Betika Africa – Review 2023

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The Kenyan company Shop and Deliver Limited launched Betika in 2016. Thereafter and within a few years, the bookie emerged as one of the most popular in Kenya. This is partly because Betika acts, for example, as the title sponsor for the Football Kenya Federation Super League. Additionally, users appreciate Betika’s portfolio of mobile apps.

Thus, the bookie expanded into other countries as well. Therefore, also punters from Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania can place their bets there. Strictly speaking, the latter country not only has a separate owner, Paladin and Associates Company Limited, but also its website and mobile apps. You can read all about it below.

What we like about Betika

  • The user-friendliness of all websites
  • Native / download-based mobile apps are mostly available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Moreover, the breadth and depth of the live betting offer
  • The live stream offer in Ghana, and in Kenya
  • They offer bet builders in all countries
  • Betting lovers in Kenya benefit from promotions on individual football matches

What we like less about Betika

  • There is room for improvement in the prematch betting section, particularly in terms of breadth and depth
  • You need the mobile phone for the registration
  • They don’t offer welcome bonus
  • There are FAQs only for Kenyan punters
  • On the Tanzanian website, the translation into English has been half-hearted so far
  • The payment options aren’t adapted to the preferences in all countries

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Betika’s betting offer and odds

As mentioned above, Betika has two main owners. One of them is the Kenyan company, Shop and Deliver Limited, which launched the bookie in 2016. While there are officially separate operating companies in Nigeria and Ghana, their websites all use the same domain, And they offer the same apps. Although they vary from country to country, they have many things in common.

  • Betika offer

These include the number of sports, whereby we got to see 20 real sports and eSoccer on a Friday. The same applied to In this respect, betting enthusiasts from Tanzania have access to the same sports as the other three countries. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the number of sports is definitely expandable. After all, you can bet on up to 25 or 30 sports with many competitors. Moreover, perhaps it is our mistake, but we couldn’t fine antepost wagers / outrights.

Betika football betting

The fact that the football offer forms the centrepiece represents another common feature of Betika’s appearances. Here, the betting range covers competitions from over 60 countries. Moreover, you can find the big international tournaments for clubs and national teams, friendly matches, amateur, and youth competitions. More precisely, you can find the youth competitions in the amateur category.

Furthermore, and especially in comparison with competitors, there is room for improvement in the depth. Because: We did not find more than 90 betting markets even on match day. And you have access to far fewer of them in less well-known competitions. The other side of the coin is that you are in good hands regarding the odds. Because: For example, in connection with the European top leagues and the UEFA Champions League, the odds key always oscillates between the 95% and the 96% mark.

If the betting programme on real football doesn’t suffice for you, you can also dedicate yourself to eSoccer and the Simulated Reality Leagues. In the latter area and during an international break, we were able to find the South Korean K-League 1 and friendly matches. And when it comes to eSoccer, the programme includes Champions and Europa League tournaments, as well as the English Premier League in particular.

Betika basketball betting

So, at Betika, football constitutes the centrepiece of the betting programme. And even on this sport, in terms of the number of markets, we can definitely see room for improvement. Therefore, it goes without saying that the selection for the other disciplines is very limited. In a sense, basketball looks the best, whereby you can choose between competitions from dozens of countries. In most competitions, you can select from a wide range of sports. Here, the NBA with 32 alternatives per match constitutes an exception. And regarding the latter competition, you benefit from a payout percentage of approximately 95.10%.

Betika rugby betting

In connection with rugby matches, the betting markets are partly even more numerous. Here, you can bet on up to 45 events per match. The number of betting markets remains relatively limited, but the worldwide popularity of rugby doesn’t keep up with that of football and basketball. In any case, the odds key lies at 94.30%.

Betika tennis betting

However, Betika definitely could improve its tennis betting opportunities. Although you can bet on ATP, WTA, and ITF tournaments, you have at less than 20 betting markets per match at your disposal. In this respect, various competitors surely provide more. If you still want to bet on tennis matches with this bookie, you can benefit from a payout percentage of 96%.

Betika ice hockey betting

More or less, the same consideration for the basketball betting apply to the one for ice hockey betting. Because: You can choose between competitions from several countries, whereby the focus lies on the US leagues. Strictly speaking, we found about 30 betting markets for these, as well as for most other competitions. However, we saw 16 matches in connection with the NHL and 20 matches with the AHL. The odds on the NHL are 93.55%.

Betika betting on cricket and on other sports

For cricket, a similar consideration applies to rugby. After all, while this discipline is known worldwide, it has relatively few competitions at a certain level. And this inevitably affects the number of leagues and tournaments in the betting programme. Concerning betting markets, the one for the Indian Premier League looked by far the best. Here you can select from more than 40 options. And the payout ratio stands at 93.3%.

Thus, the betting programme at Betika covers a total of 14 real sports. Additionally, to the above-mentioned disciplines, we noticed various sports that enjoy a certain popularity worldwide. By this, we mean, in particular, handball and volleyball. However, we missed, among others, baseball, and motor sports.

The Bet Builders at Betika

Moreover, Betika in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania provides Bet Builders. Here, the bookmaker chose the names Fabom Beti, Shikisha Bet, Palm Bet, and Watafunga. All Bet Builders have in common that they generally focus on football / soccer bets. Furthermore, you can combine bets on selected fixtures with excellent odds. For this, you can always pick from seven to ten wagering markets.

Further prematch betting options at Betika

The other prematch betting options at this bookie depend on the country. Here we mean the fact that you can only bet on the Betika Super League in Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. This area includes a total of seven football competitions as well as greyhound, horse, speedway, and motorbike races.

Furthermore, in Nigeria and Tanzania you must make do without the virtuals. However, the offer in this regard is generally limited. Because: Betika users from Ghana and Kenya can place bets on two football leagues each.

The cashouts at Betika

Especially in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, Betika belongs to the betting sites that offer cashouts. This enables you to secure your winnings in advance and minimize losses. At this bookie, you can make cashouts on selected events and wagering markets. In addition, this applies to both single and combined bets. You can find the amount offered by the betting site in the “My bets” tab.

Betika’s live betting offer

At Betika, all punters from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania can place live bets. Here, the wagering offer includes a relatively large number of sports. However, in terms of the extent, they differ. Tanzanian punters can bet only on real sports. For them, on a Monday afternoon, we saw bets on football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, table tennis, cricket, and volleyball.

  • Betika live betting

From other countries, moreover, you could have bet on niches, eSoccer and eBasketball. The number of betting markets depends primarily on the discipline. Below, we go into more detail about the ranges for some sports.

Betika live betting on football

Theoretically, you can place live football bets on all national competitions and international tournaments present in the prematch offer. If you choose at Betika the games of today in football, you can get a good overview. Here we found, for example, the Swedish amateur league for U21 teams during an international break.

For this and for the Ugandan Premier League, respectively, almost 60 and 34 betting markets existed. The first was also available for the highest divisions in Serbia, Algeria, and India. And the betting odds, which are generally lower for live betting, perform very well. Because: The odds key oscillates between the 92% and the 93% mark.

Betika live betting on basketball

In terms of breadth, for the basketball live bets, the same applies as for those on football. On Monday afternoons, for example, the offer covered the Lebanese league. In this case, you could select from 38 options per match. The payout rate reached 91.6%.

Betika live betting on tennis

As we know, in tennis at a certain level, only international tournaments take place. By this, we mean those of the ATP (Challenger) Tour as well as the WTA Tour and the ITF competitions. Here, you generally must settle for ten betting markets at best. The odds key lies at 91.75%.

Betika live betting on ice hockey

When it comes to live betting on ice hockey, the same applies as for football and basketball. If you find a league or a tournament at Betika in the games of today, you can also place live wagers. We found over 30 betting markets per match in connection with the Belarusian Extraliga.

Betika live betting on cricket

Furthermore, cricket enthusiasts find themselves in good hands with the Betika live betting offer. And just as, for example, with football, the number of betting markets depends on the level. In the case of an Indian Premier match, there were 44 available and in the context of the Zimbabwe Domestic Twenty20, a fraction of that number. And the odds key for cricket betting stands at an excellent 93.75%.

Betika live betting cashout

For the moment, just as with prematch bets, you can make cashouts at Betika in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. The bookie allows this for selected sporting events and betting markets. Furthermore, you can hedge your winnings in advance and minimize losses on both single and combined bets. And just as with the prematch bets, you will find this at Betika after the login in the “My bets” tab of the account settings.

Betika live streams

At Betika, betting lovers from Ghana, and Kenya benefit from live streams. Here, the bookie made headlines in Kenya, especially with agreements regarding European top football leagues such as the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga. Furthermore, you can enjoy numerous other football competitions such as the Indian Premier League. Additionally, you can watch selected tennis and table tennis tournaments. Moreover, at Betika, you can avail of the excellent live score.

Betika’s promotions and bonuses

Betika belongs to the betting sites that do not offer a new customer bonus, both at and at Thus, at least for now, a start-up aid is omitted. The other side of the coin is that all betting enthusiasts can profit from a few promotions. However, these partly depend on the country.

  • Betika promotions

Betika promotions and bonuses in Ghana

At Betika, for example, Ghanaian bettors can use the Falaa Daily Jackpot at This enables you to place three-way bets on eight football matches with a stake of 0.5 GH₵ and win up to 1,000 GH₵. However, this is the total amount.

Betika promotions and bonuses in Kenya

After all, Betika is a Kenyan bookie. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that especially betting lovers from Kenya benefit from promotions. For example, you can often profit from offers on selected football matches. However, you usually need a minimum stake of 200 Ksh, odds of at least 5 and four events in the Betika Betslip.

Additionally, Betika in Kenya offers three jackpots to choose from. With the first of these, the Mega Jackpot, you need to place three-way bets on 17 events. Here, the stake is 49 Ksh, and you can win up to 200,000,000 Ksh. For the Midweek Jackpot, the betting slip includes 15 fixtures, whereby you can get at best 15,000,000 Ksh with a stake of 15 Ksh. Furthermore, with the Daily Jackpot Sababisha, you need eight three-way bets with a stake of 10 Ksh. With this, you can ideally collect 500,000 Ksh. But the bookmaker divides the prize monies among several users. Furthermore, even one wrong tip will result in you receiving significantly fewer amounts.

Betika promotions and bonuses in Nigeria

Like those from Ghana, Betika customers in Nigeria have access only to a Daily Jackpot. Here, you need to place three-way bets on eight matches. The stake amounts to 50 ₦ and the prize money lies at 100,000 ₦.

Betika promotions and bonuses in Tanzania

In Tanzania, with the Kitonga Deile Jackpot, you can win up to 1,000,000 Tsh with a stake of 250 Tsh. Furthermore, you can try the Kitonga Jackpot. With this, you need to wager 2,000 Tsh and the prize money amounts to nearly 340,000 Tsh. Additionally, the betting slip contains 13 matches. Unlike the previously mentioned jackpots, you can pick the tips randomly by using the “Kijumbe Quick” tool. However, the operators translate the whole thing only half-heartedly. So, if you don’t understand Swahili, you’ll need to resort to Google translate.

Betika mobile apps and websites

As mentioned at the beginning, Betika has two domains. The first of these,, works for Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. From there you can access a mobile lite version, but they have more extensive mobile apps available as well. By this, we mean web apps as well as those for Android and for iOS.

The only difference between the more extensive mobile offerings and the desktop version is the size of the screen. And we noticed a rarity with the fact that you can choose between a light and a dark mode. Additionally, all websites impress with their speed and generally thanks to their user-friendliness. One reason for the latter lies in the well-done colour contrasts. Furthermore, in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, you can benefit from the data saver.

The latter advantages apply to, too. The Betikas website logically exists in both Swahili and English. Betikas’ website logically exists in Swahili as well as in English. However, the translation into English represents one of the shortcomings. The other side of the coin is that the portal is even simpler. Furthermore, you can select only between a web app and an Android app. Their structure mostly corresponds to the lite version for the other countries.

Betika payment options

So, after the success in Kenya, the operators of Betika decided to expand to Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania, for example. However, they offer the same payment methods everywhere. This is suboptimal for betting enthusiasts in Nigeria, where mobile money plays a comparatively minor role.

  • Betika payment options

But the bookmaker decided to make a change for Betika customers in Nigeria. Because: Now, you can use Paga for both deposits and withdrawals with minimum sums of 50 ₦ and 1,000 ₦. Additionally, you can fund, for example, via SMS and the USSD method. For deposits in the other countries, you can use M-Pesa and Airtel Money and their sister service providers. The minimum amounts are 1 GH₵, 50 Ksh, and 1,000 Tsh.

However, in Kenya, and Tanzania you can use only the M-Pesa network for withdrawals. Furthermore, for betting enthusiasts from Ghana, this means that they have only one of the mobile money providers, that are popular in the country, at their disposal. In any case, you need 1 GH₵, 500 Ksh, and 1,000 Tsh. All transactions take place immediately. All transactions take place immediately.

In Kenya, at Betika after the login, you can also utilize the “My Account” area and USSD for your deposits. With the latter option, you must dial *644#. Additionally, you can make withdrawals via SMS. To do so, send a message with the text “WITHDRAW#AMOUNT” to 29090.

Security at Betika

As mentioned at the beginning, the operators work with the licences of the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB), the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), and the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). Thus, for example, the institutions in Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania make sure that everything at Betika proceeds lawfully. Furthermore, the cooperation with the Football Kenya Federation Super League alone underpins the reliability. Therefore, also in terms of security, you are in good hands.

Betika customer care

Betika offers its customers FAQ exclusively in Kenya. Strictly speaking, you can find the corresponding links in the header as well as near the footer. But they structured the information well only under terms & conditions. Apart from Kenya, however, it is a PDF file.

Furthermore, customers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria receive help via live chat, telephone hotline and e-mail. For betting enthusiasts from Tanzania, you can contact them by WhatsApp instead of live chat. Furthermore, you can also use a telephone hotline and e-mail address.

Betika conclusion

In summary, at Betika we particularly appreciate the user-friendliness, the focus on mobile betting options, and the live betting area. Thereby, you can select from an above-average number of live bets and benefit from live streams in Ghana, and in Kenya. Moreover, you can benefit from numerous promotions, whereby this applies in particular to Kenya. Here, the Bet Builder counts as one of the common features, even if it has different names.

With this, Betika makes partly up for the lack of a new customer bonus. Furthermore, when it comes to the breadth and depth of the prematch betting offer, we see room for improvement. Additionally, most users must follow the mobile money payment preferences of the users from Kenya. And can register only with a mobile phone. For now, moreover, the FAQ section in the terms & conditions area is available only to users from the home country. Additionally, although we found an English-language version in Tanzania, many parts of the text appear only in Swahili.

Betika accepts customers from these countries

Betika alternatives in the test

So, this bookie accepts betting enthusiasts from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania. However, it represents exclusively one of the betting sites that offer their services in various African countries.

Betika alternatives in Ghana:

Plus, Betika alternatives in Kenya:

Betika alternatives in Nigeria:


To deposit online, select the “Deposit” tab after logging into your Betika account; Put in the sum you want to put in; Pick the “Recharge now” option; A pin entry prompt will appear on your registered phone number; To view the funds, enter your PIN and reload the Betika app or website.

To deposit via M-pesa for Kenyan gamers, access the Lipa na Mpesa option from the Mpesa menu. Put in the following information to make a deposit: paybill number 290290; account number BETIKA; desired deposit amount; followed by your Mpesa PIN.

To deposit via Airtel Money for Ghanaian customers, access the Airtel SIM Toolbox menu and Choose Airtel Money; Select the Payments tab; Select the alternative option, then bill payment; key in your company’s name BETIKA; Put in the sum you want to put in your Betika account; Key in your Password; and use BETIKA as the reference.

A new player must register for an account before making a wager. In order to sign up for Betika, you should go to their website. You can also sign up as a new gambler by texting the phrase BETIKA to the appropriate number in your locality. In addition, the player can register by dialling a USSD code from their phone. After registration, the gamer funds his account and can either play on the mobile website or by sending an SMS.

Betika provides its customers with three major options for cashing out their winnings. Using a short message service, Simply text the following: WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to the appropriate number. Make sure to use the phone number associated with your Betika account when sending the message.

In addition, you can withdraw funds by dialling the relevant USSD code, selecting the Withdraw/Deposit Option, and then entering the desired withdrawal amount. Through the internet, Sign in to your Betika Account through the Web or the Betika Mobile App; Select “Withdraw”, Type the Withdrawal Amount You Wish to Withdraw and then Click the “Withdraw Now” Button.

Playing on Betika is a very straightforward process. Just register on the website, add funds to your account and select your games. Choose how much you wish to stake in the game and wait until the games have been played to know if you won or lost the bet.

To redeem a bonus in Betika, you won’t need any coupon codes or other cryptic instructions. You just need to learn the specifics of the promotion and follow through as directed (wagering requirements). You can use your bonus to place stakes on any game or event you like on the website. Anyone can take advantage of this to improve their sports betting experience and gain access to exclusive bookmaker perks.

Send the word “BETIKA” to the appropriate number for your location to join the Bookie via text message. Once you have successfully registered with them, you will receive a confirmation message. To register via the USSD code, dial the appropriate code to register, and you’ll get a message back letting you know that you’re all set up.

You can also visit and either click the “Profile” symbol on your phone or the “REGISTER” icon on your computer to sign up for an account online. Type in your phone number, select “Send Code,” and then enter the verification code you received through text message before selecting “Verify Code.” Reset Your Password, and the final step is to click the “REGISTER” button after reading the Terms and Conditions.