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Nigeria-based Mobile Sport Limited launched MSport in 2019. Afterwards, the bookie gained immense popularity within a short period of time, and this encouraged the operator to expand. So far, they realized this in Ghana (you might also want to take a look at our section betting sites ghana in this regard) and in Uganda. In March 2021, another milestone followed. Because: The betting site was chosen by Borussia Dortmund as its first partner in Africa. Malicious tongues may say that this was only possible thanks to the black and yellow design. However, we wouldn’t insinuate that for a top German football team. Below we show you the features that MSport offers.

What we like about MSport

  • The user-friendliness plus the speed
  • The outstanding odds for football betting
  • The above average depth for wagers beyond football
  • The comparatively wide variety of live bets
  • Live streams plus commentaries for several competitions and, for example, for various top competitions
  • The relatively large number of bonuses and promotions
  • In all three countries live chats are available

What we like less about MSport

  • You must manage without a mobile lite version
  • The odds for the other wagers cannot really keep up with those for the football bets
  • In Nigeria, only a fraction of the payment methods that would normally be available can be used
  • In Uganda, you can’t use a telephone hotline

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MSport betting offer and odds

  • Msport betting offer

Three years after its launch, MSport offers its services to betting enthusiasts in its home country Nigeria as well as in Ghana and in Uganda. You can find them on the websites, as well as Here, the desktop versions and mobile apps look identical, and also the content differs in details. It goes without saying that the betting programme remains the same for all countries. Here, on a Tuesday afternoon, we discovered 16 real sports. Additionally, we saw eight eSports. As for real sports, several competitors certainly have more to offer. However, if you are only interested in the most popular sports, you are also right in terms of breadth.

MSport football betting

For almost all betting sites, the football offer represents the centrepiece. And Borussia Dortmund’s regional partner logically makes no exception. Here, on a Tuesday afternoon, we noticed competitions from around 80 nations as well as international tournaments from practically all confederations. Of course, the number of betting markets depends on the level and thus the popularity of the competition. Nevertheless, we always discovered between 160 and 220 options per match.

Furthermore, MSport stands out thanks to its odds. The bookie marks those matches where you benefit from the best payout percentages. There are many of them, and we aren’t surprised. Because: In connection with the European top leagues and the Champions League, the odds key oscillated between the 97.8% and the 98% mark. This means that the bookie retains a profit margin of at most 2.2%.

Additionally, the assortment of football bets extends to the Simulated Reality League. On various days, we saw counterparts on the German Bundesliga, the Turkish Süper Lig, the Italian Serie A, the UEFA Champions League, and the South American Copa Libertadores. Furthermore, you can bet on an English Premier League, a German Bundesliga, and a Euro Cup in the Virtuals area. Additionally, the eSoccer area comprised four competitions – Cyber Live Arena, Esports Battle, GT Sports League, and Liga Pro – with a total of almost 60 matches.

MSport basketball betting

Just like most other betting sites, basketball has a high standing at MSport. In this context, on a Tuesday afternoon, we discovered competitions from several dozen nations and, of course, the most important international tournaments.

As with football, the number of available betting markets depends on the level and, accordingly, the popularity. However, in this case, we noticed more significant differences. For the NBA as well as for the most important international competitions, we would have had over 150 options available per match. In the context of the Italian Serie A2, it would have been almost 130 and regarding the Israeli National League, for example, we would have had to make do with around 50 of them. Moreover, the odds key for betting on the NBA reached the 92.75% mark. Additionally, you can opt for eBasketball betting (Cyber Live Arena, Liga Pro).

MSport rugby betting

At MSport you can bet on both Rugby League and Rugby Union. For the first discipline, we could have wagered on Super League, the Australian NRL and the RFL Challenge Cup. Here, the betting programme extended to 24 betting markets per matchday.

In the context of Rugby Union, the selection comprised the English Premiership, the Premiership Rugby Cup, the United Rugby Championship, the European Rugby Champions Cup and Super Rugby. Likewise, for Rugby League, we would have had 24 options for each fixture. And, for example, regarding the Rugby Union European Rugby Champions Cup, we calculated an odds key of 92.6%.

MSport tennis betting

At MSport in connection with tennis, you can wager on all ATP (Challenger), WTA and ITF tournaments. Here, the number of options per match depends not only on the level, but also from match to match. Regarding the ATP and WTA competitions, the number of betting markets fluctuated between 12 and 33. Additionally, we calculated odds keys between the 92.5% and the 92.9% mark.

Concerning the ITF tournaments, you must be content with five to seven betting markets per match. Furthermore, at this bookie you can dedicate yourself to Simulated Reality Tennis. For this, you can choose between men’s and women’s tournaments. Besides, you can bet on V-Tennis in the virtuals area.

MSport ice hockey betting

On a Tuesday afternoon at the end of April, ice hockey fans could have put their money on competitions from about a dozen countries. Plus, the Ice Hockey World Championship and other international tournaments. In this case, too, the depth depends on the level and thus the notoriety of the competition. Regarding the NHL and, for example, the Russian KHL, we would have had 63 options per game available. And, for instance, in connection with the Slovak Extraliga, it would again have been 55. Furthermore, we calculated for you the odds key for the NHL and obtained the 92.4% mark. Moreover, we discovered wagering options on eIcehockey.

MSport bets on cricket and other sports

When it comes to cricket betting, MSport lies ahead of its competitors. While we previously found only betting options on the Indian Premier League, we could have punted on matches in England, Jamaica, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Additionally, we could bet on the List-A Series Zimbabwe A vs South Africa A. Furthermore, we calculated the payout percentage of 93.5 % in connection with the Indian Premier League. And then we noticed another rarity with this bookie. Because: There also exists a Simulated Reality League and, to be more precise, a Big Bash League.

Moreover, we spotted about ten more real sports in the MSport betting programme. By this for example we mean handball, volleyball, and baseball. Furthermore, the selection extended to boxing, table tennis, Aussie rules, snooker, badminton, futsal, and darts. Thus, we would, for example, have had to do without Formula 1 bets.

Further prematch betting options at MSport

As mentioned above, for some sports you can also opt for eSports betting as well as for Simulated Reality Leagues and Virtuals. Furthermore, the latter offer also allows you to dedicate yourself to horse and greyhound racing. Additionally, the programme covers eSports wagers on Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota2, StarCraft and Rainbow Six.

The cash outs at MSport

MSport offers cash outs for all punters in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. However, this feature only applies to amounts of 0.40 GHS, 40 N and 10 Ush or more. If you satisfy this requirement, you can also choose to receive partial cash outs. These are available to you if the unsettled bet is a single or multiple bets with a combination. Additionally, you can receive ten partial cash outs for single bets and five for combination bets. The entire process takes place in the “My Bets” section of the same name. Unsurprisingly,, and require a login first.

MSport live betting offer

  • Msport livebetting

The above-mentioned function also works for live betting. Here, on a Tuesday afternoon, we could have placed in-play bets on more than ten real sports. This included football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, badminton, cricket, futsal, snooker, baseball plus handball. Furthermore, the programme extended to eSoccer as well as Counter-Strike. Further, this bookie stands out thanks to its particularly interesting live streams and commentaries selection. But first, let’s take a look at the live betting offers for some sports.

MSport live betting on football

With MSport you can place live bets on practically all the competitions that you can find in the pre-match programme. For a particularly good overview, just take a browse through the “Today Matches”. Or through the list of the upcoming fixtures in the live betting area. The number of betting markets depends on the league, the match, and the evolution of it. Thus, for example, it can happen that you have more than 100 on a fourth league match in Norway and twelve in connection with the Slovakian Superliga.

Likewise, as with the prematch bets, this bookie marks the fixtures with the best odds. Furthermore, you can immediately see which matches have live streams or commentaries. Moreover, you can filter the matches accordingly. In any case, the odds key depends on the level and fluctuates between 92.3% and 95.4%.

MSport live betting on basketball

In terms of breadth, basically the same what we told you about the football offer applies to the enthusiasts of basketball betting. Because: Even on a Tuesday afternoon, there were a comparatively large number of matches available to us. Moreover, the fact that the Israeli National League, for example, was one of them underpins the conclusion that almost all the fixtures in the prematch offer can be bet on. Also, we could have had 50 to 65 options per match to choose from. Additionally, we spotted payout percentages of approaching 96%.

MSport live betting on tennis

When it comes to tennis live betting, we could have tipped on matches of the ATP (Challenger) as well as the WTA Tour and the ITF tournaments. What we noticed was that unlike prematch wagering, the depth did not depend on the category, but from match to match. And for most of them, we discovered between 24 and 40 options. Once again, the payout percentages impressed us. Because: They amounted to 95.5% and 95.2% for ATP and WTA tournaments, respectively.

MSport live streams

Another reason at MSport to register is the live streams. Other bookies offer them, but in this case, the quality stands out as well. Here we discovered the largest spectrum in connection with football. For example, you can watch live streams of the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, the Portuguese Primeira Liga and the Russian Premier League. Additionally, there are dozens of other championships in Europe and South America plus, for example, the Asian AFC Champions League.

Furthermore and starting with the German BBL, you can follow several basketball competitions as well as table tennis, ITF tennis, volleyball, ice hockey and handball. For legal reasons, the offer varies from country to country, but in our opinion, you are basically in good hands.

MSport promotions and bonuses

  • Msport promotions

The welcome bonus and other promotions belong to the further common points at, as well as There are some changes in the percentage values and, of course, in the amounts/currencies, but the principles remain exactly the same. To be precise, MSport additionally lists its best odds and the Super Odds in the corresponding section, but we leave them out. The same applies to the offers that they regularly offer for a limited period.

MSport offers up to 130% Welcome Vouchers

This bookie welcomes its new customers with Welcome Vouchers, the value of which depends particularly on the value of the first deposit. In concrete terms, new customers from Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda can choose between one of six options at MSport. In Ghana, you can earn the same amount with 1 GHS, 5 GHS 5.5 GHS, 10 GHS 12 GHS, 50 GHS 65 GHS, 100 GHS and 200 GHS 300 GHS. On top of that, at MSport after the register/login, the confirmation of the Welcome Voucher and the first deposit, you can get further 65 GHS.

Furthermore, betting enthusiasts in Nigeria can get the same amount with 100 ₦, with 200 ₦ 220 ₦, with 500 ₦ 550 ₦, with 1,000 N 1,200 ₦ and with 10,000 ₦ 13,000 ₦. Moreover, you can add an extra of 1,200 ₦ after registering, logging in, confirming, and making your first deposit. If you are a resident of Uganda, you can obtain the same amount with 1,000 Ush, 2,200 Ush with 2,000 Ush, 5,500 Ush with 5,000 Ush, 12,000 Ush with 10,000 Ush, 120,000 Ush with 100,000 Ush and 650,000 Ush with 500,000 Ush. Again, the offer includes an extra bonus where you can get 12,000 Ush.

MSport Live Commentary Free GOAL Vouchers

With these promotions, you can scoop largely vouchers of 2,000 GHS, of 200,000 ₦ as well as of 2,000,000 million Ush in connection with selected football matches. In the case of Borussia Dortmund goals, you can get 5,000 GHS, 500,000 ₦ and 5,000,000 Ush respectively. If you keep up to date with the live commentary during the specified matches and click on the corresponding notifications, you can claim the above-mentioned bonuses.

MSport Millions Giveaways

Furthermore, MSport raffles weekly giveaways in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. To be precise, you can collect 5,000 GHS, 500,000 ₦ and 1,000,000 Ush respectively. The corresponding draws take place on Thursdays and there is always one winner per country.

The MSport accumulator and the Multiple Plus bonuses

Additionally, there exist two promotions that are addressed to the lovers of accumulator bets. The first of these consists of a classic multiboost. In all countries, all events that are coupled with odds of 1.2 or more are suitable for this. Furthermore, you can combine up to 30 events. In the end, bonuses of 150% (in Ghana), 180% (in Nigeria) and 130% (in Uganda) of the possible winnings can be achieved. Thus, it is self-explanatory that different percentages often apply to the other numbers as well. Besides, with MSport you need at least three events in Ghana and Uganda (with a bonus rate of 3%) and four events in Nigeria (with a bonus rate of 5%).

Additionally, you benefit from an upgrade, the Multiple Plus bonus. This means that you will win comparatively often even if one or two tips turn out to be incorrect. For example, if you pick seven events and five of them must be correct, you can win with at least five correct picks. Here you can choose between two options. With the first of them, the fixed winnings, you earn the same reward either way, even if you are right on more than five events. If, on the other hand, you opt for the unfixed winnings, you can nevertheless achieve a clearly higher prize with seven correct picks. But also in this case, you can in principle combine up to 30 events.

The MSport Jackpot

Additionally, as with most other bookies, you can play for the jackpot. At MSport, this is exclusively dedicated to the English Premier League. Ideally, eleven correct predictions can bring you 40,000 GHS, 4,000,000 ₦ and 40,000,000 Ush respectively. Moreover, you can claim smaller prizes with nine and ten correct predictions. And you can also make use of the Lucky Picks.

MSport mobile apps and websites

As already mentioned, a handful of times, you can access this bookie via the URLs, and The websites, which perform excellently in terms of user-friendliness and speed, differ only in nuances. Furthermore, all betting enthusiasts can fall back on two mobile versions. More precisely, MSport provides in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda a mobile Android app and a responsive version.

However, this betting site is among those where you must do without a mobile lite version. Since you can read this profile right now, most likely you can find a suitable solution. If you are facing problems due to insufficient internet access, you can use the booking codes and the load code function to help you.

MSport payment options

  • Msport payment options

The accepted means of payment represent another difference between the MSport appearances in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. Here, the bookie offers options in each country that are actually used there. Below we show you the payment methods in the different countries.

MSport payment methods in Ghana

In Ghana, bettors can fund their account using the mobile money service providers MTN, Airtel Tigo and Vodafone Cash. Furthermore, you can choose between online and offline transactions. More specifically, with MSport you can use the Paybill procedure with the number *711*800#. You can also transfer between 1 and 2,000 GHS at a time. The latter also applies to withdrawals. Furthermore, you can only make these online.

MSport payment methods in Nigeria

Although MSport is, in fact, a Nigerian bookie and there is a multitude of payment methods in the country, you must make do with a fraction of them. You can use your ATM cards online and bank accounts at United Bank For Africa, Sterling Bank, Zenith Bank and ALAT by WEMA. In addition, there are bank transfers via online banking and USSD procedures. The required minimum amount lies at 100 ₦. On the other hand, withdrawals always take place via transactions to the bank account. In principle, 1 ₦ suffices for this.

MSport payment methods in Uganda

Just like for Ghanaian punters, you can only use mobile money in Uganda. To be more precise, you must be a customer of MTN and/or Airtel. Furthermore, in this case only online deposits are possible, and you must transfer at least 500 Ush. Besides, the maximum amount is 4,000,000 Ush. For withdrawals, the same maximum limit and methods apply. Moreover, you need at least 1,000 Ush for this.

Security at MSport

As already mentioned, MSport acts as Borussia Dortmund’s regional partner in Africa. And since a top German football club certainly makes careful and conscientious decisions, you certainly are guaranteed safety and respectability. Furthermore, the licences of the GCG (Gaming Commission of Ghana), the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Ugandan Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board underpin the trustworthiness and reliability.

MSport customer care

  • Msport customer care

MSport offers its customers in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda FAQs. These are well-structured and therefore easy to use, but there is room for improvement. Nevertheless, you can receive help on all the most important points. If you can’t find answers to your queries, you can fall back from anywhere on live chats and e-mail addresses. Additionally, they have telephone hotlines in Ghana and in their country of origin, Nigeria.

MSport conclusion

So MSport represents Borussia Dortmund’s partner in Africa, and the German top football club has certainly put some thought into it. In our opinion, this bookie stands out, for example, with its user-friendliness, its speed, and the outstanding odds for football bets. Furthermore, we could find an above-average number of options in connection with the other sports. Furthermore, the betting site supplements its broad live betting portfolio with an extensive and top-class live stream offer. In addition, there are also commentaries. Besides, at MSport you benefit from several promotions and bonuses for new and existing customers. And you can access live chats in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.

If you were already thinking of perfection, we must disappoint you. Especially betting enthusiasts from Nigeria must make do with comparatively few means of payment. Moreover, there is room for improvement in the FAQ. In addition, you will have to cope without a mobile lite version and without a telephone hotline in Uganda.

MSport accepts customers from these countries

MSport alternatives

MSport alternatives in Ghana:

MSport alternatives in Nigeria:

To sum it up in a nutshell: In Ghana and Uganda, you can deposit using mobile money. However, in Nigeria you can fund up only through ATM cards and bank transfers.

If you don’t depend on mobile lite versions, the wagering experience at MSport works effortlessly. They provide desktop versions, Android apps and responsive mobile versions.

MSport is a bookie that came onto the market in Nigeria in 2018 and meanwhile expanded additionally to Ghana and Uganda. Furthermore, the betting site constitutes Borussia Dortmund’s regional partner in Africa.