MSport – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

User-friendliness undoubtedly plays an outstanding role in the selection of a suitable bookie. Because: A betting site can also offer the best football odds, a wonderful number of top-class live streams and particularly generous bonuses. But if a punter just can’t cope with the performances, no betting site can keep him in line. Of course, there are users who earn a living from betting, but these are limited. And everyone else has so many things to do that they don’t really want to bother with it in their spare time.

Of course, this is also a matter of taste, but in our opinion, you are in good hands with MSport in this respect. Because: This bookie stands out, for example, thanks to the structure and the colour contrasts. Furthermore, the speed is impressive even at peak times. All this applies equally to the desktop versions and the mobile apps. To be more precise, all users of this bookie can fall back on a responsive version and an Android app.

The drawback is that you must do without a lite or old mobile site. If you can access our website, and it’s primarily due to a weaker internet connection, you’ll still be helped. We’ll get to that in a bit. Additionally, MSport doesn’t yet have a mobile app for iOS devices, but in this respect the responsive site represents a more than worthy replacement.

MSport’s downloadable mobile Android app

However, MSport ranks among the many bookies with a mobile Android app. And the indications of this are, in our opinion, unmissable. In the top navigation of the desktop version, for example, you can find a button with the self-explanatory name. Moreover, they mark it as “Hot”.

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Additional adverts for the download of the MSport APK file in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda can be found on the responsive site. To be more precise, you can see them in the header and in the menu. And don’t be surprised if you don’t discover the application in the Google Play Market. Unfortunately, betting sites aren’t welcome there as a matter of principle. However, MSport’s app download is as easy as that of many of its competitors. And unlike on iOS devices, the installations are anything but tedious. While you can go directly to the download function on the responsive site, you can choose between different procedures on the desktop version.

On the one hand, you can download the 7.6 MB APK file in the same way as from the responsive site. And on the other one, MSport provides you with a Bitly link and two QR codes for its mobile Android app. With the first of these, you can immediately download the app and with the second, you can save the two responsive sites either in your bookmarks or on the desktop of your mobile device. Additionally, MSport informs you that thanks to the mobile Android app, you will receive the live scores of your bets and goal notifications for the matches you are wagering on.

What MSport’s mobile apps offer you

The desktop versions of MSport in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda have the same structure. Unsurprisingly, this applies to the mobile versions as well. Furthermore, you can access the identical betting programme and the same bonuses plus promotions. The latter will probably catch your eye anyway, but this bookie refers to it primarily via the main teaser. In addition, you can find at MSport’s a symbol like a betslip in the top-left corner, which brings you to the Hamburg menu.

When it comes to the positioning of the buttons, the similarities with the desktop version are limited. MSport only has similar buttons for the login/sign up buttons and the top navigation. Below the main teaser, you can access the football/soccer bets, today’s matches, an odds filter, the best odds, and the booking codes. More precisely, the wagering site lists the booking codes of all users. And two tabs further on, you can load your booking code under “Load Code”. Unsurprisingly, you must get your individual booking code first. To do this, you must select the desired events and, logically, the stake.

Finally, you reach the pre-match betting programme. In this context, it is worth mentioning that with a few exceptions – by which we mean eSoccer, eSports Basketball and eSports Ice Hockey, for example – you can find the eSports in a summary subsection with the same name. Moreover, you can find the prematch betting offer in the Hamburg menu as well as via the top navigation. If you access it from there, you must scroll the sports sideways. The same applies to the live bets. Regarding the prematch programme, however, there is something peculiar at MSport. Because: You first need to select the competitions and then confirm your choice at the footer. In addition, of course, you can use all the other features such as the deposit and withdrawal function.

But how can you register with MSport?

To make use of all this, MSport requires you to register/sign up. Strictly speaking, this applies to every reputable and licensed bookie. To accomplish this, click on the button with the self-explanatory name. Then fill in the form with your mobile phone number and password. Alternatively, you can choose to register via Facebook, for which you must login there. Afterwards, the bookie will send you a confirmation code via SMS. Logically, you will need to enter this code on the following page. Unsurprisingly, you also will need to hit the “Complete Registration” button. Subsequently, MSport will allow you to login for the first time and the betting fun can start.