Best betting sites in Africa 2023

In our wide-ranging comparison of best betting sites, we thoroughly examine those and provide you with a list of online bookmakers and their offers. And not just once. But rather: We constantly update our test reports to ensure that our readers are always up-to-date.

In doing so, we do not only focus on the betting bonus offers, the options for mobile sports betting, the betting offer, and the deposit as well as withdrawal methods. That is because the legal perspective is just as important to us. 

Betting Sites per Country

This is the legal situation of sports betting in Africa

Following the introduction of the Gambling Acts in 1996 and 2004, two significant changes became effective. First, there was legalization of the entire gambling sector and, correspondingly, sports betting. Then a ban on online casinos, if they do not belong to a bookie, came into effect. Theoretically, it is possible for betting providers to obtain an approval from more than one national authority. Assuming they observe the respective guidelines and pay the levies. As the various governments do not consider betting winnings as sources of income, fans of sports wagering do not have to pay tax on them.

So far so good, but it is impossible to say in general terms whether sports betting is allowed in Africa or not. This is because in this context, you must divide the nations into three groups. In one of them, gambling is forbidden on principle. And this is for religious reasons or because of strict national legislators. In the second, they are not banned, but not regulated either. Then there is a third one that permits sports betting. This is the case in f.e. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana. In this context, we only test bookmakers that have an approval respectively are operating legally in these countries.

Best Betting Sites

Betting enthusiasts love these sports

In the countries mentioned above, institutions reacted to the boundless enthusiasm of the population for sports. South Africa is the prime example. In 2010, the country hosted the first Football World Cup in Africa. Moreover, the rugby team is one of the best in the world, and in 1995 it won the World Cup title in front of its crowd. Furthermore, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is considered the biggest individual-timed race of the world. Besides, cricket is extremely popular.

The same applies similarly to Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, and Kenya. The latter nation hosts the high-profile Safari Sevens Tournament in rugby. Kenya also ranks as one of the most successful countries in athletics. Additionally, basketball enjoys great popularity there.

This sport is, for example, also very common in Ghana and Nigeria. But it definitely cannot compete with football. This is because these nations have also made a name for themselves at World Cups. And 80% of all African footballers who take part there earn their money in Europe. Therefore, it explains itself that football represents the most popular sport over the entire continent.

Besides, especially in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya, motor sports play an important role. The Africa Rally Championship (ARC) takes place annually in various countries. The KCB Safari Rally also belongs to the top competitions and is hosted by Kenya, which also organizes the East African Safari Classic Rally together with Tanzania. Moreover, the Uganda’s Pearl of Africa Rally and the Zambia International Motor Rally represent two popular events.

African betting sites: How we evaluate them

The legal situation regarding gambling in the respective countries and the respective approvals are essential prerequisites. However, if a national authority classifies the betting site competent as reputably, this is only one quality. Below, we explain what other factors our experienced testers also attach great importance to.

The betting offer of the bookmakers

The best bookies, which are operating either in one or in more countries, present you the widest possible offer. By this, we do not only mean the sports, but also the number of competitions and the variety of betting markets. This applies to both prematch and live betting. In this context, we also look at the special bets.

Which sports betting site offers the best betting odds in Africa?

One advantage of sports betting is the fact that betting odds can be easily compared. It is obvious that the various bookies offer extremely different betting odds for the same event. Of course, we also examine this aspect and only reward those that continuously offer competitive odds.

The profit margin is a good way to evaluate the quality of the betting odds. The lower it is, the higher the value for the punter. With a profit margin of around 5 percent, we can already consider the betting odds advantageous. And you usually benefit more from a prematch bet than from live bets.

African sports betting apps & websites

Nowadays, you mostly manage many things online. This applies not only to our bookmaker test, but also to sports betting itself. Therefore, having a good sports betting website is also one of the quality criteria. Therefore, we evaluate these conditions:

  • The online presence must be user-friendly and intuitive.
  • In particular, the most relevant content must be clearly laid out and easy to find.
  • Furthermore, especially for live betting, it is essential that the website loads and reacts quickly.
  • Moreover, customers should be kept up-to-date thanks to live streams or comparable services.
  • Additionally, transparency in all matters is indispensable.

Since many people use smartphones or tablets for private browsing, the internet presence must be optimized for this. This also applies to bookies. The smartest way is when they offer a sports betting app that is at least equivalent to the desktop version. It should be available for all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and provide push alerts, for example. However, this does not preclude a betting site from compensating for the absence of an app with an excellent mobile site.

Deposits & withdrawals at betting sites in Africa

Regarding the common (online) payment options in Africa, a similar consideration applies as with the legal regulation of bookmakers. By this, we mean that not all options are applicable in all nations. You can use debit and credit cards, bank and ETF transfers, mobile phone payments, online wallets, credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Below, you see some examples of payment methods that should be possible:

  • The VISA and Mastercard credit cards
  • The electronic wallets Neteller, Skrill and PayPal
  • The Paysafe prepaid card

Equally crucial is the required time for deposits and withdrawals. Regarding this, the following applies: Too long waiting a time inevitably has a negative effect on the overall rating.

Sports betting in Africa: Which fees exist?

Furthermore, we place great importance on the fact that payments by the customer are free of charge. Of course, the legal situation in the various African countries imposes that bookmakers have to pay tax on their earnings. However, this must not happen on the backs of the customers. Moreover, the whole thing should be managed transparently and without hidden fees.

African betting sites and their sports betting bonuses

The bonus offers are another component in our betting provider assesses. By this, we do not only mean the welcome bonuses, but also the ones for established customers. In this context, we focus in detail on these points:

  • How easy or difficult is it to profit from a bonus?
  • Which bonus (terms and conditions) does the respective bookie offer?
  • What are the bonus conditions in terms of turnover and maximum amount?
  • Within how much time you must claim the bonus?

As with many other things, with many bookmakers the truth often becomes known in the small print. But you do not have to read all that because we explain to you how attractive the offers are! We also explain how to get the bonus, how to convert it and how to redeem it… So, according to the motto: “This is how it works with this bookie”.

African betting sites and their extras: the petty things in sports betting

Then there are these extras, which are not necessary, but which should be present with a good sports betting site. Then it depends on from customer to customer what they want to take advantage of and what not. Besides good promotions for existing customers, we mean among others:

  • Cashout for certain events
  • A betting configurator for quick, uncomplicated tips
  • A VIP programme for loyal customers

If a bookmaker also performs above average in this category, it receives extra points in our betting site test.

The best African betting sites

Finally, we provide you with a trustworthy test report that covers the betting sites that are approved in the respective countries. Our experienced testers take care to remain as objective as possible.

However, you will also read about their personal and subjective experiences. In addition, you will find regular tips and news with fact-based previews of upcoming matches as well as updates on the sports betting market. At the same time, we are happy to receive testimonials from other users, as this is the only way to get a particularly comprehensive overview of the bookmakers and their bonuses.

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