NBA predictions – Basketball analysis for current NBA games 2023

Basketball not only represents a popular sport around the globe – it is also a hot market for sports betting. The thrill lures, especially for exciting live betting.

Basketball not only represents a popular sport around the globe – it is also a hot market for sports betting. The thrill lures, especially for exciting live betting.

When the best clubs in the USA clash in the NBA, the game action can have a decisive impact on the odds within seconds. And in the middle of the action instead of just being there are also numerous players from Africa.

First, these include many Nigerian team players, some of whom were born in Nigeria and others in the USA. OG Anunoby of the Toronto Raptors, Josh Okogie of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Al-Farouq Aminu of the Los Angeles Clippers represent just a few examples. In addition, players from South Africa, Senegal, Cameroon, Sudan, Congo, and Benin earn their money in what is by far the most important basketball league in the world.

Additionally, we have a number of African basketball players who played for NBA teams in the past decades. The most famous of them is with Hakeem Olajuwon another Nigerian. Moreover, for example, his compatriot Ime Udoka, Dikembe Mutombo from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the South African Steve Nash made a name for themselves in North America.

So, especially in these countries the enthusiasm for the NBA is enormous. Despite this, or precisely because of this, you must keep your feet on the ground and remain objective when it comes to sports betting. It is always indispensable to rely on well-founded analyses and expert knowledge. And you are on the right track with us in this respect because you get the brand-new NBA betting tips from professionals!

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NBA predictions: If you are betting on the NBA today, here is what you need to consider

Basketball represents the thriller of sports betting. A single hit can have a decisive influence on the game (and the odds). One of the reasons for this is that the number of points is not always the same. Or more precisely: it depends on the type of throw. After all, a free throw brings one point, a normal throw brings two points and a throw from behind the three-point line gives three points. Consequently, it is not all about putting the ball in the basket. That is why a change can be invalidated just a few seconds later. And that means for us: Therefore, for live betting there is no more exciting opportunity than an NBA match.

The other side of the coin is that classic single bets are less exciting. This is primarily due to two reasons:

  1. In the NBA, as in all basketball, no draw exists. If the score is tied, the game is prolonged for five minutes at a time until one team gets the win. For this reason, you can bet on victory of one or the other team, but you must renounce the third option.
  2. In addition to that, in basketball underdogs basically do not have much of a chance. In soccer there are also favourites and underdogs, but some game situations can be decisive. A lucky shot, a missed penalty, an exclusion, or an injury represent examples. And in a football match, there are clearly fewer goals scored over 90 minutes. In addition, unlike in football, in basketball a goal can be worth up to three points. So, it is obvious that in basketball, a team needs to deliver a consistently strong performance over the entire 48 minutes of play. You can also see that in the (favourite) odds. 

NBA sports betting predictions: This is how our experts arrive at their results

However, this does not mean that prematch betting on NBA fixtures is boring across the board. For one thing, it always depends on the matchup because the difference in quality is not always the same. And for another, starting with those on the point totals, you can just as easily choose from other betting markets. If you are desiring a varied, exciting experience, you can get well-founded NBA betting tips from us. Moreover, we will tell you which bookmaker offers the best bets and where the best odds are.

To ensure that our NBA predictions and analyses provide you with the most accurate NBA sports betting tips possible, our professionals keep a close eye on all the key factors:

  • Form of the teams: How are the teams performing in the current season?
  • Home advantage vs. away strength: Where is the match taking place?
  • Conference and division record: How do the most frequent encounters play out on average?
  • Player form: Who is injured, suspended or otherwise affected?
  • Stresses: What stresses have the teams been under lately?

The latter point is particularly important in the NBA and in the U.S. leagues in general. On the one hand because there are often only around 48 hours between games. And on the other one because the teams must sometimes travel clearly longer distances. That is why the U.S. leagues have a conference and division format. However, the teams also compete against teams from other latitudes and longitudes.

Our betting experts do not miss any aspect that affects the performance and the gameplay. They also rely a little bit on their years of experience and gut instincts – all to give you the best NBA picks!