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Wasafi Bet Tanzania Sports Betting Review 2024

  • Competitive Odds
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Extensive Betting Market
  • Free Bets
  • Good Customer Support

Wasafi Bet is one of Tanzania's new betting sites. There is a wide range of sports available in the Wasafi bet betting section. From soccer to casino games, Wasafi Bet offers an extensive betting product that caters to the needs of newbies and experienced punters. In this review, our experts look at the features and everything you need to know about the sportsbook. Find out why Wasafi is one of the best betting platforms in Tanzania.

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Wasafi Bet Tanzania Sports Betting Review 2024 logo
Despite being new in the industry, there is one thing about Wasafibet that impressed us, and that is its user-friendliness. Whether you are using a mobile app for Android or a website, you will be amazed by how functional the platform is. Additionally, the ability to switch between the official language and Swahili means you can choose the language that suits you the most. Whether as a newbie or a veteran, this may just be the right sportsbook for you.
  • TSh 20,000,000 Jackpot
  • FreeBet
  • Straightforward Bonus Terms
  • Referral Bonus
  • No Rollover Requirements
Despite being a relatively new betting company, WasafiBet has proved itself to be a force to reckon with. The sportsbook offers its new and existing customers a wide array of betting bonuses. In this review, BTA experts look ...
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  • Lightweight App
  • Competitive Odds
  • App Download Bonus
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Available on the Website and Play Store
The WasafiBet brand was established in 2021. Since the sportsbook went live, it has continued to gain popularity among bettors. Despite being a relatively new betting company, WasafiBet currently stands as one of the people's...
  • Tanzania
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WasafiBet At a Glance

  • Pros
    • Competitive Odds
    • Fast Payouts
    • Excellent Customer Support
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Wide range of betting options
  • Cons
    • No iOS App
    • Limited Payment Options
    • Not Available in Many Countries

Wasafi is an online bookmaker that offers betting services on a variety of sports events including e-soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, and more. 

Players can place wagers on a variety of sports and games through the platform. There are also enticing bonuses and promotions the site provides to encourage betting. In this review, we will look at the specifics of Wasafi Sports Betting, exploring its features, advantages, disadvantages, design, available payment methods, and more. 

About Wasafi Bet

Wasafi Bet is owned by WasafiBet Limited. The betting company stands as a prominent Tanzanian online bookmaker which is officially authorized and regulated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania. One notable thing about the bookmaker is that it strongly emphasizes delivering top-notch betting services to all users and players. It places focus on competitive odds and enticing promotions. 

The company was launched in November 2021 as part of the Wasafi Media Company. It has increasingly become one of the most popular online betting sites in the country. 

Talking about eligibility, Wasafi welcomes only customers aged 18 and above to create accounts and place bets. There are also serious consequences outlined for those who violate the age restrictions or any betting rule. 

Wasafi is heavy on transparency and customer assurance. The platform holds a license from the Gaming Board of Tanzania, and its license number is SBI000000028. This licensing, provided by the authoritative Gaming Board shows the platform's commitment to legal compliance and adherence to industry standards. 

By prominently showing its license number and regulatory authority, Wasafi aims to instill confidence among its users and players regarding the security and safety of their funds and personal information.

Features of Wasafi Sports Betting

Wasafi Bookmaker has several interesting features that cater to the needs and excitement of users and players. Below are the features attached to the platform:

Match Tracker

This match tracker serves as an alternative to live streaming. Players and users can stay engaged with ongoing events using animated graphics that show the key highlights of the game in real-time. You can follow the live-action, highlights and simultaneously stay informed about the latest updates in markets and odds. You can call the match tracker an innovative and informative way to stay connected with live events without the need for traditional live streaming.  

Wasafi Live

For those who love in-play bets, Wasafi live is the best feature. It covers several sports like tennis, basketball and many more. One notable thing is that it moves beyond conventional live betting by offering live streaming services. You can say it has dual functions which allows users and players to not only engage in real-time betting but also enjoy live streaming of their preferred sports.


The WasafiLigi feature helps you to explore and select from a range of leagues. These leagues are not limited to the English League, Spanish League, and Italian League. This feature helps with easy navigation through the different leagues while providing insights into them all. 

A-Z Sports

While using the website or platform, there is an A-Z section on the main menu where players and users can access a comprehensive list of available sports categorized according to country. This user-friendly design streamlines the selection process, making it easy for individuals to choose their preferred sports based on specific countries. Whether you're interested in exploring local favourites or international competitions, the A-Z section ensures a straightforward and efficient way to browse through the array of sports options available on Wasafibet.

Wasafi Betting Platform Design and Usability"

The design and layout of any online sportsbook play a vital role in providing users with an enjoyable betting experience. In the case of Wasafibet, we have made some observations regarding the design aspects both on the website and mobile site. 

One notable drawback of the website is the outdated design. It lacks the modern and visually appealing elements found in other sportsbooks. This aspect may affect the overall user experience. Just like the website, the mobile site needs a more modern and responsive design. This visually aesthetically pleasing interface is essential for retaining and attracting users.

Wasafi needs to consider a comprehensive redesign of the website to incorporate modern design principles, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user experience.

Wasafi Bet Usability


Wasafibet seems to do well in the area of responsiveness. It adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring that users can enjoy a consistent and optimal experience whether they are accessing the platform on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.


One great thing about the Wasafibet is its user-friendly navigation. All essential tools are made clear and accessible. The navigation bar and menu play a crucial role in guiding users to various sections of the platform, including sports categories, promotions, and account management.

Loading speed

A slow-loading website can lead to frustration and a subpar experience for users. The loading speed of the website is quite commendable and it ensures that users can access the platform swiftly and efficiently. 

WasafiBet Tanzania Mobile Betting

One of the things that impressed us about the Wasafibet platform is its responsiveness and mobile-friendly design. The website is light and seamlessly fits into different display screen sizes. While using a mobile device to access the website, you will notice its lightspeed and low data consumption. The menus and navigation buttons are all well arranged, making it easy to navigate through the page on mobile phones.

Wasafi Bet App

Like other top betting sites in Tanzania, Wasafi bet has a mobile app that is available to customers. It offers the same level of seamless betting experience that the Wasafibet website is known for. Visit our Wasafi Bet App review page to learn more about the Wasafi sports betting application, including Wasafi sports betting APK download for Android App.

Betting Markets

Wasafi has an extensive sports range that caters to its players' and users' interests. The inclusion of sports like darts, handball, baseball, ice hockey, boxing, badminton, and esports showcases WasafiBet's dedication to providing a unique and inclusive betting experience. By offering betting options on sports that are not commonly found on other platforms, WasafiBet creates a more engaging and exciting environment for sports enthusiasts with diverse interests. All the various sports on the platform have diverse market offers. 

Football Options

Football is the most recognized sport and Wasafibet has positioned itself as a platform for all football lovers. The platform goes beyond the usual inclusion of top leagues such as Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League. There are several market alternatives ranging from traditional options like match outcomes to more advanced choices such as handicaps, and double chances.


Pre-match betting is also known as pre-event or pre-game betting. It involves placing wagers on sports events before they commence. Here, bettors analyze statistics, team performance, and other factors to make informed decisions before the vent begins. A huge advantage of this form of betting is that it affords bettors the opportunity to assess team strengths and weaknesses, player form, and other influencing factors before making a decision.

 Live match

 Live match betting, also known as in-play or in-game betting, involves placing wagers on a sporting event while it is already in progress. Unlike pre-match betting, where bets are placed before the game starts, live-match betting allows users to react to unfolding events and adjust their wagers during the game.

 Antepost/Outright betting

This form of betting involves wagering on the outcome of an entire competition or event before it begins. This type of betting is common in tournaments, leagues, or championships, and it often extends over an entire season.

Football betting market

The betting markets offer various options for bettors and players to bet and win and some of these options are:


In a 1x2 betting, you have the opportunity to place your wagers on one out of three outcomes before the sports event begins. This form of wagering is common in events like football. 

"1" represents a home team win.

"x" indicates a draw.

"2" signifies an away team victory.

Double chance

As a bettor, a double chance provides you with a broader scope for predicting match outcomes. You get to cover two of three possible outcomes: 

Selecting "1X" covers a home team win or a draw.

"X2" includes a draw or an away team win.

"12" covers either a home or away team victory, excluding the possibility of a draw.


Over/Under betting involves wagering on the total number of goals scored in a match, typically set by the bookmaker. You can predict whether the actual total goals scored will be over (above) or under (below) the specified number. For example, if the set total is 2.5 goals:

Choosing "Over" requires three or more goals scored.

Opting for "Under" necessitates two or fewer goals in the match.


In goal betting, you predict specific aspects of a match related to goals. You can predict the exact number of goals scored in a match. You can also wager on whether both teams will score at least one goal during the match. You can predict the player to score the first or last goal or even bet on a player to score at any point during the match.

Payment Options (Deposit & Withdrawal)

To make your transaction on the platform, here is how to go about it:


To deposit money into your Wasafi account, you need to use mobile money transfers. The accepted money providers are Airtel, Vodacom, and Tigo.


Dial 15000# on your mobile phone.

Choose Option 4 for "Lipa kwa Mpesa."

Select Option 4 again for "Weka namba ya kampuni."

Enter the Paybill Number as 123333.

Enter the Account Number as Wasafibet.

Input the Amount you wish to Deposit.

Enter your PIN Number and confirm to complete the deposit.


Dial 15001# on your mobile phone.

Choose Option 4 for "Lipa bili."

Select Option 3 for "Ingiza namba ya kampuni."

Enter the Paybill Number as 666123.

Enter the Account Number as 123123.

Input the Amount you wish to Deposit.

Enter your PIN Number to confirm the transaction.


Dial 15060# on your mobile phone.

Choose Option 5 for "Lipia bili."

Select Option 6 for "bahati nasibu."

Choose "wasafibet."

Enter the Amount you wish to Deposit.

Enter the Account Number as 123.

Input your PIN Number and confirm to complete the deposit.

Note: The minimum deposit amount is TSh. 100


Wasafi customers can withdraw their winnings through the following methods:


Dial 14948# on your mobile phone.

Choose Option 6 for "Withdraw Money."


  • Open your web browser and go to the Wasafibet website.
  • Log in to your account by entering your number and password.
  • Select 'Menu' located at the top left corner.
  • Choose 'Withdrawal' from the menu.
  • If prompted, enter your first and last names in the provided fields.
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw (with a minimum of 200/=).
  • Select 'Request Withdrawal.'


  • You can submit a withdrawal request at any time, as WasafiBet processes withdrawals instantly.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Ksh.
  • Please be aware that additional carrier fees apply when processing withdrawal requests to your account.
  • The maximum payout on any given ticket is capped at 1,000,000 Ksh.

Wasafi Registration - How to Register

Wasafi has a straightforward registration process. To create an account on the Wasafi, do the following:

  • Visit the Website
  • Open your web browser and type in the wasafi bet website address.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button:
  • Once on the Wasafibet page, locate and click on the "SIGN UP" option.
  • Enter your phone number and choose a password containing six or more characters.
  • Create Account by selecting 'Create Account' to initiate the account creation process. You will receive a PIN via SMS for verification.

How to Verify Wasafi Bet Account

After you have clicked the "Create Account" button, check your SMS for the received PIN and enter it on the website to activate your account. Once you have entered the PIN, your account will be successfully activated.


Ensure to choose a password that is easy for you to remember, as you will use it whenever you visit the website.

Wasafi Bet Login

  • To log in to the website, do the following
  • Visit the website
  • Click on Login located at the top right-hand corner
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on login

Bonuses and Promotions

Wasafi offers several bonuses and promotions to its bettors and players, some of them include welcome bonuses, draws, Utusue, and lots more. We refer you to our detailed Wasafi bet bonuses and promotional offers review page for more on the sportsbook bonus.


Wasafibet places a high priority on safeguarding the confidentiality of players' and users' personal data. It prevents unauthorized access by external or internal users without consent. While doing so, they also emphasize the importance of users not divulging personal data to strangers or third parties, especially during live chat interactions. Acknowledging the sensitivity of personal information, Wasafibet advises users to exercise caution and consider the potential risks before sharing any personal details.

Customer Support

WasafiBet offers a phone call option for contacting customer support. You can reach them on the number - 0659 - 070- 960. The customer service is competent and polite. They have a response time of 1-5 minutes. You can also email customer services at info@Wasafibet.com. You may also like to contact the support team via social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and X

Responsible Gambling Campaign

Wasafibet is dedicated to promoting responsible gambling. It has its goal set that gambling should be an enjoyable leisure activity that remains under the player's control. While recognizing gambling as a form of entertainment, Wasafibet acknowledges that, for some individuals, it can transition from a harmless pastime to a potential problem.

To support responsible gambling, Wasafibet provides diverse account and advice options to enable players to manage their time and money. They include:

  • View gambling as an entertaining leisure activity, rather than a means of making money.
  • Place bets sensibly and avoid chasing losses.
  • Only gamble within your financial means and utilize Deposit Limits to control expenditure.
  • Monitor the time spent gambling and set up Reality Checks to receive reminders about your logged-in duration.
  • Take regular breaks to prevent losing track of time and perspective.
  • Avoid gambling under the influence of alcohol or during emotional distress.
  • Keep track of your gambling activity using the Online Account History feature.
  • You can also reach out to customer care if you need assistance or someone to talk to about your gambling problem. 

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