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Melbet App Review: Android and iOS

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As one of the leading bookmakers in Africa, Melbet has a specialised app for the use of their customers. Although a sight to behold, does the Melbet app really live up to its reputation? Check out this Melbet app review to get answers to all your questions about the bookmaker's app.

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Melbet App Quickfacts

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Melbet App At a Glance

  • Pros
    • Ability to change to your preferred time zone
    • Ability to choose your preferred language
    • Market view change
    • Availability of popular page
    • Thousands of daily еvеnts асrоss sроrts, еSроrts, virtuаl gаmеs
  • Cons
    • No lite version

We made this separate Melbet app review to help gamers with their betting journey. It is common knowledge that Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) currently power the majority of modern online sportsbooks.

Most sportsbooks have no choice but to figure out how to make their services mobile-friendly. This is because the majority of bettors are getting tech-oriented and prefer to game through their phones. Click here to learn more about African betting apps you need to know about.

About MelBet Mobile App – Rating: 92/100

Melbet tech experts came together to create a mobile website and an app that facilitates quick modern betting. They made the app compatible with mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. This made it possible for gamers to use it with their smartphone or iPad with no issues.

The MelBet app serves consumers in several African nations as well as the ones focused on by Betting Tips Africa. These regions include Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. However, the Bookie is only locally licensed in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana as at this point. For other regions, Melbet’s Curacao license ensures they are safe to game with.

Therefore, those living in these areas can now make bets through their mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Users from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya just need to download the app from the website version of their region. Upon doing this, they will have the application software installed on their iOS or Android devices. Also, iOS users can get their device version of the app via the pre-installed Apple app store.

The Melbet app’s latest update is Melbet v.58(7058). Gamers should rest assured that additional versions will be made available if there are any major changes. Melbet’s mobile app is regularly updated so that it always has the most up-to-date Sportsbook features. 

System Requirements – Melbet App Review

Melbet iOS System Requirements

VersioniOS 11.0 
File Size150 – 200 Mb
Ram / Rom2 / 200 Mb
Internet Connection 3G, 4G or 5G
Processor Speed 1.2 GHz above

Melbet Android System Requirements

VersionAndroid 6.0 and above
File Size50 – 70 Mb
Ram / Rom2 / 100 Mb
Internet Connection3G, 4G or 5G
Processor Speed1.3 GHz above

The iOS version of the Melbet mobile app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store. However, the Android version can only be downloaded via the mobile website of the Bookie. The Melbet app versions passed out tests excellently, which confirms the app’s excellent performance. 

Melbet’s app also received high ratings from users on both Google Play and the Apple app store. The app scored 4.0 in both app stores. Old customers have generally given positive reviews of the app. They praised the intuitive interface and the uninterrupted gameplay they experienced while gaming on the app. 

Betting Tips Africa recommends users get Melbet’s mobile app. Gamers need to get their hands on the app if they want to make the most of the site. 

How To Install And Download The Melbet Mobile App (Android)

An important aspect of enjoying Melbet’s services is the use of their dedicated mobile app. Punters who wish to make use of this innovation can get their app on the platform’s mobile website. This is because the app is not available on Google play store as gambling apps are not yet supported. 

How To Install The Melbet Android App

  • Visit the official Melbet website
  • Locate the “App” button at the top left corner of the homepage and click.
  • Follow the instructions. 
  • After the app downloads, you will go to “Settings” via the pop-up window which appears and allows app installation from unknown sources.
  • Go back and Tap “Install” to install the app.
  • Once the app has been installed, it is ready for use. 

Melbet iOS Mobile Version App 

With the Apple iOS platform being one of the biggest, Melbet has a dedicated app for it. Contrary to the android app, Melbet patrons can simply scroll to their app store and download the Melbet app directly. There is no need for any special installation process as it undergoes a similar one to any other app. 

Mobile App Design And Usability

Melbet Mobile App Design

Melbet is one of the most aesthetically pleasing online gaming sites. The Bookie features a truly remarkable design and a vibrant overall look. The mobile website is highly user-friendly and can also be used with ease via any browser. The background of the bookie is black, and the design contains white and yellow colours throughout. The Bookie had a distinct configuration of components, and this provided a clean and uncluttered overall appearance.

Melbet also made fast control buttons available for quick navigation. These are great features that will impress patrons of the bookie. They have country-specific domains available to residents of regions where they are registered. These regions include Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Melbet’s colour scheme is unique and carefully developed by seasoned professional designers.

The Melbet Sportsbook website contains buttons, navigation slides, dropdown menus, and navigation links. These are some examples of the primary controls that users will most certainly come across on the Bookie website. The bookmaker prides itself on having a carefully crafted layout. Their layout is widely considered to be among the most user-friendly in the online gambling industry.

Last but not least, gamers will be astounded by the remarkable and eye-catching logo that Melbet possesses. Punters will surely have a pleasurable gaming experience at Melbet due to the way their website is laid out. 

Melbet Mobile App Usability/User-friendliness – Rating 90/100

User-friendliness was the ultimate goal when the development of the Melbet app commenced. Thus, the app’s primary functions and shortcuts are placed in an accessible and efficient fashion. The app’s layout is straightforward despite still looking quite nice. This is partly due to its exceptional colour scheme. Although Melbet’s mobile app is not entirely on the level of some of the world-beaters in the gambling industry, it is far superior to many and just a few steps away from those above it.

Melbet’s minimal design is immediately apparent upon installation. Gamers don’t have to be concerned about being overwhelmed by a confusing array of images. Melbet’s colour scheme is quite eye-friendly. This makes it quite easy to grasp all that is presented if close attention is paid. 

Melbet did averagely well when it came to the speed and response time of their mobile website. The website is quick but is not as quick as other websites in its class. However, it is quite capable of taking wagers when gamers need to place a last-minute bet on an event. 

When compared to others of its more established competitors, Melbet’s website loads pretty slowly. It is caused by the website determining the user’s location at the same time as loading. It takes about 4.6 – 5.1 seconds for Melbet’s mobile website to load fully over a stable mobile network. This number reduces over a  high-speed WiFi network as it takes about 3.9 – 4.4 seconds.

Features of the Melbet App (For App Users)

The Melbet mobile application is far from being a bland one without anything exciting. The app has a plethora of cool features that gamers can make use of to spice things up. Gamers can gain access to all of its features after logging in and clicking the corresponding button. Such action will result in the desired outcome. 

Gamers gain access to view sections like “Live, sports, eSports, slots, live casino, fast games, and customer support” after clicking the menu button at the bottom of the homepage. 

All of these new features are part of Melbet’s effort to enhance the quality of betting within their app as a whole. They also provide these exciting features to spice up gamers’ betting experience on the app.


Melbet provides a cashout feature where bets and betting slips can be cashed in and traded at the sportsbook. The gamer's bet results are no longer relevant to the wager’s success with the cashout feature, as their bet will win anyway. Gamblers can always come out ahead by using this method.

Speed/Loading Time

Melbet’s mobile app loads fairly quickly in comparison to rivals of the same standings. The app’s speed is great, which is in contrast to the mobile website, which takes time. 

Settings Modification

Settings modification allows users to adjust the settings of their app. Features to be modified include the method in which odds are displayed, biometrics and pin codes. It also includes bet settings, background, popular page, push notifications and widgets. 

Bet Builder 

Melbet’s version of a bet builder is called the “one-click bet” feature. It is a convenient tool for creating wagers. Gamers can quickly put together aggregate bets in this “one-click bet” area rather than going through the complete betting process.  

Bet Slip Scanner

Melbet provides the feature of a bet slip scanner to their patrons. Gamers can read every detail of a bet slip with the help of the bet slip scanner. To learn everything about a wager, simply get the code and scan it into your Melbet app.

Toto Betting

A TOTO Bet is an exciting prediction game where gamers have to select events and match them with outcomes. Luckily, Toto gamers can find this exciting feature at Melbet.

Melbet Apk Speed/Loading Time – Rating: 88/100

Melbet’s mobile app loads quite quickly in comparison to rivals of the same standings. The app’s speed is great, which is in contrast to the mobile website, which takes time. The Live-betting section does not hold latency, and gamers can immediately wager on currently unfolding events. This boosts their chances of winning significantly.

Betting Options On The Melbet App For iOS And Android

Melbet provides tax-free wagering, increasing the user’s return on wagers placed beyond what they would receive at a brick-and-mortar bookmaker. Melbet offer sports including football, tennis, basketball, and many others to punters. There are also simulated games (Virtual) and Toto betting and eSports. Gamers can identify the betting markets that aren’t played as often, like handicaps, double chance and correct score, to maximise payouts. Check our comprehensive Review of Melbet Sportsbook for more information.

Melbet Mobile App Security

Melbet will keep your data safe at any cost once they receive them. The SSL level of protection is more than adequate for the service being provided by Melbet. Once they receive your information, they will keep it safe at any cost. Gamers should put it at the back of their mind to always check their connection regardless of the safety measures Melbet put in place. The safety of user data depends on more than just the presence of a certificate, and users must also contribute their quota.

Gamers must make sure of the quality of the connection being used and the authenticity of the website they’re visiting. This way, they can be safe that their user data is well-protected behind the firewall of SSL encryption and browsing network. 

The government agencies that granted Melbet the licence to operate have found that the company abides by all applicable laws and regulations.

Responsible Gambling 

Melbet has a responsible gambling section under their terms and conditions section. This page is dedicated to helping individuals with compulsive gambling. So, anyone at Melbet who is finding it hard to control their tendency to gamble even when it affects them negatively can get tips on how to tackle the problem.  

Our Final Take

One thing must be said, Melbet’s mobile website/app interface is not the best out there. However, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites among online gambling sites. Melbet has a mobile app for users in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. These apps can also be used in regions where Melbet is legal. The apps can be downloaded on either Android or iOS devices. 

Melbet’s mobile website and mobile app do not really have much noticeable difference at first glance. However, notable differences between the two include the speed at which they work. It also includes their optimisation for different screen sizes. Furthermore, the capability of the app to display high-definition images which look more pleasing to the eye is another difference. 

Gamers have the luxury of personalising the Melbet Sportsbook app to their liking by changing the settings. When using the Melbet Sportsbook app, you may personalise it to your liking by changing the settings. They can alter the odds format to fit their preferences. Furthermore, they can adjust the odds format to that of one of the following; Decimal, Fractional, American, Malay, Indo and Hong Kong formats.

The app can also be used to play casino games, participate in live betting, and use Melbet’s other gambling offers. Betting Tips Africa recommends the mobile app for gamers who regularly stake on Melbet. The mobile app is preferred over the website as it will give a lot of personalised feel.