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Why a site about Betting Tips in Africa?

We are a passionate team consisting of people from Africa and all over the world, all with different experiences. From betting novices with a fresh perspective on the whole to betting veterans with 15 years of betting experience under their belt.

We are all united by one goal – to provide our readers with the ultimate guide to successfully navigate the world of sports betting in Africa and to help them find the best African betting sites. What drives us is a combination of enthusiasm and experience, which are reflected in each review.

How we find the best African betting sites?

Where to get the best betting tips? We seek the answer to this question, however, there is no ultimate answer to this. After all, every bettor has their individual interests and preferences. We compare betting sites based on objective criteria and incorporate our own personal experiences in the final ranking.

It is this combination of hard facts and personal views which makes bettingtipsafrica.com and our reviews so unique. We take the bettors by the hand and let them take part in our experience with sports betting. Whether the bookie is the right choice is up to you.

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Bets & Predictions: What betting information we check

We regularly evaluate betting sites based on a selection of relevant criteria:

  • Range of betting offers, in both breadth and depth
  • Bonus offers for new and existing customers
  • Payment methods
  • Fair and stable rates
  • Overround
  • Quality and usability of website and app
  • Gambling addiction prevention and education
  • Measures taken against manipulation and money laundering
  • Potential fees
  • Is there a large selection of different international sports from the classic football and tennis to modern variants such as e-sports?

We put great emphasis on security and seriousness right from the start. Betting sites without a license or SSL encryption do not make it into our ranking in the first place.

Like this, we have created a comparison tool for the best betting sites in Africa and the world based on objective criteria and facts. We then infuse these facts and figures with our own experiences and opinions.

Find the best betting tips or betting bonus in Africa

We want for our readers to always be able to rely on our provided free betting tips. That’s why we not only regularly check the bookies.

Every month we fact-check crucial parameters like bonus offers and conditions,  predictions, payment methods, licenses, and so on.

In addition, we provide you with weekly tips & reports, in which our writers show you an in-depth analysis of their experiences with the different betting sites. This results in a diary of sorts, in which we regularly share our team’s experiences with you and all our African readers.

What we are about – African experts

Why are we doing all this? For you, of course! We want everyone in Africa with an interest in betting – from newbie to expert – to find all the information needed for a safe and fulfilling betting experience.

That’s why we won’t chew your ear off with pages of dry facts. We want to focus on user-friendly and easy to grasp betting tips for you, our readers.

That’s why we need you!

To achieve our vision, we want to involve our readers in the creation of our reports. That’s why we are always open for your suggestions. Let us know what you want us to write about:

  • Which betting sites in Africa should we have a look at?
  • What about them should we inspect them more closely?
  • Which criteria are most important to you?
  • Which football betting tips do you want to know?
  • For which football leagues would you like to receive betting predictions?
  • What else do you want to see from us?

What is a Betting Site?

A betting site – also known as bookmaker or bookie – is a company, with which you can place bets.

There is a multitude of offline Betting Offices and online Betting Sites.

Betting on a Betting site works like this:
The bettor bets money on the outcome of a specific (sport) event.
There are odds for every possible outcome, which shows the amount betted in the case of winning. The more unlikely the outcome, the higher the odds and thus the chance of winning.

If you bet on the right outcome of a (sport) event, you win.
The stake is then raised by the odds and credited to the bettor.

There are two ways a Betting Site can make profit:
Through lost bets and well calculated overround.
Reputable and recommendable bookies, however, calculate with a narrow margin and pay an average of 95% of the stakes back to successful bettors.

New Betting Sites have to prevail on a very established market.
This has advantages for bettors:
Most of the time, brand new bookies have the most attractive welcome and bonus offers for new customers, as well as the most favourable odds.

Sports Betting Sites have to comply with strict regulations and licensing processes and are thus mostly safe.
Every bookie in our ranking is being tested on reputation and security.

The reason why many Betting Sites are based on Malta is the law making and tax laws.
On one hand, Malta has clear liberal-minded rules and laws.
On the other hand, tax rates there are very attractive to bookies.
The same goes for Gibraltar.

To have the most fun with betting, you should find a bookie, you feel really comfortable with.
In our Betting Site Review, you will find what you are looking for.

Of course, no bet is 100% safe, however, there are a few things to consider to make a safer bet. For example, listening to experts and comparing their predictions, sticking to one sport,  forming a sound understanding of that sport and of course finding the perfect bookie that caters to your specific needs. In our Betting Site Review, you will find what you are looking for.