How We Test

Betting Tips Africa is a highly-rated organisation focused on providing the ultimate guide to successfully navigate the world of sports betting in Africa. Our services also include the dissemination of information across the sporting world especially in football as well as providing tips, predictions and strategic approaches to betting.

We do this through our Soccervista section, Betting Tips and Predictions page and our bookmakers review section. We have a team of professionals who work hand in hand to deliver the best to our readers. Each section, page or article on Betting Tips Africa is checked and double-checked by our experts before going live. 

Our service is quite tasking. However, what drives us is a combination of enthusiasm and experience, which are reflected in each page (including this ‘how we test’ page) and article posted on this site.

It is quite known that we are mainly based on sports betting which needs us to review bookmakers. Currently, we have numerous bookie reviews on our site which rivals even the best in the world. 

Nowadays, people want to know the intricacies of any organisation or activity they get involved with before they believe any information from such a medium. To build and maintain the trust that people have in us, we have decided to let people understand how we work, especially with our Bookie reviews. This is the sole purpose of this “How We Test” page. 

In our Bookie reviews (which also applies to other content on this site), there are numerous steps and measures that we take to ensure the highest quality standards. Below, we list out some of the measures we take before releasing information in each category;

How We Test For Bookie Reviews 


We will never recommend a bookmaker without the appropriate licences to offer their services. This is because there are countless fake sites run by fraudsters, hackers and cybercriminals. By transacting with unlicenced Bookmakers, punters stand the chance of being defrauded or hacked. So, we make sure to check out all appropriate licences for each Sportsbook before recommending them to our readers. 

Betting Offers

In this regard, we check out the breadth and depth of the betting offers from each bookmaker. We also look at the odds (margin range included), which is the lifeblood of every sports betting site. 

Customer Support

What is the use of a betting site that doesn’t have the means to be contacted by users? You got that right, absolutely no use. We do not rate highly or recommend any website that doesn’t offer multiple or at least a verifiable means of contact. This is because any complaint or error can arise during the betting process, which will need swift intervention. 

Payment Methods

The convenience of our readers/punters is placed at the forefront of our aims and objectives. Multiple and accessible payment methods are checked before the recommendation of any bookmaker. The joy of sports betting is sucked out if a punter wins and he has to go through strenuous processes to collect his/her winnings. 

With our working model outlined above as well as other quality assurance steps we take, we make sure to let you know that we are a high-level professional company. Our bookmaker reviews, as well as the opinions and write-ups on this site, can be 100% trusted. 

To further increase your trust in our services whilst promoting transparency, this ‘How we test‘ page will also discuss the steps we take when posting our opinions and tips/predictions. 

How We Test For Opinions

  • We fact-check every piece of information via official websites and official pages of tier-1 journalists. We get facts from official websites like the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and the French Ligue 1. This helps us to avoid engaging in the spread of fake news. We value the spreading of correct information, which is the bedrock of our website. 
  • We outline our opinions based on statistics, trends, happenings and most likely scenarios. We ensure that other members of our team check out our writer’s opinion before publication. 

How We Test For Tips And Predictions 

  • We ensure that we go over the data available to us multiple times before making our predictions. 
  • We ensure to include intangibles like mental capacity, passion, heritage, including stadium atmosphere when making our predictions. This is because football games do not only rest on statistics. To make more money, the stats as well as intangibles must be taken into consideration. 
  • We make sure that we implement a writing strategy that makes it easier for you, the reader to understand everything you need to from the article. 

As for our team members, we have seasoned experts in charge of each department. From the writers to the editors and management, we ensure that we have the best of the bunch working with us. 

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You can rest assured that every information posted on Betting Tips Africa is coming from the best there is. We can be trusted 100% and we will do NOTHING to jeopardize the trust you have in us.