Best Betting Sites in Uganda 2023

At Betting Tips Africa, we have made it a culture to always provide our audience with the best information, which will help them make the most informed decisions in their betting sessions. 

For this reason, in the course of our review of betting websites, we make it a point to investigate each bookmaker in detail. It is important to note that this is not a one-time occurrence for us. Instead, we regularly complete and update the reports that our expert testers have generated. 

This is the only way to guarantee that all of our visitors always have the most recent and updated information.

When evaluating online betting sites on a country-by-country basis (in this case, Uganda), we look at the types of wagering offers and bonuses available, as well as the possibilities for mobile betting and the methods of making deposits and withdrawals. 

If, however, you are not on the up and up from a legal standpoint, then all the aforementioned features will not bring you very much. This is why Betting Tips Africa takes the legal side very seriously. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the legal history and situation of sports betting in Uganda.

Early Ugandan Gambling

According to a population estimate from 2018, Uganda is home to more than 42 million people. Primitive forms of gambling were practiced by the people who lived in this region hundreds of years before the advent of online sports betting companies in Uganda. 

The majority of historians agree that people have lived in the region that is now Uganda for at least 50,000 years, which corresponds to the time period known as the ‘Paleolithic.’ 

Let’s fast forward to the year 1984; this was the year when the country officially became one of the many protectorates of the British Empire. In 1962, under Milton Obote’s leadership, the country gained its freedom from colonial rule. 

Milton Obote was Uganda’s second president and seventh one. During his time in office, he also enacted the very first gambling legislation in the country. 

Even though the government of Uganda did not begin to control gambling activities until the late 1960s, gambling has been a part of the routine life of Ugandans for centuries. 

The Ugandan Gambling Laws

Thus, we arrive at the National Lotteries Act; the first comprehensive piece of gaming legislation, which was drafted back in 1967. In the wake of the passage of the National Lotteries Act, gambling in all its forms became legitimate.

This piece of legislation, which dates back to 1968 and got passed in conjunction with the Gaming and Pool Betting Act, is the primary piece of gambling legislation in Uganda. This leads us to another cornerstone of Ugandan gambling, the National Gaming Board

It is imperative that this government body be brought up whenever there is a conversation about whether or not sports betting is legal in Uganda.

The Establishment And Duties Of The National Gaming Board

Since the late 1960s, it has been allowed in Uganda to engage in gambling activities. The expansion of the business has been remarkable, particularly over the course of the most recent few years.  

Both land-based and virtual forms of gambling are legal in Uganda, according to the National Lotteries Act of 1967. So, betting for real money on a wide variety of sports markets with access to excellent odds is possible without fear of legal repercussions. 

In connection with these kinds of pursuits, the National Lotteries Act led to the establishment of the National Gaming Board.

There are five rules that back up this government agency, with the most recent one going into force in May 2016.

The National Lotteries Act charges the National Gaming Board with the responsibility of:

  • Licensing online sports betting sites.
  • Monitoring online gambling services and products.
  • Regulation of all six legal forms of gambling in the country, including pool betting, bingo, sports betting, slot machines, casino, and lottery.
  • Licensing of online gambling operators.
  • Promoting responsible gambling.
  • Making sure all gambling sites operate according to the main piece of legislation.

For anyone interested in placing wagers on sporting events from Uganda, the sites that we’ve evaluated here on Betting Tips Africa represent a fantastic resource.

Rise In Ugandan Online Sports Betting And General Gambling Activities

Following the introduction of new gambling venues, particularly some that are accessible online, the gambling sector in Uganda has witnessed phenomenal growth in the number of gambling activities participated in by individuals of legal age since the early 2000s. 

New and innovative types of gambling, such as Poker Rooms and Online Casinos, have entered the Ugandan market. The proliferation of internet access, higher cable TV penetration, and mobile phone ownership are all driving this dramatic rise in gaming in Uganda. 

Most importantly, the sports betting industry is growing at a rapid rate in the country, especially among young adults. There are always going to be new issues, but technology and digitization in Uganda are driving the business forward. 

The Following Bookies Are Legally Authorized To Operate In Uganda

Aba Bet
Admiral Bet
Bet Master
Bet Winner
Bet Vita
Bongo Bongo
Bunga Bet
Bwin Bet
Capital Bet
Champion Bet
Hot Bet
King Sports Betting
Millenium Bet
Novo Games
Paragon Bet
Pari Bet
Premier Bet
Pulse Bet
Sahara Games
Sema Bet
Smart Bet
Top Bet
Win Win Bet
Licensed Bookies In Uganda (source:

What Is The Legal Situation Of Sports Betting In Uganda?

Gambling was allowed to operate freely in Uganda for a good number of years, and the nation did not have any kind of institutional legislature or legal structure in place to keep an eye on the gambling industry. In 2012, legislators at long last enacted legislation to monitor activities associated with online gambling. 

The majority of gambling activities can be engaged in legally. The National Lotteries and Gaming Board is the government agency that is in charge of regulating the gaming industry as well as issuing gambling licenses. 

With the introduction of the new regulations, Uganda now possesses the highest legal gambling age in the world. The legal age for internet gambling has increased to 25 years of age. The gambling business is not suffering because of the new age limitations.

According to the Taxation Handbook of the Ugandan Revenue Authority, winnings from gambling are taxable, and gambling winnings are subject to a 15% tax. Companies deduct it from players’ payouts, so there’s no need for players to pay additional tax on top of that. 

Uganda’s legislative framework for gaming is particularly well-defined and comprehensive but has yet to reach the standard of other African countries. 

Also, there are usually severe consequences for engaging in unlawful betting. The Ugandan government is very strict about following the rules.

Odds And Their Importance To Ugandan Sports Bettors

Online gambling is allowed in Uganda, and the country is home to several industry-leading Sportsbooks. Similarly, punters in Uganda can place wagers at a handful of locally based websites (as long as the bookmaker has a license from the National Gambling Board) that provide access to the same betting markets, odds, and bonuses as their foreign counterparts. 

Sports fans in Uganda show even more enthusiasm when they wager on their favorite teams through any number of options provided by the top betting sites in the country. One of them and worth taking a look at, being Paripesa.

One distinct advantage of sports betting over other forms of gambling is the ease with which gamers can ascertain the odds. Bookmakers set odds on a bet based on their assessment of how likely an outcome is to occur.

Odds often get presented as a fraction (such as 2/1) or a decimal (2.3) in the United Kingdom and other European countries. 

Alternatively, in the American approach, which is known as the moneyline, a plus or minus sign is placed in front of a number (such as +100) to indicate a betting line. 

That way, we can see how the chances for the same event vary widely across betting sites. Gamers need to take a close look at this because it affects their chances of cashing out big. 

Anyone who bets responsibly and hopes to win money betting on football should take the time to learn about the odds and how they are determined.

Which Sports Betting Sites Offers The Best Odds In Uganda?   

The profit margin is a good indicator of the odds’ quality. As it decreases, the user’s situation improves. Prematch betting odds get considered reasonable if they provide a profit margin in the range of 5%. In most cases, the margin for error is much larger for live bets. 

A high ranking on Betting Tips Africa can only get attained by Bookies who consistently provide favorable odds. When placing a wager, you may see the potential payout in the odds, which are a measure of how probable the bookmakers believe your selection is to win. 

There are several bookmakers who offer mouthwatering odds to Ugandan gamers. However, it is essential to note that their odds vary from time to time depending on several factors, like statistics. 

The most important thing for Ugandan gamers is to pay apt attention when checking out the odds during a gaming session. This way, they can be sure to improve their profit when they win big on sports betting.

Ugandan Online Sports Betting Apps

Across all continents, including Uganda, mobile phone users in Africa have officially exceeded subscribers to fixed-line services, according to a new study. 

More Africans got their first phone after the year 2000 than they did in the whole of the previous decade. This has dramatically altered the continent’s appearance in recent years.  

The internet has become an integral part of the daily lives in Uganda, with everyone conducting a considerable lot of business on it. As well as other numerous Ugandan activities, the internet has boosted sports betting in many ways. 

As a result, it is necessary for the internet presence of Sportsbooks to be maximized for bettor’s ease of use. 

At Betting Tips Africa, the quality of the mobile apps and websites is what we value the most. Even if the app is not a world-beater, it needs to be at least on par with some of the most basic-oriented Bookie apps in the world.

When it comes to mobile accessibility, most sportsbooks offer their own applications and mobile-friendly websites. There is a wide variety in the quality of these apps and websites.

For bookies to get highly rated on our website, they must provide apps that are native to the platform and available for download on Windows, Android, and iOS. Further, the ability to get push notifications is a distinct benefit. 

Important Factors for Mobile Sports Betting Apps


Generally, including Uganda, this is the primary factor you should think about while evaluating potential apps for online sports betting. For this reason, only the most stringent security measures can guarantee the privacy of their customers’ financial and identification details.

If a mobile app can’t guarantee the security of your private data, Betting Tips Africa advises that you shouldn’t play there. 

It is recommended to use only reputable sites that have passed stringent security criteria like SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication, and others.


Customers need to be able to quickly locate what they’re looking for, use the app with ease, and understand the subtleties of the many betting rules provided. This is why our team takes the design/functionality seriously.

The website should be easy to use, and as a result, it should be intuitive, for both novice and seasoned users of the service. One way for a sports betting service to differentiate its mobile app from the competition is to invest significant time and effort into perfecting the app’s user interface and user experience. 

Speed/User Friendliness

Speed is a necessary feature of the best Ugandan betting sites, as you could require instantaneous access to your betting platform. This could come in handy if a bettor needs to register and place a wager before the game or other event begins. It would not be a good experience if you can’t quickly wager on sports due to app restrictions.

A good Sportsbook should get you registered in only a few quick steps. These steps should include providing your full name, date of birth, email address, government-issued ID, and all other necessities.

Deposits & Withdrawals At Ugandan Betting Sites 

As you are aware, payments for bets can typically be made via a variety of methods, including debit and credit cards (Visa, Verve, MasterCard), bank and ETF transfers, mobile money, electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Quickteller, Ecopayz), and cryptocurrencies.

The ability of a Ugandan sportsbook to accept a variety of banking methods is essential to the satisfaction that new and returning customers derive from using the site. This is owing to the fact that in the modern market for sports betting, all bookies give virtually the same services to their customers.  

A sportsbook risks losing a customer if the consumer is unable to bet because of issues with the banking alternatives they use. This is true whether the customers are making their first deposit or their hundredth.

So, it is crucial to keep in mind that when a customer makes a deposit, he is essentially handing over control of his money to the betting website. 

Ugandan gamblers, like the majority of other gamblers around the world, take pleasure in mobile entertainment. Thanks to the spread of local mobile payment services, this market is anticipated to expand even further in the years to come. 

Due to making participation in online activities accessible to a greater number of people, mobile payments are actually revolutionizing the gambling industry in Uganda. Some of the best and most well-known Bookies in Uganda all collaborate with the leading mobile payment services in Uganda.

For example, bettors in Uganda can instantly add funds to their Bookie accounts by using any of the mobile payment services Airtel Money, Africell Money, or MTN Money.

Some Popular Payment Options Available To Sports Betting Gamers In Uganda 

The following is an overview of the essential options that are currently available to Ugandan bettors;

MTN Money

In order to use this method to finance your accounts for online gambling in Uganda, you will first need to create an account with MTN Mobile Money and then pay money to that account. When you use this payment option in Uganda, you can rest assured that your deposits will be processed or cleared in your gaming account within fifteen minutes of the completion of the transaction. MTN Money is among the most popular in Uganda.

Airtel Money

It’s common practice for Ugandan bettors to send money via Airtel Money, a popular mobile money transfer service, into their online betting or casino accounts. With Airtel Money, you can play games online from anywhere in Uganda with just a phone, an Airtel Money account, some cash, and your credentials for an online gaming site in the country.

As a mobile banking option, it allows nearly anyone in Uganda with a mobile phone to make quick, safe, and dependable payments from virtually anywhere in the country.

Africell Money

Africell is one of Uganda’s largest cellular providers, having acquired Orange Uganda’s telecommunications infrastructure in 2014. The company now operates over 650 cell towers across the country and has over a million paying customers. Africell established its own mobile money transfer product to compete with Airtel and MTN, and it has proven to be highly successful, especially with online gambling, including sports betting.

Credit/Debit Cards

This mode of payment is accepted by a large majority of betting sites in Uganda, both domestic and international. The transaction can get completed immediately and at no additional cost when utilizing the card method. The issuer or the betting firm is the one responsible for determining the minimum and maximum amounts. 


This method of transaction can be found on a number of Uganda’s most reputable online betting sites. Although gamers may be required to pay a nominal fee, e-wallet transactions are entirely safe to do.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a 100% straight-through transaction from your bank to your gambling account. The list of participating banks in Uganda includes well-known names like Citi Bank and Standard Chartered, as well as smaller institutions like ABSA and Centenary Bank. In contrast to other deposit methods, players can transfer large sums via bank transfer.

What Fees Are Charged By Sports Betting Sites In Uganda?

It is also very important to us at Betting Tips Africa that there are no costs associated with any transactions conducted by the user. Transparency is of the utmost importance, and one of the most important things that should accompany it is the absence of any hidden fees. 

We are glad to say that except for fees associated with the gamer’s preferred payment method, Sportsbooks do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. Also, there are no hidden charges.

Ugandan Betting Sites And Their Bonus Offers

One of the most distinguishing features of online gambling websites are their bonus programs. Online Sportsbooks use bonuses as a means to gain more patrons as well as retain the ones already on their platform.

However, merely having an appealing bonus offer does not guarantee that it is a good one. One has to take into consideration some of the most important features, like the wagering requirement.

As a result, Betting Tips Africa’s focus on revealing the bonus offers from Ugandan Bookies is quite vital to our readers. When evaluating a gambling website, we look not only at the bonus offered to new consumers but also at those presented to regulars. 

When analysing Ugandan Bookie profiles, below are bonus offer criteria we will be shedding light on;

  • How simple or complicated is it to take advantage of a bonus?
  • Which of the betting providers’ terms and conditions do you need to comply with?
  • What is the maximum amount of time that you have to redeem the bonus?
  • How are the bonus conditions regarding turnover and the maximum possible amount?

Regarding bonus offers, reading the fine print is often the only way to understand what is happening on betting websites, just as is the case with many other aspects of life. 

Ugandan Betting Sites And Their Extras: The Petty Things In Sports Betting 

Up to this point, we have discussed the fundamental conditions that must be met by all bookies in Uganda. However, there are some extras that only the top and glamorous betting sites in Uganda can offer. The choice of whether or not to make use of them is ultimately left up to the individual user. Some of these extras include the following;

  • Provision of a cashout feature for specific bets. 
  • A configurator, which enables bettors to place their desired bets easily. 
  • A VIP program designed to benefit loyal patrons, especially those who play regularly. 
  • A live betting feature, which allows gamers to stake on events that have already started.
  • Live stream, which enables gamers to follow the action live from the app.

The Best Uganda Betting Sites

Picking the best sites to game with is subjective because there are a lot of things to consider. However, we provide reliable bookmaker reviews to assist you in locating the most reputable online gambling platform available in Uganda.

In addition, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will only cover those that are legal in Uganda. At Betting Tips Africa, our testers adhere to the belief that the evaluations should be as objective as is humanly possible.

We update our readers on a regular basis with news pertaining to the gaming industry, as well as provide them with betting advice, factually sound match previews, and more. 

In addition, we are always interested in hearing reports on the experiences of our readers. After all, they make it possible to get a very clear and comprehensive overview of the betting sites and the services they provide.

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