Ghana convinces at the World Cup – soon against Brazil?

Ghana is a lot of fun at the World Cup
Ghana is a lot of fun at the World Cup

The World Cup has given us many boring games so far. Only 11 out of 32 games ended with more than two goals – that’s only 34%. But the team that’s managed to keep the goal average high so far is Ghana. 24% of all 48 World Cup goals after Matchday 2 came in games played by the Black Stars.

Offensive spectacle from Ghana

Nobody expected this offensive spectacle from Otto Addo’s team. Ghana has fully convinced and even would have deserved a point against Portugal – but the ridiculous penalty whistle for Cristiano Ronaldo was too much for Ghana to take

Still, the gates are wide open for Ghana to qualify for the next round – that’s what we were all hoping for, but in the end, it’s a big surprise. Even a draw against Uruguay could be enough unless South Korea win by two goals in their parallel match against Portugal

So the odds are huge. Although most bookmakers see Uruguay’s chances of winning at around 58%, it’s to be said that Uruguay doesn’t seem to scare anyone with their over-aged team. They looked slow and pathetic and failed to create many chances against Portugal, although Luis Suarez and Christian Gimenez had chances to equalize in the closing stages of the game

Ghana, on the other hand, presented themselves as nimble as a gazelle and have already scored 5 goals with their attacking style of play. More than the Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, or Argentina.

Brazil is waiting in the next round

But if the Black Stars qualify for the next round, they’ll face a big opponent: Brazil. The South American giant will then probably be able to call on Neymar again and put on an offensive spectacle. Ghana, however, needs to have no fear. Switzerland showed how to defend effectively against Brazil and the qualifiers against the goal-hungry Nigerians proved it: Otto Addo’s men also know how to defend very well. Brazil can come!

But first, we wait impatiently for the big revenge against Uruguay. Remember 2010? There’s still a big score to settle….!

Max Stargard

By Max Stargard

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