Best Betting Apps In 2024

Betting apps are on the rise in Africa, with the numbers rising steadily. But how will YOU find the one to fulfill your desires? Here is a breakdown of how to identify the best African betting apps in 2024. At Betting Tips Africa, all apps have to undergo rigorous testing before being recommended to YOU. So, read on to get details on our testing process and which apps are the best for YOU.
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Mobile Apps Review 2024

Africa is seeing a revolution in mobile phone technology. New research confirms that African mobile phone users have now surpassed fixed-line subscribers across all continents. To put it simply, mobile phones have changed the face of Africa in recent years, with more Africans getting their first phone after the year 2000 than in the preceding century.

Some countries in Africa have commendable and reliable Internet service providers like Vodafone, Airtel, MTN, Safaricom and Orange. The continent as a whole is rapidly improving, but not uniformly. Therefore, several African nations enjoy blazing-fast Internet speeds while others do not. This has had far-reaching effects on those countries’ economies, finances, societies, and lifestyles. 

Internet Penetration In Africa

When compared to the rest of Africa, Nigeria (find here our review of the top betting sites of Nigeria) has the most significant per capita internet usage with the availability of 3g, 4g, and even 5g networks. An estimated 151.4 million people in Nigeria utilize the internet, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Madagascar’s Internet speed is the fastest in the entire continent. Despite a relatively small population (about 28 million people), the country’s Internet users are expected to grow by more than 300,000 between 2019 and 2020 due to increased tourist demand. The number of people using the internet in Ghana (find here our review of the best betting sites of Ghana) increased to almost 17 million in January 2022, from 15.7 million the previous year. In January of 2022, 23.35 million people in Kenya (find here our review of the top betting sites of Kenya) were connected to the web while South Africa (find here our review of the top betting sites of South Africa) had an estimated number of 41.19 million people connected to the internet during the same time.

Basic Requirements Of A Good Betting App

As soon as online sports betting became available in 1997, many players shifted their focus from traditional land-based sportsbooks to the internet for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that stakes can be made from anywhere. Nowadays, mobile devices account for over 50% of global internet traffic. Although other devices such as laptops, tablets, Macs, and PCs can be used for online betting, it is estimated that between 70 and 80 percent of all online bets are placed on mobile devices. 

Most Sportsbooks have dedicated apps and websites that are optimised for the use of mobile devices. These apps and websites vary significantly in one or more aspects. However, the best of them must satisfy basic requirements before they can be recommended for use on Betting Tips Africa. Below are some of the satisfactions a gambling app must provide before it can be considered a good one;


At Betting Tips Africa, this is the first and foremost consideration when considering top online betting apps. For this reason, the top betting sites must employ extensive security measures to ensure that their client’s personal information is kept private. You shouldn’t play if an app doesn’t assure you that your confidential information will be safe. Stick to verified sites with the necessary licensing in your country and possess security measures like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, Two-Factor Authentication, and other similar safeguards. 

Bookies like Bet365, Msport, and others offer top-notch security with a robust SSL encryption algorithm and also a dedicated page to enlighten bettors on tips to secure their accounts and avoid being scammed or hacked by cybercriminals.


A sports betting provider must ensure its app stands out from the crowd by giving it the time and care to ensure it has the best possible user interface and user experience. Customers must be able to find the information they need quickly, use the app without any problems, and grasp the nuances of the numerous betting rules offered. The Betking website is simple to use in any web browser. It stands out thanks to its captivating design and colour palette.

Speed/User Friendliness

You may desire quick access to your betting platform to squeeze in a last-minute sports bet or other wagers before the game or another event begins, or you may need to register and get your account up and running quickly. As such, you would need your sports betting app that doesn’t impede your freedom to do so.

The likes of AccessBet fulfill this need with a website that quickly responds to user input and takes only a few seconds to load completely. There are no intrusive or annoying advertisements, and all of the features can be accessed with minimal fuss thanks to the logical placement of the necessary controls. 

For quick registration, only a few steps are required to finish the process. Head to the site and hit the “Join” button in the right-hand corner. A registration form will open in the system, which you must complete in its entirety.

Payment Methods

Money safety is another top priority for us when rating any online sports betting app. A good app must offer players diverse deposit and withdrawal methods. So, using a sports betting app that doesn’t support different forms of depositing and withdrawing funds is pointless. The most important payment methods for African Bookies include debit cards (e.g Visa, Verve and MasterCard), E-Wallets (e.g., Perfect Money, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, EPay, Quickteller, WebMoney, Ecopayz, and Payeer), mobile money (e.g., Airtel money, M-pesa, MoMo, Tigo, Orange etc), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash etc), Prepaid cards (Neosurf and PaySafeCard), Online Banking, etc. 

One of the best sports betting sites that gives users the option to use almost any payment method available to them is 1xBet. The choices for depositing and withdrawing funds from a 1xBet account are varied. Debit cards, E-wallets, cryptocurrency are all supported. Also, 1xBet supports payments and withdrawals via the internet banking services of major financial institutions. 

Customer Service

Efficient customer service to gamers is highly essential for us. An unexpected problem can arise at any point during a game. As a player, you must be able to play games, withdraw funds or engage in any other activity with the confidence that customer service will assist you with any possible problems. In Africa, the most demanded customer service channels are social media (e.g Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc), emails, chat boxes, and phone numbers. Platforms like Betika and many others offer customers numerous options to speak with their representatives. 

Platform Availability

Top-class betting apps should be available and compatible with as many platforms as feasible. It is widely known that Android and iOS have the most important platforms in today’s mobile devices platforms despite the existence of others like Windows, Huawei’s HarmonyOS and so on. Android has a market share of over 70% of smartphone operating systems. It’s only fair that iOS users have access to the same mobile betting options. So, any rated app should provide a version for the two giant platforms. 

Basic Requirements Of A Good Betting Website

Not all sports betting sites operating in Africa offer a dedicated app to their customers. In this regard, bettors have to use the mobile website. At Betting Tips Africa, we can determine immediately if a bookmaker has a compelling mobile website by checking out the necessary details. Like any suitable software, a good sports betting mobile website must;

  • Run Without Errors

Like dedicated apps, mobile websites must run without errors. The website must be responsive at most times and cater to the needs of gamers. 

  • Load Pages Fast

Also, the success of a mobile betting website depends on how quickly it loads. It has an immediate impact on customer retention and satisfaction. A sluggish website makes betting less enjoyable for gamers.

  • Be Optimized For Mobile Display

A mobile-friendly website adjusts its layout to be more suitable for mobile devices. It ensures optimal presentation on mobile devices and makes navigating the site a breeze. Depending on the size of the user’s screen, the material is reorganized, with larger buttons for navigation and optimized visuals being displayed.

  • Make A Fast Bet Possible

Especially when it comes to live betting, a fast connection and smooth run are essential. As a gamer, you may need to squeeze in a last-minute bet before an event starts quickly. You will not want your betting website to be slow and unresponsive at that moment.

Lite Versions

Some betting platforms offer a “Lite version” to their customers. This version usually has fewer visuals to cater to the requirements of a wide range of visitors and their specific demands. Internationally renowned bookmaker Betway offers a lite version of their website where you can view a streamlined version of the website. To use the lite version, visit the Betway website and click the three short dashes at the top left corner. Scroll down and tap the “Switch to Lite” link.

Like the website, mobile apps also have a ‘Lite version‘. This version is typically of smaller file size, thus requiring a smaller amount of storage space on your device. For example, the download size for lite versions of some online betting apps may only be around 5 megabytes. In contrast, the download size for the regular version could be around 45 megabytes. Therefore, it is helpful for consumers in the event that they want to preserve some storage space on their mobile devices, specifically smartphones.

Advantages Of Lite Version Apps And Websites

Performs better on low-end devices

It is a well-known practice among app developers to remove several useful functions before converting their full versions of apps into a “Lite” version. A few alterations would be made to the user interface elements, aesthetics, and features. Because of this, the lite version of an app would work better on low-end devices, unlike the regular version. 

Consumes less data

Lite apps function in various environments, such as those with poor internet connections and constrained data storage. As a result, they consume less data than regular apps. In developing countries, where internet speeds aren’t as fast as those in some developed regions, lite apps are incredibly helpful. 

Should I Choose To Use ‘Lite’ Apps?

There are many benefits to using the Lite versions of the programs, but there are also some caveats to keep in mind. To begin, you can use the full version of the betting app provided your device is sufficiently powerful and you have sufficient storage and data. Also, if you’re concerned about the Lite app’s limited functionality, you should probably use the full version instead. However, if you don’t have the liberty of both (powerful device and sufficient data), you should probably choose a lite version if available. So, your choice would depend on your situation.

Safety Tips To Download A Betting App

It’s important to emphasize the safety benefits of installing an app before recommending it to YOU. The gaming community is rife with fraud and scams, for those who aren’t cautious. Because of this, YOU need to be careful when downloading any sports betting app. If you are a native/resident of Africa or any other part of the world, read these safety guidelines brought to you by Betting Tips Africa, as they may save you from the negative sides of online gambling.

Review The Ratings

Before downloading a sports betting app from any source, verify its legitimacy and track record. The most well-liked apps have common elements, such as star ratings, reviews, and user feedback. Comment sections are a great place for people to air their grievances. Reading them could prevent you from gaming with a dangerous cybercriminal or a careless beginner who doesn’t respect your privacy.

Download From Only Official Or Trusted Sources

It is crucial only to download apps from their official sources. Downloading via official sources guarantee that your contact information and other private details will be safe. 

Checkout Your Privacy Conditions

Reading the developer’s privacy policy and the agreement conditions is a good idea, even if it seems like a lot of extra work. Consider who will have access to your data and what they will do with it. Not being able to quickly find a privacy policy may be a red flag that the app is not what it purports to be.

Checkout The Permissions

Check the app’s privacy settings with those mentioned in the policy’s privacy section. Be cautious to check the permissions thoroughly before granting access to anything that could be considered private. 

Install An Antivirus Protection Software

Mobile anti-virus protection is a need. Antivirus and security apps can help you identify if a sports betting app is safe by scanning your device for and removing any destructive code, such as malware. Due to its system-level nature, Android benefits from this type of protection.

Checkout The Latest Update

Viruses and other forms of malware can more easily infiltrate gambling apps that haven’t been updated in some time. So, to determine if security measures are being implemented, you should check to see if the software has been routinely updated.

Which Devices Offer The Best Online Sports Betting Experience?

Although many would like to engage in sports betting from the comfort of their homes, they are unsure of which devices provide the best experience. Since picking the right equipment may significantly enhance your gaming experience, a wide variety of devices that offer the best gaming experience when playing with online sports betting apps are given below;

  • Mobile Phones

There has been a dramatic increase in the usefulness and acceptance of mobile phones due to the rapid development of new technologies in recent years. The power and portability of modern mobile phones makes it possible to enjoy sports betting from anywhere.

  • Portable Laptops

Many gamers gamble at online betting sites via their laptops, as they are now commonplace in most households. Newer laptops feature high-definition displays, lightning-fast processors, and powerful graphics cards. These laptops are also suited for playing casino games and live dealer games, which typically have high-definition visuals. 

  • Tablets

Tablets combine features found in smartphones and computers into one convenient device. Unlike laptops, which need a keyboard and mouse, tablets allow you to perform operations by only touching the screen. 

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Online Betting Apps?

Online sports betting apps can be used on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, they require internet connectivity to run. Below are some internet connection options to consider.

  • Mobile Network

Mobile network is one of the fastest and safest ways to run online sports betting apps on your phone or tablet. The strength of your signal and how quickly you can play depends on your service provider and location. As mobile phones are the most popular device for online gambling due to their portability, mobile networks are the most popular kind of internet connection in online gaming.

  • WiFi via Ethernet Cable

Ethernet is common on PCs. Ethernet cables are larger than phone wires/jacks and are faster than WiFi unless you have a PC or modem with 10Mbps ethernet. Most laptops contain an ethernet port; however, it ties you to the modem/router. Ethernet is a safe way to connect to the internet; however, secure yourself with a strong password.

  • WiFi

Many sports betting players utilize a wireless router to play at home on any device. Most tablets lack mobile service; thus, WiFi is crucial. Being close to the wireless router boosts connection speed.

  • Public WiFi HotSpot

Using a public WiFi hotspot to run sports betting apps are not encouraged because anyone with basic hacking skills can steal your information. So, only use public WiFi networks you can trust.

What Internet Speed Do I Need To Run Sports Betting Apps?

Casino gaming requires more internet power than streaming media and sports betting, as your devices constantly post and download data. You need 25 Mbps to play those games well, but sports betting requires less. 

Due to infrastructural and service provider differences, average internet speeds vary by country. A high-speed connection has benefits but may be more expensive, so choose a plan that meets your demands without breaking the bank.  

The lightning-fast speed of games has become so normal that we rarely notice it. Speed is crucial while playing online casino games to avoid interruptions and slowness. As game complexity rises, a solid internet connection is vital. 

How Can I Make My Device Perform Optimally When Using Sports Betting Apps

It's true that smart devices run sports betting apps smoothly, but you’ll need to make sure your device is running at peak performance for the best experience. Here are some suggestions for enhancing your device’s performance: 

  • Uninstall Unused Apps

It’s not unusual to find many phones or laptops loaded with software. Sometimes, they may already have some pre-installed software from the manufacturer. Having too many apps takes up space and slows down your device. You can swiftly and efficiently uninstall these apps to speed up your device. 

  • Download A Clean-Up Software

You can get a significant performance boost from your device when you use a clean-up program that helps with system cleaning. 

  • Install An Antivirus

Having quality anti-virus software installed on your device is essential. The likelihood of a device becoming inoperable due to virus infection is significant. To speed up your device while simultaneously protecting yourself from malware and other malicious software, you need to get anti-malware and security software for your device.