La Liga Prediction – Our Analysis for current La Liga matches 2023

Together with the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga is one of Europe’s top leagues. And with it, one of the best national competitions in the world. This is reflected in the outstanding performances in the European Cup competitions and, for example, in the countless final victories in the Europa League. In this respect, it is not surprising that football is a major topic of discussion for the vast majority of people there on a daily basis. For example, there is an unofficial law that every Spanish football lover has to choose his or her favourite Clásico team – by which we mean Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Moreover, all the top clubs in particular have media that focus on them. Strictly speaking, they are dedicated to Spanish football as a whole, but the team in question has a particularly high profile. In addition, fans of Spanish football are concerned with the Supercopa, the Copa del Rey, La Liga 2 and the newly created Primera División RFEF, for example. Then, of course, there are the national teams, which are regulars at the respective international competitions.

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La Liga predictions

Spanish football has won by far the most Europa League titles, thanks in particular to Sevilla. In fact, the Nervionenses triumphed six times in the UEFA Cup and its successor competition between 2006 and 2020. In addition, there are mainly the outstanding performances of Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. To be honest, the Catalans’ financial problems and the associated transfers reshuffled the cards. Nevertheless, all the teams mentioned so far can still be found in the top flight of the top flight.

La Liga and La Liga 2 are played at national level. From the Primera División RFEF onwards, the division is based on geographical as well as logistical criteria. More precisely, in the third highest division, the clubs located furthest north compete in Group 1 and the others in Group 2. In addition, in La Liga and in Primera División RFEF, 20 teams compete in each championship.

In La Liga2, on the other hand, 22 clubs compete in the regular season. Furthermore, the leagues have in common that the participants play against each other in first and second rounds and at home and away. Away from La Liga, play-offs take place afterwards. On the other hand, three, four and five teams are relegated directly.

The La Liga teams and squads and their form curves

In addition to Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, there are other Spanish clubs that have made a name for themselves internationally. We are thinking of the winner of the Europa League 2021/2022, Villarreal, as well as Valencia, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao and Betis Sevilla. You can expect these teams to win tickets to the European Cup competitions year after year. However, this does not mean that you can bet on them all at once. Villarreal and Valencia are among the teams that have had equally lousy seasons in recent years.

Apart from that, it is always important to pay attention to the balance sheets and the course of the games. Because: It happens often enough that even the eventual champions slip into surprising point losses. For example, Cádiz took a total of four points from Real Madrid in the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 seasons. Furthermore, you should pay special attention to the possible line-ups. And not only because of the injured, sick and suspended players. You should also pay attention to the team spirit and the mentality in general.

The coaches in La Liga and their line-ups

Every coach starts from scratch in La Liga. This is true in every professional field and is also the case in the Spanish top flight. Then there are coaches who, like Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid and Xavi at Barcelona, are immediately successful or who make their breakthrough in a relatively short time, and others for whom this challenge came too soon. Other names that immediately come to mind are Carlo Ancelotti, who is a guarantee of success at Real Madrid, Diego Simeone, who is indispensable at Atlético Madrid, and Villarreal’s successful coach Unai Emery. In addition, it happens that clubs cannot cope with the departure of their coaches.

In addition, it is always worth taking a look at the tactics and the starting line-ups. By this we mean the minutes played by the veterans/stars and the young players and newcomers. Furthermore, it unfortunately happens that, just like the footballers, coaches fall ill. This was the case in the last decade with the then Sevilla coach Eduardo Berizzo and the former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova, who succumbed to cancer.

The La Liga teams’ stadium balances, pressures and special features

You should also analyse how the teams perform at home and away. Usually, the record looks better in your own stadium. However, Real Madrid’s loss of points at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu against outsiders like Cádiz shows that you have to take this aspect with a grain of salt.

In addition, individual pressures such as the journeys play a key role. In addition to Real and Atlético, the Comunidad de Madrid is always home to at least one or two clubs. Furthermore, we can look forward to the derbies of Sevilla vs. Betis and Barcelona vs. Espanyol in La Liga 2021/2022. In Valencia, there are signs of a second-tier finish for Levante, but Villarreal are in the immediate vicinity. On the other hand, Celta Vigo is the only team in the north-west and this inevitably affects the travelling.

In addition, there are other significant incidents. We are talking about the financially turbulent times at Valencia and Almería, among others. But things were particularly bad at former first division side Extremadura, who were expelled from the Primera División RFEF.

La Liga sports betting: How to bet

La Liga thus generates a great deal of interest both inside and outside Spain. Along with this, it is on everyone’s lips around the clock. Before each season, football fans ask themselves who will ultimately win the title and the Clásicos. Furthermore, there are a particularly large number of clubs that have promising chances of winning European Cup tickets. Moreover, after the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to PSG and the stellar season of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, the race for the trophy of the top scorer, the Pichichi, took on new significance.

But La Liga definitely offers more interesting aspects. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to access hundreds of betting markets per match. Then, of course, there are more realistic and less realistic events. But that is precisely why we look at the best possible options for you in our betting tips.