The Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar

It is not only the highlight of the year for professional soccer players, but also for the weather: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For the first time, the World Cup will be held in an Arab country, and for the first time it will be played in winter due to the high temperatures. The tournament will begin on November 21.

It is not only the highlight of the year for professional soccer players, but also for the weather: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For the first time, the World Cup will be held in an Arab country, and for the first time it will be played in winter due to the high temperatures. The tournament will begin on November 21.

The desert World Cup will be a hot affair. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can keep a cool head.

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Schedule for betting – World Cup 2022 

When is the best time to place your bet?

For this, we look at the schedule for the World Cup and give you a few helpful tips.

Tip 1:

Do not bet on teams that have not yet qualified. The odds don’t change enough to make this extra risk worth it.

Date for the play-offs: March 26, 2022

The next important step is the group draw. This is where very decisive points are set for the course of the tournament. Who will end up in a “group of death”, who might even be lucky enough to avoid top teams until the semifinals?

Tip 2:

Wait for the draw to place your bet on a tournament winner. After that, you should study the tournament schedule carefully to guess how difficult or easy the path of the top favorites is.

Date for the draw: April 1, 2022

After that, there are other important dates for us, for example, the announcement of the squad three weeks before the start of the tournament. However, experienced bettors know that a lot can still happen until the tournament starts.

Tip 3:

If you bet on a tournament winner only at the start of the tournament on 21.11., you avoid the risk of a key player dropping out shortly before the start of the tournament. Who would bet on Portugal if Cristiano Ronaldo can’t play?

Dates for the 2022 World Cup:

  • Opening match: 21.11.2022
  • Semifinals: Dec. 13 and 14
  • Final: December 18

Venues and kick-off times – World Cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup will be played in just eight different World Cup stadiums, spread across just five venues. Thanks to the short distances, between the individual World Cup venues, it will even be possible for fans to watch two World Cup matches on one day.

And these are the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup:

Lusail Iconic Stadium (Lusail):          capacity 86,250 seats
al-Bayt Stadium (al-Chaur):              capacity 60,000 seats
al-Rayyan Stadium (ar-Rayyan):          capacity 40,000 seats
Khalifa International Stadium (ar-Rayyan):   capacity 40,000 seats
Education City Stadium (ar-Rayyan):     capacity 40,000 seats
al-Thumama Stadium (Doha):          capacity 40,000 seats
Ras Abu Aboud Stadium (Doha):          capacity 40,000 seats
al-Janoub Stadium (al-Wakra):        capacity 40,000 seats

Usually, FIFA requires at least twelve venues for a World Cup. However, after the World Cup was awarded, numerous critics were voiced who saw an absurdity in building twelve large soccer stadiums in a small country. The number of World Cup stadiums was then reduced to eight with FIFA’s approval.

These eight World Cup stadiums are located in five cities: In al-Rayyan, al-Wakra, al-Chaur, Lusail and in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The opening match of the 2022 World Cup will be played at al-Bayt Stadium. It is the second largest arena among the eight World Cup stadiums.

The largest stadium, Lusail Iconic Stadium, with more than 80,000 seats, will host the final on December 18. It is also the venue for a round of 16, a quarterfinal and a semifinal.

When are the kick-off times for the World Cup?

The group stage will be held over just twelve days due to the tight schedule during the winter break. Normally, it stretches over 15 days. This means that there are four matches per day. For bettors, there are great opportunities in combination betting.

However, you should consider another consequence. The recovery time between games will be shorter for all teams. Besides the high temperatures, this is another challenge for the players. As a bettor, you should consider what consequences this tighter schedule will have:

  • Teams with wider squads will benefit. For countries with weaker second suits, the schedule becomes a challenge.
  • The fitness of the teams will be crucial. Teams with many players from non-European top leagues are likely to have problems with this rhythm and degrade over the course of the tournament.
  • There will be less time for training sessions. Often the training of standard situations falls victim to this time pressure. We can therefore assume that the number of goals scored from corners could drop somewhat. And it goes without saying that well-rehearsed teams have an advantage. The advantage of the DFB eleven here is definitely the large Bayern block, which understands each other blindly on the field. 

For live betting, you should definitely know the kick-off times:

  • On Matchday 1 and Matchday 2, the games start at 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00 CET respectively.
  • On Matchday 3, the two matches of a group will be played simultaneously. Two groups will play each day – the matches will kick off at 16:00 and 20:00 CET.
  • These are also the kick-off times for all matches in the knockout rounds. Kickoff time for the final match is 4 p.m. German time.

Since local time in Qatar is two hours ahead of CET, there will be no real floodlit matches at the World Cup. The teams will have to prove their fitness under the desert sun.

With which bookmaker should I place my 2022 World Cup bet?

The key here is to keep your eyes open before the World Cup. Many bookies offer special offers and start-up credits for opening a betting account before the World Cup. After all, many fans are betting for the first time right now. However, more experienced bettors who do not yet have a customer account with certain providers can also benefit from this.

Which bookmaker is the best for you also depends on your bet, of course. There is no one bookmaker that has the best odds. Depending on your bet, you can earn the most with different providers.

We inform you about the odds of the bookies and compare them for individual bets.

In addition, we test and compare the offers of the bookmakers for the World Cup. You should also take a look at our test of all providers. This way you can be sure that you are betting with a reputable provider.

Tips for successful betting – World Cup 2022

Do not bet on too many matches:

Before you bet on a match or team, you should take a deep look at it. Especially in the 2022 World Cup, due to the overabundance of betting forms and four games per day, there is a risk that you bet on too many games and do not know all the important factors.

Important information you should collect:

Mandatory house task before any betting is to check the injured list and suspended players. Think about how these absences will be replaced and what impact this may have on the team as a whole.

When using statistics about a team’s scoring threat, don’t just use the numbers from the current tournament, but also look at the period before the tournament. Even though form is very crucial, it’s not possible to make basic statements based on just a few games.

Lineups are a secret at the World Cup. All coaches make a point of announcing their starting eleven only an hour before the start of the match. Often, information is leaked to the media and the lineup becomes public before it is officially announced. If you have quick access to it and analyze it correctly, you can profit from it. Betting on scorers and number of goals becomes a lot easier for you.

Standard situations can be analyzed very well. There are always teams in tournaments that are particularly dangerous after corners. Check body sizes and the number of goals scored after standards in the qualification. Only then place special bets on corner kicks and free kicks.

Probable results:

If you want to bet on an exact match result, then World Cup history has the best advice for you. The most common result in World Cup matches is 1-0, and on average almost every fifth match (18.9%) ends with this result. At the 2010 World Cup, as many as 17 matches ended 1:0. Incidentally, the second most common result is 2:1 with 15.7%.

Compare odds:

Profit from the battle for new customers during the World Cup. Find out which bookies offer the best odds for you. There are sometimes big differences, with which you can maximize your profit. By the way, we will help you to find the best betting provider and the best odds.

In addition to the odds, you should also check what bonus betting providers offer their new customers and benefit from it.

Use combined bets:

Four matches will take place on each day. Therefore, the 2022 World Cup is particularly suitable for combined bets. However, make sure that you really prepare well for each tip of your bet.

Use live betting:

With live betting, you can only be successful if you actually watch the game live. Fortunately, all matches of the 2022 World Cup will be seen live. If you have strengths in analyzing games, you should strike here.

However, make sure that your stream is not delayed. Differences of up to one minute sometimes occur here. Since bookmakers are constantly updating their odds, don’t lag behind.

Don’t type as a fan:

Don’t get infected by euphoria or negative mood in your country. Often the view of the own national team is determined by exaggerated feelings. Betting on your own team has the great advantage that you know them perfectly, but also the disadvantage that it is very difficult to look at a game objectively and soberly. So don’t bet as a fan, but as an expert.  

Usually, it is not the major tournaments that set tactical innovations, but rather they reflect developments in club soccer. Thus, we can already give estimates of what strategic innovations await us in Qatar.

Five-man backfield:

More and more club teams are switching between a four-man and five-man chain, depending on the opponent. And more and more national teams are also regularly resorting to the five-man backfield. However, this is done for very different reasons, because the five-man backfield can be an expression of both an offensive and a defensive basic order.

On the one hand, the five-man backfield gives the team a numerical superiority on the defensive side and creates even tighter spaces at its own sixteen. Secondly, the two full-backs become midfielders when the ball is in their possession and move wide. Thus, the five-man backline can be used both to barricade your own goal and to put pressure on the opponent and shift play to the wings.

How many teams will line up with a five-man backline remains to be seen. This formation also brings a number of challenges. A coach who wants to defend this way needs three good center backs, tactically well-schooled players, and wing backs with offensive drive.

Because coaches can use the five-man backline in so many different ways, it’s difficult to assess whether this tactical innovation will result in more or fewer goals.

Moving away from the false nine:

It almost seems as if the false nine was never more than the Lionel Messi phenomenon. Meanwhile, the false nine is only a stopgap solution for teams that don’t have a true center forward in their ranks. Even the Spanish are longing for a real breaker in the center of attack. In Germany, the calls for a bumper striker have already grown to cries of desperation.

As a betting man, you can assume that most teams will line up with a clear-cut striker, meaning that goals will be spread among fewer players during the tournament.

Concrete as a favorite killer:

Not a real novelty, but effective. At the last few tournaments, one tactic caused a heaping number of sensations: the concreting of the underdogs. At this World Cup, too, we can expect numerous teams to resort to an ultra-defensive strategy.

Smaller soccer nations will stand very deep in their own penalty area, show offensive efforts only in the form of counterattacks and defend with up to ten men. Passion paired with fighting spirit and the greed for a sensation are the recipe for more slips by the big players.

In Qatar, too, outsiders will often rely on this defensive strategy. If the favorite does not score an early goal, there will be contested games with close outcomes.

Try to estimate which teams go into a match with such a tactic. Most of the time you can’t expect many goals. A fact that affects numerous bets.