African Betting Apps you need to know in 2022 [Mobile Apps Review]

Find the best free betting apps in Africa! Nowadays, mobile devices make up over 50% of global internet traffic. When it comes to online betting, especially interactive live betting, even 70-80% of all bets are placed using a mobile device. That’s why a bookie can only get a good rating in our Betting Sites Review when they have a top-rated betting app to offer.

There really are big differences. And we have a look at each betting app and check them for the most important criteria:

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • User Friendliness
  • Availability
  • Speed

Only bookies, who can convince us in all these aspects earn a top rating in our betting apps review.

Before we take a closer look at the reviews of the mobile betting apps of the various betting sites, we will introduce you to the bookies in your country to check the availibility directly from the list of bookmakers there:

Betting App Review: What the best Sport Betting Apps in Africa have to deliver

When we have a look at the mobile website of a bookie, we can already tell whether they also have a convincing offer for smartphones. A website, just like an app, has to:

  • run without errors
  • load pages fast
  • be optimized for mobile display
  • be easy to read
  • feel intuitive
  • make a fast and reliable bet possible

Especially when it comes to live betting, a fast connection and smooth run is essential.

Recommended Betting Apps

By the way: For the Review of the Mobile APP of a special betting site please choose the respective betting site directly from the main menu Betting Sites Africa.

Betting Apps for Everyone: iPhone & Android

Every sports betting app should be available for as many operating systems as possible. Android has a market share of over 70 percent. But also Apple users should be able to enjoy mobile betting apps. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on the availability for different operating systems in our Bookie App Review.

Not only does it have to be a native betting app for Android and iOS, but also be licensed for both App Stores. If you don’t want to download the app, you should at least be able to use the mobile betting site at least equally well. A textbook example for good mobile availability is betway.

About Betting Options: We give you all the info about the bookies

Despite the predominant use of mobile internet, not every bookie offers a native app. In these cases, their mobile website has to be all the better – like mybet for example. Their mobile website works so well on smartphones and tablets, that we easily forgive the missing app.

Regardless of betting app or website, iPhone or Android: Mobile betting should be as uncomplicated as possible. If not, the small displays easily spoil the fun. A clear structure and good usability are even more crucial on mobile devices than on the desktop counterpart.

Yet, we do not want to miss anything. Top mobile betting apps should offer the same options that are available to desktop users:

Which Bookie has the Top Betting App – Review?

We always include the app in our reviews. In our big

Betting Site Review, you can find all current info around bookies, their offers, and our review of them. We can only tell you this much: Our top-rated betting app got full marks for their app.

The betting app alone is for some bettors more important than for others, however, it should never be the deciding criterion for or against a bookie. So, before you make your final decision, always read the entire review.

Using a Betting App Done Right

You, the bettors, also must keep some things in mind to make sure that your betting app runs error-free. Your smartphone should have the newest software version installed and should have enough free storage. If your phone’s storage is almost full, the app might run slower and lag on occasion.

Especially during live betting, this is a total no-go. The same happens with an unstable internet connection. We suggest that your smartphone is always connected to a stable Wi-Fi Source so you can place your bets smoothly and flexibly.

Also, in terms of safety the app user can take matters into their own hands. Not only are mobile devices currently hacking target no. 1, but they also get lost or stolen more easily than a desktop PC. That’s why it is especially important to use a secure password when betting on a mobile device. Also, we advise you to log in and out of your app every time you use it to prevent misuse.

Other Betting Site Categories

What does a Betting App do?

A Betting App makes safe and quick betting on a mobile phone possible.

Usually all payment options that are available on PC/Desktop/Notebook are also available on Betting Apps.

You can download Betting Apps in the Google Play Store if you own an Android Phone and in the Apple App Store if you own an iPhone.

Only download a Betting App in the official App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

A Betting App makes safe and quick betting on a mobile phone possible.

APK stands for Android Package, meaning the installation file of an Android App. Most of the time, APK files can be installed directly via the Betting Website without having to use the Google Play Store.
You should only use this approach with trustworthy Betting Sites.

Almost every Betting Site nowadays offers mobile deposits.
You can find more about this in our Betting Apps section.

Safe betting sites are those with the necessary licenses.