Best betting sites in Ghana 2023

In our detailed evaluation of betting sites in Ghana, it is our mission to ensure that you receive the most accurate information possible about each bookmaker. For this reason, we take our time and put each of them through their paces. And it does not stop at just one time. On the contrary: our experienced testers always keep their reviews current.

When thinking about wagering sites, many people primarily concentrate on the betting offer, the betting bonuses, the possibilities for mobile wagering and the choices for deposits as well as withdrawals. But you must always keep in mind that these aspects are of little use if the requirements in terms of legality are not met.

The Ghanaian government is quite liberal on gambling. Thus, it allows all forms of gambling, with sports betting being one of the most popular. Ghana does have laws in place that regulate gambling activities, but these regulations are mainly made for landbased gambling operations. The situation of online gambling, especially online sports betting, is not that clear. Therefore, some (international) betting sites still accept players from Ghana.

Among the betting sites registered and approved by the Ghana Gaming Commission are two from international groups. These are 1xBet and Betway. Furthermore, you should for example look at Soccabet, Paripesa or SportyBet, just to name a few. Recently, betting giant bet365 also stepped into the Ghanaian market. However, the Ghana Gaming Commission apparently didn’t update the list on its website since then. So, the British betting doesn’t appear there.

The entire country loves sports. Football, boxing, and basketball represent by far the most popular disciplines. Until now, the A football team has won the Africa Cup four times and participated in the World Cups in 2006, 2010 and 2014. Additionally, the boxing world championship titles won by Azumah Nelson and Nana Konadu contributed to the interest in boxing. Also, the fishing village of Bukom hosts a sort of boxing university. Furthermore, many Ghanaian basketball players compete in the top European leagues and in the US NCAA. Additionally, the nation enjoys a certain tradition in cricket, athletics, and table tennis.

The following bookies are authorized in Ghana

Bet of Africa
Champion Bet
myBet Africa
Premier Bet
World Star Betting
Current sports betting approvals – as of 06.02.2023 (Source: gaming; without guarantee – list might not be complete.

Ghanaian betting sites: How we evaluate them 

So, in Ghana, one authority handles the licensing of betting sites, the Gaming Commission of Ghana. However, there are some outcasts under the local wagering sites. Therefore, you should carefully read about our experiences in terms of trustworthiness. Besides, the customer should also consider other important quality indicators. But below, we tell you which ones we focus on.

The offer of the bookmakers

A wide and varied betting offer represents one of them. Here, many people primarily look at the quantity of sports as well as at the availability of social and political events. This is certainly an indispensable aspect in this context, but not the only one. After all, the most multifaceted and, at first glance, very attractive offer will not satisfy you in the medium and long term if there are too limited competitions and/or betting markets. Moreover, a good bookie offers you special bets. And this both for prematch and live bets.

Which sports betting site offers the best odds in Ghana?

One advantage of sports betting that should not be underestimated is that you can effortlessly compare the odds for one and the same event. In other words, you can always quickly determine which wagering sites perform better and which ones are worse in this context. And that helps enormously because the odds together with the stake represent one of the influencing factors for the possible winnings. Thus, our experienced testers are especially careful about this. Of course, we only honour those bookies that offer satisfactory odds on an ongoing basis.

Here, a rule of thumb applies: the lower the profit margin, the more worthwhile the odds are for you. Regarding prematch bets, wagers are worthwhile from a profit margin of 5%. On the other hand, with live bets, you must accept considerably higher ones.

Ghanian sports betting on the internet: app & website

Nowadays, we do most things via the internet, and with sports betting is no different. And as for almost any other service provider, a satisfactory online presence represents one of the highest imperatives. A good bookmaker should pay particular attention to these points:

  • Not only experienced users but also newcomers visit the websites every day, and therefore a simple, as well as intuitive design, is indispensable.
  • In this context, we mean first of all that especially the key content must be easily accessible and that it must be clearly laid out.
  • Especially if you want to place live bets, quick loading is essential. 
  • Lovers of the same wagering type should also have access to live streams or similar functions.
  • And in any case, transparency comes first.

Additionally, more and more users connect to wagering sites via smartphone or tablet. This means that the placing of mobile bets must be made as easy as possible. Apps represent the best solution for this, whereby they should at least be on par with the desktop versions. Furthermore, a good bookmaker should provide them for the operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, push notifications should be implemented. However, if a betting site compensates for the lack of an app with a high-quality mobile site, we turn a blind eye.

Deposits & withdrawals at betting sites in Ghana

Notoriously, the majority of transactions take place via debit as well as credit cards, bank wires and mobile money transfers. So, it is obvious that betting sites should adapt to this. For this reason, bookmakers should offer these methods: 

  • The credit cards which belong to the VISA and Mastercard systems
  • Bank transfers
  • The most popular mobile money transfer options include Airtel Money, Vodafone, MTN Mobile Money, and Ecobank

Moreover, the transactions should be executed as soon as possible. And it is not relevant whether they are those on the betting account or withdrawals. If our experienced testers must wait too long, it inevitably affects the overall rating.

Sports betting in Ghana: What fees are there?

It is also important to us that transactions by the user are exempt from fees. Transparency and thus, for example, the absence of hidden fees are a top imperative.

Ghanaian betting sites and their bonus

Usually, bonuses are one of the first things that jump out at betting sites. However, the most attractive offer is not automatically the most worthwhile. Therefore, you need to inform yourself precisely in this context. And despite their routine, our testers still invest an extraordinary amount of time in this. And they use it to examine the offers for new customer bonuses as well as those for established customers. In this context, especially these points are close to their hearts:

  • How easy or complicated is it to claim a bonus?
  • Whose T&Cs apply to the bookmaker in question?
  • What are the turnover conditions and the highest possible amount?
  • How much time do customers have at their disposal?

Like many other service providers, wagering sites disclose the whole truth exclusively in the small print. And we all know that: reading it is incredibly laborious. In this case, we spare you the effort and inform you about the worthiness of the offer. Simultaneously, we describe the T&Cs down to the last detail. Thus, you reliably find out how it works with each of the african betting sites.

Ghanaian betting sites and their extras: the petty things in sports betting

So far, we have explored the core requisites for any bookmaker. However, those betting sites that aspire to be good have to offer some cherry on the cake. By this, we mean, for example:

  • Cashout, of course not for all bets, but at least for a selection.
  • Unavailable wagers should rapidly be placed by using a configurator.
  • Loyal customers should enjoy the benefits of a VIP programme.

Wagering sites that also excel in these points merit extra points in the test.

The best Ghana betting sites

In conclusion, let us cut to the chase: Here you exclusively find serious reviews of betting sites. Thereby, our philosophy is to inform you only about licensed and therefore legal bookies in Ghana. Furthermore, we strive to evaluate as objectively as possible. However, we also share precious personal impressions with you.

Furthermore, our information offer extends to fact-based tips and other relevant news. And what we also want to say: We always appreciate feedback about the bookies and their offers. After all, in this way you contribute to our overview, which should be as informative as possible.

Betting Sites by Country:


What are the main bookmakers in Ghana?

In Ghana, three international giants rank among the most
most popular bookmakers. By these, we mean Bet365, Betway and 1xBet. Additionally, there are betting sites in Ghana like SoccaBet.

If a bookie has a licence from the Gaming Commission of Ghana, then it is a legal one. 

With Bet365, Betway and 1xBet, three globally successful bookmakers have a Ghanaian licence. Besides, SoccaBet represents the best local betting site.

Online bookmakers count as legal if they hold a licence from the Gaming Commission of Ghana. 

The odds often oscillate depending on the competition and/or event. Therefore, it frequently occurs that one and the same wagering site offers both odds with particularly high-value and below-average ones. Consequently, we cannot say in general which bookie provides the best odds.

It is obvious that the T&Cs of the bonuses should be as convenient as possible for the user. Everyone decides for themselves what is customer-friendly and what is not. Since we do not know your individual predilections, we cannot tell you in general which betting site in Ghana offers the best bonus for you.

Whether for international big names or local bookmakers: the licence constitutes an essential requirement in Ghana. Then, as with the bonuses, everybody must determine this according to the own personal predilections. But we help you to avoid outcast among the licensed betting sites.

Any betting site that does not have the approval of the Gaming Commission of Ghana is not legal. 

In Ghana, you can completely legally place sport wagers.

As of 6 February 2023, you can choose between approximately 30 betting sites with a licence in Ghana.

Seriousness is exclusively a sign of quality of betting sites. If the bookie possesses a valid licence, you are mostly on the safe side. But there are some local operators with whom you need to be cautious.

We cover only approved bookmakers, so you are mostly in the clear. Nevertheless, with new local ones, we would initially pay attention.

When a new betting site enters the market, it needs to become known as quickly as possible. And the easiest way is with appealing odds as well as bonus offers.

The bookies in the whitelist of the Gaming Commission of Ghana are allowed.