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Familiarity builds "TRUST" is one of the truest statements in the world of sports betting. As a sports bettor, can you game with a platform you CANNOT trust, let alone put in your funds? Certainly, no will be the answer. 

It is well-known that our primary aim at Betting Tips Africa is to provide YOU with first-class information on every betting aspect including the most important one, WINNING. To carry out our aims effectively, we NEED YOU TO TRUST US, which is the sole aim of this page. 

Want to meet our team? Welcome to our "Meet Our Writers" page, where you can get to know our team and read some important information about us. We think that getting to meet US will not only spark a new level of trust, but also increase the effectiveness with which you understand everything we have to offer. Here we are:


Alice made her first steps in sports journalism while still at school. Thereafter, she also started working with sports betting more than ten years ago. Since then, she has loved writing betting previews. Furthermore, she likes to test bookmakers and to give other tips. Alice, for example, has been a member of the Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive (AIPS) since 2016 and observes the teams on site as often as possible. In addition to her mother tongues German and Italian, she manages English and Spanish. And Alice is happy to use this for her work.


Max lives half in Spain, half in South America and is originally a journalist and author, but in the past 20 years he also got to know the sports betting world from different sides. Among other things, he worked as an odds compiler for German sports at a large British provider and acquired a healthy basic knowledge of statistics. On the side, he had a weekly Bundesliga column in a major Hong Kong newspaper and worked in an advisory capacity for sports betting providers as well as professional bettors. He is an expert on German football and follows with great enthusiasm any other sport where there are rolling and flying balls, interesting statistics and good betting opportunities.


Mayowa was born and bred in Nigeria. As a kid, he has naturally always been in love with sports, with football being his most loved sport. Having gained admission into a higher institution, he moved in to play for the school team but was turned down several times. He managed to get into the school team in his final year and was able to win two trophies, a personal award of excellence whilst taking home the “Best Defender of the Year award.”


Before founding bettingtipsafrica, Joseph worked in a leading position of a well-known sports betting provider. Now he wants to share his years worth of experience in the industry with our readers. His vision: Informative, high-quality and entertaining content for anyone interested in sports betting. To make this a reality, he always stays up to date with the current developments in the world of sports betting. 

A.J. Mean

A.J. lives in Austria, partly in the city and partly in the countryside, and is a career changer in the sports betting sector. She loves to stick her nose into new areas and use her project management skills there. Working and thinking in systems drives her and feeds her curiosity. That’s what unites her many professional pillars.

About Betting Tips Africa's Editorial Team

Here on Betting Tips Africa, you can always find current news, tips/predictions, guides and reviews on betting sites in Africa. We check all our hosted bookmakers based on the most important criteria, which are: the rankings, experience reports, features, and many more.

To keep our tests and experience reports informative, simple, and entertaining for everyone, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We are from different parts of the world, have vastly different expertise, and are unique in our fields. However, we have one thing in common: We put our heart and soul into making the world of sports betting accessible and exciting to our readers.

What Betting Tips Africa Has To Offer

From our hands to your screen, YOU can expect the best of sports betting tips and information from us. We want to be a reliable companion for YOU, our readers. That’s why we want to act as a compass for all African bettors, thus helping you navigate the world of sports betting. Among other things, here are some categories of information you can get from us:

Betting Site Reviews: Here, you can compare bookies directly based on important criteria and current news.

Betting Site Tests: We scrutinise all Betting Sites based on what they offer, and share our results and ratings directly with you. 

Betting Site Experience Reports: Here, you have a look behind the scenes and get second hand experience from our testers.

Info on Betting Offers: Here, we share the best deals that are currently on the market with you. 

Info on Betting Bonuses: You can learn about all current bonuses and promotions on offers for new and existing customers.

Info on Betting Apps: The bookies’ mobile betting offers 

Current News And Tips: We keep you updated on current events around the sports betting world, and also share tips on how to make profits on your bets. 

Soccervista: Our Soccervista section helps you find special betting strategy and tips. It also relates current happenings in the sports world with betting strategies. 

What We Want: Our Vision

We are working with drive and passion to give our readers all the necessary information so that they can navigate the jungle of betting sites, the ticket of odds and the desert of bonuses. To achieve our vision, we need you! Feel free to give us feedback, share your experiences with us and let us know what we can do to help you.