Paripesa App Review 2024: Mobile Betting on Android and iOS

  • 100% welcome bonus
  • Extensive betting offer
  • Intuitive interface
  • Live streaming
  • 24/7 Customer support

In the ever-evolving landscape of online betting, Paripesa has emerged as a contender worth serious consideration. Boasting a user-friendly interface, an extensive game selection, and competitive odds, Paripesa offers a compelling proposition for both seasoned punters and curious newcomers. This comprehensive review delves into the app's strengths and weaknesses, providing valuable insights for those seeking a rewarding and reliable betting experience.

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Paripesa App

Paripesa App Quickfacts

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  • Android
  • Mobile Payment
  • APK Download
  • Usability
  • Speed
  • additional Features
  • Mobile Payment:
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Paripesa App At a Glance

  • Pros
    • Extensive betting options
    • User-friendly interface
    • Availability of live streaming
    • Early cashout feature
    • Flexible app settings
  • Cons
    • Lack of local licenses in many African countries
    • No lite version of the app
    • Limited payment methods
    • App updates can be irregular

In this Paripesa App Review 2023, our experts at BTA present an in-depth analysis of the mobile betting application. It is no secret that most online sportsbooks now deploy mobile apps to cater to the needs of their customers. Paripesa is no exception and has deployed mobile apps to enable its customers to bet on the go. With the app, you can easily place bets on Paripesa whenever possible and never miss an update. 

About the Paripesa Sportsbook App – Rating: 93/100

The Paripesa app is a mobile phone application developed by Paripesa to run on Android or iOS devices. It is a mobile application version of the Bookmaker’s website designed to enable punters to place wagers on their favourite sporting event while on the go or even from the comfort of their home.

The Paripesa apps are attractive to punters because of their minimalistic design and intuitive interfaces. You can easily place wagers on your favourite sports and track bets on the platform. Please take a few minutes to read this Paripesa app review presented by our experts at BTA and learn more about the design, key features, and security of the Paripesa mobile application, among other things.

PariPesa App Design and Usability 

Android and iOS App

The Paripesa sportsbook app is designed to improve the overall betting experience of users. Once you install and launch the mobile application, you will be captivated by the Paripesa app’s minimalistic design and intuitive interface. The app replicates the features and functionality of the Paripesa website.

Punters in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and other African countries where the Sportsbook operates can explore these impressive features by downloading and installing the app on their mobile phones.

Paripesa App Design

At Paripesa, the mobile app’s minimalistic design is immediately apparent upon installation. You will be able to handle a confusing array of images. If you pay close enough attention, it’s easy to grasp all that’s being presented. Also, the colour scheme is quite eye-friendly.

All navigation bar items have clear and concise names, and it is simple to narrow down your options. The app provides a comprehensive list of available sports and a range of betting markets. A “Popular page” section allows you to customise the sports and banner feed that will first be presented once you open the app. 

You can also arrange the order to determine which event or sport comes to your attention first. Configuring your Popular Page according to your unique needs and preferences helps improve the overall user experience on the Paripesa mobile betting application.

The Paripesa Sportsbook app uses high-definition graphics, and the interface is responsive, making its usage seamless on various devices. Suppose you own an Android or iOS device. In that case, you may enjoy the full functionality of the Paripesa betting app by downloading the Android APK, creating an account, and logging in. 

The Paripesa app also uses slideshows, pop-ups, and hello bars to keep customers up-to-date on all the newest bonuses, freebies, and other special offers. When using the Paripesa sports betting app, you may personalise it by changing the settings. You can alter the languages, timezone, bet slip visibility, light version and quick bet slip to fit your preferences. Also, you can adjust the odds format to one of the following: Decimal, US, UK, and Hong Kong formats. 

Usability – Rating: 96/100

User-friendliness is central to the development of the Paripesa app. Thus, the app’s primary functions and shortcuts are placed in an accessible and efficient fashion. The layout is straightforward and friendly, partly due to its exceptional colour palette. Although Paripesa may not be on the level with some of the world-beaters in the gambling industry, its mobile application is far superior to many. 

During the Paripesa app review process, we discovered that the mobile app for Android and iOS is user-friendly. We were impressed by the responsiveness and clean layout of the mobile platform. Let’s look at some critical factors that made the platform very intuitive. 


As a user, you can navigate through different app sections seamlessly and place your bets. There are no clutter designs that will bring confusion to any user. An organised menu structure is found at the bottom of the home page. There is also a search bar to help users locate whatever they are looking for. 

Speed/Loading Time – Rating: 97/100

The Paripesa mobile application for iOS and Android loads faster than most of its rivals. It also loads faster compared to the mobile website. There is no latency in the Live-betting section, so gamblers who like to wager on in-play events can do so immediately.

Paripesa App Features – Rating: 93/100

Like the official website, the Paripesa mobile app has lots of impressive features that help to improve user experience. They allow users to place wagers with maximum comfort and track their bets whenever they like and wherever they are. Some of the impressive features of Paripesa app include the following:

Push Notification

With the push notification function, users can set the Paripesa app to notify them at the beginning of their selected sporting event. The feature is handy if you do not wish to miss important events you intend to stream or engage in through live betting.

Live Streaming

The live streaming feature allows bettors to watch selected live matches on the app using their mobile phone or tablet. It is free to use the Paripesa live-streaming service. However, you should be aware that you must register and log in to your betting account before enjoying live streaming on the platform.

Live Match Statistics

The live match statistics is a feature of the Paripesa app that grants users access to real-time analytics and statistics of their chosen live sporting events. It is beneficial to punters who engage in live betting as real-time information is essential in making intelligent decisions.

Settings Modification

The ability to adjust your app’s settings (such as the method in which your odds are displayed, your pin and biometrics, bet settings, background, popular page, etc.) makes Paripesa one of the best. It is one of the critical features of the Paripesa application for iOS and Android phones. Users can customise the mobile phone application to suit their personal preferences.

Being able to modify the app to meet individual needs and preferences sets the Bookmaker apart from its competitors in the African market. It is impressive that this feature is also available to gamers on the mobile website.  


Bets and betting slips for a wide range of sports can be cashed in and traded at the Paripesa sportsbook. This function eliminates the need for the event’s outcome to determine the success of your bet. With this strategy, gamblers can ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of a bet.

Cashout is the term used to describe the cash out or payout given to the player by the bookmaker. The odds size of the market at the moment of the cash out also determines the amount collected.

Bet Builder 

Paripesa’s Bet Builder is a convenient tool for creating wagers. You can quickly put together aggregate bets in this “Bet constructor” area rather than going through the full betting process.  

Bet builders are programmes that go through the many potential outcomes and events in a betting scenario and choose the most likely ones. There is nothing more for you to do but enter the stake and hit “bet.”

Bet Slip Scanner

The bet slip scanner is used to get full information about a bet slip. In this case, you can get your friend’s code and scan it on your device to get the full information about his bet.


As stated earlier, the Paripesa mobile application is designed in such a way that it is responsive to all screen sizes. It is compatible with almost all devices and provides a seamless betting experience. However, you should know you require a stable Internet connection to use the app.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Unlike the website, the Paripesa app is easier to use. All navigation links are in one place, making it easy to navigate through the platform with a single swipe of your finger. In addition, the app has spelt out instructions and high-quality images.

Paripesa Mobile App For Android and iOS

Despite coming into the online gambling sphere not long ago, the Bookmaker has continuously improved its mobile betting application to provide iOS and Android users with the best online betting experience. Using the Paripesa app on either Android or iOS should go smoothly. However, you should be aware that each version of the Paripesa app has a minimum system requirement required to function.

As mentioned, you can download the application on gadgets running either the iOS or Android operating system. Sadly, there is no app for devices running on the Windows platform. Let’s look at how you can download the Paripesa mobile application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

System Requirements

Paripesa minimum system requirements for Android
App versionv.11 (6205)
File size55.9MB
CompatibilityAndroid 6.0 or later versions

The table above represents the minimum system requirements to download and install the Paripesa mobile phone application during this review. However, you should know that the app receives regular updates, and the requirements are bound to change. 

Paripesa APK Download

How to Install the Paripesa App

As you may already know, the Paripesa Android app is unavailable to users on the Google Play Store. Because of this, Android users in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and other countries where the Bookmaker operates will have to visit the Paripesa official website to download the Android APK file. Let’s look at the steps to download and install the Paripesa app on your Android phone.

Step 1. Visit the Paripesa website

Visit the Paripesa website and locate the App section on the footer. Once you have found the app section, click on Android to begin the downloading process. Alternatively, you can input your phone number in the space provided to receive the download link through SMS.

Step 2. Allow App Download from Unknown Sources

You will be prompted by your mobile phone to allow app download from unknown sources once the download is about to begin. Enable the option without fear because the Paripesa app is safe and will not harm your mobile phone. After granting the permission, wait a few seconds for the download to complete.

Step 3. Installing the Paripesa APK for Android

Click on the APK file to begin the installation of the app. You will be required to permit the installation of the app from an unknown source. Grant the permission and wait a few minutes for the installation process to complete. The Paripesa app icon will be added to your mobile phone’s home screen once the download is complete and you have successfully installed the app.

Paripesa App for iOS

As stated earlier, a mobile application for iOS devices allows iPhone and iPad users to place wagers on the go seamlessly. Like the Android app, the Paripesa iOS app has a very intuitive design and responds to iOS devices of different screen sizes. Below are the minimum system requirements for downloading and installing the Paripesa iOS app on Apple devices.

System Requirements

Our experts at Betting Tips Africa have gathered all the basic information about the system requirements of the Paripesa application for iOS. As you can see in the table below, the app only requires a little storage space on your device. You don’t need to worry about the app’s performance if you have a newer iPhone or iPad. Your device must meet the following minimum system requirements to use the Paripesa mobile application for iOS. 

Paripesa minimum system requirements for iOS app
App versionv.1.2
File size89.7MB
CompatibilityiOS 12.0 or later versions

How to Download the Paripesa App on iOS Devices

Unlike Android, you can download the Paripesa app for iOS devices directly from Apple’s App Store. Launch the App Store and search for the Bookmaker’s mobile app. Once seen, click to download and install the iOS app on your Apple device. Alternatively, you can follow these steps to download the iOS app from the Paripesa official website.

Step 1. Visit the Peripesa website

Open the Paripesa website on your mobile phone browser and locate the app link in the website’s footer section. You will find the link on the right side of the footer section. 

Step 2. Download the iOS App

Once you have located the app link in the website footer section, click on the iOS link to start downloading the app. Wait a few seconds for the download to complete, and click on Install. You will be notified as soon as the installation is complete, and you will also see the Paripesa app icon on the home screen of your iOS device.

Security of the Paripesa Mobile App

For gamers, there are a lot of bookies out there to choose from. However, the best among the best bookmakers are the ones that guarantee safety to the gamer. This is why most of them significantly focus on player safety and protection.

It’s critical to have adequate security measures to protect gamers’ identities and money from theft. Bookmakers must safeguard sensitive information provided by users. Luckily, Paripesa has quite a classy security system to protect their customers.

Paripesa ensures it is in the right direction with the interest of gamers as the platform has a valid SSL certificate installation. The Bookmaker employs the gold standard of encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128 bits. While certain institutions may utilise more secure 256-bit encryption, this level of protection is more than adequate for the service being provided by Paripesa. 

Once they receive your information, they will keep it safe at any cost, guaranteeing that user data is protected in each transaction made on the website. Gamers do not risk having their data falling into dangerous hands. Regardless, gamers should always check their connection to ensure it is secure, as the safety of their data depends on more than just the presence of a certificate. 

It is essential to note that Paripesa is a legal and safe betting platform in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and many other African countries. It operates under a licence issued by Curacao gaming laws and strictly adheres to the KYC user verification rule. 

How to Use the Paripesa App

Using the Paripesa mobile app for Android and iOS for your sports betting adventures is effortless. To do this, follow the above steps to download and install the application on your phone. Once you have installed the app, register and log in to your Paripesa account and start betting.

Before betting on the platform, assess the available features and sports betting options for a few minutes. It is also essential to note that you must be at least 18 before registering or using the Paripesa betting app. You should also be aware that you cannot have multiple Paripesa accounts.

How to Register in the Paripesa App

Using the Paripesa app requires registering and logging in to gain full access to all the platform’s features. Because of this, we must provide our readers with the correct information on how they can register or create a Paripesa account for their sports betting activities. Punters in African countries where Paripesa operates can open a Paripesa account by following these few steps:

Step 1. Launch the app and locate the registration button. Once there, click the link to select your preferred registration method.

Step 2. Fill out the registration form by entering your full name, phone number, email address, and country. You will be required to select your preferred currency and your desired password. Ensure that the password is not an easy guess and is something you can never forget.

Step 3. Enter your Paripesa promo code in the corresponding field to receive the Paripesa welcome bonus if you have any. Also, read the Paripesa terms and conditions, which you must acknowledge to complete the registration. Accept and submit the form once satisfied with the terms and conditions. You should know that the same account must also log in to the Paripesa website.

Paripesa App Login

Paripesa Sportsbook has a moderate “Login” button in deep blue, located at the top right corner of the homepage and near the yellow Registration button. It is where users can access their accounts by entering their login details. Gamers must log in with the phone number and password they chose during registration. 

How to update the Paripesa App to the latest version

As stated earlier, Paripesa constantly updates its mobile betting app to improve its customers’ functionality and overall betting experience. Because you may need to update your Paripesa app to access the latest features, Betting Tips Africa must provide information on how to update the Paripesa app.

You should be aware that the Paripesa app has a feature allowing it to look for updates continuously. Once the Bookmaker releases an update, the app will prompt you to install updates. Click the Paripesa icon on your smartphone’s home screen to confirm the download.

Once you have downloaded the updates, click Install and wait for the process to complete. Then, relaunch the app and start enjoying the new features.

Paripesa Betting Market

The sports betting section of the Paripesa app is divided into Live betting and Pre-match betting, with several sports to choose from. Each sport on the Paripesa app has its unique page where users can access information on upcoming or past events, statistics, and tournaments. Our focus is on football, and some of the football betting options available on the Paripesa app include:

Virtual Sports Betting

The virtual betting feature of the Paripesa app allows you to participate in computer-simulated games. If you engage in virtual betting, you can wager bets on different markets as in a real-life match. However, you need to be aware that virtual games have the potential for colossal gain and loss. Therefore, you should always tread with caution.

Pre-match Betting

In pre-match betting, users can select their favourite sporting events and possible outcomes. Some of the options to wager on in pre-match betting include the team to win in 90 minutes, whether both teams will score, over and under market, among others. Check our full review of the bookmaker to learn more about Paripesa offers on football.

Live betting

As stated earlier, Paripesa also offers live betting. The feature is available on the app and allows you to place wagers on sporting events already in progress. Through this feature, Paripesa customers can carefully analyse events as they are unfolding and make better betting decisions.

You will be impressed by the number of events and betting markets available on the Paripesa app. We will refer you to our detailed Paripesa review for more information about football options. The review covers the Paripesa betting market, football betting offers, betting options, odds margin, and Paripesa bonus offers.

Pros and Cons of the Paripesa Mobile Betting App

Like every other sports betting application, the Paripesa betting application has advantages and disadvantages for iOS and Android devices. BTA believes providing some pros and cons is essential to help our readers make more intelligent betting decisions. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons below.

What we like more about the Paripesa App

  • Flexible settings that allow you to customise the app according to your preference
  • Regularly updated mobile app
  • Live streaming of selected sporting events
  • Very responsive and easy to navigate

What we like less about the Paripesa App

Despite the many benefits of the Paripesa online mobile app for iOS or Android, the Paripesa platform has the following drawbacks:

  • No lite version exists for those who would rather minimise their data usage.
  • It is restricted in some countries.
  • Android users must modify their smartphone settings to accept installation from unknown sources.

Paripesa Mobile Website

There is a mobile version of the Paripesa sportsbook for anyone who would rather not install the Android APK file or the iOS version of the app. The mobile website has the same design, interface, and features as the official website and mobile app. Because of this, you can perform the same activities on any of the platforms.

Using the Paripesa mobile website does not require special skills or creating a new account. Launch your mobile phone browser, type in the website address, and you will be taken to the mobile site, where you must log in with your credentials to use the platform or sign up if you are a new user.

Difference Between Paripesa App and Mobile Website

The Paripesa mobile website is very responsive and works fine with devices of different screen sizes. However, many punters prefer to use the mobile app for some reason. Because of this, we compared the mobile betting site and app and here are our findings regarding the differences.

Paripesa Mobile AppParipesa Mobile Website
Requires downloading and installing the app on your mobile deviceIt can be accessed directly from your tablet or mobile phone’s browser
Elements on the interface are part of the design and load faster than the mobile website.Images on the mobile website take longer to load than on the mobile app.
The mobile app is regularly updatedThe mobile website does not require users to perform regular updates.
Always accessibleSometimes, the mobile website may be inaccessible due to technological glitches.
Very easy to log inIt requires opening your browser and visiting the Paripesa website before logging in.

Our Final Take on the Bookmaker App

Paripesa has created a name for itself as one of the best online betting platforms in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and many other African countries. The app boasts of a range of sports comparable to only the best in the world. We are impressed by the exciting features available to users on the Paripesa mobile betting application.

It is interesting to learn that, as a punter, you can customise the app to display odds in the format that you understand better. Aside from this, live betting and live match statistics are excellent features punters could use to improve their gaming decisions. The mobile betting application for Android and iOS devices makes it easier for new and experienced punters to place a bet seamlessly.

At Betting Tips Africa, we strongly recommend Paripesa for punters in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries where the Bookmaker operates. Paripesa is legally registered to provide sports betting services in its operating countries. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when you sign up for a Paripesa account.

In conclusion, while we acknowledge that the Paripesa mobile app is one of the best in Africa, it is essential to state that sports betting has the potential for massive loss. Therefore, you should always bet responsibly and within your means. Do not take loans for wagering bets; always stake an amount you can afford to let go. Know when to stop, particularly if you notice any sign of addiction.