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Sports betting is one of the most significant gambling activities in the world, with a revenue of over $61.5 billion in 2021. With Africa serving as one of the major sports betting regions in the world, we at Betting Tips Africa are all about bringing the best of sports betting information to gamblers in the African continent.

What Is Betting Tips Africa?

Betting Tips Africa is your best and only source for all vital information on online sports betting. We provide information on the best sports betting sites, compare their betting offers, and create meaningful rankings/ratings that help YOU decide which platform suits your needs. At Betting Tips Africa, we're passionate about sports and the excitement of betting. With our user-friendly platform, you can immerse yourself in the world of sports betting and enjoy the thrill of learning more about maximising your bets. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the game, Betting Tips Africa has got you covered.

Who Are We?

We are a passionate team of professionals from Africa and other regions all over the world tasked with helping YOU win as much as possible. We are a multitude of individuals with diverse skills and different experiences in the world of sports betting. We come together to create avenues to help our readers acquire knowledge on making more from their bets. From our CEO to the editorial team and testers, we are a perfect blend of veterans and youths who provide YOU with much-needed experience-based analysis as well as new innovations and ideas. 

Why A Site About Betting Tips In Africa?

With the betting landscape getting larger every day, there is a need to bridge the gap between newbies and oldies. The new improvements in sports betting include new markets, betting options, games, strategies, and more that are invisible to newcomers. However, with Betting Tips Africa, the gap between newbies and veterans is becoming smaller, thus opening up new opportunities to make more profits available to YOU. 

How Do We Do This?

Our ideas are broken down into sections that take you to the exact thing you want. Our sections include Betting Sites reviews, Soccervista, Tips/Predictions, and Knowledge. Below, we highlight the focus of the aforementioned sections and also how we get the correct information for you on them. 

Betting Sites Reviews

Our betting site reviews are complete surveys of bookmakers in the African region. These reviews are focused on the Sportsbooks offering their services in specific countries. Some of the countries we currently focus on in Africa include Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania. We also hope to add more countries to our spotlight in the coming weeks. In our bookmaker reviews, we focus on many points to help you fully understand the intricacies of your preferred Sportsbook. Some of the most important points we focus on in our reviews are as follows:

  • Legal Situation

This is one of the very essences of writing our reviews. We would never write on any bookmaker that doesn't possess the relevant licenses to operate in YOUR region. Of what use is a bookmaker that is not regulated by a government agency and not answerable to anyone? Your guess is as good as ours, NO USE. So, we make sure to go over every license to determine if any betting platform is legal before recommending them to YOU. 

  • Betting Markets And Offers

The world of sports betting grows larger day by day. As expected, with such large growth, there is a huge competition among bookmakers for who controls the largest market share in every region. For example, if bookmakers A and B are both offering their services in a country, both bookmakers would compete for the top betting service provider where the most number of gamers play. In this case, bookmakers compete with each other via the provision of unique betting markets and offers like handicap, 2.5 goals, btts, correct score, teams to score and many more. We make it a point of duty to look out for these markets and offers and include the relevant ones in our reviews to increase your chances of winning BIG! 

  • Odds

We have a saying at Betting Tips Africa, which goes thus: "Odds are the lifeblood of every Sportsbook." This is because without odds, then every Sportsbook and even sports betting in general are nothing. Odds attract gamers to a bookmaker as they determine how much a bettor can win from their winning payouts. If the odds are low, your winnings are low, and vice versa. Every Sportsbook claims to offer YOU high odds, but this is not true in most cases. To help you identify bookmakers with better odds, we include a section in our bookmaker reviews where we discuss the odds in full. 

  • Registration Process

As straightforward as registration processes can be at most bookmakers, they can sometimes be a massive challenge to prospective customers, especially in the area of verification. We do not encourage bookmakers to have complex registration and verification processes, but to make the process as easy as possible for YOU; we explain every step of the registration in the simplest terms that even day-old punters can understand. You just need to scroll down to the REGISTRATION section of our bookmaker reviews or click "Registration" on the table of contents to check how to register on your preferred Sportsbook quickly. 

  • Bonuses And Promotions

Among the features that attract gamers to Sportsbooks, bonuses, and promotional offers rank highly on the list. It is more attractive if you come across a betting platform that says "Register And Receive 100% Deposit Match Bonus Of Up To €100" than one that says "Register And Receive 100% Deposit Match Bonus Of Up To €40" isn't it? However, not all bonuses and promotions are good for you; there are other things you need to watch out for before subscribing to a bonus. Some of these things include the wagering requirements, time limits, and many more. We know YOU may not be able to check these out to the needed level, which is why we do it for you and include it in our reviews. 

  • Customer Support 

Of what use is a platform that YOU can't contact if any problem arises? No use, right? We make sure that every bookmaker review includes the contact information of the platform in question to help you get help whenever you need it. No platform is perfect, and issues can arise from time to time, getting adequate help is paramount to us. 

  • Fees

We make sure to let you know if there are any fees to be paid when you make transactions at any bookmaker. Although we do not really encourage the usage of bookmakers that charge you for transactions or keep hidden fees, we still make sure to inform you adequately in order to make your preferred choice. 


Our Soccervista section is aimed to achieve many things. Firstly, it is a page where you can get accurate news and information about anything happening in the footballing world. Also, you get our views on such happenings, and your individual opinions are also welcome. Secondly, we provide YOU with ways to turn the information you have read into betting ideas. This way, you can take in our information, process it, and also make money by using it to guide your betting strategy. Thirdly, Soccervista aims to expose YOU to the intricacies of football. Here, we look beyond statistics, and you can read more about tactical analysis, coaching methods, in-game preparations, and many more. Tune in to our Soccervista page to make yourself a more-informed football fan zand a better sports bettor.  


As the name implies, our Tips/Predictions page is meant to provide YOU with exclusive tips and predictions on certain matches and events. With the information on this page (including football prediction), YOU are almost guaranteed to record more success on your bets. Our team of professionals make sure to analyse every statistical data and use it to provide you with realistic betting tips to help you win more. N.B Our football prediction and tips cover numerous leagues like UEFA Champions League, EPL and even African leagues.


The Guide section is a page where you can learn, unlearn and relearn things. It aims to provide you with knowledge to equip you with adequate help on your betting journey. As the saying goes "knowledge is power,"  make sure to use this section on our site to gain "POWER." To read more on these sections, please click (KNOWLEDGE), and you will be glad you did. The section is divided into subsections:

  • Betting Strategy: Here, you get information on how to strategize your betting journey. You get information on things you need to do and how to do them. 
  •  Betting ABC: This is a dictionary that shows you the meaning of numerous terminologies used in the betting world. 
  •  Betting Odds And Keys: This is where you learn everything about Odds. Don't forget that Odds are the most important thing in sports betting. Master them, and you have a bigger chance of winning. 
  • Betting Types And Markets: Here, you get to know every market and betting types that bookmakers offer. We update this page frequently to include new markets and options, thus keeping YOU up-to-date. 

Why Are We Doing This?

We are doing this for you, of course! At Betting Tips Africa, we are united by one goal. This is to provide YOU, our readers with the ultimate guide to successfully navigate the world of sports betting in Africa and to help YOU find the best African betting sites. With our services, you can be able to make more profit on your bets as well as find your betting journey as interesting as possible. After all, who persists with doing something he does not find happiness in?

What Do We Aim To Achieve In 2024?

We want everyone in Africa with an interest in betting – from newbie to expert – to find all the information needed for a safe and fulfilling betting experience. To make it easier, we focus on user-friendly and easy to grasp betting information for YOU. Apart from the fun aspect, we also aim to make YOU as much money as possible. You won't possibly find anyone happy to continue loosing money without any sort of wins. To keep you away from such experience, we always make sure we leave no stone unturned, and give in our best. 

What Do We Need?

Simple, We need YOU. Readers are the most important factor in our work, which is why we tailor all our activities to make sure they suit your needs. To achieve our vision, we want to involve our readers in the creation of our reports. We appreciate your feedback, which is why we are always open to your suggestions. For example:

  • Which betting sites in Africa should we have a look at?
  • What about them should we inspect them more closely?
  • Which criteria are most important to you?
  • Which football betting tips do you want to know?
  • For which football leagues would you like to receive betting predictions?
  • What else do you want to see from us?

In addition to this, we also entertain any questions that are different from the aforementioned ones. So, do not overlook if any question that pops into your mind is different from the ones we listed.  


Welcome to Betting Tips Africa, your Numero Uno (number one) website on sports betting in Africa. Betting Tips Africa is proudly standing tall when it comes to giving YOU complete information on any facet of sports betting. Our services are broad and are delivered through different sections on our site. You can click the following links to navigate to any section you wish to read: Betting Sites, Soccervista, Betting Tips/Predictions, Guide

We want our readers always to be able to rely on us, which is why our pages are updated frequently with new information. So, visit our site frequently to get the latest information, tips and predictions and many more to get the best out of us. 

There is only ONE way Betting Tips Africa can be successful in our work. That is, if we work hand in hand with YOU, our readers. We need you in this journey, which is why we are always open to suggestions and feedback from YOU. We have several channels where you can contact us, and we are quick to respond to questions.