The best football bets and betting odds 2022 – Review of betting offers

Nowadays you can bet on pretty much anything. The only question is: where? When looking for the best betting provider, the variety of sports and live bets and good betting odds play the biggest role. We also present the most popular betting markets here.

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Which betting providers convince with the best range of football bets and the most attractive betting odds?

Before we take a closer look at the range of sports betting, live betting and betting odds, we will introduce you to the bookies in your country:

Sports Betting Programme Comparison: From American Football to Decathlon

The biggest and most important area of betting is and remains sports. From a few sports and dominant offers in a single sport to offers in very unusual areas, there is everything.

The best betting providers have a particularly broad and deep programme. The breadth refers to the number of different sports in the betting offer, the depth represents the programme within the individual sports.

For example, a bookie can have everything from football and darts to snooker and athletics – but if only one event is available per sport, it gets boring.

Football is at the top of the list in all countries. The top bookies offer up to 100 different leagues from different countries.

Worldwide, the list of the most popular betting sports looks like this:

1. football
2. cricket
3. basketball
4. tennis
5. horse racing
6. volleyball
7. hockey
8. baseball
9. american football
10. golf

If a provider covers as many of these sports as possible – i.e. has a wide range of bets – and offers many different games and events – i.e. has a lot of depth – then it lands at the top of our betting provider ranking. In addition, unusual betting options such as “guest scores a goal in both halves”, special and special bets may be on the programme.

Even if many bettors have a favourite sport, the programme can go beyond that. Some variety is provided by social and entertainment bets as well as betting on TV developments, award ceremonies or show business events.

Some bookies always stand out with particularly unusual bets and show a lot of humour. In 2012, for example, you could bet on whether the end of the world predicted by the Mayans would really happen. The odds were 666.0.

Betting on organised computer games (e-sports) and on financial and stock market prices is becoming increasingly important and serious. Most bookies still have some catching up to do here, but many already cover this area quite well.

Recommended Online Betting Offers (Pre-Match and Live)

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Live betting programme in comparison: betting in real time

The range of live bets is enormous. Which team will score the next goal and will it be a headed goal?  Who will get the next caution? Who will have the next throw-in or the next corner kick? Who will hit the next ace, how long will the injury time be? There is probably hardly an event during a sporting event on which you cannot place a bet. But most of these betting offers fall more into the category of “fun bets”. You need a fair amount of luck to be successful with them. In addition to the luck factor, the betting strategy is also crucial if you want to make a profit in the long run.

For betting professionals, on the other hand, live bets are an important part of their portfolio. Especially the 3-way bet (1×2), the 2-way handicap bet and goal bets count there.

There are many advantages to live betting. If you watch a football or tennis match closely, it becomes clear who has had a good day and who has not. If the big tennis star makes one unforced error after another and smashes his racket into the corner in frustration, this can be an indication of impending defeat – which no one would have expected before the match started.

In football, you can get an idea of what tactics the respective coaches have chosen in the first few minutes of the match. How is the game developing? Are the defenders standing well? Who makes the better impression in the game? You can adjust your bets accordingly – for example, you can use the cash-back function to get rid of them, bet on the opponent or maybe even increase your own stake.

In addition to the live images offered by many providers, almost all bookmakers provide you with a large number of helpful statistics: Goal kicks, possession, passing rates, number of corner kicks. Even if none of these statistics hides a secret recipe for winning or losing a bet, they are still meaningful indicators for the course of a match and the distribution of power.

The betting providers themselves also keep a close eye on events and adjust the odds on the basis of numerous factors. The probability of winning and thus also the odds are based on the time that has elapsed. With the Asian Handicap, the match always starts at 0:0 at the moment of the bet.

Betting on events and matches in real time has become such an integral part of the world of sports betting that it is rightly a criterion for the overall rating of the bookies.

Especially sports fans are sweetened by special bets on an event they are following live anyway. For all others, many betting providers ideally provide a live stream, or at least interactive graphics. This way, every bettor can keep an eye on what is happening.

The following points are particularly important:

  • As many live bets per day as possible
  • In as many different sports as possible
  • From as many leagues and performance classes as possible

But the betting markets also play a role. Many bookies offer options in the three-digit range for important events, but only the standard main bets for smaller events.

Design and technology are further points of criticism that weigh more heavily in live betting than in normal sports betting. After all, seconds are often at stake when placing a bet. The usability and performance of the website or app have to play along (see also our section on the best sports betting apps). Fortunately, this is hardly a problem for most bookies.

Comparison of odds: Where does the biggest profit beckon?

In addition to the betting offer, seriousness and appearance, the betting odds also play a decisive role in the selection of the favourite bookie. The betting provider has control over the betting odds. Thus, the bookmaker decides how much profit the bettor can make.

For this purpose, the bookmakers use an odds key, also called a payout key. This is given as a percentage. An odds key of 95 per cent, for example, indicates that the bookmaker pays out 95 per cent of the stakes to his winning customers, leaving 5 per cent for himself as profit.

Therefore, the higher the odds ratio, the more profit there is with this betting provider.

However, not only high betting odds are important, but also stability. If a provider adjusts his odds every minute, trouble is inevitable.

Conclusion: Betting offers in comparison

You are spoilt for choice! Nowadays, the range of sports betting is impressive and almost every provider offers a competitive range of football betting, live betting and betting markets.

You can find more comparison criteria in our big betting provider comparison & test.

Other Betting Site Categories

A minimum odds is the lowest odds at which a bet is accepted by the bookmaker or at which a deposit bonus must be converted.

Live bets are real-time bets during a sporting event on different events (e.g. next goal, next throw-in, winning the first half, etc.).

No, an odds boost only means that a sports event/betting market is offered at particularly attractive odds.

There is no alternative here, you will hardly get better odds on this sporting event than with an odds boost.