Tips and strategies for football betting

If only it were that simple! The majority of tipsters do not win in the long run. But that has to do with the right strategy, the necessary patience and, of course, a certain amount of starting capital. In any case, the betting provider’s betting offer is decisive in terms of breadth and depth (especially in the area of football betting) as well as the betting odds (here, the odds ratio is particularly important).

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Here are a few practical tips:

  • Before the match, you should always analyse the two teams extensively.
  • How strong is the general difference in performance between the two teams?
  • What is the form of the respective teams?
  • Is there a home advantage? Are spectators allowed?
  • Which players will be missing? How important are they? Does this change the style of play?
  • What is the atmosphere like at the two clubs? 
  • How have previous encounters between the two clubs or between the respective coaches turned out?
  • What significance does this match have for the current standings?
  • While it is good to trust your gut feeling, it is not always profitable.
  • Set your own clear strategy!
  • Only bet on teams, leagues and handicaps that you know well or follow the tips of experts.
  • Never bet blindly on a particular outcome.
  • Set limits for your bets. For example, you can set a fixed stake or a percentage of your available stake. 
  • Always bet on single matches, avoid combination bets, even if they offer temptingly high odds.
  • And of course, always read our expert analyses on

The most popular teams for football betting are those that have the highest profile and whose players are most in the public eye.

In addition, many sports bettors tend to bet on the favoured teams, which are also rated with the greatest probability of winning by the betting providers. However, this does not always lead to success.

Many professional bettors, on the other hand, pursue clear betting strategies. They bet on teams that are in good form and have not lost a point several times in a row, or they specifically select the teams that have recently repeatedly lost their games and bet against them.

There are now sports betting providers all over the world and there is hardly a sports event that you can’t bet on in advance. We have already reported in detail about which betting sites are the best, which payment options are available, how the respective betting offers have proven themselves in the test and how the increasingly important topic of mobile apps is to be evaluated at the respective bookmakers.

The really big question for every ambitious betting player, however, is how to increase this starting capital. If you just want to bet a few euros on particularly interesting matches of your favorite club every now and then to add a bit of excitement to the proceedings, you might not necessarily need a strategy.

However, if you want to get serious, you can’t avoid taking care of the proper management of your betting capital, your wagers and, most importantly, the selection of your picks.

First of all, let’s take a look at the different selection strategies

The best bets are always the ones that win. This sounds simple, but it is not. Identifying them can be very time-consuming and you should already be a proven expert in a certain sport or league and be familiar with statistics and probability calculations in order to have a small competitive advantage over the specialists at the bookmakers – because they are also experts who include all the statistics, no matter how small, in their own calculations: Player ratings, chance taking, performance, mileage, ball possession, maybe sometimes even the biorhythm of each player in the squad.

So if you take your time, inform yourself a lot, watch matches, evaluate statistics, calculate probabilities and the like – then in the long run you will have a decent basis to be successful with sports betting – at least in the particular league or sport you feel comfortable with.

But is that already enough to fill your sports betting account? Probably not. Because in order to build up a balance in the long term, it makes sense to include many more games or bets in your betting portfolio.

But: which bets are the best from the wide range of different betting offers?

For this, there are numerous strategies that take into account different factors, which we would like to discuss in more detail in the following chapters. Is it betting on strong home teams, is it consistently betting on underdogs, is it betting on draws, is it looking for the teams underestimated by the bookmakers or rather the teams with the strongest away record?

In the first section of Part 1 of the analysis, we look at which odds and which picks would have made a profit in the 2021/2022 season as well as in the previous years, but also show what you would rather have kept your hands off. This is divided into three-way bets such as 1,0,2 as well as various two-way handicaps and double chances. In the second section we look at goal bets. Is it worth it? When is it worth it?

In the second part we take a look at different constellations: What happens when and how? Will a team that has won three games in a row win the fourth? How long do losing streaks last? Is there a new coach effect? If so, how long does it last? There are plenty of questions, and we have the answers for you.

But the other big challenge comes in Part 3: How do you manage your money? By betting smart, you can avoid going bankrupt early on, or you can move slowly or quickly. You can bet very conservatively or very daringly – it all depends on your personality. But regardless of which money management strategy you choose, it’s not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket or up the ante on a single, individual tip just because your gut tells you to.

Speaking of gut feelings. Sometimes you have a special feeling that this or that team will win. And that can even be confirmed. But in the long run, it has rarely paid off to rely solely on your famous gut feeling when it comes to sports betting.

Further information about betting strategies:

  • Statistical evaluation/backtesting 2021/2022 + the last 5 seasons
  • Findings from the backtest and possible deductions with regard to betting strategies
  • Betting markets and bet types
  • Betting odds and odds keys

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