Odibets Africa – Review 2023

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The Kenyan company Kareco Holdings Limited launched Odibets in 2018. Thereafter, the bookie gained immense popularity within a noticeably short period. This happened, among other things, due to intensive advertising on city matatus, newspapers and billboards. Furthermore, the hashtag #BetExtraOrdinary resonated with numerous young people. Hence, the operator decided to expand to Ghana. Here, you can find few differences between the websites www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh.

What we like about Odibets

  • The above-average high odds
  • The mobile app for Android devices weighs only 2.8 MB
  • From Kenya, you can also register via SMS and place bets with it
  • A comparatively extensive range of live bets
  • Live streams for users in Kenya
  • The ongoing promotions for new and existing customers
  • These include, for example, the Odi Points loyalty programme for Kenyan punters

What we like less about Odibets

  • The desktop version corresponds, in fact, to the advanced mobile apps and accordingly takes some getting used to
  • Besides, the prematch betting offer has room for improvement both in terms of breadth and depth
  • There is neither a live chat nor an email address

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Odibets betting offer and odds

  • OdiBets betting offer

Odibets operates in its home country Kenya as well as in Ghana. There, two sister companies manage the www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh websites. Which differ in nuances, but they offer the same betting options. Here, on a Wednesday afternoon, the programme covered 14 real sports as well as eSoccer. Many betting sites offer up to twice as many disciplines. But if you want to focus on football, you are in good hands. However, it appears that you must do without outrights / antepost bets.

Odibets football betting

Just like in almost all other betting sites, the football betting offer forms the centrepiece. You can already see this from the start page. There, Odibets refers you to the football games of today as well as to tomorrow’s football fixtures. Under “Today” you can find the games of the day and under “Upcoming” you can filter the matches by day. All in all, we noticed matches from several dozen countries as well as the international tournaments, of course.

Unsurprisingly, the number of betting markets depends on the popularity and level of the competition. For example, there were 37 options per match for Spanish amateur football and over 130 for English Premier League matches. Moreover, Odibets stands out with excellent odds. Because: The odds key fluctuates between the 97% and 98% mark for top leagues and tournaments. Moreover, we found a payout ratio of 98.40% for the Italian top match Inter vs. Juventus.

Furthermore, various eSoccer leagues and the OdiLeague area are at your disposal. In the latter feature, you can choose between an English League, a Spanish League, and an Italian League. Additionally, and depending on the country, you can also select a Ghanaian League and a Kenyan League.

Odibets basketball betting

At Odibets, the programme of basketball bets includes competitions from numerous countries and, moreover, all known international tournaments. By this, we mean that you can, for example, bet on almost all European men’s and women’s leagues. You can usually pick between 34 betting markets. The same applies to the NBA matches. In this respect, the odds key lies at 93.4%.

Odibets rugby betting

At Odibets you can find rugby bets on all international competitions, friendlies, and the major championships. Here, the offer typically includes between 14 and 20 betting markets. And in connection with the Australian NRL, we noticed an odds key of 94.8%.

Odibets tennis betting

At Odibets you can place tennis bets on all ATP, WTA, and ITF tournaments. However, only with ATP and WTA tournaments, the offer includes more than two or three markets per match. And even there you must settle for 10 to 20 options per match. At the same time, the payout percentage reaches the 95.4% mark.

Odibets ice hockey betting

Ice hockey lovers can place bets on numerous competitions at Odibets. And just as in the context of football and basketball, the offer extends to almost all European leagues. Plus, of course, the North American and international tournaments. Even for the NHL, a few hours before the start, we found almost 30 betting markets per match. And the odds key amounts to 96.3%.

Odibets bets on cricket and other sports

Just like in connection with rugby, at Odibets you can bet on all competitions as well as friendly matches at a certain level. However, even on the previous day for an Indian Premier League match, only two-way bets were available. The payout ratio was 95.1%.

Additionally, we noticed further eight real sports in the Odibets betting programme. By this, we mean handball, volleyball, and baseball, for example. Moreover, the selection included, for example, futsal and boxing. On the other hand, motor sports and table tennis were missing.

Further prematch betting options at Odibets

As already mentioned, you can also bet on eSoccer at Odibets. In this case, you can choose from various Champions League, Europa League, Nations League, and Premier League competitions. Moreover, you can select the FA Cup. Furthermore, they offer the OdiLeague, which they exclusively dedicate to football, too. In this respect, www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh jointly offer an English, a Spanish, and an Italian league. Plus, a Kenyan, and a Ghanaian championship, respectively.

The cash-outs at Odibets

Odibets offers cash-outs to its customers in Kenya. Here, you can profit when betting on all competitions and with every betting market. Additionally, this feature is available for all pre-match, live, single and combination bets. You can find this feature at www.odibets.com after the login in the top right menu under “My Bets”. There you can secure your winnings in advance and minimize losses.

Odibets live betting offer

  • OdiBets live betting offer

At Odibets, all punters can place live bets. Here, on a Wednesday afternoon, live bets on nine real sports were available. By this, we mean ones on football, basketball, tennis, cricket, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, futsal, and badminton. Furthermore, eSoccer and eBasketball were available. As just mentioned, you can cash out exactly as you do with prematch bets. Below, we describe the offers for some disciplines in more detail.

Odibets live betting on football

At Odibets, you can place live bets on all the competitions listed in the prematch programme. Here the bookie marks for example in the football games of today, which will start shortly. And on a Wednesday afternoon, matches from the Italian amateur league Serie D caught our eye. Mostly, you can fall back on around 50 betting markets. However, in stronger and therefore more popular matches, you often have over 110 options per match at your disposal. The betting odds mostly are weaker for live bets than for prematch bets. And at Odibets, the odds key fluctuates between the 90% and the 91% mark.

Odibets live betting on basketball

In terms of breadth, for basketball enthusiasts, basically the same applies as for football fans. Because: You could have bet on comparatively many matches even on a Wednesday afternoon. Here, we largely noticed about 30 betting markets and occasionally almost 50 options per match. And the payout rate reached 91.8%.

Odibets live betting on tennis

In connection with tennis, at the same time we could have placed live bets on matches of the ATP (Challenger) Tour, the WTA Tour and ITF tournaments. Here, they offered a choice of between 20 and 30 options per match. And the odds key laid at 92.4%.

Odibets live betting on ice hockey

When it comes to live betting on ice hockey, the same applies by and large as for those on football and basketball. By this, we mean: You can bet on countless competitions and on youth leagues. We noticed 76 betting markets per match for the Slovak U20 championship and the second-highest Russian division. However, you must be content with payout percentages of around 90%.

Odibets live streams

For betting lovers from Kenya, Odibets provides live streams. On a Wednesday evening, for example, Italian third division football, the German Basketball BBL and tennis at ITF level became available. Despite sponsored articles, there is no more detailed information on the internet. Therefore, we assume that the offer still has room for improvement.

Odibets promotions and bonuses

  • OdiBets promotions

The new customer bonus and other promotions represent one of the points where www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh differ. However, the websites have in common that they do not provide any real start-up aid. Below you can find information about the offers.

Odibets promotions and bonuses in Ghana

This bookie welcomes new customers from Ghana with a free bet of 3 GH₵ You can only use the offer for free bet games suggested by the betting site. Furthermore, these are three-way wagers. Moreover, you must enter your telephone number and password and select “Submit Freebet”. This completes your Odibets registration. Afterwards, you have seven days to confirm your betting account.

Furthermore, every day from 6 am to 2 pm GMT, you can benefit from Odibets Happy Hour promotions. If you place single and combined bets with a stake of 5 GHS or more, you can participate in raffles. And there you can win up to 25 GH₵. And virtual bets in the OdiLeague are suitable for this as well.

When you place at least five consecutive bets with a stake of 10 GH₵ or more within seven days, you can get the Odibets Supa 5 GH₵ bonus. More precisely, you can receive it on the following Monday until 11 am GMT. Thereafter, you must use it for combined bets with odds of 6.99 or higher.

Odibets promotions and bonuses in Kenya

Odibets offers most of the above bonuses in Kenya as well. In connection with the Free Bets for new customers, the same principle applies as those in Ghana. Thus, the only difference is the amount, whereby you receive 30 Ksh. Additionally,Conversely, –>the Happy Hour takes place daily from 6 am to 2 pm GMT+3. Here, too, the same basic conditions apply. In this case, the minimum stakes are 50 Ksh and the highest possible winnings are 1,000 Ksh.

Furthermore, even if you place a single bet on the English EPL with a minimum stake of 50 Ksh, you can take part in raffles. To be more precise, this involves three prize categories. In the first of these, every day 500 winners receive 1,000 Ksh each. Moreover, every week there are ten credits of 10,000 Ksh each every week and on the 28 May 2023, two Grand Winners will receive 1,000,000 Ksh each.

Moreover, all Odibets customers profit from the free first deposit of the day. For this, you must deposit between 49 and 99 Ksh or at least 200 Ksh. For example, if you transfer 95 Ksh, you can get 100 Ksh. Additionally, you get 30% of your first bet back and up to 200 Ksh if the bet is lost. Moreover, Odibets offers the Laki Tatu Daily Jackpots. Here, you must place three-way bets on ten given football matches and wager 15 Ksh. If you get all ten games right, you can win up to 300,000 Ksh. That is a low amount compared to the jackpots at competitors. Nevertheless, it is always worth a try.

Plus, betting enthusiasts from Kenya benefit from a loyalty programme, the Odi Points. You collect these by wagering with a minimum total odd of 4.5 and stakes of 20 Ksh or higher. With that, you can accumulate a maximum of 15 Odi Points per bet. Thereafter, with a stake of 50 Ksh or more up to 30 Odi Points, with a stake of 100 Ksh or more up to 55 Odi Points, with a stake of 110 Ksh or more up to 110 points and with a stake of 5,000 Ksh or more up to 220 Odi Points. The formula for calculating the Odi Points is total stake x total odds/50. Subsequently, you can convert the points into bonuses in“My Account” or “Redeem Points” section. The bonus always corresponds to one tenth of the number of points. You can redeem a maximum of 2,000 points daily.

Odibets mobile apps and websites

As already mentioned, Odibets has two domains, www.odibets.com and www.odibets.com.gh. The developers designed the websites almost completely identically. Additionally, the appearances stand out thanks to their speed. Thus, Odibets is certainly suitable for live betting.

However, the handling of the desktop version takes some getting used to. Mainly, because it corresponds to Odibets’ responsive and advanced mobile betting apps. In principle, this wouldn’t be so tedious if you didn’t have to scroll sideways through the betting offers. On the desktop version, you first must click on it and then scroll using the arrow keys. Moreover, we noticed that Odibets partly lists the competitions from all sports when you access a country. Interestingly, in the case of Germany, amateur appears alongside for all leagues and tournaments. Furthermore, with this bookie you can use an Android app as well as in Kenya a mobile lite version.

Odibets payment options

Another common feature of the two Odibets appearances is that you can only deposit with mobile money. More precisely, at www.odibets.com.gh after the registration and login you can use Airtel Tigo, MTN as well as Vodafone. In Kenya, meanwhile, you can only deposit with M-Pesa. To fund your Odibets account, you must select Pay Bill and enter 290680 as the business number. There are no minimum amounts, and the transactions are instantaneous.

  • OdiBets payment options

The same payment methods can be used for withdrawals. And in this case, too, processing starts immediately. However, in this case, everything runs via the respective website. Furthermore, the minimum amounts of 5 GH₵ in Ghana and 200 Ksh in Kenya apply.

Security at Odibets

Regarding security, at Odibets you are in good hands. Because: The operators work with the licences of the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB) and the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG). Both authorities take special care to ensure the reliability and security of the operators.

Odibets customer care

  • OdiBets customer care

Odibets offers its customers in Ghana as well as in Kenya how to play and also other FAQ. These could certainly be expanded, but the existing content is characterized by a clear and easy-to-understand structure. Moreover, you can find all the essential explanations there. Furthermore, both countries have their telephone hotlines. However, you must do without an e-mail address as well as a live chat.

Odibets conclusion

Odibets stands out, for example, thanks to the mostly above-average odds for prematch bets. Furthermore, the live betting area covers relatively many sports and numerous competitions. Moreover, we appreciate the mobile offer, the many bonuses and promotions as well as the OdiPoints loyalty programme. However, the latter is so far only available in Kenya. The same applies to the possibilities to use live streams and to place wagers with this method. Plus, the mobile lite version isn’t available in Ghana, where you must register at Odibets through via SMS.

However, Odibets should work on the user-friendliness of the desktop website as well as on the pre-match betting programme. Furthermore, we miss a live chat and generally the possibility to send messages via the websites and apps. Additionally, some more payment options would certainly not hurt.

Odibets accepts customers from these countries

Additionally, Odibets alternatives

Odibets alternatives in Ghana:

Furthermore, Odibets alternatives in Kenya:


Go to the site and hit the “Join Now” button. The link then brings you to the “Sign Up for Odibets” page. Complete the form with your contact details (including phone number, password, and referral code if you have one). Finally, make sure to check the box labelled “By registering for an account, you agree to our Terms of Use.” Go ahead and sign up by selecting the button labelled “Create Account.”

For Android and iOS users, visit the official website of Odibets through a simple Google search. Under “Popular Games,” you will see the “Download App” button; proceed to click on it. It takes you to where you can download the app, and the storage size of the app is as small as 2.8 MB.

Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki’s son Jimmy Kibaki owns Odibets. Moreover, he founded the Sporting Company in 2018 and serves as its chief executive officer. At the moment, he is 59 years old and is worth $15 million in total. He attended St. Mary’s College. Jimmy and his wife, Mary Wambui, have three children. Jimmy has a second wife named Lucy Kibaki. He handles public relations for the family and has tried his hand at politics as well as business. Odibets also carries out social duties like encouraging young people’s skills at the grassroots level.

It is an online betting platform situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Odibets work for 24 hours and are regulated by the relevant governmental agencies everywhere it operates. Odibets came into existence in 2018. It offers different betting options and is fast and reliable, along with interesting details on how to play and win. In addition, the platform also gives room for SMS betting, where you bet through the use of short messages.

To cash out on Odibets, log in on the website and click on “My Bets” on the platform. Proceed to check out the amount given to cash out, then click on the cash out option. After that step, proceed to put in your bank account number and click on “Submit.” The payment gets to your provided bank account within 24 hours. Cashing out is available on all platforms.

Log in to the Odibets official website. Check the top of the website and click on “Deposit”. A Mpesa deposit paybill number will be displayed. Proceed to click on it. Only MPESA deposits are accepted. Choose any amount or enter any amount to proceed with the deposit.