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Nigeria has a mammoth gambling industry worth about 93 billion dollars at the end of 2023. The country is home to more than 230 million people, with a huge percentage of diehard and dedicated football fans. With their undying love for football, the sports betting industry in Nigeria is experiencing a significant boom. Here, we walk YOU through everything concerning the Nigerian betting market, its legality, regulatory bodies, and more.
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At Betting Tips Africa, it is paramount that we help our readers make more money via successful bets at legitimate bookmakers. Thus, providing our readers with the best and most accurate information is a non-negotiable, as this boosts your chances of winning. 

How would a bettor feel if he made a huge win that guaranteed a huge payout? No doubt he will be elated beyond words at the moment, right? However, if, in the course of withdrawing his payout, he finds out that the bookmaker is not legitimate in his country and there is no way to take his winnings, how do you think such a bettor would feel? In this regard, we believe "Devastated" would be an understatement. 

To avoid this kind of situation and keep anything related to this away from our readers, we make it a point to prepare a country landing page for each region our website focuses on. On this page, our readers can learn more about the gambling laws in their region, the history of gambling in such regions as well as the legitimate bookmakers, where they can gamble and be assured of getting their payouts. 

When evaluating each country (in this case, Nigeria), we look at the types of wagering offers and bonuses the bookmakers in the region make available on average. We also make sure to look at the possibilities for mobile betting and the availability of multiple methods for making deposits and withdrawals. With our tried and tested model, we always ensure that YOU, as a reader, are guaranteed to have the most recent and updated information.

So, from a legal perspective, you are well protected by Betting Tips Africa. You are also in the right place in terms of learning about how to get more from the bookmakers in your region. Let's delve straight into the full legal information on Nigeria. Before we do that, let's take a moment to check out a brief history/facts about Nigeria and a quick check of early gambling in the West African country. 

History/Facts Of Nigeria 

Nigeria was colonised by the British and gained independence in 1960. The country borders the Republic of Benin to the west, Chad and Cameroon on the Eastern part, and Niger on the Northern part. Nigeria's coast then borders the Gulf of Guinea in the Southeastern region. Nigeria is a diverse nation with numerous ethnic groups and over a hundred languages spoken. The multiple ethnic groups consist of three major ones: Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. The West African country has a large land mass area of 923,769 square kilometres (356,669 sq mi) and a population of over 230 million people, making the region the most populous country in Africa. 

Early Nigerian Gambling  

According to a population estimate from 2024, Nigeria contains more than 230 million people. The early forms of gambling in Nigeria were practised by the people who lived in this region many years ago. Historically, special gambling practices are embedded in some of the cultural heritage of specific regions in Nigeria. For example, among the Yoruba people, games such as Ayo were not meant exclusively for entertainment. They were a source of money for gamblers and also played significant roles at specific traditional ceremonies.

In the Hausa region, games such as Dambe and Kokowa were organised for bettors to place wagers. The former is a form of boxing, while the latter is a form of wrestling. Before the game began, spectators were expected to place their bets on their favourite contestants. These games were a perfect blend of entertainment, skill, and chance which is the perfect definition of gambling.

When colonisation set in, Nigerian gamblers began to get more and more interested in the card and casino games brought to them by the colonists. Games like slots, roulette, and card games like blackjack and poker became the new fish, thus paving the way for a regulated gambling scene which we see in Nigeria today. 

Gambling activities have always been part of the routine life of the early Nigerians for centuries despite being viewed as an antisocial activity and actively discouraged by religious institutions and the family circle. 

The Nigerian Gambling Laws

As already established, Gambling has been a part of the routine life of early Nigerians despite being largely unregulated and the societal/religious pressure on the partakers. 

The earliest form of legislation regarding gambling activities in Nigeria came to the fore in the late 1990s. Thus, in Chapter 22, section 236 of the Criminal Code Act, the Nigerian government legalised some forms of gambling with the aim of generating substantial tax revenues from the industry. This was the first comprehensive piece of gaming legislation in Nigeria. After the passage of the law, the gambling forms mentioned became legitimate.

Thereafter, the National Lottery Act of 2005 was enacted. The establishment of this law gave birth to the establishment of the biggest gambling regulatory body in Nigeria, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). It is compulsory that this government body be brought up in any writeup about the legality of sports betting in Nigeria.

The Establishment And Duties Of The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC)

As previously mentioned, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) was borne out of the establishment of the [National Lottery Act 2005], which was signed into Law on the 30th March 2005. The NLRC is tasked with the regularisation of gambling activities in Nigeria. They also provide oversight of all gambling establishments to ensure strict compliance with set laws and regulations, while enforcing/dishing out punishment to any erring organisation. Below are the full functions of the NLRC, as listed on the official website.

  • The organisation sets standards, guidelines, and rules for the operation of the national lottery in collaboration with the licensees.
  • They are tasked with promoting transparency, decency, and integrity in the operation of all lotteries.
  • They ensure that all players, stakeholders, and the general public are totally protected in terms of their interests. 
  • Occasionally, they are tasked with the conduction of an assessment of the operations of the national lottery in Nigeria. All reports are afterward submitted to the president and National Assembly.
  • At times, they may be required to perform other duties as may be directed by the president. 

To summarise, all the functions and lines of action of the NLRC are targeted at controlling the gambling environment in Nigeria. This helps the government to keep an eye on the security of Nigerian players as well as receive the proper tax revenues from betting sites. At the time of this publication, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission headquarters is located in the capital of the country, Abuja. The commission has about 1,600 staff and is led by the Director-General, Lanre Gbajabiamila.

[N.B] There are three classes of licences granted by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). These are:

  • Lottery Licence
  • Sports betting licence
  • Promotional licences (Includes; SMS/ USSD, Interactive Scheme, Scratch Cards and Web-Based licences). These may be redefined from time to time. 

Other Nigerian Gambling Regulatory Bodies

There are other regulatory bodies in Nigeria working to sanitise the gambling sphere. A special mention must be given to the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), which regulates gambling activities in Lagos State. The LSLB is backed by the Lagos State Lottery Law of 2004, which was amended in 2008. 

Note that many states in Nigeria have an independent gambling regulatory body. However, few states that do not possess such bodies rely on other state boards or the NLRC.

Rise In Nigerian Online Sports Betting And General Gambling Activities

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa with a population of over 200 million people. Despite a deficiency in internet accessibility in the country, Nigeria still boasts of a telecommunications industry that contributed about 10.126 trillion Naira to the country's GDP in 2022. This amounts to about 16.06 of the country's total GDP. 

With regulation and an influx of online betting sites, Nigeria's gambling industry has witnessed a huge growth in numbers. A recent research by NOI Polls states that Nigerian punters spend over 730 billion Naira per year on sports betting and at least 2 billion Naira on a daily basis.

Nigeria's unwavering love and commitment to sports is well documented. This has particularly influenced their focus on sports betting, as it resonates with something they deeply love. With the majority of stakes now placed online, the gaming industry in the region grew to an estimated $93 billion worth at the end of 2023. 

Currently, online casinos offering modernised versions of games such as Poker Rooms, slot machines, card games, and many more are soaring in the Nigerian market. Despite a low turnout towards live casino games, that is expected to change as technological advances continue in the country. 

Bookmakers In Nigeria

FortuneBetgobet 247Gorillabet365
NairabetNetBetOdds 96
WazobetWinners Golden BetYangaWin


Sports betting constitutes one of the three forms of gambling allowed in Nigeria. The other two are the lotteries and the casinos (if the latter does not exclusively rely on luck, but also on skills). The Nigerian gambling laws have already been reviewed above but here is a summary;

(i) Gambling was allowed to operate freely in Nigeria many years ago. They did not have any kind of legal structure in place to keep an eye on the gambling industry. In the late 1990s, the government at long last enacted legislation to monitor activities associated with gambling and make income via tax returns. 

(ii) In Nigeria, the majority of gambling activities are legal. Residents can gamble legally in the country without the worry of committing a crime. The NLRC (National Lottery Regulatory Commission) is an oversight for gambling activities. Other regulation bodies like the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB) are also available. They are government agencies in charge of regulating the gaming industry as well as issuing gambling licenses.  

(iii) The legal gambling age in Nigeria is eighteen years. Anyone of the legal gambling age is free to gamble in the region. However, underage gambling is frowned upon and very punishable by the law. Offenders may be required to pay a fine or even serve jail time.

(iv) In Nigeria, the rules governing general income tax apply to any money you win from gambling operations. This means that you might have to pay income tax on your earnings as you are regarded as a professional gambler in the eyes of the law. A minimum of 7% tax can be deducted from your winnings, and the figure may rise to 24%. 

(v) Many global bookmakers such as Betway, Bet365, and 1xBet operate in Nigeria.

(vi) The success of the Nigerian football team, the Super Eagles has increased the interest of many punters in football. 

Nigeria has a refined legislative framework for gaming. However, more work needs to be done, especially on the part of online betting. Please note that Betting Tips Africa does not promote unlawful or underage betting. There are usually severe consequences if you engage in such a thing, as the Nigerian government is very strict with its rules. 

Odds And Their Importance To Nigerian Sports Bettors

Nigeria is one of the many countries that allows its residents to partake in sports betting lawfully. The country is also a huge target for some of the biggest Sportsbooks in the world. There are also locally owned Sportsbooks in abundance available to Nigerians. These bookmakers compete amongst themselves for the bigger market share through advertisement, betting markets, betting options, odds, bonuses and promotions, loyalty programmes, and many more. 

Odds are the lifeblood of every sports betting site, which is why it is one of the biggest bones of contention when Nigerian punters want to choose their preferred bookmaker. Odds are set in the form of numbers to show the probability of an event happening.

In sports betting, it is quite simple to ascertain which bookmaker offers good odds, which is one advantage of sports betting over other forms of gambling. Each bookmaker usually advertises their odds as the highest, as users will not want to game with any site with low odds.   

Odds are presented in many forms, but the three most popular are decimal odds, fraction odds, and moneyline or American odds. The fractional odds are presented as a fraction (such as 2/1) and are mostly used in the United Kingdom, while the decimal odds are presented as decimals (such as 1.3) and are mostly used in other European countries. Lastly, the moneyline odds, also known as the American odds, are used in the United States of America. They indicate a plus or minus sign placed in front of a number (such as +100). 

In Nigeria, most bookmakers use decimal odds, and gamers can see how the odds for the same event vary across different betting sites. As a gamer who intends to make a profit from sports betting, ensure you take the time to learn more about odds, odds margin, and how they are determined on our site. Then, use this information wisely as it affects your chances of cashing out big. 

Betting Sites With The Best Odds In Nigeria

Sports wagering has an advantage over other forms of gambling in that we can check the odds in a simple way. This allows us to see that the different wagering sites offer extremely different odds for one and the same event. 

Every bookmaker will claim that they have the highest and best odds for punters. However, how do users know which bookmaker is telling the truth? Also, punters will always try to get the best odds as it guarantees a larger payout if their game wins. 

To determine which bookmaker offers higher odds, the odds margin is a very good measurement. The odds margin is also known as the "Vigorish" or "Vig." Generally, bookmakers that offer less than a 5% odds margin on their pre-match betting markets and options are considered quality and reasonable. For live bets, it is usually clearly higher. The Vig is not static, as it changes across different sports, games, events, time and many other variables. So, it is highly recommended that each punter checks out their odds margin before staking their bets. 

We also provide an overview and a deeper look into the odds margin offered by every bookmaker. This is indicated in our reviews and can be glanced at via the quickfacts section (Betting Offer And Odds). With our ratings in this section, you can easily get an idea of the odds situation at every bookmaker. 

Do note that a high rating on Betting Tips Africa means that such a bookmaker provides a favourable odds margin consistently. In Nigeria, several bookmakers offer mouthwatering and interesting odds to punters. However, please note that odds margins vary from time to time depending on several factors as mentioned above. So, pay 100% attention when checking out the odds during your gaming sessions. This way, you improve your chances of getting huge profits when you win your bets.

Nigerian Online Sports Betting: App & Website

We all know it from our daily lives. The internet has become an integral part of the daily activities of Nigerians. According to statistics, Nigeria has registered approximately 122 million active internet users as of January 2023. This figure is around half of the country's total population. In Nigeria, almost everyone conducts a considerable number of businesses on the internet, which includes sports betting.  

With the huge presence of the internet in Nigeria, the online presence of every bookmaker is another criterion we look out for. We value the quality of the mobile websites as well as the dedicated apps offered. Nowadays, most sportsbooks offer their own applications. We value apps that provide the basic needs even if it is not a world-class one.  

For Nigerian bookmakers to get highly rated on our website, they must meet some requirements. In this regard, the following factors are important to us:


We will never rate a bookmaker who does not provide maximum security for every activity on their platform. Of what use is a bookmaker if your funds and personal information are not secure? Security is a primary focus for us when rating bookmakers working in Nigeria. This also includes the licences and legal situations. If a bookmaker in Nigeria can't provide security criteria like SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication and also guarantee the security of your private data, Betting Tips Africa advises that you shouldn't play there. 


The website must be user-friendly and thus intuitive for both experienced customers and beginners. This means that all essential contents and links must be easily accessible and clearly arranged. Our team takes the design/functionality seriously, and we rate any sports betting service that invests significant time in perfecting the website and app's interface and user experience. 

Speed/User Friendliness

Speed is a necessary feature of the best bookmakers. Of what use is a slow betting platform when you want to play special games like live bets? Even in the registration process, users need to be able to complete inputting their data and verifying it in a few minutes. We won't rate a bookmaker high if you can't quickly register and wager on sports due to lags or app restrictions.


The availability of features also impacts how we rate bookmakers. We definitely rate platforms with features like cashout, casino gaming, live streaming, virtual gaming, and the like. We won't rate any platform that does not provide the bare minimum in terms of features.

Deposits & Withdrawals At Nigerian Betting Sites

Another important thing to watch out for when rating a bookmaker is through the payment methods available. This includes the deposit and withdrawal methods available to all punters in a region. In Nigeria, bookmakers strive hard to make numerous payment options available to their customers. This is a good thing, as it makes sense for players to have options to choose from and not get stuck with just a few payment methods. 

In Nigeria, betting payments can be made with a huge variety of options. You can make use of debit and credit cards like Visa, Verve and MasterCard. You can also use E-wallets like OPay, Palmpay, Kuda, Quickteller and so on. Payment gateways like Paystack, flutterwave and Interswitch are also available. Lastly, punters can make use of ATM machines and many more. 

Bookmakers risk losing customers if there are difficulties or issues with the payment methods they use. However, having the most options for payment methods does not make sense if punters have to wait a long time. So, whether it is a deposit or withdrawal, gamers must not be made to wait excessively before they can process payments. 

Fees Charged By Sports Betting Sites In Nigeria

It is important to us that every transaction Nigerian punters complete is exempt from fees charged by the bookmaker. Also, there must not be any hidden fees charged by such Sportsbook on deposits and withdrawals. In this regard, Nigerian bookmakers are not shady as they do not charge transactions or hidden fees. Any fee incurred during transactions is purely from the payment method users select.  

Nigerian Betting Sites And Their Bonus Offers

Bonuses are one of Nigerian bookmaker's calling cards. However, an attractive bonus offer is not automatically good. Therefore, this factor plays a significant role in our bookmaker test. We do not only examine a betting site’s welcome bonus but also the offers for established customers. During this, we shed light on these points:

  • How easy or difficult is it to use a bonus?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the respective betting provider?
  • What are the bonus conditions regarding turnover and the maximum possible amount?
  • What is the time limit for redeeming the bonus?

In our bonus sections, we will explain to you how worthwhile the bonus offers actually are! Furthermore, you will learn how to claim the bonus, how to use it and how to redeem it. 

The Extra Features Nigerian Betting Sites Offer Their Customers

So far, we have looked at the basic requirements for all bookies to be highly rated and recommended on Betting Tips Africa. In addition, rated bookmakers should offer a cherry on the cake for customers. Some of the extras that can be provided include: 

  • Cashout
  • Betting configurator
  • A VIP program 
  • Live betting 
  • Casino gaming 
  • Virtual Gaming 

The Best Nigerian Betting Sites

Picking the best sites to game with in Nigeria is subjective because there are a lot of things to consider, and user feelings are not the same. To help you out with selecting the best bookmaker for you, we at Betting Tips Africa provide reliable bookmaker reviews on the most reputable online gambling platforms available in Nigeria.

You do not have to worry about the legal situation of any Sportsbook reviewed on our site as this has been taken into consideration. Our editors and testers adhere to the belief that our evaluations must be as objective as is humanly possible. We also make sure to update you regularly with news, predictions and strategic points via our Soccervista, Betting Strategy and News sections.

Nigeria harbors one of the biggest online sports betting markets in the ENTIRE AFRICA. So, it is not a coincidence that there are tons of betting apps available for use. We have made your search for a top class app much easier for you. Check below to have a look at the best apps in Nigeria and make your choice.

Can the majority of punters do without bonuses? The obvious answer is NO. Thus, bookmakers do not joke with their bonus offers. This is especially TRUE in Nigeria, and we have picked out some of the best bonuses for YOU to select your preference.


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