Play Responsibly

We do everything we can to provide our users with the most comprehensive overview possible of betting providers and their products. In this context, a responsible approach to sports betting is also of great concern to us.

If you are younger than 18 years old, betting is strictly forbidden and the offers of sports betting providers are not available to you. The betting providers have implemented rigorous measures to not allow gambling by under 18 year olds

We are aware that sports betting can be problematic for a small number of people. To ensure that you can always enjoy safe and controlled gambling, we support responsible gambling.

If you, or someone you know, is having problems with sports betting, we encourage you to seek help from one of these reputable organizations:

Staying in control

We encourage all users to actively manage their gambling behavior and related accounts. The following features at your trusted bookmaker can support responsible gambling.
Set a limit on deposits

Keep financial aspects of your gambling behavior under control by setting your own deposit limits.
Ending sports betting – closing your account

Contact your bookmaker’s support, inform them about your gambling problem and ask them to close your account.

As a further precautionary measure, we suggest that you make use of the same exclusion options with other sportsbook providers if you have additional accounts.