Football Betting: How To Win More On Your Football Bets
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Football Betting: How To Win More On Your Football Bets

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Football betting is the activity of predicting football results and placing a stake/wager on the outcomes. Football is without a shadow of a doubt regarded as one of the most popular sports ever played in the universe. It is a sport that unites people regardless of race, religion, culture, tradition or colour.  

What Is Football Betting?

Football betting is the activity of predicting football results and placing a stake/wager on the outcomes. Football is without a shadow of a doubt regarded as one of the most popular sports ever played in the universe. It is a sport that unites people regardless of race, religion, culture, tradition or colour.  

Football supporters can be found rooting for their national or club team in virtually every country on the planet. In a nutshell, when it comes to the sports that are most desired, football is nearly often named number one.  It dominates the competition, leaving the other sports in the dust. 

Football is by far the most popular sport when it comes to gambling. Approximately, 40% of all wagers placed in the UK are placed on the sport of football. According to a comprehensive study in Africa, 63.21% of Tanzanian gamers bet on football. The number is approximately 54.52% in Kenya and 60.55% in Ghana. In Uganda, 58.73% of bets are placed on football while Nigeria has a football bet percentage of 47.77%. Only South Africa has a low football betting percentage rate with just 29.21%.

As the number of matches and events continues to rise, more and more football betting markets have become available. Also, betting sites are offering promotions and attractive odds to attract customers.

The Rise Of Online Football Betting

Nowadays, online football betting or betting at retail shops is becoming increasingly popular. However, the former is gaining more popularity due to the modern times of the internet. The internet is at a high, and aspects like media, social media, data processing, optimisation and many more have been duly improved. 

The collection of attractive professional sports available in modern football betting is also at a high. This has attracted droves of gamers to online football betting, as they no longer need to go through the stress of staking their bets manually at retail shops. 

One thing this has brought is intense competition. Every online football betting platform is trying its best to make sure they have the largest number of users. 

As a result, it should come as no surprise that even the most prominent suppliers of sports betting are already firmly entrenched in the sponsorship and advertisement programs of their products. They advertise their key institutions and organisations vigorously, as well as events.

Who Are The Online Football Betting Gamers?

Online football betting gamers are the everyday people you see in every walk of life. Anyone can decide to engage in online football betting, however, not everyone possesses the same aims and objectives when engaging.

The first set of people who engage in football betting simply enjoys spicing up game day with a wager on their preferred league or club. It could be the Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, the Serie A or the glamorous English Premier League. 

The second set of people who engage in football betting are the ones who target one simple thing, WINNING. These set of gamers are only interested in ways and means to bet successfully at football sites. Their focus, in the long run, is to make a living from it if the winnings are right.

This set of people may focus on the glamorous top five European leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A or English Premier League. They could also focus on the less glamorous ones like the Ukrainian League, the Serbian League and many more. This is because their focus shines on avenues to make money via their bets.

Their Activities And Consequences

The activities of both sets of gamers maximizes their excitement. However, it often reflects on their wallet if they do not make successful bets, and making successful bets are not easy to come by. This being said, it is important to win at football betting as one who loses money regularly may lose interest in the activity. Not to forget that a successful combination bet can mean a big profit for them even with a small stake. 

Many factors can affect the positive outcome of a bet. We believe it is too simple to blame chance or poor luck for the fact that over 90% of football betting fans do not generate significant gains over the long term if they do make any at all.  

Some of the factors could include research, statistics, bookmakers’ margin and even dynamic betting odds. Therefore, it’s crucial for punters to comprehend some important information on betting to make informed decisions. 

This brings us to the main aim of this article on Betting Tips Africa. This article is crafted by our experts to reveal how gamers can win more on their football bets. Without further delay, let us get right to it!

Football Betting: How To Win More On Your Football Bets

Understanding Your Preferred Bookie

This is an underrated part of winning more on your football bets. The competition among Bookies is great, and as expected, they do all they can to get customers on their side. The intricacies of your preferred Bookie should be learned so that you can know how to take advantage of certain opportunities. 

For example, there are bets known as “Value Bets.” Value bets are rare to find as they have to do with odds margin and probability. Gamers who do not understand their Bookies very much may not know how to get them. We will get to the explanation of “Value Bets” later in this article.

To understand the intricacies of your preferred Bookie, you may need to read online reviews. These reviews are dedicated pages which carry the most information about the said bookmaker. Good reviews are difficult to find, but complete ones are even much harder to find. 

Luckily for our readers, Betting Tips Africa produces one of the best and most complete Bookie reviews in the online betting sphere. You can get access to any of our Bookies by region, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania.

Match Analysis

It is essential to develop a set of betting tactics in order to increase your chances of winning over the long term. The first of these is how to appropriately assess matches as a football bettor at your favourite Bookie. 

It goes without saying that you should avoid making hasty or sentimental decisions when collating your games. For example, even if Manchester City is a significant favourite to beat Nottingham Forest, that does not mean that you should bet your house and yard on a significant victory for Manchester City. This holds true even though Man City have always won the past home or away games extremely well.  

The first step in performing a match analysis is taking a more in-depth look at the teams or players you intend to wager on. Is there any particular information that you need to be aware of? The traditional methods, such as head-to-head statistics, home and away strength, and table place, are important; however, the match constellations or dynamics also need to be taken into consideration.  

Our site possesses a highly versatile page known as Soccervista. Here, you can learn a lot about match dynamics, tactical analysis and many more. These will help you very much with your football betting journey.

For Example

It is highly important to consider whether key players are out due to injury or suspension. Consideration is key even whether they are being rested before an important game. There are some players who are simply irreplaceable and being off the roster leaves a significant hole.

It is not logical to wager on a game for a high number of goals when the leading scorer for one team is absent. Likewise, when a key defender is absent, it usually has a significant effect on the backline’s overall solidity. It would be illogical to wager on such a game to produce few goals or even a clean sheet.

Classically organized sports like football all have this problem. This is why gamers need to make sure they have the right information on a game before staking on it. 

It is not easy to gather the “right” information on a game or series of games for Betting. Users find it difficult to do this due to factors like limited time, or the stress it attracts. At Betting Tips Africa, we have already dedicated a page where our experts update various game predictions. You can check out our top-notch predictions here.

Target Value Bets: (What Are Value Bets?)

Return on investment (ROI) and Value Bets are closely related concepts that can determine when and how much a football bettor wins. As explained earlier, Value Bets have to do with odds margin and probability. It all comes down to the mathematical law of enormous numbers. 

As far as the law of numbers goes, this law states that, given enough repetitions of the original random experiment, the relative frequency of a random outcome tends to stabilize around the theoretical probability of a random outcome. 

In the case of football betting, this law means that a bet or stake would have value if the long-term return exceeds the initial investment. This method is theoretical at first because matches are played once and not many times.

For illustration, this method is difficult with Manchester City matches, because Pep Guardiola’s men are always the big favourites. Consequently, the betting odds are relatively small and unattractive. So, Value bets are found considerably more frequently in games in which one would not initially anticipate finding it. Thus, making them rare

Major Examples Of Football Value Bets

Let us examine a good example of a football “Value Bet” in this part. Our example will be from two different games. Italy’s game against Germany in the 2012 European Championship tournament, and Manchester City’s game against Real Madrid last season.

For Manchester City, they previously lost to the same Real Madrid which cost them the UEFA Champions League in 2022. They hadn’t won the UCL while Real Madrid have won it the most in the world. Understandably, Bookies backed Real Madrid to do another round of elimination on City with huge odds on offer. 

In the second scenario, Italy got a reputable 5.00 odds when they faced Germany in the 2020 European Championship semifinals. Naturally, many gamblers felt this outcome was meaningless because Germany had such a good year and was the clear favourite to win the tournament. 

Those who have done deeper research into the game, however, will know that despite Germany’s relatively few losses during the calendar year, other reasons render the betting odds/offer a ridiculous opportunity.  

A win rate of 5.00 indicated a 20% likelihood of success. This means, If Italy had won 20% of the time, the expected value of the bet would have been about +0 after being played 100 times. 

Anyone worth his salt in analysis and football betting would have taken the following into consideration. 


  • Manchester City had a goalscorer problem when they faced Real Madrid a year earlier. They delved into the transfer market and signed a deadly striker for goals.  
  • The Italians had performed admirably in the tournament despite the team not being termed “good enough.” They drew against Spain after La Roja took a one-goal lead. They dominated in a tie against Croatia and cruised through Ireland in the last group game.  
  • They blew out England in the semifinals after a penalty shootout. The team spirit was sky-high after this penalty shootout victory.  
  • Germany were coming off the back of a good year and won very well in their group stages. In fact, they won all their games in a group termed “the group of death” which consisted of Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands. Despite their wins, keen watchers could notice that their defence was not solid and they lacked their usual intensity.

So What Were The Outcomes?

For Italy, they have always been a compact and highly structured team from the onset. They also play with quite a big intensity and can swarm opponents if the opportunity arises. You simply cannot play against them as a team without equally balanced compactness and intensity. 

The outcome is common knowledge as Italy cruised into the finals of the European Championship with minimal fuss. Although they later lost to Spain with a 4-0 scoreline, the 5.00 odds against Germany was a gift and a textbook example of a “Value Bet.”

For Manchester City, it was clear that the Cityzens are better than Real Madrid when it comes to dominating games. They only needed to get someone to put the ball in the back of the net and they did. Madrid had to overcompensate for the presence of Erling Braut Haaland and they did not have enough resources to contain the other threats. This culminated in a trashing not synonymous with Los Blancos.

The outcome is common knowledge. Thus, the odds Bookies set on Manchester City is another premium example of a value bet. 

Learn About The Markets

We all know that the basic betting markets on football betting are the win, draw and loss. However, the modern football betting market scope has changed drastically. Three are more markets available to gamers now than ever, and wise gamers use them to their advantage. 

In-depth sets of markets for numerous leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 are now available. Furthermore, international matches and even lower league games now have an insane number of markets. This is evidence of the constant development of the football betting market. 

Unlike the traditional win, draw and loss markets, innovation now allows goal scoring and card markets. It also lets you wager on things like a player’s shot total, tackle count, and even offsides.

Prop Markets

The popularity of “prop markets” is also on the rise, and as a result, there are also some intriguing wagers available. There are opportunities such as wagering on the number of free kicks, goal kicks, and throw-ins that occur during a match.   

Gamers are now able to utilize their own research before placing a wager on a specific bet. Many thanks to a new option that allows them to place a bet based on the number of passes a player makes throughout the course of a game. These bets can be quite interesting to follow and offer the opportunity to place a bet that can be quite lucrative.

Gamers have also been given the opportunity to wager on individual player tackles as well as team tackles in prop bets. All of these are intriguing markets that have the potential to be ideal for locating value in some of the greatest football markets and unquestionably making money. 

It is important to note that there is a large amount of variation in what is offered from one bookmaker to the next. Many bookmakers provide enhanced odds on these wagers to attract and retain customers, but punters should exercise caution because of football’s inherent unpredictability. However, the world’s finest Bookies make sure that they have some of the best prop bets available.   

Bookies like Bet365, 1xBet, William Hill and many more are top-class when it comes to prop bets. You can read reviews of their platforms on our website.

Hold Your Statistics Dearly

Simply put, knowledge of statistics is a powerful and valuable tool for every football betting individual. Gamers can increase the quality and accuracy of their pre-game analysis or football predictions by its use.

Both amateurs and seasoned bettors can utilize statistical analysis to their advantage when selecting their wagers on football events. In order to make educated wagers, even novices can use fundamental statistics like standings and win-loss streaks.  

However, gamers can use a more nuanced set of statistics rather than the aforementioned basic data. These statistics include points per game, field goal percentage, field tilt, expected goals, expected chances created and so on.

It is not sufficient evidence to conclude that you are capable of accurately predicting the results of a game simply because you are a devoted follower of football. The majority of supporters base their judgments on their gut feelings. However, any football bettor can improve the accuracy of their forecasts by turning to statistical analysis.

There is no end to the number of betting tips and prediction websites that can be found on the internet. However, we at Betting Tips Africa possess the most accurate of them all. Our experts are top-notch and leave no stone unturned in their predictions.

You can click on this link to access our tips and predictions page. We guarantee your utmost satisfaction with our outstanding work in this regard.


Here, we will stop our tips on how to win more of your football bets. We will be back in the future with more updates and articles of this kind. Do stay tuned to learn more from our esteemed experts. 

You can also make a detour to our Soccervista section where football-related information in relation to betting decisions is stacked. We promise you will find them fun to view, whilst gaining knowledge that could make you millions from football betting. 

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