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Simply getting information is essential! However, it is less crucial than getting the right and correct one! In the modern era of the internet, where information sharing is becoming easier and faster day by day, the risk of getting wrong or fake information is soaring high.

At Betting Tips Africa, we are dedicated to pass down the correct information to YOU. Our reputation has been built over many years of experience and upgrades in every facet of our information-gathering strategy.

There are tons of reasons for you to trust our services. These include our reviews and comparisons of different bookmakers operating in Africa. We also provide tips, predictions, strategic approaches to betting as well as the latest news on various sports. Above all, our main commitment is to ensure that you, as a user of our services, are well-informed and successful in your sports betting journey.

Since part of our focus at BTA is to make sure you understand anything about sports betting entirely, we created this page as part of our strategic approaches in our commitment to provide you with the correct information to succeed in the game. In essence, this page is a guide that focuses on ensuring that you get full ideas before you embark on any betting journey.

This Guide page is divided into several sections. We also take numerous measures to ensure you are provided with guidelines of the highest quality standards. Below, we list out some of the sections on this page, their objectives, as well as what you stand to gain from them.  

Betting Strategies

A popular saying goes thus, "Knowledge is power." Our Betting Strategy page is one of the most educating sections when it comes to the betting world. In this section, our experts make sure that you can learn numerous strategies to implement in your betting journey. This gives you a higher chance of making profits and progress on your bets. We all know that one of the biggest joys that an average betting individual can derive is WINNING. We want to keep you (our readers) happy by helping you win more; this is the main objective of this page. You can visit our Betting Strategy page by clicking here.

Bet Types And Betting Markets

The "Bet Types And Markets" section explains numerous betting options to you. Sports betting is expanding on a regular, so the markets and options available to you at different betting sites are getting wider. Betting professionals do their research and keep themselves ahead of the market with this kind of information. This gives them the edge when it comes to winning, as they take advantage of every new or favourable market. On the other hand, betting newbies, or should we say the average bettor, are not aware of these markets. Thus, they do not have the opportunity to take up the advantages that the professionals have. So, we have made this page to bridge this gap and give everyone the opportunity to make more money.

Betting Odds And Oddskeys

Odds are the lifeblood of every sports betting site. It is one of the most significant factors that decide if a bettor would stick with a platform or explore another. Every bookmaker claims to offer you the highest odds; however, how can you be sure that the bookmaker you have chosen is really telling you the truth? The answer is that you can only know if the bookmaker is lying to you if you are a betting professional or veteran. So, what's our answer/solution to you being lied to by your bookie? The implementation of our Betting Odds And Keys page.

The fact remains that odds are a tool that provides a measure of how likely a particular outcome occurs. It reveals what the bookmaker really thinks would happen at the end of or during a game, event, or proposition. Odds also show how much money you have to risk on a certain bet before you are able to win a certain amount of money from the bookmaker. So, if you are aiming to win €1,000 from a bookmaker, the odds will reveal how much money you have to wager to achieve your objective. If you want to win the amount while staking just €10, the odds will reveal how much risk you have taken.

There are different kinds of odds: fractional odds, moneyline odds, and decimal odds.

The fractional odds are favoured by bookmakers in the United Kingdom and look like this: 4/1 or 1/4. These kinds of odds reflect the net total that the bookmaker will pay out to the bettor, should their bets win.

The decimal odds are the most common and are favoured in continental Europe, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, and so on. These types of odds show the ratio of the payout amount from the bookmaker to the bettor, including their original stake.

Moneyline odds are often referred to as American odds. In essence, the favourite team or individual will have negative odds, while the underdog usually has positive odds. As expected, the negative odds imply a lesser payout as it is a safer bet, while the positive odds imply a larger payout as it is a more risky bet.

To read more and understand everything related to odds, including the "Odds Margin," also known as "Vigorish" or "Vig," key into our Betting Odds And Oddkeys page, and you will come out a better bettor than you were.

Betting ABC

Our Betting ABC is a dictionary that shows and explains all the terms used in betting. In many cases, bettors (especially novices) come across some betting terms in their course of action and skip over them because they do not understand such terms. This causes a lot of loss in opportunities as many betting sites usually use terminologies in specific gaming sections. Our Betting ABC page is quite helpful for you, whether you are a lover of sports betting, virtual gaming, or casino gaming.

Let's take a good example of betting terminology. Assuming you are in the midst of your betting activities on your favourite platform, cruising around and setting your stakes. Suddenly, you come across a term known as "Circled game," or you come across a game/event that is circled; what would you think? What would you do?

Circled games are matches/events that have a set betting maximum. In many cases, these maximums are usually capped at low amounts to bettors. Bookmakers circle games when they face uncertainties regarding a game, such as an unprecedented injury to a key player, weather problems, or other related problems just before a match or an event begins.

To know more about these terms used in numerous facets of betting, just key into our Betting ABC page and learn more from our team of experts.

How To Bet Section

Our How To Bet Section is soon to come. Here we will provide you with essential information regarding various topics, such as

  • How to Download the App of a Betting Site
  • How to Withdraw Money from a Betting Site
  • How to use Free Bets and Promo Codes
  • How to use a Bonus
  • How to use Enhanced Odds
  • How to Register and Login at your favorite Operator
  • and many many more…

So stay tuned!


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