Merrybet – Sports Betting Offer in 2023 [Review]

When we wrote our review of Merrybet, there were no less than 24 sports available. Moreover, we saw this range at the beginning of the week as well as at the start of an international match break. Although the wagering offers of various competitors cover more disciplines, the majority of you should find something suitable.

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Unsurprisingly, we also noticed some niche sports. By this, we mean, for example, curling, snooker, and Aussie rules. And to be precise, we found a relatively large number of betting opportunities in connection with the second-mentioned sport. Moreover, the wagering programme includes football special bets on fantasy leagues and season statistics, as well as on eSoccer. Furthermore, you can place special bets that are at most marginally dedicated to the sport. These include ones on the Eurovision Song Contest, on political elections, on the Oscars, on Big Brother Brazil and the like.

An excellent range of football bets

Now, the fact is that the vast majority of betting enthusiasts are primarily interested in football. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the wagering programme on this sport forms the core of the Merrybet platform. Just like its competitors. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t exclusively include the best-known competitions in Europe.

Quite the opposite: we found events and long-term bets on more than 60 countries on a Monday and at the start of an international break. Moreover, the range of top nations also includes amateur and youth football. And even on the English National League, a fifth-highest division, we could have used 110 betting markets the day before. Plus, about 160 options exist on a Premier League match about two weeks before.

The downside is that, especially for football, offers below-average odds. Because: Even in connection with the top matches in Europe, the odds key oscillates between the 91.20% and the 92.30% mark. In this context, however, you can use the odds’ browser on the desktop version and the more advanced Merrybet apps. This allows you to determine the desired odds yourself. And this works with all sports on which the bookie offers prematch bets.

This is what Merrybet offers apart from real football

Especially if the range of real football is not enough for you, you can try the Simulated Reality Leagues (SRL). By the way, you can also find them among the other football bets. And you can choose from more than 100 betting markets per match, even for friendly matches. Moreover, you can access the virtuals area in the desktop version of as well as in the more modern apps. There, you can find three football competitions (VLeague Mode, VEuro Cup, VNation Cup) and VBasketball.

Furthermore, the “Golden Race” area is available to you. There, you can bet on the European top leagues as well as on an Argentinian League. This section also comprises four football tournaments. By this, we mean the Euro Champions Tournament, the EuroCup 2020 Tournament, the South American Libertadores Tournament, and a World Cup. Plus, there are greyhound, horse, speedway, and motorbike races, among others.

The offer in the “Global bet” area is similar. Concerning football, however, you can only select from an England League and a Champs League. Furthermore, determines the matches and races by random generator in the more modern mobile versions and in the desktop versions. This means, for example, that you can change the teams as often as you like. However, you must live with a clearly lower odds key. This section also includes greyhound, horse, supercar, and camel races.

There is also an interesting selection for tennis, basketball, and ice hockey

Merrybet has the pleasant habit on its platforms of indicating the number of sporting events and long-term bets per sport. So, you can clearly see that footballs almost make up more than the centrepiece, with 1,200 of them on a Monday afternoon. Thereafter, nothing comes for a long time before we found 211 tennis bets.

Furthermore, we could have placed over 160 basketball bets and more than 120 ice hockey or table tennis bets. For baseball and motor sports, there were slightly less than 100 events. Besides that, only the top competitions were on offer. Admittedly, things looked better on Tuesday afternoon, but tennis bets still equalled a fraction of football bets. And the ranking didn’t look much different, except for the fact that more disciplines reached triple digits.

The number of betting markets depends less surprisingly on the sport and the notoriety of a competition. However, for example, more than 30 options per match were available on the ATP tournament in Miami and between 73 and 103 for the NBA, which represents a basketball league. Regarding the NHL, we could have chosen between 51 betting markets per match.

Furthermore, in terms of betting odds, the NBA is clearly the best bet. Because: The odds key for this is 95%. Regarding ATP tennis (93.80%) and especially the NHL (90.70%), Merrybet clearly comes off worse.

This is how you can make cashouts

On the other hand, the cashout feature at Merrybet represents an advantage. Strictly speaking, now you can secure winnings early and minimize losses with almost all bookies. However, this betting site stands out with the simplicity and explanations of this process. You can find the button of the same name in the top navigation of the desktop version. In the corresponding area you can find all explanations about the cashouts as well as the conditions. Furthermore, you can calculate and make full and partial cashouts.

For live betting, there are far fewer options

While stands out with the extent of its pre-match betting programme, when it comes to live betting, we can definitely see room for improvement. As already mentioned, we wrote our review on a Monday afternoon and at the start of an international break. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that football has more than just ten professional matches to offer worldwide.

Furthermore, only the number of tennis matches reached double figures. Additionally, there were options for basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and table tennis. Apart from the discipline, the scope of the range of betting markets depends on the level and, consequently, the level of appreciation. For the second-highest Turkish league and the first Serbian league, we would have had around 60 options per match. For ATP tennis, on the other hand, we had at most 40.

How to use the Multiview feature

If you use the desktop version of Merrybet, you benefit from the Multiview function. This allows you to follow up to three events at the same time. Furthermore, the bookie shows you the most important markets. To select the three events, you must click on the + icon. And as soon as you want to remove one of them, you can do so by clicking on the self-explanatory X in the upper-right corner.

Largely low odds, but some live streams

With live bets, you usually must make do with lower odds. This is no different with Merrybet, whereby and especially with football bets you are comparatively badly served. Because: You must live with payout percentages between the 88.80% and 91.40% mark. And that in turn means that retains profit margins of up to over 11%.

The whole thing looks best in connection with basketball. There, we noticed an odds key of 94.80%. For tennis wagers on ATP tournaments, it was 92.30% and for ice hockey bets it reached 93.30%. And here a rare phenomenon occurred because the odds for the latter sports performed better than those for the prematch bets. Furthermore, you can also use the cashout function.

In addition, you can use some live streams at Merrybet. Specifically, there are some for tennis-ITF matches, table tennis, the Russian junior league in ice hockey and less important South American football. However, we would like to think that this is just a start.

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