BetKing Africa – Review 2023

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Adekunle Adeniji and CEO Byron Petzer launched BetKing into the Nigerian market in early 2018. Thereafter, this bookie emerged within a very short period as one of the most popular betting sites. This was partly thanks to its collaborations with two wildly popular brand ambassadors, the football legend Jay Jay Okocha as well as the DJ Cuppy. Subsequently, BetKing expanded to Ghana as well as Kenya. Below we show you what this bookie offers.

What we like about BetKing

  • Especially in Africa, the depth ranks among the best
  • A wide range of eSports wagers
  • The cash out feature
  • The user-friendliness
  • Moreover, the “Book a Bet”, Quickbet and Smartbet features
  • The payout methods in Nigeria

What we like less about BetKing

  • There are neither a bonus for new customers nor many promotions for existing customers
  • In Ghana, and Nigeria you must make do without native / download-based apps
  • We noticed that there they have room for improvement in the FAQ
  • In Ghana, we lacked details on the payment methods and there were problems with the email address

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BetKing betting offer and odds

So BetKing operates on the market in its home country Nigeria as well as in the ones in Ghana as well as in Kenya. Here, KingMakers and its sister companies manage the websites, and Their desktop versions and advanced apps largely look the same and differ just in details. Here, the betting programme with 20 real sports being available on a Tuesday afternoon belongs to the commonalities. Furthermore, the programme comprised a choice of five eSports. Particularly when it comes to real disciplines, the one or another competitor offers more, but BetKing nevertheless performs well.

  • BetKing offer

BetKing football betting

At almost all betting sites, the football offer forms the core, and this is no different at BetKing. Moreover, we noticed competitions from 80 countries and also the big international tournaments at this bookie. Furthermore, if you look at the navigation on the left, you can immediately discover the Odds Boosts, the Special Offers with events on selected competitions, the King’s Combo, the Goal Scorer, and the Simulated Soccer bets.

But that’s not all because this bookie for example offers you between 750 and 900 betting markets per fixture for the European top leagues. And in Africa, hardly any competitors come close to this depth. In the lower divisions, including amateur and youth soccball, the selection varies from match to match. In many cases it fluctuates between 60 and 130 options, but in some ones, you can choose between more than 760 betting markets. Additionally, the odds key for the top European competitions fluctuates between 95.8% and 96.6%. This is a very good value, which is, however, surpassed by various competitors.

However, if BetKing’s soccer offer doesn’t suffice for you, you can, for example, fall back on the Simulated Reality Leagues. Concerning this, we discovered an English Premier League, a Spanish La Liga, an Italian Serie A, and a French Ligue 1. Furthermore, you can opt for eSoccer and three virtual football leagues – a King’s League, a King’s Serie A and a King’s Euro.

BetKing basketball betting

After football, basketball has the second-highest priority at BetKing. Here, the range covers the competitions from several dozen countries, as well as the most important international tournaments. However, the number of betting markets per match represents a fraction of those related to football fixtures.

Even on the most prestigious league in the world, the NBA, on a Tuesday afternoon, we didn’t see 150 options on any of the matches. Here, the odds key amounted to 96.3%. However, we could have placed special bets on the NBA playoffs. Furthermore, the spectrum extends to player specials, which you can access by clicking on the menu below the competition section.

BetKing rugby betting

At BetKing, you can find bets on Rugby League as well as Rugby Union. For the first of these, we could have wagered on the Australian NRL and the RFL Challenge Cup. Here, the range comprises between 13 and 27 betting markets per fixture. Furthermore, regarding Rugby Union, the portfolio covered the France Top 14, the English Premiership, the United Rugby Championship, Super Rugby Pacific, and the European Rugby Champions Cup. The depth was the same as for Rugby League. And for example, in connection with the Rugby Union European Rugby Champions Cup, we calculated an odds key of 91.6%.

BetKing tennis betting

At BetKing you can make tennis bets on all ATP (Challenger), WTA and ITF tournaments. However, you can choose from more than a few options per match only for ATP and WTA competitions. Furthermore, the number of available wagering markets depends on the importance of the match. In other words, it can happen that for one and the same tournament there are 13, 40 or more than 60 events per encounter to pick from. In any case, the odds key lies at around 93.4%. Additionally, you can opt for Simulated Reality Tennis with men’s and women’s tournaments.

BetKing ice hockey betting

Ice hockey enthusiasts could have placed bets on a Tuesday afternoon in mid-April on the Ice Hockey World Championships, as well as on competitions from about ten countries plus other international tournaments. And it goes without saying that the selection includes the NHL. Here you can decide between 99 betting markets per match, whereby we noticed a payout percentage of 93.6%. Furthermore, you can fall back on special bets concerning the NHL.

BetKing bets on cricket and other sports

In connection with cricket, we noticed exclusively wagers on the Indian Premier League at BetKing. Moreover, on the previous day we could have bet solely on the winner. Here, the odds key amounted to 93.7%. However, at this betting site, you can also place special bets on individual matches. Those can be found in a separate sub-category.

In addition, we discovered around ten other real sports in the BetKing betting programme. These include, for example, handball, formula 1, volleyball and baseball. Furthermore, the selection comprised boxing, table tennis, floorball, snooker, water polo, futsal, snooker, golf, aussie rules, darts as well as MMA.

Further prematch betting options at BetKing

As already mentioned, at BetKing you can additionally place football wagers on eSoccer, on four Simulated Reality Leagues as well as on virtual leagues. Furthermore, the prematch range comprises four other eSports. Those are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and Star Craft. Besides, the virtuals area extends, among other things, to greyhound racing.

The cash outs at BetKing

BetKing provides cash outs to all bettors in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. You can benefit from this both on the online platforms as well as in the branch shops. If you want to do this via the online sites, and, BetKing of course requires the login beforehand. Then you must enter your voucher code in the “Coupon Check” box and proceed with the cash out by clicking on the self-explanatory button. Alternatively, you can go to “My Bets” or “Bet Search”, where you can find your betting slip and view the cash out value. Afterwards, you can proceed with by selecting the “Proceed” button.

BetKing live betting offer

The above-mentioned feature can be used for live bets as well. On a Friday evening and a Tuesday afternoon, at BetKing we found in-play betting opportunities on several real sports. By this, we mean football, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, volleyball, and snooker. Additionally, we could have wagered on eSoccer, eBasketball, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Below we go into the live betting offers for some sports. However, until further notice, with this bookie you must manage without live streams.

  • BetKing live betting

BetKing live betting on football

At BetKing, you can place live bets on almost all competitions listed in the pre-match programme. If you want to get an idea in advance, BetKing’s feature “Today’s Matches” gives you the right insight. Strictly speaking, there you can additionally find all matches and races of the most important sports as well as eSports of the day and the upcoming four days. Moreover, the number of available betting markets depends on the league or tournament as well as the match. For some of them, we spotted around 300 options and for others less than 70. Likewise, the odds key depends on the level and varies between the 92.9% and the 94.7% mark.

BetKing live betting on basketball

Concerning the broadness, basically the same as for football lovers applies to basketball enthusiasts. Because: Even on a Wednesday afternoon, we could have bet on a relatively high number of matches, and also in this context, that would have been possible for the complete prematch programme. Moreover, the depth impressed us. Namely, because the number of wagering options per encounter oscillated between 240 and 320. Besides, the payout percentage amounts to 92.3%.

BetKing live betting on tennis

In terms of tennis, at the same time we could have placed live bets on matches of the ATP (Challenger) as well als WTA Tour and of ITF tournaments. Thereby, the choice of options depended on the level. Specifically, for ATP (Challenger) and WTA matches, there were mostly from 150 to 200 betting markets available. In contrast, in respect of ITF tournaments, we noted only between 45 and 70 options per match. The odds key amounted to 91.9%.

BetKing promotions and bonuses

In terms of bonuses and promotions, the BetKing’s customers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria have access to one and the same offer. Here, the wagering site counts among those that do not give a welcome bonus. Furthermore, you can only benefit from a bonus for accumulator bets. Below, we explain this in more detail.

  • BetKing promotions

BetKing accumulator bonus

We are talking about a classic multiboost here. It applies to all odds from 1.2 and starting from five events. Furthermore, the calculation of the bonus is relatively simple. With five correct picks, you can receive a bonus of 5% on the possible winnings. Then, the bonus increases by 5% with each additional tip. So, for example, if you pick 10 correct tips you can get a 30% bonus, if you choose 20 correct ones you earn an 80% bonus, if you select 30 right tips you can claim a 130% bonus and if you pick 40 correct ones you can collect a 225% bonus.

BetKing virtual jackpots in Ghana

BetKing offers in Ghana two jackpots to the customers. Here, we mean the weekly virtual jackpot and the daily virtual duke jackpot. With these, you can potentially win up to 1,000 and 125 GH₵. The promotions apply to all bets on virtual leagues. All tickets automatically enter the jackpot draw. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you got it right or wrong.

BetKing promotions for virtual bets in Kenya

At BetKing Kenya, too, users can claim a promotion for virtual bets. With the acca bonus, you can ideally receive an extra 40% of the possible winnings. For this, you must be successful with ten picks. This bonus starts at three selections, with which you can collect 5 %. Moreover, with each added event, it increases by further five percentage points.

BetKing bonus offers in Nigeria

Besides the 225% acca bonus, BetKing launched a few promotions in Nigeria. These include a 50% cashback on the first bet if it is lost. Depending on the stake, you can get a refund of 5,000 ₦, 1,000 ₦ and 150 ₦. However, you must submit a verified bank account for this. Moreover, all customers can participate in the KingMaker Jackpot with potential winnings of up to 100,000 ₦. This constitutes a promotion for virtual betting.

BetKing mobile apps and websites

As already mentioned, under the addresses, and you can find mostly the same versions. And they convince us both in terms of user-friendliness and largely in terms of speed. Furthermore, BetKing offers all users a mobile web app. Additionally, BetKing Kenya developed a native / download-based app for Android devices. On top of that, logged-in users receive 20 MB of free data per day that they can use on the sites.

However, in Ghana and Nigeria, evidently you must manage without mobile native / download-based apps. However, the betting enthusiasts in all countries can access a mobile lite site at BetKing. The other side of the coin is that you can use the “Book a Bet” feature on all versions.

We are also impressed by the Quickbet and Smartbet functions. In both cases, you must enter the code given for each event. Then you must either combine it with one of the betting markets listed in the PDF, or you can apply a BetKing prediction as a Smartbet.

Additionally, in the advanced mobile versions, you can access the “Book a Bet” feature and other main functions via the top navigation and / or via the footer. However, in the old mobile / lite mobile / mlite version, you must cope without that.

BetKing payment options

The accepted means of payment represent another difference between the BetKing presences in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. At this point, we must also mention that the bookie at only indicates online transactions as a deposit option. Furthermore, withdrawals can be made via bank transfers and Paystack.

However, as far as we know, the latter payment option is common solely in Nigeria. We asked BetKing Ghana’s customer service and were put off with the statement that only logged-in users receive this information. Furthermore, we read the same thing in secondary sources. Nevertheless, we will stay tuned and meanwhile inform you below about the options in Kenya, and Nigeria.

  • BetKing payment options

BetKing payment methods in Kenya

BetKing’s customers in Kenya must resort to M-Pesa and thus with mobile money in any case. Here you can opt to deposit from the “My Account” section or from your mobile phone. For the second option, BetKing’s business or paybill number is 290690. Unsurprisingly, the withdrawals take place via M-Pesa as well. In this case, you can handle it via (after you log in, of course), through the USSD procedure with the code *375# and by sending an SMS to the number 29070.

BetKing payment methods in Nigeria

If you want to make deposits and withdrawals at from Nigeria, you have a variety of options to choose from. If for whatever reason you don’t want to or can’t deposit online, the Quickteller ATMs can help you. Furthermore, you can approach the Zenith Bank (also using the USSD procedure), Polaris Banks and, thanks to Paydirect, numerous other bank branches.

Moreover, you can do it online with using GTB (GT Collections), Paystack, Interswitch Webpay, Quickteller and UBA. Then there’s Opay, where you can do it both through the app and through agents. Usually, a minimum amount applies, and this is 100 ₦. In some cases, you also must pay processing fees. Additionally, you may have to pay some processing fees, but we think these are manageable. Thereafter, you can use free bank transfers, which take 24 hours, to withdraw any winnings. The whole thing apparently works thanks to Quickteller. And the minimum amount is 1,000 ₦.

Security at BetKing

When it comes to security, at BetKing you are in good hands. After all, the operators hold licences from the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG), Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB) and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). They all pay great attention to the trustworthiness and reliability of the providers. Additionally, the collaborations with the brand ambassadors Jay Jay Okocha and DJ Cuppy, for instance, emphasize the reputability of this betting site.

BetKing customer care

BetKing offers FAQ / tutorials to its customers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. There you can find quite a lot of information, but in our opinion this area should be expanded and better structured. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can resort to a live chat in all three countries. Furthermore, you can get help via telephone hotlines and e-mail. However, we also experienced difficulties with the e-mail address in Ghana. Additionally, betting enthusiasts in Nigeria can contact the bookie via WhatsApp.

BetKing conclusion

BetKing stands out, for example, thanks to its above-average depth in the betting offer and the selection of eSports bets. Furthermore, we appreciate the user-friendliness including the “Book a Bet”, Quickbet and Smartbet features. Additionally, we think the choice of payment options in Nigeria is impressive.

The other side of the coin is that you must make do without BetKing native / download-based apps in both Ghana and Nigeria. Users of can do an APK download. Moreover, this bookmaker belongs to those who offer mobile lite versions. However, we would wish for improvements in the FAQ section. By this, we mean, for example, the information on the means of payment in Ghana. Additionally, we had problems in contacting the Ghanaian email address.

BetKing accepts customers from these countries

BetKing alternatives in the test

Especially if the betting programme is more important to you than the bonuses and offers, a registration is undoubtedly worthwhile. When looking for BetKing alternatives on the market, you can consider the following betting sites.

BetKing alternatives in Ghana:

Furthermore, BetKing alternatives in Kenya:

BetKing alternatives in Nigeria:


Byron Petzer runs the show at Betking, an online sportsbook. He has over eighty years of experience in the gambling industry and has used it to make his company successful. Byron Petzer, a German by birth, established the betting firm Betking in Nigeria. The Lagos State Lotteries Board issued a license to the corporation, which is headquartered there

Signing up for the site is a straightforward process that should take no more than a few minutes. To join Betking, go to their site and select the Join Now button on the upper right-hand side. On the following screen, you’ll be asked to input a working phone number. To complete registration, you will need to enter the OTP that will be sent to the same number later.

On the following screen, you will be asked to enter your password together with your name as credentials. A strong password is one that contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Complete the form by entering your full name and email address; the latter is required so that Betking can send you a confirmation email. The account will not be activated until both the OTP on the phone and the verification link in the email have been clicked.

Having received the OTP on the registered phone number, you can now finish up the signup procedure by entering the code into the appropriate field. Also, remember to confirm your registration by responding to the verification email issued to the address you provided.

It can be confusing to monitor the standing of numerous bets, especially if they were placed with the use of a BetKing bonus code. BetKing coupon status checks can be conducted using either the website, SMS or USSD. In this case, the method is the same whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer. And there are just a few simple steps involved in checking your BetKing coupon. Launch the website and enter your login details in order to accomplish this. The next step is to input the bet ID of the coupon whose results you wish to view in the top right corner. Each wager has its own unique bet ID, which is an 18-digit number.

Open a new BetKing account and put money into your new account. The next step is to enter your user name and password to access your account. A drop-down menu listing several sports is available on the homepage’s left side. (Take soccer as an example.) Just pick your tournament and hit the “Proceed” button.
Click on the odds and markets that interest you to place a wager. After making your choices, they will be added to the betting slip on the right. Pick out a wagering budget. To move forward, use the “Proceed” button. After a while, a confirmation window will appear. To confirm your selection, please click the button.

Once you’ve registered for BetKing and validated your mobile phone number, you’ll have access to your account. Launch your web browser and go to the BetKing homepage. To sign in, click the login button in the upper right corner of the site. Two text fields will appear on the login page for you to enter your information. In the first text field, you can choose to either provide a username or a mobile number that has already been validated. Then, enter your password in the second box provided. To access your BetKing account, click the “login” button.

Betking is a global gaming firm that was founded in 2018 and currently possesses all of the necessary gambling licenses to operate legitimately and offer their services to several African customers. The player has access to a comprehensive gaming package that offers high odds for more than 40 different sports. You can rest assured that your personal information, money and payments are safe on Betking as they use quality security organisations to manage it.