Hollywoodbets – Mobile App in 2022 [Mobile App Review]

If you are reading this review, you are most likely considering opening a Hollywoodbets account. Of course, this could be your first steps with a bookie. And of course, you may want to expand with Hollywoodbets your sportsbook portfolio. Regardless of this, their user-friendliness usually characterizes good betting sites. After all, it is relatively rare to spend a long time on a leisure activity if it is tedious. Because: for most of us, sports betting is primarily a sideline activity that, if anything, only becomes a good source of income after several years. Now, with the desktop version new.hollywoodbets.net you must exercise patience. Or rather, the structure takes a lot of getting used to.

Compared to the previous version, which you can access from the search engine, there has been a certain upgrade. The overall look is much more professional, you feel less overrun, and you can access how-to videos. Nevertheless, we noticed that the web presence of the competitors is more clearly structured. Most of the time, shortcomings are reflected in the handling, but Hollywoodbets doesn’t seem to need to take any action in this regard. This is partly due to the popularity thanks to the partnerships and brand ambassadors.

  • Hollywoodbets mobile app

The Hollywoodbets mobile app for advanced smartphones and tablets

Then, of course, is equally a matter of taste, but we got on best with the version for advanced mobile devices. The singular does not represent a mistake in this case. After all, the bookie doesn’t provide an app for either Android or iOS end devices. Therefore, you must/can fall back on mob.hollywoodbets.net and m.hollywoodbets.net. You can only access the second website with mobile devices by entering www.hollywoodbets.net in the address bar.

In our opinion, the Hollywoodbets web apps are more user-friendly. Of course, you use them primarily with a smaller screen, but you can also access them via PC or notebook. In the header you can find the area for registering with Hollywoodbets, for the mobile login and for the account login. Below you can see the search function at mob.hollywoodbets.net as well as the disciplines, through which you can scroll sideways. You can use these just as well with a PC or notebook. Because: Hollywoodbets has built a scroll bar into this mobile version. Immediately afterwards, you can encounter the Today’s Soccer button, for example.

In the following list, you can first find access to the FICA upload. Since sports betting is actually the third pillar of Hollywoodbets, not all menu items are relevant for us. This is especially true for the items “All Betting”, “Same Match Betbuilder” and “Specials”. Furthermore, you can access the results and the how-to videos. At m.hollywoodbets.net, sports betting enjoys a higher status. For example, there is also the Soccer section with a reference to the Cash Outs and the In-Play bets.

Hollywoodbets downloadable mobisite

Hollywoodbets counts among the few betting sites that don’t offer a mobile app for Android devices. And you certainly can’t access an app for iOS end devices. Nevertheless, this betting site provides an app. And it is a rarity. Because: Via the URL mobi.hollywoodbets.net (and not via hollywoodbets.mobi) you can access the mobisite for basic feature mobile phones. This means, for example, the Nokia 105, the Nokia 130, and the Samsung E1205.

Since we do not own any of these devices and the JAD application cannot be opened on advanced smartphones, we could not take a closer look at the mobisite. However, we know from the Hollywoodbets blog that it is based on Opera Mini and that most of the functions are the same. Furthermore, new features are added regularly. You can find the download option on the old website and in Hollywoodbets mobile web apps.

But how to register on Hollywoodbets?

Regardless of the version that suits you best, at Hollywoodbets you must first register. While this is generally true for all reputable betting sites in the world, it is even more important in South Africa due to the particularly strict rules. At Hollywoodbets, the form comprises one page. There you must first enter your name, the number of one of your ID cards or passport and your gender. This is followed by your telephone number, e-mail address, address, source of income and the desired password. You can also enter your referral.

After that, you will be activated and, for example, www.hollywoodbets.com will allow you to login in the account for the first time. However, there are two things to note. The first is that you must first activate your Hollywoodbets account created on mobile devices or at call centres for the desktop version. For this purpose, existing clients can use their PIN code. You also must take care of the FICA procedure. For this, you must observe the following points:

  • You need a copy of your ID or a passport. A driving licence will only be accepted if the identity document is provisional or damaged.
  • The relevant information and photo must be visible
  • You must enclose a colour copy or a clear photo of the document.
  • If you are using a Smart ID Card, you must send pictures of the front and back of the card.