Betika Review 2023: Top-Class Betting Sportsbook For You

Betika is no doubt a big name in the sports betting industry. To further understand the intricacies of the bookmaker, our Sportsbook experts at Betting Tips Africa  have compiled this complete Betika review for our readers. 

It is important that punters understand what their bookmaker is all about, which is the main aim of this Betika review. This page will include information on the plenty features that stand Betika out of the competition. We will be going over Betika’s betting options and registration process. 

We will also touch the bonuses and offers that Betika provides as well as the Betika app, deposit options and withdrawal. More knowledge of these features will help our readers win more. You can also check out our Betika review of the app here. Furthermore, this Betika review will go through some FAQs, summary and conclusions on the platform. With the help of our full package Betika review, our readers will make good decisions when gaming from approved locations of the bookmaker.

About Betika

Betika is a very good platform and caters to the needs of African punters. Betika was founded in the year 2016 and is officially listed in the Gambling Facilities and Casinos industry. The platform officially specialises in online gambling and have operations in Kenya, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia.

Betika is licensed by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya with License number 0000404. 

The bookmaker is also licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT)

Betika has its head office in Kenya at 3rd Floor, Mayfair Business Centre, Parklands Road, Nairobi, Kenya. Their headquarters in Nigeria can be located at 27, Obodoukwu street, Canal estate, Okota, Isolo, Lagos. The bookmaker has its Ghana headquarters located at Ofori Tibo lane , East Legon, 00233 Accra, Ghana.

Betika is owned in Ghana by Shade Gold Coast and Shop and Deliver Limited in Kenya. In Nigeria, Shade International Gaming Limited owns and runs the company while Paladin and Associates Company Limited owns the platform in Tanzania. 

Betika offers a mobile app alongside their mobile website. However, the availability of their app is based on location. The personalised app offers all features that can be found on the website and is more personalised. Our focus in this Betika review is based on football. This is because football is the most wagered sport around the world.

Examples of the sports you will find at Betika include:

Soccer Boxing Table tennis
American footballRugby Ice hockey
Cricket Handball Baseball 
MMA Tennis Basketball 
Waterpolo Aussie Rules Futsal 
Volleyball Darts Bowls 

Betika Operating Licence

Betika possesses valid operating licences for the regions where they offer their services. In Nigeria, Betika is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) under the name, Shade International Gaming Limited. In Ghana, Betika is licensed by the Gaming Commission Of Ghana Ghana under the name, Shade Gold Coast. Moreover, in Kenya, the bookmaker is licensed by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the name, Shop and Deliver Limited. 

The Sportsbook’s valid licences in the aforementioned regions allow it to offer sporting and gaming services in line with the law. Gamers can rest assured of a transparent and honest gaming environment with Betika’s licensing activities. 

Basic And Important Information About Betika 

Betika is a giant Sportsbook in Kenya which has spread its wings into Africa. The bookmaker offers some of the best services to African punters as a key figure in African sports betting. Below are the most basic and important information punters need to know about Betika. 

  • Year founded: 2016.
  • Website:
  • Services: Online Betting (Sportsbook and Casino). 
  • Owner: In Ghana Shade Gold Coast – in Kenya Shop and Deliver Limited – in Nigeria Shade International Gaming Limited – in Tanzania Paladin and Associates Company Limited. 
  • Headquarters: (Lagos, Nigeria), (Accra, Ghana), (Nairobi, Kenya), (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).
  • Licences: National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB), Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT).
  • Available in: Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Licensed: Yes  
  • Where to Play:  Shop, Web and Mobile App
  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS, and Android devices
  • Support:  Email, live chatbot, WhatsApp and Phone. 
  • Overall Rating: 90/100 
  • Welcome Bonus: No
  • Accumulator Bonus: No
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Yes

In this Betika review article, we will also discuss features like casino bonus, live chat, betting options, accumulator bets, registration process, eSports, betting odds, deposit bonus and more on Betika. 

Features of Betika Sportsbook

Betika has a moderate number of features that can help punters achieve their aims as well as catch some fun. Listed below are some of the features offered by the bookmaker. 

Live Betting

The live betting feature gives punters access to place bets on matches or events that have already started. At Betika, all punters from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania can place live bets. Here, the wagering offer includes a relatively large number of sports. However, in terms of the extent, they differ. 


The cashout feature is very famous as it allows players to settle their bets before the event’s conclusion. Betika’s cashout enables you to secure your winnings in advance and minimize losses. At Betika, you can make cashouts on selected events and wagering markets. The cashout offer applies to both single and combined bets. You can find the amount offered by the betting site in the “My bets” tab.

Casino Gaming

Casino gaming is becoming increasingly popular at online sportsbooks. Thankfully, Betika has a dedicated section for casino gaming on their platform. The Casino section contains traditional games like table games and slots.

Bet Builder

Betika in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania provides Bet Builders. Here, the bookmaker chose the names Fabom Beti, Shikisha Bet, Palm Bet, and Watafunga. All Bet Builders have in common that they generally focus on football/soccer bets. Furthermore, you can combine bets on selected fixtures with excellent odds.

Pros and Cons of Betika 

Betika comes with numerous strong points as well as weak points. Below are features of the Bookie which we like, as well as those we do not like. 

What we like most about Betika 

  • The user-friendliness of all websites
  • Native / download-based mobile apps are mostly available for both Android and iOS devices
  • The breadth and depth of the live betting offer
  • The live stream offer in Ghana, and in Kenya
  • They offer bet builders in all countries
  • Betting lovers in Kenya benefit from promotions on individual football matches

What we like less about Betika

  • There is room for improvement in the pre match betting section, particularly in terms of breadth and depth
  • They don’t offer welcome bonus
  • There are FAQs only for Kenyan punters

Betika Review: Design and Usability – Rating: 95/100

Design plays a major role in the overall user experience of a sports betting site. The design must be easy for punters to navigate and use generally. This is a great point for Betika as the design is good. However, there are major improvements the platform needs to perform. Our experts will analyse the Betika design and usability below. 

Betika Website 

Betika has a fairly colourful theme. The official website is majorly themed in green and white colours. There are other colours like yellow, black, and blue scattered on links and wordings. The colour scheme gives the homepage a good look. The website is organised with well-placed icons to help you locate whatever you wish to do. Betika’s website was carefully designed by a highly professional team.

Betika Website Usability

Betika designed their website to be simple to navigate. They carefully crafted the homepage’s header with a slide of links to present numerous sections to all visitors. You can access Betika with any browser ranging from Google Chrome, Opera mini to Mozilla Firefox with ease. The website is clean, and simple in its navigation system. 


Betika’s website is very responsive when gaming. Although there are some lags in minor areas especially when scrolling fast, the website is still quite responsive to mask any deficiencies. Punters can access the Betika website across different devices. These devices include desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. To enjoy a fully satisfied experience, make sure your device has enough memory and a very good network connection.

Loading Speed – Rating: 95/100

Betika’s website loads fairly quickly. To get on the Betika website with a device running on a mobile network, it takes around 3.5 – 4.1 seconds to load fully. However, a visit from a device connected to a high-speed WiFi network takes between 3.0 to 3.5 seconds. The loading time also depends on one’s device capabilities as well as the signal strength.  

This Betika Nigeria review 2023 includes a dedicated mobile app review page. In this page, we discuss all details about the dedicated app and mobile site.


Betika’s navigational structure is quite self-explanatory. There are helpful hints in the form of pointers on each primary and secondary section of the website. Betika integrated a minimal number of pop-up windows advertising their deals, bonuses, promotions, and new markets. There are sliders on the homepage that show important information to punters. 

The three short dashes at the top left corner of the homepage brings some shortcuts and settings. At the bottom, you can find details about Betika’s license, help centre and many more. There are also links to the official social media handles of Betika. You will find links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and also X (formerly Twitter). You can learn more about the Bookie’s app in our dedicated Betika app review section.

Betika’s website response, usability, loading speed, and navigation are very good. These necessities contribute to the satisfaction users have on the platform. We recommend the usage of the Betika website platform for punters in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.

Betika Mobile App – Mobile Betting Site 

With the expansion of the internet and its uses, it is not surprising that sports betting websites are favouring the use of personalised apps. Fortunately, like many other world-class Sportsbooks, Betika offers their services via an Android and iOS app. Betika’s specialised app can be downloaded on mobile devices.

Betika Registration Process

Betika has a fairly simple signup process for prospective patrons. It is important for users to enjoy every moment of the sign up process, which Betika has fairly achieved. In a step-by-step process explained below, we outline how to register on Betika, including the requirements and verification process:


  • Visit the official Betika website and click on the “Register” button which is coated in green colour. The button can be located at the top right corner near the Login button. 
  • You will be required to provide a working phone number, and select a password unique to you. You will need to check a confirmation box to confirm that you agree with Betika’s terms and conditions. 
  • The system will automatically load a verification code which will be sent to your phone number. Input this number into the corresponding box to verify and login.

Required Fields (what you need to create a Betika account)

To create your Betika account successfully, you need the following;

  • Phone number: You need a working phone number to register on Betika.  
  • Secure password: You need a secure password for Betika. This password must be easy for you to remember whilst being difficult to hack.  
  • Personal information; This includes your full name, email address, state of residence and phone number.

How to verify Betika account

After inputting your phone number and preferred password, Betika will send you an OTP verification code. OTP stands for one time password and you will need to quickly enter it in the required box. You also have the option to verify your account in the profile section with your government issued ID. 

Betting Market – Betika Review

As part of our complete Betika review, we need to check out betting market. This section helps punters to make their bet selections based on accurate information. This betting market review will focus on football due to the popularity of the sport. Below is our professional look at Betika’s betting offer. 

Betika football betting offer – Rating: 90/100

Betika offers a broad market on pre-match bets on sports like Soccer, Boxing, American football, Rugby, Cricket, Handball, MMA, Tennis, Waterpolo, Aussie Rules, Volleyball, and Darts. 

The Sportsbook offers a broad and wide range of betting markets like its most prominent competitors on markets like home/draw/away, double chance, first goal, over/under, handicap, winning margin and so on. Some unique markets available at Betika include; corner range, draw or any clean sheet, who will win and so on. The sports covered and betting markets apply to Betika in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.  

Odds On Betika – Rating: 94/100

Odds are quite important to how users perceive a Sportsbook as they have a direct influence on how much profit can be made. Betika’s odds are shown in decimals by default, as with many other top class Sportsbooks. 

Betika odds margin – Bookmaker commission

Betika’s odds margin refers to the commission that Betika receives for staking your bets. It is important to note that the odds margin may not be constant. They vary with the game/event being wagered on, as well as the wagering method used.  

UEFA Champions League

  • 1 X 2 {Home/Away (3-way)}

Betika offers pre-match betting odds on their (3-way) 1 X 2 (Home/Away) option. They have a house margin range of 5.16% – 6.21%. This is good and on par with some of the margins offered bookmakers of Betika’s standing.  

  • Over 1.5

For the Over/Under option (over 1.5), Betika has a margin range of 6.35% – 7.61%.

  • Over 2.5 

In the Over 2.5 market, Betika posts a margin range of just 5.81% – 7.00%. Really great odds margin. 

  • Double Chance

In the double chance section, Betika has a high margin range of 10.16% and above.

The above-mentioned margin range applies to the UEFA Champions League competition in Betika Sportsbook across Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya. 

English Premier League

This Betika review extends to the most competitive league, the English Premier League. 

  • 1 X 2 {Home/Away (3-way)}

Betika has an odd margin of 2.95% – 3.87% in the 1 X 2 option (Home/Away). Outstanding odds margin from Betika here. Punters should try as much as possible to capitalise on it. 

  • Double Chance

In the double chance betting market, Betika’s odds margin is good and around a range of 7.93% – 9.43%. 

  • Over 2.5

In the Over 2.5 option, the odds margin is quite different between Betika and some of its biggest competitors. The Bookie offers a margin of 4.91 – 6.03%, while its competitors offer a slightly higher margin of 6.52% – 7.77%. This is top work from Betika and you should try to milk this offer. 

Live betting Offer – Rating: 95/100

The live-betting (in-play betting) section at Betika offers good odds margins. 

  • The 3-way (1 X 2)

The 3way (1 X 2) option sees Betika offer a slightly higher margin range of 10.14% – 12.27%. For comparison, competitors offer 6.5% – 12.62% on this betting option. 

  • Over 1.5

In this betting option, Betika offers a margin range of around 8.65% – 9.19%. For comparison, other Bookies offer between 7.88% – 9.29%.

2023 Betika Minimum/Maximum Amounts

Betika’s minimum and maximum stake on any single selection is 100 and 300,000 Naira respectively for gamers in Nigeria. For gamers in Kenya, the minimum and maximum stake is 1 and 500, 000 KES respectively. For punters in Ghana, this amount is set at 0.5 and 10,000 GHS respectively. 

Betika 2023 Payment Options (Deposit Methods And Withdrawals) – (Overall Rating: 90/100)

In Nigeria, you can use Paga for both deposits and withdrawals with minimum sums of 50₦ and 1,000₦. Additionally, you can fund your account via SMS and the USSD method. For deposits in the other countries, you can use M-Pesa and Airtel Money and their sister service providers. The minimum amounts are 1 GH₵, 50 Ksh, and 1,000 Tsh.

In Kenya and Tanzania you can use only the M-Pesa network for withdrawals. All transactions take place immediately. 

In Kenya, at Betika after the login, you can also utilize the “My Account” area and USSD for your deposits. With the latter option, you must dial *644#. Additionally, you can make withdrawals via SMS. To do so, send a message with the text “WITHDRAW#AMOUNT” to 29090.

Betika Bonus and Promotions

Betika promotions and bonuses in Kenya

The bookmaker is Kenyan, no surprise that betting lovers from Kenya benefit from promotions. For example, you can often profit from offers on selected football matches. However, you need a minimum stake of 200 Ksh, odds of at least 5 and four events in the Betika Betslip.

Additionally, Betika in Kenya offers three jackpots to choose from. With the first of these, the Mega Jackpot, you need to place three-way bets on 17 events. Here, the stake is 49 Ksh, and you can win up to 200,000,000 Ksh. For the Midweek Jackpot, the betting slip includes 15 fixtures, whereby you can get at best 15,000,000 Ksh with a stake of 15 Ksh. Furthermore, with the Daily Jackpot Sababisha, you need eight three-way bets with a stake of 10 Ksh. With this, you can ideally collect 500,000 Ksh. But the bookmaker divides the prize monies among several users. Furthermore, even one wrong tip will result in you receiving significantly fewer amounts.

Betika promotions and bonuses in Ghana 

At Betika, for example, Ghanaian bettors benefit from the Bet Builder, which is called Fabom Beti for them. This allows you to put together combinations with excellent odds in connection with selected football matches. You can choose between seven and ten betting markets. Additionally, you can use the Falaa Daily Jackpot at This enables you to place three-way bets on eight football matches with a stake of 0.5 GH₵ and win up to 1,000 GH₵. 

Betika promotions and bonuses in Nigeria

Just like in Ghana and Kenya, also at Betika Nigeria you can use the Bet Builder. In this case, it has the name Palm Bet, but the principle is completely the same. The same applies to the Daily Jackpot. With this, you can win up to 100,000 ₦ with a bet of 50 ₦. Like those from Ghana, Betika customers in Nigeria have access only to a Daily Jackpot. Here, you need to place three-way bets on eight matches. The stake amounts to 50 ₦ and the prize money lies at 100,000₦.

Betika promotions and bonuses in Tanzania

In Tanzania, with the Kitonga Deile Jackpot, you can win up to 1,000,000 Tsh with a stake of 250 Tsh. You can find the Bet Builder in the section “Watafunga”. Furthermore, you can try the Kitonga Jackpot. With this, you need to wager 2,000 Tsh and the prize money amounts to nearly 340,000 Tsh. Additionally, the betting slip contains 13 matches. Unlike the previously mentioned jackpots, you can pick the tips randomly by using the “Kijumbe Quick” tool. However, the operators translate the whole thing only half-heartedly. So, if you don’t understand Swahili, you’ll need to resort to Google translate.

2023 Betika Sportsbook Security

As mentioned at the beginning, the operators work with the licences of the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB), the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), and the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). These bodies in Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania make sure that everything at Betika proceeds lawfully. In terms of security, you are in good hands.

Betika Customer Service Support

Just like every regulated Sportsbook, Betika has an efficient customer support team. The team promptly attends to any queries from customers. Gamers can rest assured that they will find it easy to make enquiries or lay complaints in case of need.

Ways to Contact Betika Customer Support

Betika offers its customers FAQ exclusively in Kenya. Strictly speaking, you can find the corresponding links in the header as well as near the footer. But they structured the information well only under terms & conditions.

Furthermore, customers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria receive help via live chat, telephone hotline and e-mail. For betting enthusiasts from Tanzania, you can contact them by WhatsApp instead of live chat. Furthermore, you can also use a telephone hotline and e-mail address.

Betika Responsible Gambling Campaign

Betika does not provide a dedicated section for responsible gambling on the website. However, they make a reference to safe gambling in their options menu.  

Our Final Take

At Betika, we particularly appreciate the user-friendliness, the mobile betting options, and the live betting area. Also we appreciate the Bet Builder as one of the common features, even if it has different names.

Betika is great when it comes to its odds margin, despite room for improvement. For now, moreover, the FAQ section in the terms & conditions area is available only to users from the home country. Additionally, although we found an English-language version in Tanzania, many parts of the text appear only in Swahili.


How To Place A Bet On Betika

How To Withdraw Money From Betika

Betika provides its customers with three major options for cashing out their winnings. Using a short message service, Simply text the following: WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to the appropriate number. Make sure to use the phone number associated with your Betika account when sending the message.

In addition, you can withdraw funds by dialling the relevant USSD code, selecting the Withdraw/Deposit Option, and then entering the desired withdrawal amount. Through the internet, Sign in to your Betika Account through the Web or the Betika Mobile App; Select “Withdraw”, Type the Withdrawal Amount You Wish to Withdraw and then Click the “Withdraw Now” Button.