Bet254 Mobile App 2022 [Mobile App Review]

While Bet254 does not possess a personalized application, it does put in the work to make sure its traditional website provides everything an app would with exceptional quality. To access Bet254, you just simply need to type into your mobile browser.

Bet254’s website layout can be described as “plain and simple”. It has a very short loading time which means it opens completely quite quickly to meet up with the short timespan that customers have to spare and all the essential features are easily accessible from the home page. 

The site’s primary colours are orange, black, and white. The header features an orange colour while the footer of the website has a black colour. The betting area is primarily white.

The Bet254 site layout, with its left, centre, and right columns, makes it simple to find your way around regardless of whether you’re a new user or a consistent one. Choosing which games to watch is very simple as you just need to use the drop-down box on the left, which is also where you’ll find links to narrow the sports coverage by country and tournament.

The bet slip, login and sign-up links are neatly organised in the right-hand column, while odds and upcoming events are listed in the middle. If you are using a smaller screen device, you don’t need to worry as the Bet254 website has been optimised to give you the best experience.

You can easily read all the text and check out all sections of the website you need to regardless of your screen size. It can also be accessed by either a Google, iOS or Windows device. Despite not having an app, the Bookie has made sure its website is top-notch.

We conclude that you shouldn’t let the fact that Bet254 doesn’t have a personalized mobile app for its sportsbook prevent you from enjoying the numerous positives it offers.

The Mobile Versions of Bet254

There is no lite version or any other one for the Bet254 website. The browser version of the Sportsbook is always the most recent version available. The website always loads the newest functionality every single time it is visited and functions more or less like a dedicated application. 

An advantage of this is that you don’t need to install any additional software on your phone when you want to access the Bookie. The site looks and feels like any other app provided by other Bookies. As previously stated, every standard mobile device can run the website without any issues. 

Bet254’s mobile site is virtually identical to the desktop version except for the screen size. You also don’t need to upgrade anything to take advantage of the newly added functionality. 

Bet254’s Mobile Website stands out

User-friendliness assumes crucial importance in the selection procedure for the appropriate betting site and there are many reasons why Bet254’s mobile website stands out. 

Security And Protection

Even if you’re very careful, the programme file you download on your device could be infected with malware. Using the Bet254 web-based version, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of malware on your device. Their website is also safeguarded with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which ensures that users’ sensitive data is protected and kept away from criminals.

No Download needed

Secondly, you don’t need to make space for any downloads on your device to accommodate it. Nowadays, the use of external storage in mobiles is dwindling, hence the need to manage the space provided by your device manufacturer. Bet254 helps in this regard as you won’t download any apps.


It is simple but aesthetically pleasing with a good combination of colours. The strategic locations of important shortcuts make them friendly for users.


The Bet254 website has measures in place to protect its customers against addiction to gambling. As we all know that gambling can be addictive and could destroy lives if not properly checked. To fight against this, the Bookie included a section at the bottom of their website termed “Responsible Gaming”.

This section can be accessed to get help against any addiction whilst providing tips to safeguard its customers against this menace. This is quite thoughtful of the website owners as they have identified an increasing problem in society and taken a bold step in combating it despite providing a similar service.

Speed/Loading Time

The site loads quite quickly and is devoid of any form of lag. As it is well known that speed is probably the most important need for live betting on a betting site, Bet254’s live-betting section is very fast and does not lag. Punters would find this very useful as they would be able to place bets at any moment in an ongoing event.


Registration on is the same on the mobile version as well as the desktop version. It is also quite easy. You just need to go onto the website and click the “Join Now” option at the top corner. You will be redirected to the registration page. Fill in your phone number and set up your password in a minute and you can have your account ready in a short moment.

Keep in mind that the password must be set per regulations. Additionally, only Kenyan citizens or those with a Kenyan phone number can sign up for an account.