Best Betting Sites in Tanzania 2023

At Betting Tips Africa, we have made it a priority to always present our audience with the greatest information, which will assist them in making the most informed judgments possible when it comes to their betting sessions. 

As a result of this, while conducting our analysis of online gambling websites, we make it a point to conduct a comprehensive investigation of every bookmaker. It is essential to emphasise the fact that this does not represent an isolated incident for our company. Instead, we complete and keep up to date with the reports that our knowledgeable experts have provided on a regular basis. 

This is our only trusted way to ensure that each and every one of our visitors always has the latest and up-to-date information available to them.

At Betting Tips Africa, when conducting an analysis of online betting sites on a country-by-country basis (in this case, for Tanzania), we take a look at the different types of wagering offers and bonuses that are currently being made available, as well as the possibilities for mobile betting and the methods that can be used to make deposits and withdrawals.

On the other hand, if your gaming sessions are not in accordance with the law, then all of the qualities that have been discussed will not provide you with very much benefit. That’s why we take the legal side of things very seriously here at Betting Tips Africa. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the legal background of betting on sports in Tanzania as well as the current situation.

Tanzanian Gambling History At A Glance

  • 1963: Tanzania gained independence from the United Kingdom.
  • 1963 – 1967: Between the time that the country gained its independence and 1967, when the first Tanzanian gaming act was published, the legal status of gambling in Tanzania was “UNREGULATED.”
  • 1967: The Pools and Lotteries Act7, which was passed in 1967, was the first piece of legislation to legalise gambling legally. This act authorised the holding of lotteries and games that were similar to lotteries. 
  • 1974: The National Lotteries Act of 1974 reorganised and monopolised the lottery industry, in addition to establishing the Tanzanian national lottery, which is no longer in operation. The lottery industry was ultimately liberalised for the second time at some point between the years 1992 and 2003.
  • 1992: Casinos were given the green light by two pieces of legislation: the National Investment Act of 1992 and the Tanzania Investment Act of 1997. These acts authorised hotels to incorporate casinos within their business, provided that specific criteria were satisfied. 
  • 2003: The Gaming Act of 2003 completely reorganised the industry, allowed more types of gaming (including gambling online), and created regulations that were both more stringent and more comprehensive. This bill, as well as any amendments that have been made to it subsequently, is the primary piece of legislation that governs gambling in Tanzania.
  • 2012: The 2012 Gaming Regulations (Internet Gambling Regulations), which came into force in 2013, made it possible to gamble legally via the internet. 
  • 2013: was the lucky recipient of Tanzania’s first-ever license to operate an online casino.

Early Tanzanian Gambling

According to a population estimate from 2018, Tanzania is home to more than 62 million people and is the most populous Sub-Saharan African country. Decades before the establishment of online sports betting organisations in Tanzania, the people who lived in the region participated in gambling activities of a more primitive nature.

Julius Nyerere was Tanzania’s first president immediately after the country gained its independence. During his time in office, he enacted the very first gambling legislation in the country. 

Even though the government of Tanzania did not begin to control gambling activities before it became legal and regulated in 1967, gambling has been a part of the routine life of Tanzanians for decades. 

The Tanzanian Gambling Laws

Thus, we arrive at The Gaming Act, the most comprehensive piece of gaming legislation, which was drafted back in 2003. In the wake of the passage of the Gaming Act of 2003, gambling in all its forms became legitimate in Tanzania.

This piece of legislation, which comprises experiences gathered since 1967, is the primary piece of gambling legislation in Tanzania. This leads us to another cornerstone of Tanzanian gambling, The Gaming Board of Tanzania.

It is imperative that this government body be brought up whenever there is a conversation about whether or not sports betting is legal in Tanzania.

The Establishment And Duties Of The Gaming Board Of Tanzania

Gambling has been legal in Tanzania ever since the late 1960s. Currently, the country hosts a number of casinos. The growth of the gambling business has been phenomenal, particularly in the course of the most recent few years, and it is expected to continue this trend.

According to the Gaming Act of 2003, gambling in Tanzania can take place either on land or online. Both types of gambling are permitted. Therefore, it is feasible to wager for real money on a wide variety of sports markets and have access to good odds without worrying about the potential for legal ramifications.

The Gaming Board of Tanzania, in contrast to the gambling authorities of the vast majority of other African countries, does maintain an internet presence. On this website, you can discover all of the most significant papers, regulations, and license application forms. 

In Tanzania, private companies can obtain licenses to operate several sorts of gambling if they meet the requirements. Some of these licenses include:

  • Casino license
  • Slot machine license (slot hall license)
  • Sports betting license
  • Sports betting terminal license
  • Lottery license
  • Bingo license

Also, private companies have the opportunity to obtain licenses to operate several types of online and electronic gambling, including the following:

  • Internet casino license
  • SMS and online lottery license
  • Internet sports betting license
  • Virtual sports betting license

The Gaming Board Of Tanzania is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Licensing of online Sportsbooks.
  • Monitoring of online gambling services and products.
  • Promotion of responsible gambling.
  • Regulating and making sure all gambling sites operate according to the legislation.

For anyone interested in placing wagers on sporting events from Tanzania, the sites that we’ve evaluated here on Betting Tips Africa represent a fantastic resource.

Rise In Tanzanian Online Sports Betting And General Gambling Activities

Since the middle of the 2010s, the gambling industry in Tanzania has seen a phenomenal increase in the number of gambling activities that are participated in by individuals who are of legal age. 

As of that time, Tanzania had an extremely low internet usage rate; in 2014, it was only 14.9%, which rendered it impossible for Tanzanian online wagering companies to run their businesses prior to the year 2013.

On the other hand, as of the year 2022, Tanzania had an internet penetration rate of 50%, and the country was home to a number of Tanzanian internet betting enterprises.

This tremendous increase in gaming in Tanzania can be attributed to a number of factors, including the increased availability of internet connection and cable television, as well as the increased ownership of mobile phones.  

Poker Rooms and Online Casinos are two examples of novel and forward-thinking forms of gambling that have recently become available in Tanzania. 

Most importantly, the market for bets that are put on sporting events is increasing at a dizzying speed across the country, especially among younger people. The business will undoubtedly face fresh obstacles at some time in the not-too-distant future, but technical progress and digital improvement in Tanzania are driving it forward.

What Is The Legal Situation Of Sports Betting In Tanzania?

Gambling was permitted to run unchecked in Tanzania for a significant number of years after independence. The country did not have any form of institutional law or legal structure in place to monitor the gambling sector throughout that time. At long last, in the year 1967, legislators first approved The Pools and Lotteries Act, which was the first piece of gambling legalisation.

According to the Gambling (Internet Gaming) Regulations, which were initially published in 2012 and have been in effect since 2013, gambling can also be participated in legally over the internet (in force since 2013, prior to 2013, online gambling licenses were not issued).

The vast majority of gambling endeavours can be carried out in accordance with applicable laws in Tanzania. The Gaming Board Of Tanzania is the agency of the government that is in charge of regulating the gaming industry as well as issuing gambling licenses.

With the introduction of the new regulations, Tanzania now possesses a legal gambling age of 18 years. This is the most widely accepted age limit for gamblers around the world. There is a frown upon underage gambling in Tanzania.

Winnings from gaming are exempt from any and all forms of direct taxation for the player. Nonetheless, according to the law, gambling establishments are required to remove the following percentages from the profits of their customers:

  • Tanzania casino gambling (including poker): 12% tax on net winnings
  • Tanzania sports betting: 10% tax on net winnings
  • Tanzania lottery: 15% tax on net winnings
  • Tanzania bingo: 10% tax on net winnings
  • Tanzania other: 10% tax on net winnings
  • Tanzania online gambling: 10% tax on net winnings

The regulatory system for gambling in Tanzania is exceptionally well-defined and thorough, but it is not yet up to the standard set by some other African nations. Additionally, engaging in illegal betting typically results in severe repercussions. The Tanzanian government enforces compliance with the law in a very rigorous manner. 

The Following Bookies Are Legally Authorized To Operate In Tanzania

GAL Sport Betting
Premier Bet

Odds And Their Importance To Tanzanian Sports Bettors

Gambling may be done legally via the internet in Tanzania, and the country is home to several of the most reputable sportsbooks in the world. In a similar vein, gamblers in Tanzania have access to a select number of locally based websites where they can place bets (as long as the bookmaker possesses a license issued by the Gaming Board Of Tanzania). 

These websites offer access to the same betting markets, odds, and bonuses that are offered by their international competitors.

Fans of various sports in Tanzania exhibit an even higher level of intensity when they bet on their favourite teams using any one of a variety of betting choices made available by the most reputable online betting sites in the country. 

The convenience with which gamers can discover the odds of an event is one of the primary advantages offered by sports betting in comparison to other types of gambling. Bookmakers determine the odds of a bet based on their evaluation of how likely it is that a particular outcome will occur. 

Odds are often presented as a fraction (such as 2/1) or a decimal (2.3) in the United Kingdom and other European countries. On the other hand, in the American approach, which is known as the money line, a plus or minus sign is placed in front of a number (such as +100) to indicate a betting line. 

In this approach, we are able to see how the odds for a particular event might vary greatly from one betting site to another. Because it can affect their chances of winning a significant sum of money, gamers need to give this a careful look.

Everyone who wants to bet on football in a responsible manner and who has the intention of winning money through their wagers should spend some time educating themselves about the odds and the process by which they are established.

Which Sports Betting Sites Offers The Best Odds In Tanzania?   

The size of the profit margin might serve as a useful indicator of the overall quality of the odds. The user’s condition will improve as it goes down, which is a good thing. If a prematch betting line offers a profit margin of at least 5%, then it is considered to be a good line. When making live bets, there is typically a significantly bigger margin than when making pre-game bets.

The only bookies that are able to get a high ranking on Betting Tips Africa are those that offer advantageous odds to players on a consistent basis. When you place a bet, you may be able to see the possible payoff in the odds, which are a measurement of how probable the bookies believe that your selection will win.

The odds offered by the several bookmakers in Tanzania’s gaming industry are sure to satisfy any player. However, it is essential to keep in mind that their odds change from time to time depending on a variety of elements, such as statistics, and it is vital to keep track of these changes.

When it comes to gaming, the most important thing for Tanzanian players to keep in mind is to pay careful attention to the odds they are checking out during a session of gaming. When they do well at odds analysis, they will be able to guarantee an increase in their earnings.

Tanzania Online Sports Betting:  App & Websites

Across all of Africa, including Tanzania, mobile phone users in the continent have officially exceeded subscribers to fixed-line services, according to new research data.

Historically speaking, the year 1995 marks the beginning of Internet service in Tanzania. In the year 2000, five years later, there were only 115,000 persons in the country who were linked to the internet. Since then, that number has increased by a substantial amount. 

As of 2014, there were about 6 million citizens connected to the internet out of a total population of 45 million people.

Currently, almost everyone in Tanzania conducts a sizeable amount of business on the internet, which has resulted in the internet becoming an indispensable component of daily life there. 

Bets on sporting events have seen significant increases in popularity in Tanzania due to the proliferation of the internet. As a consequence of this, it is imperative that the internet presence of the sportsbooks be optimised to provide the bettor with the greatest amount of usability possible. 

When it comes to accessibility via mobile devices, the majority of sportsbooks have their own applications as well as websites that are optimised for mobile use. The quality of these mobile applications and websites varies widely from one another.

At Betting Tips Africa, the thing that we value the most is the quality of the mobile apps and websites that we endorse. Even if the app is not the best in the world, it needs to at least be on level with some of the most fundamentally focused Bookie apps that are available throughout the globe.

In order for bookies to receive a high rating on our website, they are required to offer apps that are local to the platform, as well as ones that can be downloaded on Windows, Android, and iOS. A further advantageous feature is the capability to get push alerts. 

Important Factors Betting Apps & Sites


Generally, including Tanzania, when assessing different applications for online sports betting, this is the most important consideration you need to give some thought to. 

The confidentiality of their customers’ financial and identification information can only be guaranteed by the implementation of the most strict security measures.

It is strongly suggested that users stick to using only trusted websites that have satisfied severe security requirements, including SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication, and a variety of additional measures.

Betting Tips Africa would never advise using a mobile app if it is unable to provide a guarantee on the safety of your personal information. 


To keep customers happy, it’s important that they can quickly find the information they need whilst using the app without any problems. Betting Tips Africa takes the aesthetics and functionality of an app very seriously.

Sports betting services can set themselves out from the crowd by providing a superior mobile app experience to their customers.

Speed/User Friendliness

The top Tanzanian betting sites need to be quick, as you might need to place a bet at the last minute. A bettor who wants to join the pool and make a wager before the event starts could benefit from this. That would be a bad time if you couldn’t place a quick bet on a sporting event because of app clogging.

There shouldn’t be more than a few simple steps involved in signing up for a reputable Tanzanian sportsbook. The required actions include presenting your complete identity (name, DOB, email, government-issued ID, etc.). 

Deposits & Withdrawals At Tanzania Betting Sites 

You, as a gamer, are aware that payments for bets can typically be made using a variety of methods, including debit and credit cards (Visa, Verve, and MasterCard), bank and ETF transfers, mobile money, electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Quickteller, and Ecopayz), and cryptocurrencies. 

Customers’ new and long-term happiness hinges on a Tanzanian sportsbook’s ability to accommodate their preferred way of financial transaction. This is because in the competitive current sports betting market, basically identical services are provided by all bookmakers. 

If a customer is unable to make a bet due to problems with the banking options the Bookie employs, they risk losing that customer. 

So, a customer’s deposit is essentially a transfer of control/ownership of his funds from himself to the betting website. This is a lot of trust, and Bookies must not joke with it.

Gamblers in Tanzania, much like gamblers everywhere else, like the convenience and accessibility of mobile entertainment options. This industry is predicted to grow substantially in the next years as a result of the proliferation of local mobile payment services

Mobile payment platforms are transforming the Tanzanian gaming sector by making online gambling more accessible to more people. The top mobile payment services in the country are partners with some of the most reputable bookmakers in the country. 

For example, bettors in Tanzania can instantly add funds to their Bookie accounts by using any of the mobile payment services; Vodacom Mpesa, Airtel Money, HaloPesa, Ezypesa and Tigo Pesa.

Some Popular Payment Options Available To Sports Betting Gamers In Tanzania 

The following is an overview of the most important payment options that are currently available to Tanzanian bettors;

Airtel Money

Online gamblers in Tanzania frequently use the famous mobile money transfer service Airtel Money to deposit funds into their accounts at foreign casinos and bookmakers. As long as you have access to a phone, an Airtel Money account, some cash, and the credentials for an online gaming site in Tanzania, you can play games online from anywhere in the country

Vodacom M-pesa  

Vodacom’s M-Pesa Tanzania is a mobile money transfer service that facilitates electronic mobile money transfers between individuals and businesses. Anyone who is at least 18 years old and a Vodacom client who has signed up for M-Pesa can use it to fund their online betting account.


You can send and receive money via your mobile phone at any time of day or night with Halopesa, a mobile money service provided by Halotel. HaloPesa offers a wide range of services and goods to help gamers meet their online betting account funding needs.


In Tanzania, Zantel, a telecommunications provider, offers a mobile money service known as EzyPesa. Customers can use the funds in their EzyPesa mobile accounts to fund their betting accounts, send and receive money, make deposits and withdrawals, shop, and settle bills.

Tigo Pesa

When it comes to mobile money, telecommunications company Millicom’s Tigo brand is hard to beat. The service is known as “Tigo Pesa” in Tanzania. Tigo Pesa allows its users to fund their betting accounts, make in-store and online purchases, send and receive money internationally, and pay bills and utility deposits.

Credit/Debit Cards

This is the preferred method of payment for the vast majority of Tanzania betting sites. When using a card, the transaction is instant and incurs no additional fees.


Several of Tanzania’s best online betting companies accept payments via this method. Electronic wallet transactions are 100% secure but may incur a small fee for the gamer. 

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a 100% straight-through transaction from your bank to your gambling account. The list of participating banks in Tanzania includes well-known names like Stanbic Bank, Canara Bank and Standard Chartered. In contrast to other deposit methods, players can transfer large sums via bank transfer.

What Fees Are Charged By Sports Betting Sites In Tanzania?

Betting Tips Africa places a premium on ensuring that all user transactions at Tanzania betting sites are completely free of charge. There should be no surprises when it comes to pricing; thus full disclosure is essential. 

We’re happy to report that, barring any fees levied by the gamer’s chosen payment processor, Tanzania Sportsbooks don’t charge any fees for making deposits or withdrawing winnings. There are also no additional fees. 

Tanzania Betting Sites And Their Bonus Offers

The bonuses and promotions strategies used by different online gambling companies are one of the things that set them apart from one another. Bonuses are a key part of the marketing strategy employed by online sportsbooks in order to attract new players and keep existing ones. 

While a tempting bonus is always appreciated, it is no indication of the quality of the offer itself. Some of the most crucial aspects, such as the wagering requirement, need to be thought through. 

Betting Tips Africa places a premium on informing our readers about the bonuses available at Tanzania Bookies. We consider both the welcome bonus and the loyalty rewards when assessing a gaming website. 

When analysing Tanzania Bookie profiles, below are bonus offers criteria we will be shedding light on:

  • How hard or easy is it to use or cash in on a bonus?
  • In which of the stipulations laid out by the various bookmakers must you participate? 
  • Is there a time limit on when the bonus must be redeemed?
  • When it comes to turnover and maximum amounts, how do the bonus terms work? 

Tanzania Betting Sites And Their Extras: The Petty Things In Sports Betting

So far, what we’ve covered thus far are the bare minimum requirements that any bookie in Tanzania must meet to operate and be rated on Betting Tips Africa. Yet, only the most prestigious gambling portals in Tanzania can provide the additional features that their customers demand. 

Individuals are free to decide for themselves whether or not to make use of them. The following are examples of these supplementary items:

  • Cashout feature (full and partial cashout)
  • A configurator (this enables bettors to easily place their desired bets).
  • A VIP program for dedicated players that frequent the establishment. 
  • Live betting, where users can wager in real-time on games or tournaments that have already begun.
  • Live streams that let players watch the action unfold in real-time inside the app.

Conclusion: The Best Tanzania Betting Sites

There are several factors to think about while deciding which gaming sites are the finest. This makes it subjective. To help you find the safest and most dependable online casino in Tanzania, we offer honest reviews of the best bookmakers in the industry. 

We will also only cover those that are permitted in Tanzania, so you can rest assured. Betting Tips Africa’s evaluators always try to be as impartial as possible in their reviews. 

Besides providing betting tips, fact-checked match previews, and other useful information, we also regularly update our readers on the latest happenings in the gaming sector. 

In addition, we welcome feedback from our readers about their own personal experiences. After all, using them allows you to receive a crystal-clear and all-encompassing picture of the betting sites and the services they offer. 

Betting Sites by Country:


Legal gambling is available in Tanzania from a number of internationally renowned companies, including Bet365 and 1xBet. In addition, Parimatch is considered to be one of the most significant local bookmakers.

All betting sites approved by The Gaming Board of Tanzania are legal and can offer betting activities to residents of Tanzania without breaking the law.

Parimatch and Betboro are definitely ranked among the top bookies in Tanzania. However, Bet365 and 1xBet are no pushovers as they are international giants.

The online betting sites that own approvals from The Gaming Board Of Tanzania are legal in the country.

This is subjective, as the odds often depend on the competition. There are times when bookies offer incredibly generous odds and other times when they offer mediocre odds. To conclude, which one betting site in Tanzania consistently offers the greatest odds would be unreasonable. 

This is also subjective as it depends on a number of factors which also include individual tastes. However, it is common knowledge that the bonus offers should be as helpful to the gamer as possible.

Choosing between a local or international Bookie in Tanzania is a personal choice. However, gamers must make sure that they register and bet with an approved bookmaker. 

Prohibited betting sites in Tanzania are those not approved by The Gaming Board Of Tanzania.

Yes. Sports betting with a Bookmaker approved in Tanzania is legal.

You can find the whitelisted Tanzania betting sites on the website of The Gaming Board Of Tanzania.

A double chance bet is a wager on two of the event/match’s three outcomes (instead of just one). A bettor’s odds of winning a Double Chance wager are 66.6%, compared to just 33.3% when betting conventionally. This market is very popular in football, but it can be found in other sports where a tie outcome is feasible, such as handball and rugby.

Winning a bet entails staking on the right outcome of an event. One can bet on a variety of events, but the most popular remains sports.

When there is an expected strength gap between two teams, handicap betting can be employed to level the playing field. In handicap betting, one participant is given an advantage, or a “handicap,” over another. The soccer handicap market awards a goal or points to the team that is considered the underdog based on the probability of winning.

Winning a football bet entails staking on the right outcome of a football match. One can bet on a variety of football competitions, including local ones. One of the best strategies to winning a football bet is to avoid betting with emotions and studying the statistical and qualitative analysis of the teams.

The odds of an event are calculated by Bookies using a variety of data models, each of which assigns a unique set of chances to each possible result. To guarantee long-term success for the bookmaker, they avoid performing perfect odds calculations. In order to ensure the bookmaker turns a profit, they incorporate a margin into the calculation.

An Over 2.0 goals betting option simply implies that more than two goals must be scored during the match for the bettor to win. This is a very popular betting option, and it works well when one or both teams are prolific in front of goal.

Choosing which Tanzania betting app is the best is highly subjective. It depends on a variety of factors, including the user’s preference. However, Betting Tips Africa’s opinion is that the best betting app must be legal and also provide gamers with the right environment to win. Such app must also make sure that customer accounts and information are highly secured.