as a measure of how probable the bookmakers believe the selection is to win.

Several bookmakers offer attractive odds to punters in Ghana, but it is important to note that their odds vary from time to time depending on factors such as statistics. Ghanaian bettors need to pay close attention when checking out the odds during a gaming session. This way, they can improve their profit when they win big on sports betting.

Ghana Online Sports Betting: App & Website

Smartphones are now widely used in both developed and developing nations across the globe. Recent findings show that there are currently over 6.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and this number is expected to increase in the future.

The internet has greatly transformed the way people in Ghana conduct various activities, including business and sports betting. Despite this, many bettors, particularly newcomers, struggle with understanding the technical aspects of some betting platforms and how to use them effectively.

At Betting Tips Africa, mobile accessibility is a crucial factor in the modern sports betting industry, and bookies must prioritize offering high-quality mobile options to stay competitive and attract new customers. 

Additionally, mobile-friendly websites must be responsive and easy to navigate, too, with a seamless user experience. These criteria are important for ensuring that customers can access their sportsbook of choice from any device and have a smooth betting experience on the go. As the demand for mobile betting continues to grow, sportsbooks must adapt and provide top-notch mobile accessibility to meet the needs of their customers.

Also, to meet the demands of all and sundry, gaming companies need to provide apps that are native to the platform and available for download on Windows, Huawei, Android, and iOS. If not all, bookmakers must at least offer their apps on one or two of the aforementioned platforms. 

In this section of the BTA Ghana review, we will provide information on what we look out for in mobile apps and websites offered by gambling companies. 

  • User-friendly interface: A good app or website should be easy to navigate and use, with a simple layout that allows users to find and place bets quickly and easily. So, if you want to have a stress-free experience while gambling, the app’s usability and functionality should be down to earth. 
  • Speed: Speed is a necessary feature for any betting site. Top Ghanaian betting sites should have a fast and efficient platform that will give their users instant access to place bets before a game or event begins.  
  • Quick Registration: A good bookie should also offer a quick and seamless registration process and verification, requiring only essential information such as full name, date of birth, email address, and government-issued ID.  
  • Secured payment options: Bookmakers must offer secure and convenient payment options for depositing and withdrawing funds.  
  • General Security: Bookmakers must ensure to keep YOUR private, financial and personal information safe. Betting Tips Africa suggests you do not use mobile apps that can't guarantee protection for your data. Hence, stick to trusted websites that meet high-security standards.

By considering these features when analysing Ghanaian online sports betting apps or websites, we assure YOU of a satisfying and enjoyable betting experience.

Deposits And Withdrawals At Ghanaian Betting Sites

The ability of a sportsbook to accept a variety of banking methods is crucial in the current evolution of sports betting. It is also important for ensuring the satisfaction of both new and old customers. In the competitive modern market for sports betting, many Sportsbooks offer similar services to their customers, making banking options a key differentiator.

Simply put, if you wish to game at a sportsbook and your preferred banking method is not available, there is a big chance that you look for another Sportsbook that will offer you your preference. In essence, once a bookmaker cannot accommodate a customer's preferred banking method, they risk losing that customer. 

Meanwhile, the gambling industry in Ghana is undergoing a surging change thanks to the increased efficiency of mobile payments. Leading bookmakers in the region are partnering with the top mobile payment services to offer a wide range of payment options.

This diversity is no doubt advantageous because each payment method has its pros and cons. For example, credit and debit cards can only allow for quick deposits but may not be suitable for withdrawals. Below are the most commonly accepted payment methods at Ghanaian gambling sites:


E-wallet transactions are one of the popular methods of payment on many of Ghana's top online betting sites. While there may be a small fee involved, this method is still considered to be one of the best as it's extremely safe and secure.

Credit/Debit Card

The majority of betting sites in Ghana, including domestic and international sports bookies accept this mode of payment. With the credit/debit card method, your transactions can be completed immediately and at no additional cost. 

Mobile money

If you want to deposit or withdraw funds, you can use mobile money platforms such as MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, or Vodafone Cash.  

  • MTN Money

To use this method to finance your online gambling in Ghana, first, you need to create an account with MTN Mobile Money and top it up. If you make this your preferred option in Ghana, your deposits will be put into your gaming account in a short time.   

  • Airtel Money 

Many people in Ghana make use of Airtel Money to fund their online betting accounts. Airtel Money lets you make easy payments at Ghanaian betting sites using just your phone, an Airtel Money account, some money, and your login information. 

  • Vodafone Cash 

You can deposit funds into your accounts using the Vodafone mobile money platform. Vodafone Mobile Money is one of the leading mobile financial services that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, and make purchases using their Vodafone mobile phone.  

Bank Transfer 

Bank transfer is one of the most convenient and secure ways to deposit and withdraw money from your betting account. Some Ghanaian banks that provide bank transfers for sports betting include banks like Absa Bank Ghana, GCB Bank Limited, Ecobank Ghana, Fidelity Bank Ghana, Stanbic Bank Ghana, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, and Zenith Bank Ghana.

What Fees Are Charged By Sports Betting Sites In Ghana?

At Betting Tips Africa, we make sure to provide clear and accurate information about any potential fees that may be incurred during the payment process. Our goal is to ensure that our users can trust and rely on us to provide them with a seamless and transparent betting experience. We are delighted to tell you that, just like in other African countries, Sportsbooks in Ghana do not charge any extra fees for adding or taking out money from your account, except for the fees that the payment method might have. 

We do not rate any betting platform that charges customers for transactions or keeps a policy of having hidden fees. 

Ghanaian Betting Sites and Their Bonus Offers

One of the most distinguishing features of online gambling websites are interesting offers they give their punters. Online Sportsbooks use bonuses as a means to gain more patrons as well as retain the ones already on their platform. 

However, the presence of an attractive bonus offer does not necessarily signify the bookie's quality. It is important to consider key factors such as the wagering requirement, time restrictions and many more. 

When examining Ghanaian bookmakers, we focus on the following criteria for their bonus offers: 

  1. The simplicity or complexity of the bonus is to be considered, and this solely depends on the specific terms and conditions set by the betting provider.  
  2. The maximum amount of time given to redeem a bonus. This is important and should also be put into consideration by every gamer before using a bonus. The time frame depends on the provider, with some offering a short window of time and others allowing for a longer period. 
  3. Wagering requirements and the maximum number of turnovers before the bonus can be withdrawn. We also check the minimum and maximum caps that can be won using the bonus funds. 

Overall, it is important for you to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions set by a betting platform before claiming a bonus.

Ghana Betting Sites And Their Extras: The Petty Things In Sports Betting

In addition to the bonus offers explicitly explained above, there are some extras that only the top and glamorous betting sites in Ghana can offer. Some of these extras include the following; 

  • Offering a cashout option for select bets.
  • A bet configurator to make placing bets easy for bettors.
  • A loyalty program for regular patrons, particularly those who play consistently.
  • Live streaming for users to watch events in real-time through the app. 

Best Ghanaian Betting Sites

We understand that every gambler has their preferences and priorities when it comes to choosing an online gambling site. That's why our reviews take into account factors such as user interface, game variety, customer support, payment options and many more to help you find the best fit for your needs.

At Betting Tips Africa, we prioritize legality and objectivity in our evaluations of betting options in Ghana. We provide constant updates and information on the gaming industry, betting advice, and match previews. We also value our readers’ feedback as it helps us provide a comprehensive overview of betting sites and their services.

Up to this point, we have thoroughly researched and tested each bookmaker to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and fairness. We also consider the legal and regulatory status of each site to make sure that you can enjoy your gaming experience without any concerns.

We are confident that when you use our reliable bookmaker reviews, picking the right choice among many options should not be a problem for you. 

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